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Ultima Underworld I (The Stygian Abyss) / II (Labyrinth of Worlds) in Windows 2000/XP Guide by YooT0PIA

Update: Please follow the guide here instead which uses DosBOX

This guide was extracted from Experts-Exchange.Com, formatted by Ganesh (Bootstrike.Com).

Having no sound in Windows 2000/XP when running Ultima Underworld? This guide should be of some assistance.

  1. Install uw (or uw2) from cd-rom (installation is actually unneccessary but i am not positive)
  2. Copy uw (or uw2) folder from cd-rom onto harddrive (for the purpose of this tutorial we will use c:\uw)
  3. Install VDMsound from http://ntvdm.cjb.net/

    Download and install VDMSound 2.0.4
    http://prdownloads.sourceforge.net/vdmsound/VDMSound-2.0.4-WinNT-i386.msi?download - Double-click on VDMSound-2.0.4-WinNT-i386.msi to install

    Download and install VDMSound 2.0.4 "Update 2" http://vdmsound.sourceforge.net/files/VDMSound.2.0.4.update2.zip - Unzip directly over the VDMSound 2.0.4 files, typically residing in C:\Program Files\VDMSound; answer "yes" when prompted to overwrite

    Download and install LaunchPad 1.0.1 http://vdmsound.sourceforge.net/files/VDMSLaunchPad.v1.0.1.1.zip

    run uninstall.bat to uninstall any previous verions of LaunchPad

    log off or reboot, then log on again (as Administrator)

    run install.bat
  4. Download ultima underworld patch (works for both 1 & 2) from http://www.sircabirus.com/ultimaunderworld/pages/index.html and place these 2 files into your c:\uw directory.
  5. Download AXE hex editor (i tried several hex editors but this one worked the best for me) from http://www.jbrowse.com/products/axe/download.shtml
  6. Using AXE open uw.exe(or uw2.exe) from the c:\uw folder.

    Edit -> Find -> Type -> Raw Hex bites -> Search For: FA52BA -> OK

    Edit -> Replace... -> Replace With: -> C352BA -> OK

    File -> Save As... -> uw99.exe (create this new file temporarily as uw.exe does not let you overide the uw.exe file.
  7. Open c:\uw and delete the uw.exe(uw2.exe) file and rename uw99.exe (created using AXE) to uw.exe (or uw2.exe).
  8. Open c:\uw and run uw2wnt.exe (patch obtained in step 4) and follow instructions.
  9. This step is IMPORTANT.  Open a command prompt (DOS).

    Get into your uw folder (this is done for me by typing "cd\uw").

    Your uw.exe and uwsound.exe files should be in this folder (type "dir" to make sure these 2 files are present).

    Type "attrib" and you should see a list of several files. On the left you should see a capital A and for some of the files, a capital R.

    type "attrib -r *.* /s /D"

    Again type "attrib". The capital A's should remain, but the capitals R's should have disappeared.

    Type "install.exe" (my file name is called "UINSTALL.EXE" for some reason. check the file name by typing "dir") and run the program.

    Proceed to choose "Sound Blaster" for both sound and speech. When asked for the animation, choose the animating option not Static.
  10. Finally, in windows, open your c:\uw. Right click on uw.exe (or uw2.exe) and you should see a "Run with VDMS" option. Click on the one with the icon next to it (musical notes). click next twice and you should be on your way to playing Ultima Underworld freely, smoothly, and with sound.

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