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So, thou art come as the Order Hierophant foretold!This section is all about Ultima VII: Serpent Isle. It's aim is to host every Ultima VII file and document out there in Internet. Go straight to the Ultima 7 walkthroughs section!

So far the site boasts over 40 MB of binary downloads and over 3 MB of online TEXT and HTML documents.

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What's New

6th March 2021

Here are some hacks to make Ultima VII more easy to use - Changes focus on improving usability - allowing the player to do things more easily or more directly - and on adding keyboard control to what was a largely mouse-driven game.

These modify the game files directly and adds many usability features. More info

17th Sept 2010 1355 GMT+8

Added Dark Path Map by Lothiam. Serpent Gates layout. Shows you where all the teleport pads lead you to.

13th Aug 2007 1300 GMT+8

Play the Ultima VII series in your PSP!

See the map of Ultima VII in your browser. Zoom In, Zoom Out with even a 3D view!

25th Apr 2006 1920 GMT+8

Updated the Serpent Isle Box Shots with bigger ones. Find it here!

22nd Feb 2005 2230 GMT+8

Added Hacki's Ultima VII: Serpent Isle Nitpicks. Interesting reading about the holes in the story line.

September 22 2002 GMT+8

November 3 2000 GMT+8

  • A new way to run Ultima7 under windows has been discovered! Head straight here!
  • A work in progress: Bugs in Ultima VII .. .find some information here!

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