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Ultima Music Remixes

Fans all around the world have composed or re-made the popular Ultima music, the most popular (and favourite) being Stones which you can hardly get tired of.

Stones song by Ymochel the Drow (2.08 MB)

Music by Ymochel the Drow. Has vocals. If you liked Brad's you'll like this one too.

Stones song with Brad Venable AKA Operadragon (2.31 MB)

Stones song with a singer, quite nice to hear too. Get this if you are looking for the vocals. Singer is a Dragon of the UDIC known as Operadragon.

Stones 2001 REMIX by DJLIZARD (2.41 MB)

Another award needs to be given out for this one! This Stones remix has a rocky tune, and well, as good as Grotto Dragon's. Download it NOW!

Stones REMIX by Grotto Dragon (3.54 MB)

Grotto Dragon needs to be given a Musician award for this! Awesome remix done by him. You MUST download this!

Ultima IV Towns Veramocor REMIX (1.92 MB)

Submitted by a ultima fan, this is the remix of the Ultima IV Towns.

Ultima V Greyson's Tale REMIX (834 KB)

Submitted by a ultima fan, this is the remix of the Ultima V Greyson's Tale.

External Links For More Ultima Music Remakes

Rabbit's Lair (Ext. Link)

Contains Ultima OGG MIDI translations and the original Origin Audio Soundtracks, all in OGG format.

Joxter's Stones Remake Website (Ext. Link)

Joxter's website can be considered hosting all the Stones remixes on one site. He has almost all the stones remixes, DJ Lizard, Brad Vernable, etc, at his website. Kudos to Joxter!

Ultima Music Remakes (Ext. Link)

This site hosts some ultima music remakes. Thanks to Axel Rogat for the contribution.

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