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The Abyss . .so dark . . no company . .Ultima Underworld I is another great game to try out. A 3D-like environment, completely cool story and music that brings you into the game.

NEWS just in! Ultima Underworld I: The Stygian Abyss & Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of worlds are now available for download @ GOG!

Run Ultima Underworld I/II in Windows XP / Vista / 7

What's New

3rd June 2008 2130 GMT+8

Speed Run added! Thanks to thecybercat.

8th May 2008 0330 GMT+8

Lots of [beta] editors and downloads added to downloads and solutions page. Thanks to UW Editing Central links.

22nd Feb 2005 2230 GMT+8

Added Hacki's Ultima Underworld I Nitpicks. Interesting reading about the holes in the story line.

7th November 2004 2255 GMT+8

Added a guide on running Ultima Underworld I/II under Windows 2000/XP.

17th November 2002 2235 GMT+8

  • Revamping of the Ultima Underworld I site to be like the other main sections
  • No other new stuff for now :)

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