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A character from Planescape: Torment

This game, comparable to Ultima VII in terms of plot and features, has managed to get me hooked. You can't die, except in extreme cases. You develop your character in the game itself. Their quote "You're a power to be reckoned with. Unfortunately so is everyone else". Everyone Else? Zombies and thugs aren't That a power to be reckoned with!

Although sites dedicated to this game already exist out there, I just completed this game and feel like contributing something to the Planescape community. Consisting of Torment Info, Cool Stuff, Game Extracts, Hints & Cheats, Sounds & Music, Useful Docs and Files, Wallpapers and numerous walkthroughs, Torment has a lot of fan work done for it. Here's a speed run too.

If you are starting off with Planescape: Torment, head to the files section to download the required MODs for high resolution play and many other fixes.

Looking to download Planescape: Torment? Your prayer is answered - get it at GOG.

What's New

The latest updates, and stuff done to this section only.

March 8 2013, 0246 GMT+8

  • Here's the Kick Starter project details for the Torment: Tides of Numenera - which is unfortunately, NOT a sequel to Planescape: Torment.

January 10 2013, 1300 GMT+8

  • Planescape: Torment’s successor is confirmed! More info. If you haven't play this game, get the current game for just $9.99 at GOG as the sequel would most likely follow the storyline.

September 29 2010, 0300 GMT+8

December 19 2009, 1930 GMT+8

September 19 2009, 0045 GMT+8

  • Andrè Pietroschek sends a new PDF and OpenDocument version of the Planescape: Torment story.

August 24 2009, 0045 GMT+8

July 28 2009, 2130 GMT+8

  • In view of the recent Geocities closure, we now offer free hosting for Planescape: Torment sites. Archive your site at Bootstrike.Com now! Absolutely no ads, pop-ups or linkbacks required! You don't need to be with GeoCities in order to qualify. Just email us!
  • Biff does a mini review of Planescape: Torment

January 16 2009, 2200 GMT+8

  • Added new guides by Jonathan Chang and Steven de Rooij in Planescape: Torment section

Sept 26 2008, 1353 GMT+8

  • Added 1280 x 800++ Widescreen MOD By GhostDog to the Files page.

June 9 2008, 1730 GMT+8

June 6 2008, 2230 GMT+8

  • Added Qwinn's all inclusive patch for Planescape: Torment.

Apr 30 2008, 0030 GMT+8

  • Added converters for ACM / WAVC / MVE conversion to WAV / AVI / EXE
  • Mirroring of's Torment map site
  • Added the Readme file to Documents section.
  • Added PDF User's Manual to Documents section
  • Added guide to Planescape: Torment Windows Vista troubleshooting
  • Updated SKARDAVNELNATE's all in one patch
  • It has come to our attention of some rumors that I steal content from other sites without permission for this section. Apparently, it has been started by a member of another fan site. I do not steal content, nor do I claim content to be ours. I don't like such things either. Where possible, I cite all sources for all downloads and request for permission for files if the author has required us to do so. Some works came from other sites without any citation. Those sites no longer exist; fortunately I have been quick to grab a copy of them (e.g. Interplay's OFFICIAL FAQ, various trainers, etc) before they disappeared.

I remove any work that the author does not want us to host as soon as possible once I receive an e-mail. But this has never happened as I believe the authors benefit from us posting their content and crediting them accordingly.

Please, this is not a business; it is a community fan site. The ads are there to cover hosting and my time as the site struggled before without the revenue. Let's keep it at a friendly level, please. Being labeled as a content thief is not nice and friendly, really.

To authors of works hosted on our site: If for any reason, you do not wish to have your work distributed by us, please drop us a mail through the Contact Us form, stating your request as the owner of the work under penalty of perjury.

Feb 12 2008, 1345 GMT+8

Jan 26 2008, 1345 GMT+8

Oct 15 2007, 2225 GMT+8

Sept 22 2007, 2225 GMT+8

Sept 22 2007, 2225 GMT+8

May 5 2007, 2000 GMT+8

April 7 2007, 1830 GMT+8

  • Added Platter's Unreleased Patch v1.38 in the Files section.

December 27 2005, 2130 GMT+8

  • Platter's downloads have been added to the Files and Hints sections, and one of them is the 2 CD Crack! Thanks to a posting by a Guest in the Forums.

November 6 2004, 2200 GMT+8

  • Interplay now has gone down along with all the links to it. Planescape-Torment.Com included in the list too. Torment Wallpapers links changed to Bootstrike.Com. The trailer and preview are gone for now.

April 25 2004, 1800 GMT+8

  • Some music links have been broken - but now Interplay itself it hosting some of the music works. Check them out in the Torment Music section.

March 1 2003, 1835 GMT+8

September 15 2002, 1400 GMT+8

January 13 2002, 2000 GMT+8

September 13 2001, 2118 GMT+8

  • Updated links to The Pit
  • Updated Dan Simpson's walkthrough and Advanced Dungeons & Dragon's FAQ.

April 21 2001, 2250 GMT+8

  • Updated Dan Simpson's walkthrough.

March 11 2001, 2200 GMT+8

  • Redesign of the site. Content is still the same, although some parts were edited

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