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Ultima Games Series News

NEWS just in! EA games including the Ultima Series will now be available for download @ GOG!

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General Ultima News

Early Ultima 7 Technical Documents - 16 August 2011

Courtesy of former Origin programmer Bill Randolph, and thanks to the tireless efforts of Joe Garrity of the Origin Muesum, Ultima Aiera is pleased to present fifteen documents — which have been broken out into over 130 images — which discuss some of the technical details of an early version of Ultima 7.


Ultima Underworld I Bugs - 22nd February 2011

A Ultima Underworld developer from Blue Sky Productions, later Looking Glass Technologies / Studios talks about Ultima Underworld bugs. Read it here.

Ultima VII: The Black Gate Full Video Review (With Spoilers) - 3rd February 2011

The Spoony Experiment does a 20 minute video review of Ultima VII: The Black Gate. Warning: Clear full spoilers. Don't watch if you have not played the game.. Click to see the full video

23rd May 2010

Massively does a interview with Richard Garriott with mentions of Ultima and his gaming history.

19th October 2009

A new Ultima VII remake called Ultima 7 GET Recreation. With screenshots!

25th August 2009

Wargame Dork posts mini reviews of all the Ultimas.

Handshakes does a write up of his Ultima 7 adventures.

Exult for Series 60 (S60v3) Symbian devices can be downloaded here.

29th June 2009

geldonyetich does a review of Exult with Ultima VII at http://dsob.wordpress.com/2009/06/18/why-exult-ultima-7/

21st June 2009

Despite being an old game, Matt Burton does a video review of Ultima VII at http://www.armchairarcade.com/neo/node/2679

2nd May 2009

A Richard Garriot interview - http://www.crispygamer.com/news/index.php/2009-04-30/richard-garriott-interview/ - with lots of Ultima titbits

8th Sept 2008

Loads of screen shots from this blog as he tries to go through each and every Origin game. As of this time, he is going through Ultima Underworld I and as completed the game.

8th May 2008

Download soundtracks (including offical ones) for all of the Ultima games at The Rabbits Lair

11th February 2008

Check out the article on the Many Deaths of Lord British.

26th August 2007

This new section was started to update on Ultima news around the web.

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