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More executions!Welcome to Ultima VIII, the game which started to bring Origin downhill. Many people preferred Ultima VII compared to 8.

Ultima VIII was a huge disappointment, you can't have party members, no companion meetings, . .the list can go on. No boats, gambling . .and 50% dungeons.

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Run Ultima 8 in Windows XP / Vista / 7

What's New

20th Sept 2008 0113 GMT+8

7th June 2008 0113 GMT+8

  • Added MP3 Music from Exile
  • Added NPC Portrait images from Exile

3rd Jan 2008 2100 GMT+8

  • Added PDF manuals for the game
  • Added one walkthrough by King UrinTank/Butthole

4th May 2007 0200 GMT+8

13th February 2005 2255 GMT+8

Added Hacki's Ultima VIII Nitpicks. Interesting reading about the holes in the story line.

17th November 2002 2235 GMT+8

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