PHP AJAX Instant Domain Availability Checker
Configurable, Customizable, Styleable

PHP Ajax Instant Domain Availability Checker

Instant - Check availability of domains instantly as you type via AJAX

Fast - Does DNS lookups before resorting to WHOIS checkups

Anti-Spam - Supports Recaptcha to prevent misuse

Restrict - Restrict checks to a configured list of TLDs only (e.g. allow only '' domain checking)

Complete - View WHOIS query for taken domains.

Customizable - Customize what kind of checks to carry out, check-as-you-type and much more!

Try out the PHP Ajax Instant Domain Availability Checker live now!

Bulk Domain Availability Checker

Checks a list of domains.

Set as a cron job to email at a set email address when any domain is available

Allows limitation of what TLDs can be checked.

Try out the Bulk Domain Availability Checker!

Simple PHP Domain Availability Checker Function

A simple function that returns false or an array depending on whether the domain is available for registration. Based on WHOIS queries and DNS entry lookups. Just call it with your domain name and it'll do the rest!

JavaScript Domain Name Generator (Free)

Let your visitors generate customized short domain names using client side processing.

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