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Ultima Underworld I Tips by Lord DCD (Slightly Formatted)

Ultima Help 4/6/92 11:05 pm

Here's everything you need to solve the game, I would have solved the game a week ago if I had taken better notes:

Taper of Sacrifice - Get this from the leader of the knights on the 4th level.

Sword of Justice - The first half is on level 3 underneath the pool in the SE corner, you must drain the pool by pulling the lever behind the secret door covered with vines. The second half is located on the 5th level near one of the graves. After you get both halves, take it to shak on level 2 and he will fix the sword.

Shield of Valor - Level 6, defeat the golem to the west (south of the shrine) and he'll give it to you.

Taper of Sacrifice - Find Zak in the central area and trade him some stuff to get the Taper of Sacrifice.

Wine of Compassion - 6th Level. Go North and then west to the meeting hall. In the east room get the wine under the SE floor panel.

Book of Honesty - South of the Meeting room. If you look on your map you will see that the room SW of the room with the Wine of Compassion is shaped like an hourglass. A little to the south of it is a room on a cliff above the lava shaped like a key. That's where you will find the book of honesty.

Ring of Spirituality - Go to the Northeast room with four switches, pull them in this order NW, SE, NE, SW and be sure to stay along the walls, I made the mistake for a week straight not staying along the walls and it wouldn't appear for me.

Cup of Wonder (Spirituality) - Go to the 3rd level in the Northeast on a small area in the water and play 354,237,875 on the flute and the cup will fall to your hands. If you are unsure where this is at, go to a shrine and use the mantra "INSAHN", and it will tell you the direction it is from the shrine. If I would have listened to the mage about the incense, I would have found this much faster!

Key of Courage - Real simple when you know what to do... Go to a Shrine and chant the mantra "Fanlo" and that's it!

Key of Love - I think from a dwarf on level 7 you will get a picture of Tom. Take this to the old bag on level 5 and she will cry the Key of Love.

Key of Truth - This one is a little tough to get... Go to level seven and get the key to enter the door from a warrior in the prisons. Enter the door and keep going down till you get to like level 2 or 3 and you will reach an area with two buildings, the key resides in the building with the golem.

Garamon's Bones

On level 8 in the southwest area you will find a mages bones by some runestones and a stone golem. Take the bones to level 3 and place them in his grave and then you can converse with him.


FANLO - Key of Courage
AAM - Pick Locks
INSAHN - Direction of Cup
KOH - Mace
UN - Better Deals
MUL - Stealth
LAHN - Identify
FAL - Nimbleness & Tumbling
HUM - Gauge Quality of Deal
SOL - Magical Power
RA - Greater Attack Effect.
ANRA - Defense
SUMM RA - General Attack
ORA - Unarmed
LU - Better Eyesight
ROMM - Traps
LON - Better Repair
ONO - Swim
AMO - Sword
IMU - Magical Stamina
OM CAH - Practical Skills
FAHM - Arrows Accuracy
MU AHM - Magical Skills
SAHF - Tracking

By the way, call 4 A.D. at 805-665-1623 (supporting v.32bis)

Written by: Lord DCD

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