Ultima Underworld  I: The Stygian Abyss


This game provides the best "Alternate Reality" that I have seen since my drug-crazed youth. With the lights off, and SoundBlaster cranked up, the illusion is complete.

Publisher :

Origin Systems


Blue Sky Productions

Type of Game:

First Person Perspective

System Requirements:

386 16 megahertz or better 2 MB RAM required


Sound Cards
Roland / Soundblaster / Adlib Supported.

You are the Avatar, unjustly imprisoned in the Great Stygian Abyss. Your primary mission is to survive, which is not easy. There are a myriad of wonderfully animated, but extremely hostile nasties to deal with. The battles are intense, and best of all, under your complete control.

You parry, thrust, dazzle 'em with fancy footwork, and occasionaly run away like crazy if the above fail. Very realistic, and fully animated. There are also a number of fairly civilized bands of critters who make the Abyss their home.

These are informative and entertaining to talk to, as well as to trade with. Just don't make them angry (always be polite, and respectful,.. like any great hero... read full reviews

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