Ultima Underworld  I: The Stygian Abyss


UltimaPatcher UltimaHacks for Mouselook, Spell Runes by JohnGlassmyer (Ext. Link)

Addition of mouse-look (looking around by moving the mouse), which can be toggled on and off with a keypress. In support of this, the allowed range of vertical view angle has been greatly expanded, and the 3D rendering engine has been hacked to have it draw the bits of the world that become visible when the player looks sharply upward or downward. Also, spell runes can be typed directly (with Ctrl+Alt+<letter>), without having to navigate through the inventory and the rune bag.

Ultima Underworld I In Windows 2000/XP (48.0 KB)

A patch is out to get this game to run on modern operating systems! Kudos to "Sir Cabirus"(for the patch) and "Moscow Dragon"(for the solution)! However, it doesn't work fine on my Pentium II Windows XP machine, as claimed, but it may work on yours.

DOSBox - MS-DOS emulation (N/A)

DOS emulation! This project is specially done to cater for those DOS games that can't be run in modern operating system. I would say it is 95 % compatible. Check our guide here on configuring DOSBox for Windows XP / Vista / 7.

Ultima Underworld I/II in Windows 2000/XP Guide by YooT0PIA (22.0 KB)

How to run Ultima Underworld I/II in Windows 2000/XP. This was posted in Experts-Exchange with some users reporting successes.

Ultima Underworld I General Midi Patch by Panzer Dragon (58.8 KB)

This patch is designed to replace the existing music files for Ultima Underworld 2 with new optimised GM files. File obtained from Ultima: The Reconstruction.

Memoires of Cabirus Compilation (55 KB)

The text version of Memoires of Cabirus compiled by Joye the Librarian.

Player's Guide by Boba Fet (97.5 KB)

Player's guide user manual that came with Ultima Underworld I: The Stygian Abyss. Spells, skills and how to play the game. Included in the PDF manual below.

PDF and Word Manuals (2.35 MB)

Here you go - the whole PDF manuals from the Ultima Underworld compilation! Includes Map of Level 1, Reference Card and Player's Guide.

Keyboard Layout Image (277 KB)

A graphic image showing what each key on the keyboard does and explains the user interface

Ultima Underworld I Demo (1.13 MB)

Explore the first level, as you solve mysteries and get a sneak peek of why this game made it to the joyful memories of many. Self Extractor.

Lights Patch by Gigaquad (1 KB)

Gigaquad did not like how dark the Underworld games were and wanted to increase the brightness a bit. A well known fact is that deleting data\shades.dat will remove all shades, but this really kills the atmosphere. This gives a more natural brighter light ambience in the game.

Ultima Underworld I OFFICIAL Patch For Floppy Versions Only (36.6 KB)

Corrects the inventory bug in the disk based versions. Not required for the CD versions.

Ultima Underworlds Box Scans, Photos, Maps, CDs, Diskettes (10 MB)

Ever wanted to know how to original box looked like? The catchy phrases? Here are the scans of the complete series. Updated 25 Apr 2006. Thanks to VGMuseum.

Midi Music (36.6 KB)

All of the Ultima Underworld I Midi Music is complied in one Zip file! Listen to the peace folk music, Combat theme as you work. Download it Now!

Icons (89.3 KB)

A remarkable collection of icons you can use for program shortcuts.

Memory-Efficient Mouse Drivers - Microsoft (14.3 KB) and Cute Mouse (37.9 KB)

These mouse drivers take very little memory.
Microsoft Mouse - 11K Conventional Memory (Microsoft)
Cute Mouse - 7K Conventional Memory (Nagy Daniel)

Map Related

Level Viewer v1.1 by Telemachos Dragon (84.7 KB)

An excellent 3D viewer of the underworld games. Try it now! It's freeware!

Ultima Underworld I Level 1 Scanned Map (825 KB)

High resolution scan of the map that came with the game box.

Formats Specifications (143 KB)

This file tries to collect all file formats and data structures used in the game Ultima Underworld 1. It originated from the "uw-specs.txt" file that was found with "The System Shock Hack Project" (TSSHP).

Floor 1 Unreal Map by Ryan Armstrong (Zerker (2.60 MB)

A recreation of the entire first floor of Ultima Underworld for Unreal. Now, you can blow your friends away in the classic depths of the Great Stygian Abyss. The level is fully implemented for all default gaming modes, including darkmatch, and co-op! It also is fully enabled for botmatches, in case your friends are busy.

Unreal Tournament Maps by Ryan Armstrong (Zerker (16.8 MB)

A remake of the entire game of Ultima Underworld for Unreal Tournament. Each map is generally enhanced over the original version, so you can expect your favourite areas from the classic game to have a great new feel to them.

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