Ultima VIII: Pagan


Pentology Cluebook by Melissa Mead and Remvator (12.2 MB)

Dropped literally, into the alien environment of Pagan, you face perhaps the greatest challenge of your life. Trapped on a world where strange gods ruel a land inhabited by even stranger beats, you have only a limited amount of time to discover what to do and how to do it. Scanned PDF Guide.

Walkthrough By Origin (DOC) (55 KB / 57 KB)

Official walkthrough by Origin to completing the game. Guides you carefully through the whole game. No armor or weapon statistics or any of that sort of stuff.

Walkthrough By King UrinTank/Butthole Surfer (19.8 KB)

A very brief walkthru of sorts for the game. Read this if you want to avoid having too many spoilers.

Walkthrough By Mike Vander Ploeg (DOC) (40KB / 35KB)

Walkthrough with weapon, armors, gems, clothes, reagents, NPCs and more. A Word document is also provided.

Walkthrough By Fallible Dragon (Ext. Link)

The standard walkthorugh which details all you have to do in each place. Some minor parts are not complete though. The walkthrough is not one page, but made up of serveral pages, so for now there's only a link to it. You can also view the local version without the linked pages.

FAQ by Jeff Abramson (111 KB)

A highly detailed FAQ. Jeff displays the same level of quality he does in all his FAQs. Must read!

Nitpicks by Hacki Dragon (32.8 KB)

Some holes in the story pointed out here. Interesting reading.

Walkthrough By Dan Fabulich (58.1 KB)

A very useful walkthrough to download. 42 Steps are to completing the game. Stealing Tips are given.

FAQ (96.1 KB)

FAQ with solutions provided. HTMLized by Bootstrike.Com.

Tips and Easter Eggs by Steven (26.0 KB)

Another Easter Eggs of the Ultima games.

Ultima VIII Under Windows

Setup Guide by Gaseous Dragon (Ext. Link)

Targeted at people who do not know much about DOS, this document explains everything in detail to get Ultima VIII running. Great website! Check it out!

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