Ultima VIII: Pagan


Ultima VIII: Pagan was the game that continues the story after Ultima VII: Serpent Isle. Basically the Guardian throws you into another world, and you have to find your way out.

Publisher :




Type of Game:

Third Person Isometric Adventure/Role Playing Game

System Requirements:

               Computer   Graphics   Memory   Disk Space     O.S.
Game Minimum:   486-33      VGA       4 MB      32 MB     MS-DOS 5.0
Speech Pack:       *        ---       --         5 MB        --

* A Soundblaster, OR 100% compatible is required for the Speech Pack.

Reviewed on: 486-66, 16MB, Soundblaster 16, MS-DOS 6.0.
Control: Keyboard, Mouse required (100% compatible MS mouse v7.0 or higher, Logitech driver 6.0 or higher, or 100% compatible driver)
Sound: All major sound cards Notes: Boot disk highly recommended

All these screen shots are of actual size, not thumb nailed, because, the game itself is only 320 x 200 resolution. Take a look at these!

Minding Other People's Businesses

The Queen Demands More Executions

Here is a video talk about the game by Richard Garriott.

Review of the Game

Two toes up. It shows several signs of being slightly unfinished, which is a disappointment, but the overall package is still top notch. I played it for two weeks and thoroughly enjoyed myself, then went back and continued exploring. I have polled several people who completed the game, and they were all enthusiastic about it.

Yes, you may be aimless and even depressed at first, but this makes the second half of the game even better. Persevere! I don't often get so immersed in a CRPG - the sound, graphics, and story combine to make it quite an experience (which makes it all the more jarring when the occasional arcade section makes you load and save the game a dozen times)... Full Reviews

Negative Review of the Game

I've been a long time fan of the Ultima series. Like most fans, I used to think that that atrocity Ultima Ascension was the game which destroyed the series. But upon playing Ultima 8: Pagan, I've changed my mind.

That's right, I'm going to say it flat out, Ultima 8: Pagan sucks ass. It sucks ass hard, and in some aspects it is inferior to Ultima 9, which I think is just a fucking embarassment for any U8 fans out there. Ultima 7: Serpent Isle was the last truly innovative game in the Ultima series, a shining star before the two gaming holocausts that came after it... more

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