Ultima VIII: Pagan


Here are the Ultima VIII MIDI files. They sound best in a 32 Voice sound card or better. However, if you are stranded with just a 16 bit Sound Blaster or compatible card, then you can listen to the MP3s, which quite sound better than the MIDIs.

(Update 2020s: You need to use Internet Explorer for this page as modern browsers don't support in-browser native midi file playback)

Download playing MIDI

Click 'n' play any music you want:

Falling Down
Pagan Theme
The Docks
Execution Scene
East Road

Path of Earth
Lithos - Titan of Earth
Dead City
Shrine of The Ancient Ones
Zealan Theme
Path of Air
Stratos - Titan of Air
Path of Water
Hydros - Titan of Water
Path of Fire
Pyros - Titan of Fire
Ethereal Plane
Endgame Theme

You can also download all the above MIDIs.There's two versions, first and second.

MP3 Remix Musics

All songs/mp3s here are Copyright Origin Systems. The MP3s below were sourced from the closed Ultima Exile project.

Fisherman's Reef (1.40 MB)

Plays at the start of the game when you meet with Devon.

Cemetary (2.18 MB)

Plays everytime you venture to the cemetary

Docks (4.23 MB)

Plays whenever you venture into the docks.

East Road (1.55 MB)

Plays when you travel on the out skirts of the town

Ultima VIII Theme (3.76 MB)

The main theme music

Tenebrae (2.07 MB)

Plays at Tenebrae

Combat (2.10 MB)

Plays whenever you engage in battle

Execution (1.39 MB)

Plays at the start of the game when the Lady orders the execution

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