Ultima VIII: Pagan

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Pagan - Ultima 8
Frequently asked questions and Solution
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ULTIMA 8: PAGAN is a adventure/role-playing game where you play the part of the Avatar, the character you have been playing since way back in Ultima I. This time, however, you are thrown onto the evil Guardian's world and you suddenly are lonely and have no idea where to go and what to do. U8 is different from previous Ultimas due to real time combat, "obstacle courses", and climbing and jumping.

In general, experienced Ultima players don't like Pagan, and new Ultima players also don't like Pagan. It is definitely the most negative received of the series. In my opinion, I paid $50.00 for the CD version when it came out, and spent about 60 hours of gametime on it - that is not too bad of a ratio, although a large amount of that was spent saving and restoring...

For those of you deciding if you should play U8 versus something else:

Good things about Ultima 8

Not so good things about Ultima 8:

Nice graphics and animation.

No character portraits.

Nice spell effects / different spell disciplines.

Too many save/restores required, and save/restore is slow.

Good sound and speech.

Not enough speech.

Unique magical weapons.

Not a lot of NPC interaction. NPC's say the same things.

Climbing and jumping add a new dimension

Not a lot of item interaction.


The game doesn't take a long time to complete, and there are few if any "side-quests".

Lots of things were sacrificed to keep disk count down and keep the high graphics and animations. The developers admit as much and no doubt there are arguements as to what would have been better. There are definitely plot holes and missing sub-plots that may confuse the player.

Ultima 8 also requires good hardware (at the time of its release). Even on a DX2-66 system with local bus, the game is not as fast as one would like. It should run fine on current systems (Pentium and PPro).

Some general advice and pointers to get you going:

  1. Read the reference card. It tells you basically what to do at the start of the game. This will get you oriented with moving, climbing, fighting, and inventory.
  2. Directions: this takes some getting used to:


    I map with graph paper turned so that the angle is the same. Works fairly well.

    You start near the city of Tenebrae. There are exits in/out of the city on all four sides. Explore everywhere.
  3. Save your game often. Even though savegames take a long time to both save and restore, it is worth it because one false move and you can lose several hours of play time.
  4. Take good notes. Read all books and scrolls for hints and info. Reading books in addition to casting spells will increase your intelligence.
  5. Explore everywhere. You'll find keys and other objects in the most annoying places (under a vase or a dish, etc.) Try to climb and jump everywhere - you never know where you'll find that cave with a magic weapon or some coins. Some buildings have a locked entrance, but you can climb up on the roof and enter from above.
  6. Fighting: at the start you will be able to successfully fight changelings, ghouls, spiders and skellots. The spiders and skellots you can kill just be walking over them. Skeletons are next, but they come back to life (unless you use certain magical weapons).

    Ghosts can only be killed by the Grant Peace spell or a magic weapon. They also throw flaming skull heads that you can destroy with an attack. I have also been able to kill Kith, Seekers, and Daemons with a magic weapon. You gain strength and dexterity by practicing combat, although just going into combat mode and hacking away at nothing or just plain jumping up and down will also increase your numbers.
  7. Magic items: Magic items are very rare. One enhancement over previous Ultimas is the uniqueness of magic weapons. Each magic weapon has its own name and own properties. For example, the Flame Sting, makes noises and bursts of flames when inflicted on the enemy.

    Some magic weapons you will find as you solve quests. Other magic weapons (like Slayer) are in areas you never need travel. Magic armor, leggings, arm guards, and helms are more generic. I didn't find a magic helm till late in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

I tried to make these questions general so they don't give anything away, but be careful to not read too far ahead...


1. Where is the U9 preview chest?

Nowhere, the developers claim there is no such thing.

2. Where is a key ring and how do they work?

The keyring allows you to collect all your keys on a single ring, and then just use that ring to open doors and chests. No more searching for the exact key.

There are several key rings. The earliest one you are likely to find is in a barrel right at the base of the steps of the pier. Another one is in the guard station immediately north of the palace. The doors are locked, but you can climb up to the ledge and enter from the top. The keyring is on the desk. There is another key ring inside a barrel on the second floor of the palace in the south-east room.

To add a key to the key ring: Double click on the key, then single click on the key ring. To use the key ring: Double click on the key ring, then single click on door/chest.

You can use the hotkey "K" to use the keyring.

3. Are there any secret areas, treasure rooms, etc?

There is one in the lower catacombs, and the lower catacombs does have two entrances, one is from the Pit of Death, and one is from the Upper Catacombs, using the Key of Scion.


1. Where is the key to Mordea's bedroom?

The key is under the cushion right next to the clock in her throne room.

2. How do I get the key to Mordea's closet and chest?

Aramina will give you the key if you confront her. You must meet her at her home during Bloodwatch. To understand the time system on Pagan, read one of the guard logs in the palace.

You MUST talk to Vividos first about the dagger before Aramina will give up the key.

3. Where is the cemetery?

Take the east exit out of the city. Turn north immediately and follow the road. Eventually you should reach a large wall with a doorway. Continue through there and you should see lots of gravesites. The main building is a little farther north.

4. How do I free Devon?

Without giving away what will happen, you need to produce a book that has some information about Devon. That book is in a closed off room in the basement of the palace (southeast corner). Cast one of Mythran's magic Secret Door Scrolls, and you will be able to go read the book.

5. How do I unlock the door that is in the dungeon in N. Tenebrae (behind rubble).

First talk to Orlock the bartender about ghost treasures. You'll then need to talk to several other people to find out more details. Eventually you can get the key. (Other people include Gwillim and Corinth.)

Here are specific details (from jjason@ATHENA.MIT.EDU (John J Sprague):

  1. Talk to Orlock about his tales. Listen to the ghost story.
  2. Talk to Jenna. She will say that it maybe true.
  3. Talk to Darion. He mentions that the herdsmen, Gwillim, might know more.
  4. Talk to Gwillim. He will get angered and not want to talk about it.
  5. Talk to Corinth, the herdsmen wife. She will say Gwillim actually believes the story.
  6. Talk to Gwillim again. He will admit that he has seen the ghost in a nearby cave.
  7. The cave is north of the herdsmen dwelling, go there now.
  8. The door will be locked. Return to Gwillim and get redirected to Kilandra, who resides west of Tenebrae in Fisherman's reef.
  9. Talk to Kilandra THREE times. Eventually she will direct you to her daughters grave in the Cemetery.
  10. Go to the cemetery. Find the appropriate tombstone and double click on it. A ghost appears and drops you a key.
  11. Get the key and return to the cave and open the door.
  12. Proceed through the cave until you see the floating magic armour. The easiest way to retrieve it is to cast Aerial Servant on it.

6. Where is the Tear of Seas?

Devon will tell you that it is in a chest in his study. Specifically, that chest is in the southwest corner of the palace on the first floor. If Devon doesn't tell you anything, then you have missed a crucial step. Go back to where you got the Tongue of Flame and read the book that was with the Tongue. I believe this is the *only* mention of the Tear of Seas in the game so you have to read it first before you know about it.


1. Where are the sticks that Vividos asks me to find? Where are the Executioner's hood that Vividos asks me to find?

The sticks are found *outside* the burned house in West Tenebrae. Take the west exit out of the palace but stay within the city. Go in the northern area, you should see a house that has been burned down. The sticks are outside ("Y" shaped objects).

Executioner's hood is found in the grass fairly close to the cemetery entrance. Changelings are nearby. These things are black and look like small hoods.

Note that if you already had this stuff when you talk to Vividos, he may not recognize it. So you'll need to go back and get a couple more of each. If you already picked up all of it, you need to restore an earlier save game or start over.

2. Where is Lothian and how do I Inter Lothian?

Lothian will be outside the main cemetery building but within the fence, in the northeast corner. Go to her, and double click on her.

3. How do I make and cast Necromancer spells?

First, you need the Key of the Caretaker. You will receive this from Vividos when you are ready.

Place the reagents in a bag. Double click on the key, then single click on the bag. The spell icon will be created. To cast it, double click on the icon.

Make sure you have the correct reagents. If the spell requires wood, you need a "Pile of Wood", not a stick, not a board. If the spell requires bone, you can't use a skull or a body.

Here is the list of spells and reagants compliments of Fio Gibney (gibo@iol.ie):

Blood & Bone & Blackmoor = Summon Dead Dirt & Wood = Rock Flesh Blood & Bone = Death Speak Blood & Blackmoor = Open Ground Wood & Hood = Mask of Death Wood & Dirt & Blackmoor = Withstand Death Wood & Dirt & Blood & Blackmoor & Bone = Create Goloum Hood & Blackmoor = Grant Peace

4. Vividos gave me the key of Scion, but he says it's not a physical key - how do I open the door with it?

This is confusing. This is a real key. If you didn't get it, most likely you have a full inventory. Get rid of something and try again. Note that the Key of Scion doesn't look like a normal key, but like the other key Vividos gave you to make spells.

5. Where are reagants?

Most reagants can be found in Stone Cove. Mythran sells a few. Blood is the hardest to find and you can find that in the catacombs or in the caves between the catacombs and Stone Cove. There is also blood at the cemetary. NOTE: There is ONE place where you may have missed a vial of blood - exit West Tenebrae and go to a waterfall. Look for a cave.

6. How do I learn call quake?

A chest on the upper level of the Tomb contains a book from Lothian, which has the Call Quake spell.


1. Where is the Plateau entrance?

Take the northern entrance out of Tenebrae and follow the road. Look for a non-blocked cave entrance.

2. How do I get by those large gates (near the levers and rope bridge)?

Cross the rope bridge. There are seven levers:

           L1 L2 L3   R1 R2 R3

Pull L2, R1, R2 (so all left levers are down and all right levers are up), and then C will automatically pull. You'll see and feel a large shaking. Then go back across the rope bridge. The broken lever has been fixed - pull it to open the bars. You can then head out to the plateau.

3. Where is Mythran's house?

Pretty much in the center of the Plateau. Look for a small home.

4. How do I open the locked tower doors in the cave with the magic hammer?

You can't - supposedly this is where the add-on will take place. In fact, if you open them via the cheat mode, you will find out that the map ends there and you cannot go any further.

Note: Latest news is that there will be no add-on, as Origin is shuffling resources to complete U9 by the Christmas 1996.

5. Mythran doesn't tell me anything?

Have you talked to Bentic in the library? This is a required flag.

6. Mythran warns me that the recall item has limited number of uses. True?

As far as I can tell, there is no limit. If there is a limit, it is more than enough to allow you to bounce back and forth in a non-optimal fashion. However, the recall item can run out of power, and requires a period to recharge.

7. What is the magic cube/tetrahedron/sphere in Mythran's house used for?

When you double click on this thing, the Avatar kneels and says something about not having the strength nor wisdom to master this power. Note the coincedence between it and the Electronic Arts logo :) This item has no other use in the game, and we can only guess that it would be used in the now-cancelled add-on.

sorice@ripco.com suggests that it was originaly how you were going to get off Pagan. In one of the beta versons of the game, Mythran tells you something to the effect that in order to leave, you'll need something that is three things at the same time. Also, it wasn't supposed to be in Mythran's house. The thing about "I'm not powerful enough yet, ect." is that the Avatar can't leave until he masters the powers of all the titans. This later supposedly broke-up into the five blackrock artifacts.

8. Why was Shaana in Mythran's house?

Mike McShaffry <mmcshaffry@origin.ea.com says that Shaana is Myrthran's granddaughter, and since Mike is in the U8 credits, I'd suggest that his comment is reliable...

Here is some interesting info from Detlef Koehlers:

Well, obviously because she is one of his students of Thaumaturgy. But I too wonder if there is something special about her. A few months ago there was an article by the german project leader of Ulitima VIII, Rolf D. Busch, in a german computer magazine, where he gave some insight in the programming and playtesting phases of U8. In one paragraph he dealt with the character Shaana in the game.

He wrote that she was the most popular character among the QA-Team (due to her sexy leather dress, I guess...) and that on behalf of the QA-Team her role in the game has been greatly increased. And then R.D. Busch wrote: "...during the game she turns out to be quite nice, and she is in reality...no, you have to figure that out for yourself!" So, the mystery remains unsolved: What is so special about Shaana? (BTW: She never was very nice to me during the game. Always a bit short- tempered and threatening me with her axe...)


1. Where are the necromancers?

Look for a small tomb with a jewel box (or is that a chest) and a ghoul. Walk inside there and fall through the floor.

2. How do I open the "Towards Fate" door? (Birth of Moriens).

You need the Key of Scion - worry about the necromancers first.

3. Where is Stone Cove?

From where you returned to the catacombs after seeing the necromancers, go south and look for a door that leads out of the catacombs. This set of caves contains the path to Stone Cove (see below).

4. Is there a teleporter in the catacombs?

Yes - you need the Skull of Quakes to activate it. Look for a red circle on the wall nearby to the "Towards Fate" door. Double click on the skull, then on the circle.

Caves beyond the catacombs:

1. How do I find Stone Cove?

After entering the caves from the catacombs, go mostly south. Look for very thin passages. I suggest you map this cave, because there are four important exits here. Eventually you will find a gate with red columns - you are on the right track. Go through some spike traps and you should find a door.

2. Where is Carthax Lake?

Go back into the caves that you took from the catacombs to Stone Cove. From the exit to stone cove, follow the "right" wall until you find another exit. Use the Key of Scion to unlock the door. Is is useful to map these caves out.

3. Where is the Sorcerer's Enclave?

Go back into the caves that you took from the catacombs to Stone Cove. Look for another exit - this one has a lever with two rising/falling doors. The lever is useless - look for a small switch that has been blended into the wall. Is is useful to map these caves out.

Stone Cove:

1. How do I open those two doors?

Create a golem in the nearby mud. You can direct him to open the doors.

2. I am stuck in the "tower door" area. Can't seem to find anything.

Go north until you find the ruin. Activate both levers. Go back to the south, and then west, and there is a un-crossable chasm that now has a red "skull" bridge that appears and disappears. Go that way.

3. I've gone through all of the "tower door" area, and still can't find Lithos. I've made it to a small island that teleports me back to the beginning of the cave.

There is a long north-south hallway that leads to a small island with some barrels. In the middle of the island is a MountainKing rune, and that will teleport you back to the rune near the entrance of these caves. Go back to the long north-south hallway, and look for two *VERY THIN* westbound passages. I bet you missed them.

4. How do I get into the Conventicle?

The key is on a body further into the cave. Look for a body behind a gate. The lever opens one gate, and the switch opens the gate covering the body. Alternatively, create a golem (note that the mud is INSIDE the conventicle).

5. Is there anything useful in the Pit Of Death?

Nothing required. You can get onto the roof and cause all sorts of funny bug effects. Wherever there is a "Restore to Sight" scroll, there is a hidden chest with potions or death disks.

Near the east end of the lower catacombs (which you can access via the Pit of Death), there is a door covered by a flaming arrow shooter. The door doesn't lead anywhere, but instead open the door, then go between the door and the wall so that the arrows are getting blocked by the door. Then jump straight up - you have found the "secret room".


1. After I get the Key of Scion, what do I do?

Look for a door in the catacombs titled "Towards Fate do you Travel." Note that if you are running the patch, this door will be titled "The Birthplace of Moriens." You can get here by following the catacombs teleporter directions in reverse.

Note that once you have the Key, the undead pretty much leave you alone.

2. I've searched the caves below the "Towards Fate" door, but can't find anywhere else to go.

There is one north-south corridor that has one spiked sphere. At the south end, you need to climb up - this is tricky.

3. How do I get to the chest that has five levers around it?

Two levers will trigger the gates, and it appears to be random. If you get turned upside down, just keep triggering levers till you go back to normal.

4. How do I cross the gate near all the marbles and the platform.

Throw something onto the platform. You will have to move farther away from the gate so that the platform is in view.

5. How do I get past the stairs with three pressure plates?

You need to build the stairs in the center by first building them on the left. Combination of the pressure plates will raise and lower stair pieces. Alternatively you can create a golem to open the door to the west.

6. What do I do in the temple with the three statues?

Get the ceremonial shield and place it on the Altar.

7. How do I open the door behind the temple?

Use one of Mythran's Secret Door spells (or create a golem).

8. How do I defeat Khumash Gor?

Cast Grant Peace - or if you have a magic weapon, you can take him out.

9. Where is this Moriens character?

In someone's mind. As soon as you have the obelisk item from the Zealan temple, you are done with the Pilgrimadge. Vividos won't acknowledge it, but yes, you are done.

Note: if you have the U8 patch 1.2, then this plot hole is fixed. When you enter the lower catacombs, you should see an altar with a plaque. You still need the obelisk tip to complete the pilgrimidge.

Argenrock Isle:

1. How do I take the test of wisdom?

Read the books in the monastery. Not much help, but the answers are common sense. Try again if you fail.

2. Where is the protector weapon?

Under the monastery in the caves is a small room with no doors - cast one of Mythran's Secret Door spells.

3. How do I solve the missing focus problem?

Cast Hear Truth and you'll get more hints.

4. Where is Stratos?

Stratos can be found off of Windy Point. Stellos will instruct you further.

5. Where is the Breath of Air?

Very close to Stratos - cast Reveal to find it and Aerial Servant to get it.

6. Why can't I cast spells anymore?

Once you have the Breath of Air, Air spells other than Air Walk no longer work. There is a way to cast these, and that is by first clicking on the Breath of Air, then clicking on yourself, and then casting the spell. This trick works on the patched U8, and may or may not work on the unpatched version.

7. Anyone ever learn how to cast Resurrection?

Resurrection cannot be found using the cheat mode. So most likely it cannot be cast.

Carthax Lake:

1. How do I find Hydros?

From the entrance (and teleporter) follow the drained lake around counter clockwise. Look for some broken land bridges. One will allow you to jump to a small island in the center. Then look for the white bridge.

2. How do I free Hydros?

There is a cave entrance on the south end of Carthax Lake. Follow through there and you'll eventually find a grave. Cast Open Earth.

Sorcerers Enclave:

1. How do I cross the sea of lava?

Cast Air Walk and jump. Actually, James T Tankersley reports that you can do this the hard way: I crossed it, however it took me about 20 tries. You have to go to the edge of the lava where Beren tells you not to piss the sorcerers off, or else, then go straight right, save your game, and run to the left. It takes precise timing, but If you jump right before the spot where you start to get burned, you can make the jump. I don't recomend that way though.

2. Do I trust Vardion or Bane?

Either, although most players side with Bane. One player says that since bane is a stronger sorcerer and if you side with Vardion, there is a chance that Pyros will destroy all of Pagan when you release him (if you do not have all the right spells).

3. I can't create the spells.

The books tell you where to put red candles. Put black candles in the other positions. Place the candles, place the reagents, place the focus. Then manually double click on each candle to light them. Then move out of the pentagram, turn-around and double click on it. Get those reagents as close as possible to the corners - it's a pain. If it doesn't work, move them closer. I have heard from one person that the size of the reagant may make a difference. If you have the patch installed, supposedly this is easier. Make sure you have the right foci. Watch the other sorcerers and see how they place the items.

Here is the list of all spells with formulae courtesy of Kuang-Ting Chong <ktchon0@pop.uky.edu. Start the placement at the bottom point (aphelion) and work clockwise. If there are any errors please let both of us know.

Extinguish (An Flam)
black(pumice), black, black(pumice), black(pumice), black

Ignite (In Flam)
red(ash), black, black(pumice), black(pumice), black

Flash (Flam Por)
red(pumice), black(ash), red, red, black(ash)

Flame Bolt (In Ort Flame)
red, black(iron), red(pumice), black, red(ash)

Endure Heat (Sanct Flam)
black(iron), black, red(obsidian), red(obsidian), black

Fire Shield (In Flam An Por)
black(iron), black, red(obsidian), red(obsidian), red(ash)

Armor of Flames (Vas Sanct Flam)
black(iron), red(brimstone), red(obsidian), red(obsidian), black(ash)

Create Fire (In Flam Ylem)
black, red(ash), black(pumice), black(obsidian), red(ash)

Explosion (Vas Ort Flam)
red(brimstone), red(ash), black, red(pumice), black(iron)

Summon Daemon (Kal Flam Corp Xen)
red(daemon bone), black(ash), red(obsidian), red(obsidian), red(pumice)

Banish Daemon (An Flam Corp Xen)
red(daemon bone), red(pumice), red(iron), red(iron), black(ash)

Conflagration (Kal Vas Flam Corp Xen)
red(brimstone, daemon bone), red(ash), red(daemon bone, pumice),
red(daemon bone, obsidian), red(iron)

4. How do I get past the traps in the Obsidian Fortress?

Each hallway has a plaque with the name of the spell you need. If you cast the spell it is pretty easy to get through there.

5. How do I get out of the Obsidian Fortress?

Go back to the center where you first appeared, and you will be teleported back to the Daemon.

6. What do I do after the Ritual of Flame?

You need to get the Tongue of Flame. Malchir has it, and he most likely won't give it to you voluntarily.

7. Why can't I use the teleports device in the Enclave?

Doesn't work - you need to return across the sea of lava and enter the caves before it will work. Some users have reported that this does work, so this may have been fixed in the patched version.

8. Where is Flame Sting?

In the Obsidian Fortress, down the "Armor of Flame" corridor.

I have all five items, now what?

1. How do I cast Ethereal travel?

Buy the spell from Mythran. After reading it once, it should start glowing. Once the book is glowing, simply double clicking on it will cast the spell. You actually do not need any reagants for this spell.

If you can't get the spell, then you are not quite ready yet. Here is a checklist:

  • all five blackrock items
  • read the book on the desctruction of the temple.
  • Freed Pyros
  • Freed Hydros

Note: You can enter the Ether without casting the spell. This is probably a bug. You can use the Breath of Wind on Stratos as soon as you got it via AERIAL SERVENT on Windy Point, which kills Stratos and teleports you to the Ether - just as it would if you had killed Stratos the ordinary way!

Note: Once you enter the Ether, you cannot go back. So make sure you've done all your exploring...

2. How do I find Stratos?

Go north across the stones, ignore the treasures.

3. How do I find Hydros?

She is across the stones to the west, and then across some bridges.

4. How do I find Pyros?

You need to find a bunch of small spheres and place them around the 10-sides star. The spheres are found in a jewel box to the east and north.

5. How do I find Lithos?

There is one tricky part here. At one place you want to jump up, but it doesn't seem to work. You are at point A when you want to be at point B:

                        A    B          --- north

6. How do I make the obelisk tip glow?

Double click on it, then single click on yourself.

7. How do I build the black gate?

Place the four elemental items on the pentagram corresponding to the hallways that led to the appropriate titan. Then place the obelisk tip on the remaining point.

8. I've defeated the 4 titans and have zapped myself with the obelisk tip so that it glows. I put them all on the pentacle in the right order, and lightning strikes them. Then, the avatar just stands there. The mouse still works, the lamps still glow, but nothing moves. I thought it was a memory problem and removed my ramdrive, but this time, it doesn't zap the last item (tongue of flame, I believe) and instead crashes wih a whole bunch of wierd numbers.

This is a known bug. You can call technical support to get the instructions on how to patch it. One option is to double click on the obelisk again, and then on yourself, this is reported to work with the patch!


1. Where are the magic weapons?

Deceiver can be found in two places. One is off of Stone Cove, although I never got it. The other is in the "secret room" in the Pit of Death.

Slayer can be found in three places. One is in the "Slayer Dungeon", which you reach by falling through the floor of a small room outside of Tenebrae (well south of the cemetery). Another is in the "secret room" in the Pit of Death. And a third is near the very end of the game.

There are several other magic weapons as well. Protector (also called the needle) can be found underneath the library/monastery on Argenrock Isle. The saber of KhumashGor is found in the Zealan catacombs. The Flame Sting is found in the Obsidian Fortress at the Sorcerer's Enclave. There is also a magic dagger in a backpack in Mythran's house (Korghin's Fang). The Hammer of Strength is found in a small cavern off the Plateau. All of these are also in the "secret room" in the Pit of Death, and Flame Sting can also be found near the very end of the game. There is also a "Blade of Striking" which is in Malchir's chest in his sanctum.

Bone Crusher is only found if you have the u8 patch. It replaces the Hammer of Strength and is found in a cave off of the plateau.

2. Is there any possible way to learn Tempestry?

No. Even in the cheat modes, you cannot access any tempestry spells. Most likely this was dropped from the game due to size/time/space requirements.

3. How do the weapons rate?

Hammer of Strength: 1-19 points of damage. Slayer: 4-14 points of damage - 10%? fatal blow chance.

I would guess that the weapons have a rank of the following:

Flame Sting
Hammer of Strength (Bone Crusher in tha patch)
Scimitar of Khumash Gor
Korghin's Fang

Anyone help me out here, and I'll add the info to the FAQ.


0. Tell me about the U8 patch that "fixes everything".

There is a patch for Ultima 8: Pagan which will update the game to version 2.12. The patch is available at ftp.ea.com, in the \pub\patches directory. There are versions of the patch for French, German, and English installs. The French patch is called 'u8patchf.zip', the German is called 'u8patchg.zip', and the English is called 'u8patche.zip'. With the patch comes a letter from Lord British and a list of the updates for the patch. In short, this is what you get - the patch comes with a more complete list:

Targeted Jumping
The Birthplace of Moriens
Less hassle with Fire spells
A little more intelligence to NPC conversations
Keyboard hotkeys
A few more plot hole fixes (such as Bonecrusher now exists)
No more moving platforms
Clarification of the wood vs. stick reagant
Avatar doesn't fall down during combat

1. What is the difference between the CD-HD and the floppy versions?

The CD-HD has the speech pack and the game, where if you buy floppies, you buy the two separate packages. Other than that, no differences, including installation. The CD-HD is shovelware, meaning you install it to your hard drive, and then put the CD away just like you would put floppies away.

2. When will the Enhanced CD version be available?

Later in 1994. That may be August, or December, or even later.

NOTE: As of mid-September 1994, I've heard news that the Enhanced CD has been cancelled to allow resources to move to complete Ultima 9. Clearly now, in 1997, there will never be a Lost Vale.

If you buy the CD-HD now, you can upgrade to the enhanced for $20.00. Is that worth it? I don't think so. In fact, if you complete U8, you probably won't want to replay it with the enhanced version. If you aren't really looking to play U8 *now*, then wait.

3. What does the Enhanced CD version have?

NOTE: As of mid-September 1994, I've heard news that the Enhanced CD has been cancelled to allow resources to move to complete Ultima 9. Clearly, now that it is 1997, this is not going to happen.

The Enhanced will have U8, the Speech Pack, and the Lost Vale (which is an add-on similar to how Forge of Virtue is a U7-BlackGate add-on). It will also have additional speech and probably more graphics. Maybe it will even have portraits of the characters. Don't expect any changes in plot or gameplay.

4. What is an add-on, and is there any for U8?

An add-on is an additional package that requires the original game. It adds new storyline, features, missions, speech, etc. Pagan already has a speech pack add-on available, and there were plans for an add-on called the Lost Vale.

See above. Lost Vale was not released.

5. Are there any known bugs and if so, any patches available?

There is only one patch to Ultima 8, and it is a major one that fixes bugs and makes the game controls easier to use. One major bug that I know of, and some people are bitten by it near the end of the game (see the last question in the game play section of the FAQ). Customer support has helped people fix it. There are a few places where you can cause funny effects, and those are also "maybe-bugs". Of course many users have their share of technical problems, which may or may not be considered bugs. Overall, U8 is a very high quality game.

If your game locks up for any reason, the most likely reason is due to a sound problem. Restart the game, turn off the sound, and try to progress past the point of failure, then turn the sound back on. This seems to happen to a few people when you return the dagger to Vividos and the screen starts to shake - it doesn't stop. This has also been reported to happen when the Avatar visits Statos. The screen shaking and locking up is the likely symptom here. One other workaround reported is to simply hit F7 (which is the quick save). Finally, ysaye@earthlink.net reports that if you do have infinite shaking, then it may be due to an insufficient number of FILES allocated in config.sys. Perhaps that last one is the real root cause?

If Korick does not recognize that you have the ore, most likely you have a very full inventory. Drop a bunch of stuff and try again. This bug was reported by: crashbar@marsweb.com.

Rafi (ysaye@earthlink.net) reports another killer bug: if you have a bag inside a bag in your inventory then the teleporter that returns you from the testing area to the tower in the Sorcerer's Enclave will not work. Don't put bags inside other bags! If you are having problems making forward progress with the sorcerers, then this may be the reason!

Several folks have had problems finding Torwin and the missing focus. One important tip from Jharr Dragon: Do NOT talk to Stratos until after you find Torwin and the missing focus.

James T Tankersley reports: Another bug I have discovered is when you put a backpack/small chest in your inventory. It is usually impossible to put things in your inventory, unless you are putting the item in the backpack in your inventory, other wise it gives you a "unable to place there" symbol for your mouse cursor. This happens also if you have a backpack/small chest inside of a backpack/small chest, you have to take the backpacks/small chests out of your backpack to put them in. Also if you have a bp/chest inside of another, not in your inventory, you must take the one out of the other to put it back into your inventory. Personally I found this bug very annoying...

James T Tankersley reports: Another bug in my edition, is if you store items in drawers at mythran's house(may also happen in other places as well) after a certain amount of time, the game sort of resets itself, and what ever was in the drawer is gone, and what was in the drawer before you messed with it is in there (however if you take something out, it does not dissappear, but another item appears in it's place. I discovered this because I put all fire foci in a dwarer, and they ALL dissapeared, and a copy of the book that was in there to begin with was in the drawer.

andrewmills@usa.net reports: With the patch, you get a quick save button F7. If you press this in the middle of a conversation, next time you try to load the saved position, the game crashes, and continues to crash from then on each time you try to load the level.

6. Is there a cheat?

There is a file u8cheat2.zip available at the usual ftp sites. I never tried it. Alternatively you can do the following:

Open hex editor and find the file AVATAR.DAT. It's located in the \ULTIMA8\GAMEDAT directory. Find byte addresses xx,2A and xx,2B. Simply change the bytes from 00 to 01. Save. When you start your game, the current game and all games saved from that will have the cheat.

You can get a hex editor from many different places on the web. A hex editor is simply an editor that allows you to edit and look at binary files.

If you don't have a hex editor or you don't feel comfortable using one, then try this alternative way. Go to an MSDOS prompt. Then do the following:

cd \ultima8\gamedat
edit avadar.deb
in the editor, enter the following data:

E 12A
01 01

then save the file, and while still in the GAMEDAT directory type:


Run U8 and immediately save your game. Then use F7 and CTRL-F1 to enter cheat commands. Shift-F4 gives you immortality. Note that if you restart the game from scratch, you'll need to rehack the files.

7. Is there an editor?

There is a file u8cheat2.zip available at the usual ftp sites. I never tried it.

8. What is Origin's e-mail address?


9. Tell me more about the map format, NPCs, armor, etc.

The Mad Hatter's Ultima 8 Page (http://www.iinet.net.au/~garydep/ultima8.html - Site Gone)

Has several files you might be interested in. There is a file that describes the graphic format and another that describes the map format. There is also a file that contains the NPC information, weapons and armor.

10. I just bought Pagan and it didn't come with a manual.

You need to check for the user manual online the CD. Most games these days when they are re-packaged for a second release have the manual online. You might need Adobe acrobat to read the manual (if the files are .pdf format). Just go to a search engine on the web and search for Acrobat.

Other Information:

1. Where can I find walkthroughs?

There is one bundled with this FAQ. There is another well received one written by Dan Faublich. Both can be found in many places including Origin's Ultima 8 web page itself.

In the July 1994 issue of CGW, you can find a very negative review of Pagan, and a brief walkthrough. Be careful, though, because I found a few things that weren't quite mistakes, but may cause confusion. Stick to one of the online files instead.

2. I've seen a couple screen shots that I never found in the game - any information on these?

In Computer Game Review (Jan 1994) among other magazines, there were pre-reviews of Pagan. For this particular article, the text was pretty accurate, but two of the 5 or so screen shots are interesting. One is front of the monsastery on Argenrock Isle, and has Darion, Stellos, Mythran, and two Avatars battling three flying big purple insects - not the little ones you find around the island and in the ghost dungeon. The other one is in front of a building entrance I don't recognize, and has the Avatar battling a troll and ghoul with Stellos looking on.

The Mad Hatter's Ultima 8 Page (http://www.iinet.net.au/~garydep/ultima8.html - Site Gone) has a link to the Lost Vale images.

3. Any other interesting rumors about Ultima 8.

According to Varga Tamas <LAAYOSH@labor.obuda.kando.hu who poked around in some of the larger data files, the undead are supposed to invade Tenebrae after you take the Heart of the Earth. The necromancers ask you to return the item, the citizens blame you for unleashing the wrath of Lithos, etc. As far as I know, there is no way to make this event happen.

Detailed Solution follows - read at your own risk.


You wake up at the shore by a fisherman, Devon. He tells you how he pulled you from the lake. At this point consult the reference card and it gives you instructions on how to control and where to go next. Head to the west and up the stairs. Turn left and go to the end of the pier.

You witness the execution and get glimpses of some of the main characters in Tenebrae. After everyone leaves, you can head back up the pier to the city.


The city is divided into three parts. East Tenebrae has the wealthy members and the library. West Tenebrae has the tavern and blacksmith. The palace is in the center. There are four exits from the city, one on each side, and you are at the South entrance.

Head into the city and you see a guard, who basically tells you what I have said above. Head into East Tenebrae.

East Tenebrae

List of buildings in the east section (from North to South):



Friendly and good source of info



Enter by jumping on the roof



Her husband was executed












Will train and sell arms



Lady Mordea's assistant



Lady Mordea's servant



Leader of the guard


There is also a monument of some sort just east of Rhian's house, there is a chaos gem on the roof, and if you climb up there it collapses and you may fall into the water.

There are also lots of beggars, children, and peasants. The peasants won't talk to you, the beggars ask for money, and the children either won't talk or ask lots of questions. If you give the beggars 10 or more coins, they may give you some advice or hints.

Read books in the library about the various treasures, etc. There is a guide to mushrooms, and also a intro to types of puzzles you'll see later in the game. Read all the books in case a book is a trigger to some other event later in the game. Talking to Bentic is a required trigger.

Some homes have levers that open up rooms either downstairs or on the same floor. Darion has a locked chest downstairs where the key is hidden under a clock. In Salkind's living room you will find a key under a vase. In his bedroom you will find a key under a towel. Thse will open up the chest/door that you can access via a switch in the bedroom. The chest is trapped.

There is an exit out of E. Tenebrae that leads to the cemetery.

Go to the houseboat. Jump on the roof and enter the house. Inside is a partially hidden bag containing a key. This key opens the main entrance to the houseboat. Go into the dart room and flip the switch and this leads to two chests (trapped).

There is also another house in E. Tenebrae that has a peasant reading a book. You can flip two switches and go upstairs and collect some stuff.

West Tenebrae

List of buildings in the west section (from North to South). Note that there is also a river running through this part of the city.

Burned House
































has lots of stories



She'll get mad at you if you are not careful



Very humble blacksmith



Executioner from the pier


Go to the burned house. There is a pile of debris, that as you move it you will see a hole. Go down into the hole and you get find some coins. You can climb out the way you entered.

Go into the zoo. Do this by climbing onto the top and falling in (the fall may kill you so be careful here). Be careful and just plain avoid the troll (you are probably not equipped to fight it). There is a bag in the debris with some gems, and move all the debris away to reveal a lever to open the door to let yourself out. One other way to get into the zoo is to walk past the north fence on the grass and the ground will cave in.

Listen to the ghost story from Orlock, go back and ask Jenna, Darion, and Bentic for more information on the treasure. Don't get Jenna mad at you. Once you talk to Jenna, her father Darion will drive you nuts about marrying her.

There is an exit out of the city on the est side.


Lady Mordea will pretty much ignore you. There is a key hidden under a cushion in her throne room, and she'll zap you if you try to steal it while she's in the room. Wait till she is eating. It opens the door to her bedroom. (You can also hug the wall or turn invisible to get by her.)

There is one locked area on the first floor I haven't been into. But according to Justin Su <jamsu@gorge.net, the key to this room appears sometime late in the game. Sometime between freeing the Lurker and before Devon tells you to visit the Enclave, the key will appears on one of the guards beds (only one with a cushion). But according to Justin, there is nothing of interest in this room (armory). Fionnuala Gibney says that there is a mace and a backpack in this chest.

The guard area on the north is locked but you can get in from the second floor. The key ring is there. Yes - no doubt the best feature from Silver Seed...but no hotkey for it...

Double click on a key, then single click on the keyring to add the key to the keyring. Then a double click on the keyring followed by a single click on a door or chest will unlock it if you have the correct key.

Walk around the outside of the palace, between the moat and the palace, you should find a dead body with some coins.

Basement has a lot of locked torture rooms, and one closed off area.

West of Tenebrae

There is a cave on the west wall of the mountain side, you can find some coins and other stuff there (I think a sword). If there are kith there, just exit the cave and go back in.

There is a building near the south with a lever, opens up the fence and there are two kith guarding a few barrels of fish. Don't know if there is anything else useful there.

There is at least one place in the mountainside where you can climb up one level, and then climb up again but you cannot see yourself, and then it is easy to fall to your death.

House SW of the gate is Kilandra's house. She talks about how her daughter Elaina was denied help by Mordea and is now dead. Go back and talk to her after talking to Gwillim until she tells you where the key is.

There is a cave behind the waterfall. Leads to a chest behind a fence with a lever. There is a skeleton in this cave, and they are tough because they die and come back to life. The chest has an axe and some armor.

North of Tenebrae

The north valley contains one couple: Corinth and Gwillim. Talk to Corinth and she'll tell you Gwillim knows about the ghosts. Confront Gwilliam and he reluctantly tells you Kilandra has the key. If you already have gone into the cave, you will see that you are stuck at a locked door - they key opens this one. You'll find Gwillim at the north end of the valley.

There is a group of children to the SE once you exit the city, and they'll attack you and chase you. You'll find them when you start seeing dolls and toy animals.

West of Gwillim is a cave that leads to a pond with stones. This takes you to Mythran - see below for details.

East of Gwillim is a cave entrance covered with debris. Open it up, and this leads to some ruins that supposedly has the ghost treasure - see below for details. Go back and talk to Orlock if you haven't heard the story yet.

East of Tenebrae

Follow the road to the north and you'll get to the cemetery. Elaina's grave is one of the ones on the NW side. Once you read her grave, the ghost will appear and throw you the key. I assume you must have talked to her mother first.

(It's nice that the graves and signs are translated for you - big improvement from previous Ultimas.)

There is a house ruin south that has a gem in the center. The floor will bust under you and you find yourself underground. Read the book. Go through the tower doors and continue west. You'll find another book about the mystical Slayer. Continue west and follow the corridors, eventually you'll end up in a dead end with a backpack - get the key. Head back to where you saw the second book, and go north - you should see a lever and a door.

Hit the lever and continue on. Eventually you should reach a chasm and some stepping stones. I jumped basically using the centermost stones (rising and falling). After jumping, avoid the seeker and unlock the door. The Slayer is up a small room with a door. Climb up and get it, and then enter the door to return to the east side of Tenebrae between the cemetery and the city walls. The Slayer is a magic mace that sounds a large thunderclap when you kill an opponent, and also strikes down an opponent on the first hit every 20th enemy (or something like that).

There is a small house with a guardsman that attacks you. There are some items in the house, but I didn't see anything of importance.

Caves to Plateau and Mythran

You can pretty much jump from stone to stone, but you have to be careful. You may have to move back or forward on a stone to get the right distance. There is also a chest - disarm it while you are in the lake, which has some scrolls.

Once you cross the lake, you'll get to an hill with two ways around it. There is an electrified fence blocking the south way, and there are some traps blocking the north way, which you can't see. Instead climb up and go over the hill. (throw something at the death disk to see what happens.)

You then reach an area with a winch and broken lever, a set of bars, and a rope bridge. Cross the rope bridge. There are seven levers:

           L1 L2 L3   R1 R2 R3

Pull L2, R1, R2 (so all left levers are down and all right levers are up), and then C will automatically pull. You'll see and feel a large shaking. Then go back across the rope bridge. The broken lever has been fixed - pull it to open the bars. You can then head out to the plateau.

You'll reach the open plateau. There are a couple chests out in the area. One is buried in a pile of debris in a ruin, and the other is on a two level hill guarded by undead. I didn't see anything of major use there.

You should find a small house. If you remember from the library, Mythran's house is much bigger inside than outside. First you have a small obstacle course. Just go straight and if you time it well you can go through the fences and avoid the spiked spheres. At the end is a red potion to help you heal. Once you exit you are in Mythran's house.

NOTE: Once you talk to Mythran, this little obstacle course fortunately will not appear for subsequent visits to Mythran.

There is another cave entrance to the west of the entrance cave. Navigate past some flaming arrow shooters and you will eventually find a chest. It is trapped and there are scrolls of trap destruction nearby. Inside the chest is the Hammer of Strength if you don't have a magic weapon yet. Note that this hammer is called Bone Crusher if you have the patch.

There is also a locked door in this cave, and the key is nowhere to be found. Mythran's scroll won't unlock it either. Rumor has it that this is where the Pagan Add-On will take place.


Read the books in Mythran's house. When you talk to Mythran he will give you a teleportation device and also permission to borrow whatever you need. You can return to Tenebrae the same way you came or via the teleportation device as long as you have been up to the roof of Tenebrae palace and seen the teleporter.

Before you leave, buy at least on of Mythan's Open Door spells. This spell will unlock some doors.

Mythran will instruct you to see the Necromancers north of the east exit of the city.

NOTE: Shaana was in Mythran's house while I was there. I still don't know why.


Go through the cemetery to the building. Head inside and you will meet Vividos. He'll tell you a bit about what the necromancers do and also tell you that the head necromancer, Lothian, is dying, and that Lady Mordea stole their ceremonial dagger. Promise to get the dagger back.


You will not find the dagger in Mordea's bedroom, but you should notice a closet with a chest. Talk to Aramina about the dagger, and she'll give you the key - but you have to visit her at her home to get the key.

NOTE: Aramina is only available at Bloodwatch in here home. So you may need to occupy yourself somewhere and wait (or go to sleep in the house directly south of hers).

Don't try to enter Mordea's bedroom while she's sleeping - zap! Note: You can do this if you enter from the western door and basically hug the wall as you go toward the closet (and on the way out too).


After you return the dagger to Vividos, you are given instructions on what to do next to see the Mountain King. He instructs you to get two reagents: executioner's hood, and a wooden stick. There is Hood in abundance in a small area SE of the cemetery. The sticks can be found near the burned home in W. Tenebrae.

Then you will receive instructions on your first spells, Death Speak and Open Ground. Go through a fence to the building directly north of the cemetery main building and cast Open Earth on the middle of the wall that leads to the mountain. A cave entrance will open up.

NOTE on spells and reagents: Make sure you have the correct reagents. I confused sticks with wood, and I know many others have as well. A pile of wood is a little pile that is brown and green. Bone shards are bone shards, you cannot use a skull or a piece of bone. If you get the message "something is not right" then you probably have the wrong reagant.


You are in the main level of the catacombs. Watch out for skeletons, electric gates, and lava pits. You can detect lava pits by watching for puddles on the floor (in fact there is a book somewhere that tells you this). Just be careful and save your game often.

Map the catacombs to save you grief later. You spend far too much time in here... Some of the gates have levers and some move up and down themselves. If a door is closed or closes when you walk by, then walk away from it (maybe 30 steps or so), and then return, and it should open for you. As far as I could tell, there was no certain thing I had to do in order to reach either the Necromancer catacombs or Stone Cove. There are some locked doors that I didn't get to open, however. I found one key at the "Master of Keys" and that opened an empty chest near two flaming arrow cannons.

Your first goal is to find the necromancers. Look for a small tomb with a door and a ghoul inside. Enter the tomb and you will fall through a pit to the necromancer catacombs.

Necromancer Catacombs

You'll find yourself in the necromancer catacombs near some barrels. Stock up on all the reagents you can hold, and create as many Death Speak spells as possible (some reagents are hard to find). Look for the first necromancer. Watch out for falling stalactites. As long as you keep moving you should be okay. Find the first necromancer and cast Death Speak. He'll teach you a new spell, Fake Death and instruct you where to go.

Cross the area that used to be blocked by stalagmites. When you see the daemons, cast the new spell that fakes death. The daemons will think you are dead and you can go past them. Head to the next necromancer.

NOTE: You can just run by the Daemons. Casting the spell is not required.

The second necromancer will give you a new spell, Stone Flesh. Continue following the cave, and when you get a long north corridor, bolts of lightning will start firing at you. Here is where you need to cast your Stone Flesh spell. Then run through the corridor and head to the next necromancer.

The 3rd necromancer will give you a new spell. You will be teleported to an area with a bunch of electric gates. Go through them and jump over the chasm. Here you will see the 4th necromancer. You should cast the spell on the pile of bones to create the skeleton to ward off the other skeleton while you talk to the necromancer.

The 4th necromancer will give you a new spell, Grant Peace. You will then be teleported to a new area. Go into the small room with the throne to be teleported yet again.

You will see a platform with some magic armor. You can get the armor, but be careful of the pit in the center of the platform. At the lava, you have to jump the lava stream, and then follow the rock until you get to a dead end. Then jump across to the next rock, and you will be teleported. Cast Grant Peace on any ghoul.

The 5th necromancer will give you a new spell, Withstand Death (or something like that). When you get to the last necromancer, you should see some stairs. If you go near the stairs, a ghost and many ghouls will appear. Cast the spell on yourself, and then open the door to talk to the necromancer (ignore the stairs). He'll give you instructions for Create Golem, and then you can head up the stairs back into the main catacombs. Fall down from the platform and you are back near where you started. Next job is to find Stone Cove.


Continue to head east and south and look for a door on the east wall. This will eventually lead you to a gate with red columns and an electric zapper. Go through there and eventually you should find a flaming arrow cannon, a lever, and some spike traps. Navigate through the traps and hit the lever to open up another gate. This takes you out to Stone Cove.

(Note: You can go to the door to Stone Cove without crossing the traps. Follow the western wall here to the north/northwest until you find a narrow passage. If you go through these passage and then head south you'll reach the door to Stone Cove.)

(Note that there are a couple very narrow corridors that you may miss if you are not watching.)

This part of the caves seems to be the most confusing to people. One person reports that going through the red columns is the wrong thing to do, and that you need to go directly south of that area. The bottom line that there are some thin passages, and some passages that may appear first to be dead ends. MAP this area and take careful notes and you will find the exits.

Stone Cove

You'll eventually end up in an open area. There's a Seeker nearby, and two doors. Also at the opposite end in the water, are stones that rise and fall. After three jumps to the southeast and a fourth to the south, you reach a small island with a dead body and a backpack. To the west of here is a second isle, which can be reached by more jumping, and on this second isle is an altar with the Deceiver.

Large Door

Create a golem and have it open both doors for you. Enter the large door. Continue going north and cross the chasm. To the west you may have noticed a rock with a large rune of the mountain king (looks like Brittania "A") on it, and past that, a chasm too long for you to jump across. If you keep going north you will come to a ruin. One lever is outside, one is inside. Climb over the wall and pull the lever INSIDE. Fight the ghouls and climb back out. There is a pit between the chasm and the ruin so be careful.

Then go back to the chasm to the west. Now there is a skull bridge that is fading in and out. Traverse the bridge and you will find yourself in front of four sliding platforms. Traverse the platforms. You will then find yourself in front of some sinking platforms. There are a total of eight of these. (NOTE: This requires some dexterity never before required for Ultima games, so save often and be patient.)

After traversing the obstacle course you will find yourself at a locked door. Head to the north and you will be in a maze of energy beams and mushrooms. One of the notes suggests a way to deal with the beams using the mushrooms, but you can just beeline it and heal when necessary (or use Rock Flesh). At the very end is a chest with the key and a gem of protection. Open the door.

The door leads to two shorelines with floating stones that rise and fall. Go to the south first, and jump the stones to get to a small piece of land, where there is a skeleton. Get the key from the skeleton. You can also walk around a very thin ledge around the water and only have to make one jump.

The stones on the north lead to another cavern. As you go north watch for two *very* thin hallways that lead to the west. Take the southernmost hallway and it will lead to a room with more forcefields. Go through there and get to the chest. Hiding behind a potion is a key.

Next go to the next thin hallway. That will take you to a locked door. Unlock and go through. One more obstacle course with moving platforms that lead you across water. You can walk around this one - you won't be able to see the ledge at first.

The Mountain kind is to the northwest. You'll see a line of skeletons and ghouls. After speaking to him, you can go to the south and find the teleporter. This allows you to use the recall device later to return to the King if you need to. Also in that area is a rock with a rune that will teleport you back to the entrance of the caves.

If you continue north past the two thin halls, you'll find another floating platform which leads to a small island with a large rune of the mountain king in the center. Grab the scrolls in the barrels and whatever else you need and step on the rune to teleport back to the first rune.


Return to Vividos and tell him you have talked to Lithos. He'll instruct you to give Lothian to the King. Go NE of the main building of the cemetery and you'll see her body. Double click on it and the Mountain King will receive her. Then Vividos will instruct you to go on the pilgrimadge, give you the key of scion, and refers to the Pit of Death. NOTE: The Key of Scion looks like the other key you use to make spells and it has glowing eyes. If you have a full backpack, he won't give you the key, so get rid of something first.


Enter the catacombs like you did before. Go toward the locked door that is near where you returned from the lower catacombs before. The door is labelled: "Towards Fate Do You Travel." Unlock it with the key of Scion. And head down. Note that if you have the patch installed, this door is called "Moriens's Birthplace".

Lower Catacombs (Key of Scion)

There is a invisible chest near the Return to Sight scroll. Lots of potions, death disks, flasks, and a magic armor. Read the book on the Zealan Gods.

Enter the door "Do Not Enter". You enter new caves and new music... Follow past two spiked spheres and a locked door, and past a maze of gates. You should end up in a room with five levers surrounding a chest inside a cage. Guardian will tell you not to go near there. I think the levers may be random, since I got different behavior, but you have to trigger two levers to lower the cage. Just try different combinations. The levers may turn you upside down, or shoot fireballs at you. In the chest is a key for the door directly to the north.

The maze of fences is interesting, but once you get the key above, you can just go through the door and avoid this thing altogether. To traverse the maze, you also need to climb up on the platform. It is not hard.

Head through the door, and then follow the path around north-east-south and it will dead end at a chest (it is trapped). Inside is the Skull of Quakes.

If you continue back the way you came, and go past the three spiked spheres you will eventually reach a corridor going south that dead ends and there is a single spiked sphere. You can climb up to the west and continue on. It took me a while to get this just right.

Follow to a gravesite, and cast Open Earth. Convienent reagents and bag right there on the table. Go down the opening.

Follow the caves until you reach a gate and a bunch of rolling spheres (marbles) and a table. You have to throw something on the small elevated platform on the other side of the gate in order to lower the fence. Grab a marble, and throw it - you should be able to do this if you move away from the fence. The gate should lower.

Beyond the gate are two platforms, and two elevators. When activated, the elevator rises when you step on it. When not activated, the elevator just stays up. Underneath each platform is a key - get both of them, and any thing else you want.

Head past the light ray (you can jump over it), and you should arrive at a wall with a stair going into it. The wall is three squares wide and the stairs are on the right-most stairs. You have to move the stairs to the center via stepping on the three platforms right in front of the walls/stairs. This is kind of like a Tower of Hanoi problem. I got the stairs in the center by first building them on the left. Once this is done, the wall will open.

Here is the detailed solution:
(L = Left platform, M = Middle platform, R = Right Platform)

Beyond is two laser beams. Cast Stone Flesh so you can walk through the beams, otherwise they will kill you (I had 42 hits and still got killed). This will lead you to a large door. Unlock and go through the next set of doors.

You should see three statues of the Zealan Gods. The skeleton has a key or is covering a key that unlocks the doors that allow you to bypass the laser beam. Use these doors, and go back and get the ceremonial shield. If you continue south from where the shield is at, you can reach the very first door you saw once you passed the "Do Not Enter" sign. This is an easy way to get back into the main catacombs.

Return to the temple, and place the shield on the altar and the Zealan statues will speak to you. The Zealans instruct you to proceed through the next door and retrieve a blackrock pyramid shaped object.

To open the door, you'll need the magical unlock spell from Mythran. If you don't already have it, you'll need to use your recall item to return to him (or go via the plateau caves) and buy the scroll. Don't forget to get the reagents to cast Open Ground again.

Open the door and you will find the spirit of Khumash Gor. You can cast Grant Peace on him to vanquish him, and then grab the obelisk tip. There is also a magic scimitar and a key ring if you need them.

Head back out and the Zealans will tell you that you need to become the Titan of Ether. Return to the main catacombs.


You are probably wondering/hoping if there is a teleporter in the catacombs. From the "fate" door, head southeast until you see a small two story room with a chest on top of it. (You can get up there from the pseudo-stairs on the other side of it.) Continue east and look for a red circle on the next small room. The circle is on the east wall. Double click on the Skull of Quakes and insert it in the circle. You'll see that directly east of you is a collapsed room with a door. Fall down there, open the door, and activate the teleporter (Upper Catacombs).

Small Door at Stone Cove

There is a Locked room with a sign - Conventicle of Death. There is an entrance on both the south and north sides.

Obstacle course with spiked spheres and flaming arrows. It is not too difficult to get past here, just stay to the left and bottom of the area.

You will reach a crypt with a gate covering it. Pull the small lever to open the gate, the corpse has a key. Use the large lever to open the gate to continue onward. This key opens the locked room you found earlier.

Go into the conventicle of Death. Go into the grave area and read the gravestone. Cast Open Earth and it will open up and reveal the Heart of the Earth. Grab it.

If you continue further, you'll hit some more traps, but eventually will lead you to the Pit of Death.

Pit of Death

Another set of catacombs. I found absolutely nothing in here other than reagents, death disks, scrolls, and a few items. There are some invisible chests near the Return-to-Sight scrolls. Actually this is the same set of catacombs as the Lower Catacombs.

There is a torture chair at the end of a hall. You can climb up to the roof of the catacombs. Didn't find anything up there but you can go past the limits of where the programmers thought, and cause all sorts of neat effects. You can eventually end up inside the catacomb walls with no way to exit.

Near the entrance is several dragon statues and statues of Mordea around a wooden throne. There is a chest with lots of potions (use Restore to Sight) that sits in between the four dragon statues.

At the eastern end of the maze is a door that is blocked by a flaming arrow shooter. If you open the door, you'll see that there is a wall behind it. However, if you go on the *other* side of the door, so that the flaming arrows are being blocked by the door, and jump straight up, you will be in a room. The room has oil flasks, fire gems, and all sorts of armor and weapons. One chest has all the magic weapons found in the game, and there is a magic shield also in there.


Devon is in the jail underneath the palace. Talk to him, and then continue to explore the basement of the palace. Use a secret door spell to unlock the room to the east, and read the book.

Then guards come take you to the pier where Devon is to be executed. Confront Mordea about the truth, but don't insult here. Devon kills Mordea and he then leaves to ponder his new role.


In the caves that you took from the main catacombs to Stone cove, there is also a route that takes you out to a open area and a teleporter. Activate it and you can find out that you are at Carthax lake.

Carthax Lake

This is a large open area surrounding a valley. There are many land bridges, some intact, some not. Find a route to the "island" in the middle, and you'll see a white bridge. Cross the white bridge and you'll meet Hydros.

Ask Hydros for the power of the Tempestry and she'll tell you she cannot. Offer to help her.


There is a wall with two rising doors and a lever, and each time you trigger the lever, the walls switch, so you never can get through. Look for a small *switch* that is on the wall near the lever. It is not hidden, but blends in very well with its surroundings. Trigger the switch and the wall will open. That leads you out to the lava field (Sorcerer's Enclave).

In a different part of the caves you will find a locked door (Key Of Scion) that leads you out to an open area with a brick path and spiders. This is Argenrock Isle.

Argenrock Isle

Exiting from the catacombs/cave into an open area and a long walking bridge takes you to Argenrock Isle, home of the Theurgists. You should find a walled in area, with one large building and several small buildings. The teleporter is east of the town - go activate it.

Enter the town, and talk to everyone. You'll meet: Stellos, the leader several nameless ones who don't have anything to say Cyrrus who you may remember hearing about back in Tenebrae Xavier - teacher Torwin - arrogant student

Enter the monastery and read all the books, both upstairs and in the main floor.

Talk to Xavier and you can take the first two tests from him. The first is the test of wisdom and involves answering questions. There are about 10 questions, and he'll ask you random 5. You have to get all five correct, and he won't tell you which ones you got right. Most of the questions are common sense, think about Stratos and what she represents. Although Xavier tells you the answers are in the library, this is not really true.

Here are the complete answers to the test:



Is it better to first comfort...
You come across a battle...
You sit in a tavern...
When seeking respite...
Your liege lies dying...
Your only child has run away...
In comrades, is it wiser to look.
A small child is dying...
Why is wisdom greater than brawn?
Your brother stands accused of...

comfort a sad
tend the injured
remain quiet
a breezy evening...
the battle is lost
welcome him home
my sight
a weapon destroys...
give truthful testimony

After completing the Test of Wisdom, Xavier will instruct you how to take the Test of Centerness. Go west from the monastery until you see a rock face. Climb up one story and look for a small two-story rock with the symbol of Stratos on it. Climb up there and the test will begin. You have to prevent yourself from falling off the rock. Fairly easy to do in one or two tries.

After you pass this test, return to Stellos, and he will instruct you further. He gives you the key to the catacombs below the monastery (enter from the kitchen), and tells you to gather some silver ore.

Enter the monastery's kitchen and then go below. Go to the east and unlock the door. Continue east - basically follow the wall to the north and east. You will pass some electrified gates, and eventually see a closed off building (see below). Keep going and there should be a *very* narrow corridor leading to the east. That leads to a bunch of silver ore (and changelings). There are a few more pieces of ore scattered around.

Stellos will warn you to lock the door when you leave. Don't know if this matters, but if you get all the ore you need, it shouldn't matter.

If you look at the spells in the manual, there are ten total. One does not require a focus (Resurrection), and one is cast the first time without a focus (Air Walk). So search for 8 ores.

The closed off building may be opened by casting one of Mythran's secret door spells. Inside is the magic weapon Protector.

After retrieving ore, head back to Tenebrae and talk to the Smithy, Korick. He'll forge you a focus of your choice, and once you return to Argenrock Isle you can enchant the focus by setting it on the altar. If you single click on the focus before hand, it will just say something like "Pointing Hand", but if you click on it after, it will say something like "Reveal Focus". That is how you determine if it has been enchanted. Construct and enchant all 8 ores for all the foci he will create: Pointing Hand, Open Hand, Chain, Fist, Bracer (Arm Band), Open Eye, Closed Eye, Sextant. (Don't try to enchant two at the same time...)

NOTE: If Korick does not recognize that you have the ore, most likely you have a very full inventory. Drop a bunch of stuff and try again. This bug was reported by: crashbar@marsweb.com.

Stellos instructs you to go back under the monastery after getting the focus. If you go north this time, you will see a wounded Torax on the ground below. If you jump down there, you cannot get back up - you'll have to use the teleporter. Instead you can cast Aerial Servant on the Torax and move it to where you are, and then cast Healing Touch or Restoration.

When you return to the surface, you will hear that Xavier is missing his focus, and no one will help you continue your training. Cast Hear Truth and go talk to everyone. Cyrrus is hiding the fact that he knows where Torwin has gone.

Go up to where you took the test of Centerness and continue west. You'll confront Torwin - he wants to resurrect his father, Toran, who you saw executed at the beginning of the game. He plans to go to the Pit Of Death, but when you tell him that Hydros has his father's body he does not believe you. He'll throw the focus and a ring back at you can jump off the cliff. Return the focus to Xavier. And keep the ring.

Go talk to Stellos and he'll instruct you on your next test. You are to take a leap of faith at the same place where Torwin jumped off the cliff. When you jump, however, the Air Walk spell kicks in, and you clear the water. Next you have way too many jumps to make, but you can eventually get to Stratos.

Stratos will reward you with the Wings focus for casting Air Walk. She'll also tell you about the Breath Of Air, which is how she heals. Return back to Stellos (either by jumping or teleport), and he'll give you some vague hint about the Breath Of Air.

The Breath of Air is hidden on a small rock right near Stratos. Cast reveal to see where it is, and cast Aerial Servant to retrieve it. Note that Stellos will die if you talk to him once you get the Breath of Air since he gets his lifeforce from it!

Carthax Lake

Return to Carthax lake, and follow the cave wall to the south. You should find a cave entrance. Enter the cave. Among other items in this cave, you will find magic leggings and magic armguards.

Right past the second cave opening is a wall with spikes on top, but there is one or two spikes missing. Climb on and over the wall. You'll then come to a wall with a gate in the middle. The left switch opens the gate.

Continue and you will eventually find an exit out of the cave. You will then find a gravestone. Cast Open Ground, and the ground will open and a waterfall will begin to fill Carthax Lake.

There is also a chest on a platform. No magic weapon here (like I thought), but some other items.

Return to Hydros. She'll "thank" you for freeing here, and then say "We'll see who reaches Devon first" or something like that. Return to Tenebrae.

Tenebrae Palace

Devon should now be in the palace. Tell him you have freed the Lurker and he'll tell you to visit the Sorcerers.

Ghost Treasure

First set of ruins has a hole in the floor. You can find a scroll there that gives you a little idea of what is next. Then head to the locked doors, and unlock with the key Kilandra gave you.

Second set of ruins are a pain. You have to jump from the ruins onto this tiny piece of floor that is kind of in the middle. Then you can climb up to the next set of ruins that leads off to the North. Just keep at it until you get it.

Go down the hallway, and then you go up two flights of stairs and reach a bunch of undead. After killing them you can chase around the armor forever - it just keeps moving away. I tried to cast Aerial Servant on this, but didn't get the spell to work - I think this is what you need to do to get the armor (but one player mentioned that this did not work). One other player mentions that you can cast Healing Touch on the armor to get it to stop moving. that this doesn't work. It really isn't worth the effort - you get 1 armor class point less.

Lava River

After entering the open area with the lava, continue south on the small land area. The center of the screen should shift, and you should see Beren, warning you about the sorcerers.

Cast Air Walk, and jump across to where Beren was, and then continue to follow to the south. You should eventually lead to another cave entrance. You have entered the Sorcerers' Enclave.

Sorcerer's Enclave

There are several people of interest in the Enclave. There are four sorcerers: Beren, Bane, Vardion and Gorgrond. Vardion is the First Acolyte. Talk to all four of them to get an idea of what they do. The other sorcerers in the area are pretty much useless.

To learn sorcery, talk to Bane. She will accept you as a disciple and give you her Truename and ask you to find Vardion's Truename.

To get Vardion's Truename, ask him about his dealings with Tenebrae, and then admit that it is a good deal for both sides. He'll then confide in you and give you his Truename and ask for you to find Bane's Truename.

Now you have a choice. You can betray Vardion or Bane. I think that gameplay continues in the same manner regardless of who you betray.

After you tell Bane what Vardion's Truename is, she will summon a Daemon and kill Vardion. Master Malchir will appear, and Bane will offer for you to become a replacement Acolyte. To learn more, tell he she is devious.

Bane will instruct you to go to the library and read all the books - she gives you the key. Make sure you right down the locations of the candles and reagents.

Return to Bane and take the test - note that she now is in Vardion's home. There is not enough candles/reagents/foci for you to take the test, so tell her no. Go to the library and/or Bane's old home and get a rod, and all the candles and reagents you need for all three tests. If you leave Bane's (really Vardion's) house, you forfeit the test and have to start over.

The books tell you where to put red candles, put black candles in the other positions. Place the candles, place the reagents, place the focus. Then manually double click on each candle to light them. Then move out of the pentagram, turn-around and double click on it. Get those reagents as close as possible to the corners - it's a pain. If it doesn't work, move them closer.

After creating the three spells, Bane will instruct you to go to the Obsidian fortress. This is to the west of the city across a bridge over lava. The doors will open for you automatically. Run past the first daemons.

Inside the Obsidian fortress, you will meet a Daemon sorcerer. He will give you more instructions. Create foci for Armor of Flame, Extinguish, Flash, and Endure heat, and proceed west to the platform. You will teleport to a new area with hallways in all four directions.

The four hallways lead outward to an outer hallway with five other hallways. Four of them have plaques. The fifth leads to a room with a crazy sorcerer. If you can defeat him, he has the spellbook for the Conflaguration spell and some other items.

Each of the other four hallways has a plaque that tells you what spell you need to cast to survive. Each hallway leads eventually to a pentagram symbol, which you should grab. In the "Flash" hallway, you will find Flame Sting, a nice weapon. In the "Armor of Flames" hallway, you will find a magic shield. In the "Extinguish" hallway, you will find a magic helm. In the "Endure Heat" hallway, you will find a magic armor. Cast the appropriate spell to help you get through to the object and back.

NOTE: For the Extinguish hallway, you can cast Extinguish on each candle to remove the flames. Underneath the helm is the object. Or you can cast Extinquish on yourself to kill all the candles.

After retrieving all four objects, head back to the center, and get on the platform. The daemon will give you more instructions to go confront Malchir who is the master Sorcerer. Go back to the platform.

You'll arrive in Malchir's sanctum. He will instruct you to create and cast Flame Bolt, Explosion, and Summon Daemon all at him in that order. Use the staff and pentagram and the reagents. Before casting Summon Daemon, however, create a Banish Daemon focus.

NOTE: You need not create any of these foci if you already grabbed them earlier.

NOTE: To successfully cast Summon Daemon, first double click on the focus, then single click on your target. This is different from many of the other spells.

When you cast the summon daemon on Malchir, he will then summon his own Daemon, which you should banish.

After completing the tests and returning Malchir's staff, the two of you will flash to the large Pentagram east of the library. The five sorcerers will start the Ritual of Flame. Pryos will appear, try to attack, and Malchir will tell Pyros that he has the Tongue of Flame and then will banish Pyros. Malchir then flames out at everyone and disappears.

(BTW: Do you know that you can ruin the Ritual in such a way that Pyros breaks free from his prison? You can do this by
1st: not bringing a red candle to the Ritual and saying"I don't have one" when you are asked to place it;
2nd: not bringing a talisman loaded with Ignite to the Ritual and saying"I don't have the necessary spell" when you are asked to light the candle;
3rd: asking "Must I?" the first time you are asked to kneel before the Lord of Flames.

If you have been doing your reading, you now know that when the temple was destroyed, there were five pieces of the obelisk. The Tongue of Flame is one of the objects. After talking to everyone again and reading, you will realize that you have to get the Tongue from Malchir.

Return to the Fortress, and return to Malchir. He'll attack you. After you kill him, get the Tongue from his body. Read the book also, which warns you not to go on the pentagram with the Tongue. So do exactly that, and when you do, Pyros will be released and rains of fire will start to come down. Make sure you grab the Tongue and leave the Enclave. One tip here is to use the "Withstand Death" spell which may make combat easier.

NOTE: You cannot use Mythran's recall item while in the Enclave. You have to return across the lava river (cast Endure Heat), and then go through the cave door. Once you are in the catacombs, recall back to wherever.


You have four of the five items, missing just the Tear of Seas. Talk to Devon, and he'll give you a key to the chest in the Southwest corner of the palace - first floor. In there is the Tear of Seas.

NOTE: If this doesn't happen, then go talk to Mythran first - you may need to...


Return to Mythran and tell him about the blackrock items. Tell him you want to recreate the obelisk. He will give you the Ethereal Travel spell (costs 250 coins).

Read the spell, it doesn't tell you anything about reagents specifically. After reading it, I bought one of each reagent from him (Eye of Newt, Dragon Blood, and two others), and then my spell book started to glow. Clicking on the spell book will teleport you to the Ethereal Plane.

NOTE: You don't need reagants for this spell to work. You do need all five blackrock items.

Ethereal Plane

There are four hallways that lead to doorways. Each doorway leads to a Titan. It is fairly obvious which Element you are in when you first enter the doorway.

Stratos: Ignore the magic items, and just head north to find Stratos. I used the "Flash" spell a couple times to avoid dealing with the jumping. After she sends some attack winds after you, double click the Breath of Air and target it at her. You'll banish her and return to the Ethereal Plane.

Hydros: Head west and jump the stones. There are three stones you can jump to from the west side - I jumped to the middle stone, and at one point cast Air Walk to jump the final longer distance, but I don't think this is required. Then you have to keep going and cover some bridges - I think one you climb from one broken bridge to another. Head west and you'll find the white bridge and platform of Hydros. After she sends some attack lightning after you, double click the Tear of Seas and target it at her. You'll banish her and return to the Ethereal Plane.

Lithos: This takes a while, but just go past the earthquakes and falling stalagmites and undead. Check all corners, remember that Lithos appeared in a NW corner of a cave. After he sends out a couple golems, double click on the Heart of the Earth and target it at him. You'll banish him and return to the Ethereal Plane.

Pyros: This one is the hardest. After jumping from one land mass to another, to the east and north is a broken bridge. Jump it across to a new land mass. Follow this north and north and north past Seekers and Daemons until you reach two trees and a platform with a jewel box. (Note Flame Sting behind the tree if you don't have it already.) Get at least 10 of the little white spheres from the jewel box.

Return to the second land mass, Look for a small 10 sided star with colored rectangles around it. Place one sphere on each rectangle and you'll see a bridge of stones appear. Cross it, and it will lead to Pyros. (NOTE: There is also a building to the west with four spheres, and some potions. You can find one more sphere in Lithos's domain, and one more sphere on the body near the star - but there are more than you need in the jewel box.)

After he sends out a couple Daemons, double click on the Tongue of Flame and target it at him. You'll banish him and return to the Ethereal Plane.

Note: if you use the hackmover cheat and move the northen pillars in the void you will find a book called "the cheesy book". It has nothing to do with the game and cannot be found anywhere else.

Ethereal Plane

Place the four glowing items at the appropriate places on the pentagram. Heart of Earth - the point that points to the hallway you took to Lithos. Tear of Seas - the point that points to the hallway you took to Hydros. Tongue of Flame - the point that points to the hallway you took to Pyros. Breath of Air - the point that points to the hallway you took to Stratos.

Double click on the obelisk tip and then on yourself. Then place the tip at the remaining point of the pentagram (Aphelion). After some lightning, a black gate should appear in the center, enter it.

Additional contributors:

Thanks to those that clarified or answered questions in this document. Even folks that found stupid typos get acknowledged here...

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