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How to disarm Beren without hurting him Source: IT-HE Labs

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Magna Carta

Or, how to disarm Beren without hurting him


(From Student Bloopers)

"Finally the Magna Carta provided that no free man should be hanged twice for the same offence."

For those of you who would like to go on a bender in Pagan, but without the hassle of killing Beren or activating the cheat mode, here is a new way to take Beren out of the equation without harming him at all.

The key to this is that Pagan does have some vague concept of human rights, in that you cannot be executed twice for the same offence. Or indeed any two offences.

Knave, I find you Guilty.

But first...

Before we can do the magic trick, we need to prepare for it.

You will need two potions, a black one and a purple one.
I can't honestly say where you can find a black potion, Mythran might have some, but a scroll of Invisibilty should do the trick.
If you have a scroll of Restore To Sight, that's even better. There should be some in a wooden house in the rich end of Tenebrae.

You should be able to find a purple potion somewhere, trolls often carry one.
Look for trolls at the cave to Mythran (often a troll attacks the Torax here, or try the 'games', where there is normally a troll.

If you have done Lithos, compile a spell of Rock Flesh (Wood, Dirt) and use this instead of the purple potion.

Once you have both of the above, and assuming Rhian is still servicable, head to Rhian's shop in Tenebrae.

The perfect crime

In order to be executed you must first commit a crime.
Robbery is the most convenient, assuming you haven't already stolen Rhian's gems.

First, talk to Rhian and get her name. Tell her yours, and say 'Farewell'. It doesn't seem to work unless she knows you.

Now, drag one of Rhian's gems onto the floor, nearby her. She will say 'I saw that!' but don't worry.

Stand fairly close to the door, but still able to reach the gem and talk to her.

I saw that!

It's probably best to save now, as the next bit needs to be done without error.

You must do the following things, as quickly as possible.

  • Drink the potion.
  • Quickly, get the gem and put it in your backpack
  • Before Beren arrives, talk to Rhian and start selling the gem back to her.


Beren and Rhian will now be holding two conversations simultaneously.
Things may get rather confusing, but try to keep the two conversations in sync as much as you can. We need your death to coincide with "Is this offer acceptable?", but you MUST be executed before the potion wears off or it will all be pointless.


Stop Thief!  Hello Friend!

The Resurrection and the Life

Okay, so now you've been executed for Theft. Assuming the gem transaction went correctly, you should be alive but invisible.
Pick up some of your body parts if they are in the way, but do be careful. The game may realise you're dead if you drop them without running offscreen.

To make yourself visible again, consume a black potion or cast Reveal.

Beren should be standing nearby, not saying much.
Once you're visible, move some of the gems onto the floor to annoy him. Beren will claim the gems are his and threaten to kill you again, but pay it no mind.

By eight Tomorrow thou must be made immortal.
By eight Tomorrow thou must be made immortal.


Walk up to Beren and slap him. He will turn red and start waving. Kill Rhian and walk out of the door.
Stop for a few seconds to allow Beren to catch up.. you now have a Follower!
Beren will now follow you like a dog until you leave the current map area.
You can kill beggars, children, peasants (who shout 'Beren! Help me!') and he won't give a damn.

If you leave the map area, Beren is still crippled and only Mordea and Mythran have the power to kill you.


Now Beren has been de-natured, it is actually possible to kill the Court Ultima-6 style, and live.

Attack Mordea, preferably using Slayer and keep hitting her, very quickly.
You should hear a thunderclap before she does her lightning-bolt spell. You have now broken through her defences and she cannot kill you until she calms down.

Now attack Aramina and Salkind, killing them. Kill any guards who enter.
Mordea should now be running around making little 'chopping' motions with her hand. Ignore her and walk calmly out of the castle and over to the docks.

Now, turn around and walk straight back into Tenebrae and into the castle.
Mordea will do her usual patter, and unbelievably, the late Salkind will answer her.

Be careful. Mordea is now re-armed and can kill you if you upset her.


Salkind has gone completely Kanga but even Death can't shut him up
Salkind has gone completely Kanga but even Death can't shut him up

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