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DOUG the EAGLE's Ultima 8 Page

Things your mother never told you about Pagan

Doug is an F-15 EaglePagan


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How to be a complete bastard in Pagan

A bad solution to Ultima 8

First Edition 20/10/1996
Revised 30/11/2000

Introduction and Requirements

This guide has been formulated as a rough solution to Pagan, but completes the game by using as many bugs/loopholes and committing as many foul deeds as possible.

Is it NOT intended for the beginner, as it requires a fairly detailed knowledge of Pagan, and ideally you should have completed it 'properly', otherwise you may not be able to follow the instructions, or appreciate the tricks involved.

It probably won't work with 'old' pagan: you must be running a patched version (get u8patchE.zip from ftp.udic.org - 'E' is for English)

How can you tell? Well, F7 works as QuickSave and F8 as Quickload, you have the new version. If F7 does nothing during the game, you should get the patch.

Guidelines For Being a Bastard

  • Move peoples stuff around. Do this only in 'safe' zones, or Beren will find you Guilty.
  • Throw darts at people. Don't do this to Beren or he will find you Guilty.
  • There are lots of insulting things in the conversation choices. Use them.
  • Do not attempt to mug people. This rule is for your own safety.

whack whack whack..
Earn dexterity and strength points by hitting Devon repeatedly.
No-one minds about this, since Devon is immortal

The 'bad' solution

Starting Out

  1. Name your character 'Master' or 'Almighty One'.
    When you meet people, they say things like 'Well met, Master!' etc.
  2. Say 'Farewell' to Devon as soon as possible, try not to get his name.
  3. See the execution scene, be as brief as possible and ignore as much as you can. Go to the Bitch-Queen's castle and see the transmat on the roof. Getting a keyring will also be useful.
  4. Murder salkind as your number one priority: he is a deadweight scumbag. He is also loaded with cash. You may need to de-nature Beren first.

    As an optional extra, you can go to Shaana's house and steal an axe.
    Kill her if you want (if you think you can!)
  5. Go and see Mythran. Get the recall device and buy any spells he will sell you, using Salkind's life-savings.

    The first few spells are cack, but buy them anyway, so you can get his Spell of Murder, which you really want to have. Also, get the Zealan Shield.
    Beam back to Central Tenebrae.


  6. Get the Dead-Man's Elbow from the Place Where Spirits Roam. Head towards the cemetery and get some Executioner's Hood, or buy the stuff from Mythran if you want.
  7. Go see Vividos in the cemetery.
  8. Get the dagger from the servant girl at bloodwatch, her place.
  9. Hand over the dagger. Surprise Vividos with a gift of some reagents you 'just happened' to be carrying.
  10. Vividos will now have given you the Key.
    Go upstairs, and DON'T READ ANY BOOKS. All avatars come out of the factory with the magical knowledge impressed into their positronic brains. Using this instinctive knowledge, compile an Open Ground spell (blood + blackmoor).
  11. Go to the catacombs. DO NOT SEE THE NECROMANCERS! This is a pointless waste of time. Instead, go straight to Stone Cove, that cool patch of dirt where all the reagents you need grow.
  12. Compile the following spells:

    5 Golems (blood, bone, dirt, blackmoor, wood)
    1 Open Ground (blood + blackmoor)
    1 G.P.(Fault) (Executioner's Hood, blackmoor)
  13. Invoke a golem. To get your money's worth, have it open BOTH doors, (Lithos' house AND Pit of Death)
  14. Go through the Ceremonial Door, into the Pit of Death.
    Find the Coventicle of the Dead, where the Heart of Earth is.
    Break into Lithos' chest and steal his heart.

    To optimise this, go straight to the building and create a golem inside
    (in that muddy bit). Get it to let you in by having it open the doors.
    Cast one of your Open Ground spells.
  15. Now you have the Heart of Earth, before even seeing Lithos!
    Go and meet Lithos. (Long job, this)
  16. Making sure you have seen the transmat at Lithos's house, beam back to Central Tenebrae.
  17. Go back to Vividos. Tell him Lithos said nothing.
    He will go apeshit and tell you never to return. Instead, tap him on the shoulder and this time, tell him what Lithos really said.

  18. Vividos will now give you the Scionic Key. Ignore him and Lithos by leaving Lothian in the back garden.
  19. Beam off to Mythran, steal his blanket. Beam to Central Tenebrae and steal at least three more blankets. Also, get as many grey flasks as you can find: you will need these for the Flash test.
  20. Beam back to Lithos using the recall device. Go through the transport pad (with the mountain symbol on it, looks like an 'F') and head toward Argentrock Isle.


  21. Ask Xavier about the tests and take them immediately. (I assume you are familiar with Stratos' teachings) you do not need to read any of the books at all!!
  22. Go and see stellos. Irritate him by chucking his stuff around and stealing the cash from his chest. Get the key off him and go into the monastry.
  23. Get yourself juiced up on the magic mushrooms as often as you can
    and kill some of the blue theurgists.

    Get them when they start to turn red, as they look just like
    Santa Claus.
    If you kill them before they beam out, lay their bodies on the

    Stiff as a board!

    If you get lucky, Stellos may offer to help you kill them.

    He did for me.

    Do this whenever you see one.

  24. Can I help you?
    "Can I help you sacrifice Father Christmas?"
  25. Anyway, go downstairs and get FOUR lumps of silver. Annoy everyone by leaving the mine door unlocked and throwing the key to the Lurker.
  26. Beam off to Tenebrae, and get Korick to make the following foci:

    Pointing Hand
  27. DO NOT return to Argentrock Isle yet. Instead, break into the Tempest's bedroom and use her copy of the Altar of Focus, at the head of her bed. Lob the box and the candles onto the floor, and place each of the four foci on it.

    Despite being miles away, Stratos will grant you her power.
  28. Beam back to Argentrock Isle and talk to stellos.
    He will send you down to heal the beast. Do so, and return to the surface.
  29. Interview Stellos, then brother Xavier. Interview Cyrrus and Torwin.
  30. Now find Xavier and boot up Chain of Truth. Ask him about Torwin and Cyrrus. Ask Stellos about Torwin. Ask Cyrrus about Torwin.
    (If the Chain wears out, restart it.)
  31. Go see Torwin. When he's dead, ask Cyrrus about Torwin again. Throw all Torwin's stuff in the sea, and kill Cyrrus.
    Do not kill Xavier, or Stellos will get scared and do a runner.

    Cool stuff to say during the Murder Sprees:

    Cyrrus: I must meditate!
    Master: Meditate on THIS! [crunch]

    Brother Xavier: Be well, my friend!
    Master: BE F**KED! [chop]

  32. Ask Stellos about Torwin and the final test. Kill him.
    Now find Xavier and end his life.

    If possible, kill two of the Blue Theurgists while they are both
    on screen at once.

    You will see that they are simply extensions of Stratos' Will
    when you hit one on the head and the other screams!

  33. Go see Stratos, then go back to Stone Cove, via Daemon's Crag.


  34. Go up to the double-doors. Whenever you open one, the other shuts. Open the first one and stand in the doorway. Use Aerial Servant to flip the lever, jamming the door open and go in.
    You should be at the lake of lava now. Drop a blanket onto a dark patch in the lava, and jump onto it. Now throw another blanket ahead of you and jump to that. Pick up the blanket you are not standing on, and repeat until you have crossed to the central island.
  35. To get to the mainland, you will have to throw a blanket over a large gap. You won't be able to pick it up again, but you do have some spare (don't you?) and you will never need to do this again after you have crossed the lake once.
  36. Now, see the teleporter, and beam out to Central Tenebrae.
    Go into Mordea's bedroom and steal three blankets, as before.
  37. Now beam yourself back to Daemon's Crag and go straight to the bridge which leads to the Obsidian Fortress.
    We are going to do the four trials without knowing any Sorcery.
  38. At the bridge, create a golem, and lead it out over the bridge. Break down the doors.

    Because you have forced the doors, the sorcerers cannot close them with their magic. This becomes important later on.
  39. Go in and some crazy old man will appear, say something meaningless and summon two daemons. Run past these and talk to Arcadion. Just say farewell and run into the portal.
  40. Now you are undertaking the Four Trials. (Duh? What trials?)
  41. Take the endure heat test, by using the blankets to make a bridge across the lava.
    Position each part of the bridge as far away as possible as we have finite resources.
    You will need to save frequently and reload if you lose a part or cannot jump to it.
  42. Once you have used the three blankets, go back to the centre of the dungeon and you should find a pile of logs.
    Take as many logs as you can carry and use these to finish the bridge. You may need several journeys.
    If you are getting weak, have the Avatar sleep standing up, balanced on a log, over some lava at over 2000 degrees centigrade. It works wonders.

    Don't try this at home, children!

  43. Kill or avoid the daemon, and take the symbol. Jump back over the bridge.
  44. Take the Flash test. BE SURE TO TAKE THE FOCI FROM THE BAG NEXT TO FLAME STING. Take flame-sting too, if you want.
  45. Take the Armour of Flame test. Be careful, as you have no invulnerability spells.
    1. Try this tactic:
      1. Get to the Symbol.
      2. Rest and Save
      3. Try and escape. Reload if you die.
  46. Run to the top-left edge of the map, where the renegade sorcerer lives. Kill him (optional) and take the foci from his jewel-box. Now leave.
  47. Go to the Extinguish Flame test.

    You're a disciple of Stratos (the operating system used in B-52 bombers) so cast Aerial Servant and steal the five candles, one at a time.
    You may need to snuff each one out with your fingers. Once the last candle is gone, take the magic helm and the Symbol.
  48. Make utterly sure you DID take the banish daemon foci from the Flash test. If you didn't, go get it.
  49. Now leave the tests via the Portal. Go out past Arcadion and up the stairs.
  50. Now it's time to learn a little Sorcery. Talk to Vardion and Bane, and get to the point where you have to find their enemy's truename.

    By chatting them up, you have suddenly figured out EVERYTHING about sorcery!

  51. You have gained their trust, so it is okay to steal their foci. Bane keeps hers in a bag, Vardion is more civilised and uses a jewel box. Don't worry that they start acting strangely.
    They both get agitiated when you do this, but not enough to kill you.
    Do not steal Beren's foci or he will find you Guilty.
  52. Now it is time to meet the Master and cheat at your sorcery exam, by casting spells which you stole from other people. Talk to Arcadion and go through the Portal again.

    1. You should have:

      Flame Bolt: From Vardion
      Explosion: From Bane
      Summon Daemon: From the Renegade
      Banish Daemon: From the bag in the Flash Test
  53. Well? Cast them at the Master and get a distinction without lifting a finger!

    The Master will now take you to the ritual, and Bane will be killed.
  54. The master will whack you one, and the Guardian chuckles and burbles. However, you shouldn't kill him yet if you want Mythran's spell of murder.

    1. Note that although Bane has just been killed by Pyros, you should find
      that she is alive and well in her flat.
      You can actually kill her twice by telling Vardion her truename.
      Or drag the body into the flat and show it to her.
  55. Make sure you visit the teleport pad, and go back to the lava lake. You do not need to cross it, just stand in this area and beam back to Carthax Lake.


  56. Go to Carthax Lake, see the transmat pad. Stuff the lurker, just beam back to Central Tenebrae.
  57. Now, go to the pub and gather as much Cloven Hoof and Breath O' Spirit as you can obtain. We will need this later.


  58. Go back to the catacombs and find Morien's birthplace. When you see how much it sucks, go round the corner to KG's tomb.
  59. Go through the maze of fences, and turn left. Go down the hole to the Place-Where-The-Marbles-Are. Lob marbles at the pillar (tricky) to open the gate and run through it.
  60. To the right of the Towers of Hanoi puzzle is a double-door.
    Create a golem and break open the doors with it.
    You may wish to save at this point, as the next bit is tricky.
  61. Click on the golem to bring up a menu, run through the open doors while the menu is still there, so that the very edge of the next set of doors is visible at the top of the screen. Select open and point to the door. If the golem is still there, the doors should open after a lot of stomping and a brief pause.
  62. Through this set of doors is KG's lair, behind three sets of doors. Now, create another golem, and get it to open the first set of doors. The second set of doors is not locked, and you can open these.
  63. Now the tricky part. You must get the golem to FOLLOW you into the tomb. This is hard, as it is only just big enough. First, try moving the Avatar around, so that the golem tries to get to you. If it keeps getting stuck, command it to MOVE a long way down, and try again.

    If the golem stops moving, walk around it slowly. You might find that it will glide smoothly towards you if you are at certain angles. This makes the task of getting the golem through the doors much easier.

    If all else fails, click on the golem to bring up a menu, and run to the doors at the far end of the tomb.

    If this sounds like too much work, just compile some extra Golem spells (see step 12).
  64. Now you come to the Statues. If you want to get Mythran's wonderful Murder spell, you must listen to their drivel. Otherwise don't bother.

    Go through the doors, and meet Kumash-Gor himself.
  65. KG tells you you're a bad boy and tries to 'Correct' you, just like in The Shining. When his ghost appears, cast your GP spell on it and grant Lithos' gift of Eternal Peace unto him. God will come down and the ghost will bounce away. Kumash-Gor's body will be vapourised.
  66. Rummage around his stuff and get the obelisk tip and anything else you fancy. You should find a bottle of tenebraen ale.

    Go back towards the statues, but not close enough to start them
    talking. Drink ALL the ale and cloven hoof before you talk to them.
    Now the avatar will lurch drunkenly around, burping at the statues
    before finally collapsing into a state of alcoholic stupor.

  67. Zzzzzz....
    Master drowns his sorrows


  68. Now beam back to Mythran.

    He should sell you two spells: Summon Creature, and Call Destruction.
    Call destruction lets you make like the Tempest and destroy your enemies with lightning.

    If you need more money to finance this, go downstairs and rob Mythran
    of the 137 in his chest.

  69. Go to Stone Cove, and get the following reagents:

    2 Executioner's Hoods
    1 blackmoor

    Go to Daemon's Crag and get the following reagents. Bane is dead so take hers:

    2 Iron Ore
    1 Ash
    1 Brimstone
  70. You must beg borrow or (preferably) steal about 200 obsidians.

    When you have, beam back to Mythran and buy:

    2 Dragon's Blood (40 ob each)
    2 Snakeskins (25 ob each)
    1 Bat wing (35?ob)

  71. Now activate the Call Destruction. You should find that one charging of the book gives you unlimited usage of the murder spell.

    You must hit your enemy with a weapon first, or the spell will fail.
  72. Now you have the Spell of Murder.

    Hopefully, Mythran will later blow a fuse and sell you the most
    unbelievably dangerous spell in all creation - The Spell of Genocide.

    There's just one catch - he wants one grand for it (1000 ob)
    Fortunately, you now have several ways of rustling this much up:

    - At night, when Rhian is asleep, create a golem, smash the door
    down at Rhian's shop. Help yourself to all the money and gems
    you can carry. Grab a bag and stuff any others into it.
    They are now 'your property' and Rhian will not kill you if you
    pick them up.

    - Go to the 'games', where there is a troll and a wounded torax.
    Heal the torax, and pass the 3rd test again. Now kill the Troll with
    your murder spell. Take his money and go offscreen.
    Kill the guard nearby. By now, the Troll should have come back.
    You should get 30-60 ob in each Troll.

    - Explore the upper and lower catacombs, now you can kill beasts with
    a wave of your hand. There should be a considerable amount of booty.

  73. If you recall, your last brush with the Master of the Enclave was not pleasant. Now you have stayed away long enough to make him think he's got away with it.

    WRONG! It's payback time!
  74. Go back to the fortress and kill the old fart. Use the Spell of Murder if your want.

    Nick his stuff, notably the Tongue of Flame, the ToF user manual, and his copy of Destruction of the Temple. Read this all the way.
  75. Go to the Great Pentagram and walk into it.
    Pyros gets happy!
    Pick up the Tongue of Flame.

    Time to 'Do' the Tempest

  76. Go to Central Tenebrae. It is now time to depose Mordea.
    Go down to the cellar and find Bentic's Journal.
    Cast Dispel Portals and go to the Journal.

    Here is a cool trick you can do at this point:

    Obtain a rock-flesh or intervention spell, and some oil bombs.
    Start the invulnerability spell and light the bombs while they are
    in your backpack..

    QUICKLY, Read the diary. The Guards will come to remove your corpse.
    You will see the execution scene, and hopefully survive.

    You may find that you are invisible: press 'i' to open your backpack
    and cast reveal. If this fails, find a scroll of restore to sight
    and use that.

    Now you can go downstairs to collect your body parts.
    The number of body parts available depends on how many bombs went off
    inside your backpack. For example, two bombs will leave two heads,
    four legs etc.

    If you can fob mythran into selling you the genocide spell, you could
    try casting that (and VERY QUICKLY reading the book) instead of using
    oil bottles. I haven't tried this yet because it's hard to get.

  77. The Disco at the end of the universe


    You could see Mythran and get his spell to go into the Ethereal Plane, but these is a much better way.
  79. Go back to Argentrock Isle and speak to Stratos again. Say 'bye' and use Reveal to show you the Breath o' Wind. Use Aerial Servant to move it to you. Stratos will get quite angry, but tough shit. Now:

  80. You will now go to the Ethereal Plane.
    Sometimes I call this the disco at the end of the universe, because it has flashing lights and good music.
  81. Go and find Lithos. Instead of doing that crap with the rocks, just use one of your Endure Heat spells.

    "Oh dear. I have been defeated. Shit."
  82. Go and find Hydros. No shortcuts here. Sorry. Just do it like normal.
  83. Go to Hell and find Pyros. You can use an Endure Heat spell, if you have one, to bound across the Lava to him.
  84. Now you should have all the parts to build the obelisk. Kill a few Changelings, and get the Cheesey Book if you want.

    Dump a dead changeling on top of the obelisk, and enter it.
  85. That's all, folks!

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