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How I fed Beren to the Lurker Source: IT-HE Labs

How I fed Beren to the Lurker

Eliminating Beren without using the cheat mode

Beren, going to his doom

A savegame of Beren in the cage is now available.

What is this?

Beren is the guy in Pagan who is the authority. He's a powerful mage, and he will kill anyone who breaks the law.
Under Beren's rule, death is the penalty for all crimes, be they murder, theft, assault, trespassing or even being rude.

Beren can be killed using the cheat mode, How to kill Beren, but this is a new one on me!

I heard it was possible to kill Beren without cheating, using Sven's method.
I couldn't do it, but I found a better way... so here it is!


Beren, as any fule kno, is invincible.
However, all things in Pagan can be destroyed by throwing them into water, and Beren is no exception.
Beren must be fed to the Lurker. The only question is how.

Beren goes for a swim

Get Beren outside

In order to kill Beren you need to get him outside, since that is where the water is.
Sven claims you can throw furniture and things at him, and knock him into the pool.
I don't think this is possible at all, at least not with the patch version.

(Sven later said that he was none too sober at the time, and can't remember quite how it was done)

To make Beren go outside, I got some chunks of wood, one lying North, one lying West, and four Upright chunks, which will act as the bars of a cage to trap Beren with.
I went into Beren's house and found him by the fire. I positioned my wood blocks carefully so that he moved away from the fire, and by constantly repositioning the chunks, drove him outside, room by room, saving after each room.

Hint: The game freezes whilst you are dragging objects.
      Use this to your advantage.

Beren began to walk slowly around his house, so I gathered the wood up and closed the door, to discourage him from going back into the house.

The cage method

This is the first method I tried.

I went up to the pool, just outside his door. I chose the edge of the pool aligned with his house, to make it easier.

I placed the house-facing block of wood up against the pool wall, so there was a step for him to climb up onto, and then I arranged the upright bars in a cage formation.

The Avatar makes up the final bar of the cage.

A cage for Beren

I waited until Beren came close to the pool, and then I dragged the cage around Beren, until he was trapped against the pool wall.

Beren went totally manic, and began rushing around like a madman, jiggling, twisting and spinning in a total fit as he tried to escape the cage. (I think he may have been agitated because I moved his vase around)

Beren goes manic
A short sequence of Beren going manic, about half-speed

I widened the cage slightly, and moved the stepping block into place.
Beren ran up the stepping block. I removed it and he found there was no way to get down.
He rushed up and down the wall at about 70 pixels per second.
I was expecting to have to let off a bomb to blow him into the water, but it turned out that was unnecessary.

Just when I least expected it, Beren turned to face -me- (NOT the Avatar!) and dived into the pool.
It happened very fast. First he was looking at me, next he was in the air, and just as I understood what he had done, there was a splash and he was gone.

Aaaah! Plop!

Blasphemous words of amazement filled my mind as I realised that Beren had actually taken his own life.

A savegame of Beren in his 'manic' phase is available at the end of this page. Just move the wood into the right place and he should die nicely.

The fence method

The cage method is very funny, but hard to repeat. The savegame of him in the Cage is now available, see below.
Additionally, I developed a second method which is more amenable to others trying to do this from scratch.

First, go out and get the following:

  • 5 upright blocks of wood.
  • 3 broken chairs
  • 3 Horizontal pieces of wood.

For the upright blocks, go to the burned out part of town, and follow the mountains.
You should come across 4 pieces of upright wood and many horizontal blocks.

For the final piece, go to the Place Where Spirits Roam. You should also be able to get the chairs there too.

You may need several journeys to carry all this.

Now, get Beren outside.

Once Beren is happily walking round and round his house in a clockwise direction, build a fence so that he is diverted towards the pool.
Make sure there is a horizontal block to use as a stepping stone.

A fence for Beren

Then, hassle Beren until he goes up the step.

Beren falls for the trap

Beren will now pace up and down the wall. Save, as he can jump off again.
Remove the step and walk next to him (so he can't jump off)

Beren is trapped

Keep pacing with him, and he should soon dive off into the water.

Beren sacrifices himself to Hydros

Download: A cage for Beren

Click here to download the U8 savegame (patched version only) u8_cage.zip - about 160k


This savegame uses slot 10 (savegame.009).

To use it, unzip the file into your u8\savegame directory.
Make sure you back up the existing file first.

PLEASE NOTE, that the savegame description will NOT appear, because they are stored in a separate file.

So when you use it, the savegame will be in slot 10, even though the description has not changed.

A cage for Beren
You should see this when the savegame is loaded

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