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Things to do with the Cheat Mode in Pagan Source: IT-HE Labs

This page was downloaded Oct 27 2001 from Joseph Morris's IT-HE website! Please visit it for the latest version!

Things to do with the Cheat Mode in Pagan

Being a bastard with the cheat mode - extended section

Careful with that axe, Eugene

What is this?

Many months ago I was asked for some more things you can do with the cheat mode.
Here are many more that I remembered/discovered/invented while playing Pagan again.

Where is the cheat?

To cheat, you need a special program to patch the current savegame.
Once this is done, SAVE the current game again, because it will wear off if you die without the game being saved.

Once you have saved, it will be permanent for all savegames derived from this.

Confused? Nevermind, you'll soon pick it up..

Once the cheat is enabled, you can try pressing the function keys, although I usually find the menu screen is corrupted.

If you press F4, the gamer will freeze. You must click on two NPCs, and the first will attack the second.
This can be great fun if you make the servant girl attack the Tempest, for example, or a guard.
Some people (such as Salkind) have no attack frames and just brush their hair at the enemy..

If you click on the avatar, you get a powerful conversation menu which is used a great deal in this page.

If you press H, the avatar will be in HACKMOVER mode, and you can pick up anything.

If you press P, you'll become a power-avatar which makes you fairly safe against dying (but not immortal).
There does not, unfortunately, seem to be a 'Jesus Mode' that allows you to walk on water and feed the fifty-thousand. These powers are for Devon alone.
SHIFT-F3 and SHIFT-F2 can be used to summon copious quantities of bombs and weapons.
Filling a screen with bombs and then igniting them is pretty cool.

Click here to download the cheat...

No. 1 - Casting magic at the execution scene

A number of interesting possibilities here, but there is a skill you need to master first.

You must arrange it so that the spellbook menu appears centred.
If this is not so, you will be unable to cast any spells during the scene.

First, go up the docks, but by going up the side steps. Jump onto the rail, and bring up the cheat menu.

Now, walk towards the people. Just as you lose control of the Avatar, click on 'spellbooks'.
You should now have a menu of spellbooks centred on the screen.

Earth Magic

Summon Quakes - This is good. Keep casting these, and the whole crowd will scream and sway about (like the star trek crew), except for Toran, who is attached to the block by molecular adhesion.

By the time you have been bashed offscreen, everyone should be quite out of place. Shaana, for example will most likely miss Toran's neck by about a foot.

When they leave the dock, you will probably be in the way. Notice that they just vanish if they can't walk around you.

Meteor Storm - This is entertaining, but Beren will appear and find you guilty if anyone does get hit.

Fire Magic

Conflagration is the only spell which seems to work here.
It's also quite good. However, Beren is very likely to appear.
When he does, cast it again. Beren will go 'ugh!' and start attacking you.
It is also likely that the guard will attack Beren.

Beren will then go into one of his killing frenzies.

Ethereal Magic

Death Blast - You must try this one:

  • Kill Shaana. She will yelp and drop dead.
  • Kill Salkind.He will curl up into that pose of his that looks a bit like a kangaroo.
  • Kill Rhian. She just stops living and stands there.

Take care that they die instantly, or Beren will find you guilty.

You should NOT attempt to kill: Mordea, Darion or Taana.

Soon Mordea will say 'Executioner, perform you task!'

She's dead, of course. Amazingly, Toran suddenly discovers he has this astonishing new talent: he can make his head come off for no reason.

No. 2 - Killing Beren

Town sorcerer Beren, of Tenebrae, was found dead this morning at his home in the east of Tenebrae.

Beren, 34, apparently died of a heart attack during his evening meal.
Although some of the furniture was fire-damaged, this is believed to have been caused by candles.

"Obviously we are devastated," said Tempest Mordea, in an interview with the BBC. "He has protected the people of our town for as long as I can remember."

Police are not treating his death as suspicious. "He was, after all, practically invincible." said Captain Darion.

Apparently, a new Town sorcerer has already been chosen. "We needed someone with good magical skills as quickly as possible. A chap turned up almost as soon as we found out about Beren, calls himself 'The Avatar'. He seems ideal for the post."

Not much is known about The Avatar at the moment.

Supine Beren
"I just found him there, honest, Guv!"

How to kill Beren

Under the right circumstances, it is possible to kill Beren.
When this is achieved, it will no longer be possible for him to aid the people of Tenebrae.

In short, you will be able to do whatever you damn well like.

  • Using the cheat menu, you can click on 'Call Guards'.
  • Click on Beren, and choose 'yes' (I killed him).
  • He will fall dead.
  • If the conditions are wrong, he will get up again and slay you. Otherwise, he should stay on the floor.
  • If he gets up and dashes about madly, do it again until he stops moving.
  • Alternatively, you should be able to pick him up and throw him into the water.

It is not known at present what needs to be done to prevent him from killing you, but you can attack him safely at Daemon's Crag.

  • Make sure you get him angry before casting Call Guards or he will find you Guilty of murdering him.
  • When he's trying to kill you with his magic, make sure you are protected with your own magic (or by cheating).
  • Pick him up and hurl him into the lava.
  • When he disappears, the reign of Terror will be over.

Or has it only just begun..?

No. 3 - Farting Fire

Enable the hackmover, and go into the catacombs.
Go to the places where the shooting disks are, and grab them using hackmover.
Rip away the walls and get as many as you can, preferably all the ones that shoot downwards.

There is nothing wrong with my ass!

Now go back to town, with the fire shooting everywhere.
Go up to some unsuspecting sod and jump vertically in the air, so that the fire hits him instead of the ground.

No. 4 - Rearranging the Execution Scene

Go to the first execution scene and enable hackmover.
Using hackmover, drag-and-drop yourself over the starting trigger, so you end up amongst the crowd.
This way, you will have a lot of freedom.

Swap Toran and Mordea.
Make sure that Mordea is not quite in front of Shanna. Mordea will walk forward about two steps, so you will need to compensate for that.

Careful with that axe, Eugene...

Run the execution scene. When Shaana swings the axe it will hit her instead, causing the crowd to attack Shaana, still saying their lines.

No. 5 - Lava in the first execution scene

Go to the first execution scene and enable the cheat menu.
Cast Ethereal travel and go upwards into the realm of Pyros.
Using hackmover, grab 4 or 5 slabs of deep lava (pure yellow) and put them in your backpack.

Now, enable the cheat menu and select DEMO, Run Execution.
You should now be back at the first execution scene. Move yourself into the crowd as before, so you can edit the scene without the script starting.

Place the slabs of lava as shown below:


Now move yourself to the scene trigger and watch the fun.

No. 6 - Catching Toran's Head

Attempt one
The move his body onto land before he dies, so the fish can't swallow it.

This is terminal: try it at your peril.

Startled by the lightning, Toran accidentally drops his head

Attempt two
(Thanks to Thomas Geddes for showing me it was possible!)

Place a large number of wooden planks in front of the dock, so as to catch the head.
It will appear to fall straight through the planks and into the fish, but it will actually come to rest, "upside-down, looking ugly".
You may now retrieve the head.

Now find a good use to put it to..

We'll return with many heads this night

No. 7 - Toran's Soliloquy

Ok, 3 guesses how I managed this...

"..to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.."

No. 8 - The Drowning

Go to the execution scene.

Go up alongside the dock and stand on the railing so you have a good view of the crowd.

Pull the floorboards out from under the crowd... it makes a lovely sound...

Toran won't move because he is not real and is therefore not affected by gravity.

No.9 - Taana suddenly flips

Go to the execution scene.

Move yourself into the crowd, and press F4.
The game will halt and a small crosshairs will appear.
CLick on Taana (the guard) and then on Mordea.

Taana now has one mission in life, to kill Mordea.
Move yourself to the trigger spot so the script begins, and watch the fun..

The Birthplace of Moriens - an epic

Part 1 - Dropping People

Dropping people is a cool way of killing them. No mess, quite fun and they call out with your voice when they croak.

Enable the cheatmode and go to the execution scene.

Leave the execution scene and head to the city. Now, because you haven't watched the scene yet, the guard won't let you in.

With hackmover enabled, pick up the guard by the toes and move him until he is three stories up.
You can be sure of this because he will be level with the turrets on the wall.
Make sure the mouse pointer is a large arrow and not the crosshairs or it will go wrong.

Now release him, and he'll land with a crunch and the avatar's voice will say 'Oof!'.
This trick works quite well with children.

Now, the guard may be dead but the gate is still closed.
Nevermind, rip it off it's hinges with hackmover.

"I am a god! I am all-powerful! Feel my wrath!"

Now we've made an illegal exit from the execution scene, and there are some subtle differences.
Mordea and the gang are of course still on the dock, and the servant girl has not been born yet.

This is a shame, because otherwise you could have both execution scenes running at once.

Part 2 - The catacombs

Head off to the cemetery, and you might as well pop in to see Vividos.
You're all-powerful, so don't bother to go through the door, just make one yourself.

"I've never noticed that door before.."
"No, Vividos, it's always been there, you're just tired."
"You're right. Perhaps I should go and lie down.."

Now, hop along to the entrance to the catacombs. Climp up onto the roof, and tear away at the mountainside until you find the teleport egg which will take you to the catacombs.

Drag-and-drop yourself through the double-door and find the Birthplace of Moriens.
It's locked of course, but who cares?

Grab the little sparkly bits. This can be tricky, but wait when it shrinks, just before it grows big again. Then when you've clicked on it, it will be large enough to shove in your backpack. Grab the altar and headstone too, for completeness.

Part 3 - The Deathbeams

Now go to the towers-of-hanoi puzzle (transposing yourself through the locked doors, naturally) and grab the blue deathbeams.
These are so wonderful! Before you remove them, grab the skull nearby and drop it into the deathbeams, as a demonstration of it's power.
Zap! Now, you can use the deathbeams on anything that moves or can fall.

Take only the two blue deathbeams. The red ones are just for show and are utterly useless.

The Philosopher's Stone.. how to carry the universal solvent?

Now go back to the upper world. Place the deathbeams in the path of a nearby peasant, or drop a beggar into them (hard).
Then go back to the Execution Scene.

Part 4 - The Execution Scene

Now you have the deathbeams, USE them.

My quest shall be over when I have killed the entire ruling class in one go...

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