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The Ultima 8 Gallery of Absurdities Source: IT-HE Labs

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The Ultima 8 Gallery of Absurdities

Pagan has a funny five minutes

Beren gets himself into trouble again

What is this?

Recently I decided to re-play Pagan, and I remembered a few stupid things that shouldn't happen...

The Avatar, suffering from multiple abends

One of the more surreal moments in Pagan

Beren, minister of Justice

Beren finds me Guilty of vandalising the park bench

Mordea, the Tempest

The Tempest is about to taste a meal she will never forget!


Whoops, there goes the flamb


Beren appears, head in the clouds, to administer Justice to the cook


..but the palace guards administer Justice to him instead. (far right)

The Avatar, trying to put Rhian out of her misery

The avatar lies in wait, but then the bomb goes off and he falls in.


But what Beren doesn't know, is that the Avatar has been deallocated by the heap manager..


Beren now administers Justice to segment address [0000:0000]..


..bringing the game to its inevitable conclusion

The Guard, Oppressor of the Poor

A guard oppresses a citizen. We can't have that, can we?


From the guard's dead lips come forth these words


Even though he is dragged all the way to a watery grave


Silence at last!

Beren gets into trouble with the guards again

Ough! Fear not, I shall Ough! take care of Ough! this matter Ough!

I built the Tower Of Babel

The Avatar prepares to climb up to the very Gods themselves

Devon, punchbag to the Avatar

whack whack whack..
Earn dexterity and strength points by hitting Devon repeatedly.

Beren, committing suicide

plop plop plop..

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