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Did you know?
The quality of VCD video is worse than VHS video
Although VHS is analogue while VCD is digital, VCD is a low bitrate format. So low, that it is worse than VHS.

This is why we recommend converting to DVD

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S-VHS-C Video8 Hi8
S-VHS-C Video8 Hi8


Digital8 MiniDV SD MicroMV
Digital8 MiniDV SD MicroMV


MiniDV HDV PowerPoint Digital Video Conversions
MiniDV HDV PowerPoint Digital Video Conversions

The above formats can be converted to any of the below formats of your choice.

  1. Raw AVI file
  2. DVD disc (Digital Video Disc)
  3. VCD disc (Compact Disc Digital Video)
  4. Other file formats such as MPEG1, MPEG2

For quick cost estimates, try our online calculator. You can also check out our comprehensive FAQ or contact us.

Collection and Delivery Service

Service Delivery Charge
Delivery and Collection $8 ($16 for 2 way delivery) *
International Contact us
* Delivery rate may vary according to weight, location and time as it is managed by a third party courier company
- Collection addresses must be provided via the contact form or via SMS to ensure accuracy.

Video Editing Services

Service Charge
Extract clip from VCD $10 per extraction. Requires VCD Re-Author.
Extract clip from DVD $15 per extraction. Requires DVD Re-Author.
Extract clip from Computer Format $15 per extraction. Requires DVD Re-Author.
Join two VCD clips $10 per join.
Join two DVD clips $15 per join.
MPEG1 / MPEG2 join clips $15 per join.
Video Brightness / Contrast Enhancement $25 per hour of video
Video Slow-Down Play Speed $15 per 15 minute of slow-down
Convert NTSC to PAL, PAL to NTSC $15 per hour of video. Free with any conversion.
Editing of video Varies. Please contact us with your requirements.

Miscellaneous Services

Service Charge
CD Media $2 each
DVD Media $8 each
CD Copy*
(CD Duplication)
$3 (1st Copy), $2 (additional copy), Includes High Quality CD-R
DVD Copy*
(DVD Duplication)
$8 (1st Copy), $7 (additional copy), Includes High Quality DVD-R
Convert to/from RAW, JPG, BMP, GIF, PNG, TIFF, $2 per file conversion (performed online)
35 mm Film / Slide Scanning (up to 7200dpi) $3 per scan (With Infrared Dust Removal)
A4 300dpi Scanning to JPG $2 per scan (Great for photo archival)
Capture Screenshot of VCD/DVD video image to JPG, BMP, GIF $5 per screen shot (for Powerpoint/Website/etc) usage
OGG/Mp3/WMA/WAV to Audio CD $15 Per Audio CD
Audio CD to Mp3 / WMA / WAV $20 Per Audio CD
* Please observe copyrights

If a service you are looking for is not listed here, please contact us as our full range of services are too large to be displayed here. We offer up to 15% discounts for bulk conversions, at request.

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