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VHS-DVD combo players do not make quality conversions
Try recording a video tape with lots of noise and you will see these decks struggle due to their slow CPU.

The end result? Video with out-of-sync and dropped frames.

We offer professional tape and video conversion services from an affordable $18/hr for VCD or $20/hr for highest quality raw DV-AVI - the best value for archival and/or editing. Our continuous commitment to our customers is offering the best quality conversions. By utilising professional hardware and equipment for our services, we ensure the best quality for our conversions.

We provide collection and delivery services as well as accept electronic payments such as Paypal for your convenience. We can convert the following media and tape formats. Click on a format for more information on the media and pricing.

We support converting to and from the following formats - DVD, Video CD, Windows Media, Digital8, Video8, Hi8, MicroMV, miniDV, VHS, AVI, MPEG, CD, SVCD, DVIX, DV, MPEG4, MP3, MPEG2, PowerPoint PPT VHS Hi8 Video8 VCDDigital8 MPEG Powerpoint Windows Media WMV miniDv DVD VideoMicroMV

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Our quality solution
Conversion Process

Set-top decks (VCR / VHS / DVD dual decks) that transfer video at a minimum low CPU usage level sacrificing quality (see left)

Cheap Miniature all-in-one USB devices that capture a poor signal

Direct video / audio input to high-end quad core PC using professional capture equipment and TBC pass through
Analog Audio/Video Enhancement None

Cleaning and enhancement of video and sound analog signals

Enhancement filters

Stabilization of video using Time Base Corrector (TBC)

Brightness / Contrast / Hue / Saturation (ProcAmp) Adjustment

Encoding Realtime Encoding Two/Dual Pass Encoding on AVI
Stereo Audio Mono HiFi Stereo Sound
Disc Media Material Standard quality DVD-R Media High quality Japanese Taiyo Yuden Dye Media [?]
DVD Chapter Marks $XX for every chapter mark. Chapter mark at every 5 min interval. Free [?]
DVD Space Usage Fixed bitrate of about 3000kbps no matter what length the video is. A 30 min video will take about 1GB wasting 3.3GB of space. Depending on total video length, up to 8000kbps, making maximum use of the available space for the best quality [?]
DVD Menu Generated menus by set-top box. Play first chapter mark immediately on disc insert.
Cable Standard quality cables Gold-plated connector thick cables to prevent interference
Synchronization Out of sync audio with video - lips do not move in sync with audio. Common issue especially if VHS is in bad shape Synchronized audio/video

A more detailed explaination can be found here. All our services are ad-free - we do not insert any of our logos, watermarks or scrolling marquees in the converted videos or on the disc labels.

  • Professional High Quality Video Conversion Process
    Let the professionals do the work for you. We transfer your camcorder or Sony Handycam / Viewcam digital tapes such as miniDv and Digital8 digitally, resulting in a raw file that is 1:1; an EXACT copy of what is in the tape. We only record or transfer to DVD via analog methods for analog tapes such as VHS tapes using professional equipment to digitally remaster the video properly.
  • 24HR Express Service
    Pop by our office and you can collect your media the next day at the same time at no additional charge
  • Full Standards Compliant PAL or NTSC VCD / DVD
    Optical discs has proven to be a high quality archive medium for our video transfer services. We use high quality CD-Rs and Japanese DVD-R utilising the Taiyo Yuden dye, highly regarded by the industry as the most compatible and reliable DVD recordable media.
  • AVI to FLV conversion, FLV Flash Video conversion, YouTube, FLV to MP3, WMV
    We support almost any video standard under the sun! Just contact us with your requirements and we may even be able to perform online video conversions.
  • And Many More (including NTSC tape conversions)
    VHS to DVD / VCD, Video8 to DVD / VCD, Hi8 to DVD / VCD, Digital8 to DVD / VCD, miniDv to DVD / VCD, MicroMV to DVD / VCD, FLV Flash Video, Powerpoint PPT, PSP, ZEN, etc (more at Rates page)

Please visit our comprehensive FAQ or contact us directly.

VCD, DVD, MiniDv, MPEG, Windows Media WMV, Video8, Hi8, Digital8
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