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You are allowed to make one copy of a copyrighted video for backup purposes unless the licence allows for more copies.

All services are subjected to the following terms and conditions. You agree to the following on any engagement of our service:

  1. [ I / we ] acknowledge that the Service is provided without warranty of any kind.
  2. [ I / we ] certify that [ I / we ] own the enclosed recording(s) and are a part of my personal/company's collection.  These recordings are not illegal copies of copyrighted materials.
  3. [ I / we ] agree that the copy Bootstrike.Com Video Conversion Service makes cannot be duplicated, distributed or sold unless [ I / we ] own the rights to do so.
  4. [ I / we ] have requested only one copy of any recording that has a copyright owner other than myself.
  5. If [ I / we ] have requested multiple copies, one of the following must be true: a) [ I / we ] are the copyright owner of the material or, b) the work is/can be found in the public domain, c) [ I / we ] am making the copy solely for backup purpose and do not have any other backup copies
  6. [ I / we ] understand that if [ I / we ] are making the copy solely for backup purpose, the converted media has to be together with the original material at instances including, but not limited to, (a) when transferring ownership (b) when presenting it as a gift to another entitiy (c) sold to another entity. The copyrighted media and converted media share one licence and must always be transferred together.
  7. The video materials submitted were either created by us or we have the right to permit Bootstrike.Com Video Conversion Service to perform duplication services, or [ I / we ] have the permission of the copyright owner to duplicate video materials.
  8. Bootstrike.Com Video Conversion Service will not be responsible if any items get damaged during delivery, conversion or handling.
  9. [ I / we ] will not hold Bootstrike.Com Video Conversion Service, its representatives, employees, contractors, consultants, or associates responsible for any damage or loss caused during shipping and handling of the original provided materials.
  10. [ I / we ] declare and warrant that all materials provided for conversion and/or duplication are not in violation of any copyright laws. I will hold and indemnify Bootstrike.Com Video Conversion Service harmless in respect to any demands or claims by any third party that infringes upon any Copyright law.
  11. Bootstrike.Com Video Conversion Service specifically prohibits the use of this service for the purpose of duplicating, distribution or re-distribution, publishing, broadcasting, netcasting or any other form of digital or analog copying and distribution UNLESS [ I / we ] own the rights to do so.


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    (If there are more tapes, please attach a separate sheet inclusive of the credientials below)

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