Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Hints, Tips and Information

Plot Flow Chart by Hoki Dragon (190 KB)

A plot diagram of the various quests and sub quests you can take. Includes even optional sub quests you can take! WARNING: Large image. Source

Annotated Map by Hoki Dragon (large) (1.11MB / 2.39MB)

A map with the names of places neatly labelled. Even individual buildings are marked! WARNING: Large image. Source

Locations of Armor and Weapons by Shrapnel Dragon (Jeremy Gaudet) (27 KB)

The Black Gate magic weapons/armour list. Shows where those items are located in the game with the co-ordinates provided

Bugs List by Ganesh (20 KB)

Latest addition. Bugs of the Black Gate and the Serpent Isle. Work in progress.

Hidden Treasure Locations by Ultimate Red Dragon (17.3 KB)

Get the hidden treasure locations in the game. You won't believe how many there are!

Supplementary Guide By Mitch Aigner (30.1 KB)

This is the work of Mitch Aigner. This document has lots of tweaks about Ultima VII with some information you may not know! Get it now .

Dungeon Despise Map (5.66 KB)

This picture file gives a map of Dungeon Despise in Ultima VII.

Tips and Easter Eggs by Hokie Dragon (31.1 KB)

A document of useful information of Ultima VII. Provides lots of things you may not know in the game. Has lots of information and neatly organised. 

Tips and Easter Eggs by Steven (45.5 KB)

Another Easter Eggs of the Ultima games. This document provides all the eggs in the Ultima Series. Has lots of eggs though for Ultima VII.

Tips and Easter Eggs by Tim Turner (39.1 KB)

A  document of useful information of Ultima VII plus other games. Provides lots of things you may not know in the game. Has lots of information and neatly organised. TEXT file.

Tips and FAQ by Jeff Abramson (23.9 KB)

This document contains Hints and Tips to get the game going. It also has references to Serpent Isle, but, also comes with the FAQ, which may answer your questions.

Cheat Files

Create Light Cheat by Nelno the Amoeba (1.95 KB)

Creates permanent light in Ultima VII. No more nights! 

SaveGame Character Editor by Lord Empire Dragon (153 KB)

This file, which comes with Universal Game Trainer, allows you to change you and your party members' attributes. It also supports the whole Ultima Series (I-VIII) and Underworlds (I, II). 

Cheat Menu Items List by Houston Dragon (31.8 KB)

Tells you what number to press to create a certain item using the cheat menu. Includes Forge-of-Virtue add-on items. 

Cheat Room Guide by Matthew Francois (14.5 KB)

Did you know that there was a Cheat Room in Ultima VII? Yes, in it, there is EVERY item needed to complete the game! But, this is really a shortcut way of winning because you can win the game in 1 minute.

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