Ultima VII: The Black Gate


Publisher :

Electronic Arts



Type of Game:

Third Person Isometric Adventure/Role Playing Game

System Requirements:

Minimum system

IBM or 100% compatible 386SX, 386, 486 PC System. 2 megs RAM, 21+ MB hard disk; 256-color VGA graphics; MS-DOS V3.3 or higher

Recommended Config:

Microsoft or 100% compatible mouse; 20+ MHz; sound board


Roland MT-32, Sound Blaster, Ad Lib, Sound Blaster Pro or 100% compatible sound board.


Sound Blaster or 100% compatible digitised sound board

If you haven't played Ultima VII until now, then DON'T buy it unless you have tried Ultima I-VI. This is because present players like to play 3D style games like Revenant, Planescape: Torment or Diablo. You'll be disappointed with Ultima VII because it has a 2D graphics engine, but you can interact with virtually every item in the game.

Things such as move, take and eat are possible for anything that can be carried. Origin sells the Ultima VII: Complete Edition which includes Ultima VII: Black Gate with Forge of Virtue and Serpent Isle with Silver Seed add-on. In case you don't know, Ultima VII was released before 1996, so think how the game would be. To get a better idea, view the screen shots for Black Gate or Serpent Isle.

Read a review of Ultima VII: The Black Gate and Ultima VII: Forge of Virtue. Here are the pics of Richard Garriot (also known as Lord British), the producer of most of the Ultima Games:

Richard Garriot in a Lord British fashion (right)

Basically, the game requires a slow system. If you try running it on a modest Pentium 4 3000 MHz system, the game will run mighty fast. This website has utilities you need to slow down the game, spoilers and a couple of other files.

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