Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Screen Shots

All these screen shots are of actual size, not thumb nailed, because, the game itself is only 320 x 200 resolution. Take a look at these!

Introduction of Ultima VII.

The Avatar appearing at the scene of murder

Meeting Lord British, Ruler of Britannia.

Lost in the jungle with a wisp (blue circle).

Meeting the sly Batlin, leader of the Fellowship.

Skara Brae, the City of the Dead (Rowena portrait).

Three Shrines in the Forge of Virtue add-on.

Business as usual in Britain, Baking and Sewing.

The Avatar enjoying in "The Baths".

Keep thine hands where I can see! (Gambling).

Fleeing from an alligator in a swamp.

Watching the man in orange tend his Mill.

Great treasure . .with Fire-Breathing Dragons!

Beautiful scenery's and such polite people.

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