Ultima VII: The Black Gate


Adobe Acrobat (PDF) Format Manuals

Complete Player's Documentation (1.75 MB)

This is the original guide to playing the Complete Ultima VII Part 1 which is the Black Gate and Forge of Virtue. Includes original images and the reference manual. Comes with Fellowship Book and the other documentation and map in PDF format.

Other Format Manuals

DOC Fellowship (More Accurate) (124 KB)

Without the pictures and the text only. Has proper formatting and comes with the text version.

HTML Player's Guide (230 KB)

This is the guide to playing Ultima VII. This is more accurate and has more information than the one below. Scanned and OCR'ed. 

HTML Player's Guide By Ganesh (112 KB)

This is the guide to playing Ultima VII. Typed from the original manual for your convenience! You're better off with the one above, because this is TYPED.

HTML Spell List from Manual by Ultimate Red Dragon (38.9 KB)

Contains all the spells, names and even the description of the reagents. Similar to the PDF manual, but converted.

Map of Britannia

Map 1 (2.07 MB)

High resolution scan of the map that comes with the game. From HRUMP.

Map 2 (65.3 KB)

Scanned version of the map.

Map 3 (351 KB)

Another version of the map.

Map 3 (translated) (717 KB)

Translated version of Map 3

Annotated Map by Hoki Dragon (large) (1.11MB / 2.39MB)

A map with the names of places neatly labelled. Even individual buildings are marked! WARNING: Large image. Source

Copy-protection Bypassers

Copy-Protection Answers (20.1 KB)

Is this a cool file? Nope, I don't think so. But since it is EVEN in the Old Ultima Archives (hosted by Origin), then there shouldn't be any problem here too. This document gives the answers to the questions asked including Serpent Isle.

Copy-Protection Crack (6.89 KB)

That's right, a CRACK for Ultima VII. This program will disable the copy-protection scheme in the game. Not sure whether it handles the Fellowship one though.

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