Ultima Underworld  I: The Stygian Abyss


Mysteries of the Abyss Cluebook by Aaron Allston (4.28MB)

Baron Almric's archivist leads you through the cold, dark corridors of the Great Stygian Abyss in this comprehensive guide to Origin's Ultima Underworld. Scanned PDF Guide.

Walkthrough by Sir Cabirus (Frank Holfer) (Ext. Link)

The latest walkthrough for this game. Has the whole image map for each level, detailed statistics, and the actual walkthrough broken down into easy to read parts.

Walkthrough by Remco van de Beek (Avocet Dragon) (43 KB)

This walkthrough provides the standard story style solution to completing the game. Maps are provided, including mantras and spell lists.

Walkthrough by Mitch Aigner (46 KB)

Stuck in Ultima Underworld I? Can't get through mazes and quests? Get this document and it will be a sure helper. Mantras and spell lists provided.

Nitpicks by Hacki Dragon (24.9 KB)

Some holes in the story pointed out here. Interesting reading.

Spell List by Gamma Dragon (9 KB)

All the spells that can be cast in Ultima Underworld I in one complete document. 

SaveGame Editor (308 KB)

Like the title says, this will edit your character to be more powerful. Yes, of course it is customisable, meaning that you can set attributes to custom values.

SaveGame Editor by Phat Tran (41 KB)

Allows you to edit the stats of your character. A text file on how the editing is done is also included.

SaveGame Character Editor by NOT! Productions (8 KB)

Allows you to edit the stats and runes of your character. Backup before attempting to edit!

SaveGame Character Editor (UWC) (12 KB)

Allows you to edit the stats of your character. Backup before attempting to edit!

Tips by Lord DCD (16 KB)

The early walkthrough, first one which came out. Check it out if you're looking for quick tips. Describes the talismans and the mantras available.

Keyboard Commands by Dan Simpson (5.45 KB)

Unable to find any online keyboard reference of any kind, Dan Simpson created this own reference of Keyboard commands for UW1.

Tips and Easter Eggs by Steven (26 KB)

Another Easter Eggs of the Ultima games.

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