Ultima VII: Serpent Isle

Serpent Isle Walkthroughs

Playthrough Walkthrough by Nakar (External Link)

Lots of screen shots detailing the method Nakar used to play Ultima VII.

Walkthrough by Origin (132 KB)

Step by step guide of completing the game Ultima VII: Serpent Isle and Silver Seed by Origin. No fancy statistics on armor/weaponary here - just a walkthrough. Includes Silver Seed.

Walkthrough by Adrian Yau (132 KB)

Written by Adrian Ya, this walkthrough has lots of information, including location of serpent teeth, gates layout and even a complete list of co-ordinates to important items!

Walkthrough by Lord DCD (47 KB)

The first walkthroughs and faqs to be available for Serpent Isle. Provides tips, serpent gate map and a quick walkthrough.

Walkthrough by Electronic Gamer (185 KB)

The ol' gamer with his highly detailed and carefully written walkthrough. This is also another very good walkthrough.

Walkthrough by Dan Simpson (185 KB)

Another extremely good walkthrough, has co-ordinates of useful items, potion uses, serpent teeth location, spells and more! Includes Silver Seed.

Walkthrough by Fallible Dragon (116 KB)

Using the same style as Mitch Aigner, this walkthrough provides complete detailed steps on how to complete the game

Walkthrough by Anthony Salter (102 KB)

This was put up on Origin's Website, so it has to be the best one around there. This is the Official Walkthrough by Origin.

Walkthrough (49.5 KB)

A short walkthrough that isn't that much detailed in some critical steps. Not recommended to if you are just trying to find a quick solution.

Walkthrough by Glenn E. Brensinger (108 KB)

A neatly organised and detailed walkthrough also providing tips of the Silver Seed.

Walkthrough by Mike Vander Ploeg (DOC) (146KB / 46.6 KB)

While providing bulleted points of what to do in the game, the author also included prices of every item on sale in the game, locations of missing items and locations of spells/reagents. Also includes Silver Seed

Gorlab Swamp Map (3.06 KB)

This is a map of Gorlab swamp drawn using lines and arrows.

Silver Seed Walkthroughs

Walkthrough (28.9 KB)

Tells you how to solve the Silver Seed. Detailed steps are provided including exact movement direction of the mazes.

Walkthrough By Gary Thompson (26.2 KB)

Like the one above, it also provides detailed steps and movement directions.

Walkthrough By Michael Sonntag (29.4 KB)

This is also another walkthrough describing things you have to do in the Silver Seed. It also includes Amusing things and Open questions.

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