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Screen Shot Utilities

PCXDump 9.31 (145 KB)

This is the best program around to capture screen shots. You can use this program to capture screen shots from Ultima VII too! However, if you were to run this now, it will refuse to run telling you to get a better shareware version. Simply change your date and run it.

Screen Thief (36.9 KB)

Use this to make screen shots of Ultima VII. It didn't work for me, though. The whole system crashed.

Useful Miscellenous Files

Stones Song Lyrics (14 KB)

Lyrics, the words used to sing the popular song of Stones. Check it out here.

Stones Sheet Music (34.2 KB)

Gotten from J. Drexler's website, this PDF file contains the sheet music of the popular Stones midi. Typo alert: Page 2, 1st line, last bar is missing an 'A' dotted quarter. (Thanks to Musashi for pointing that out)

Usecode recompiler / decompliler by Wody (80.7 KB)

This utility will allow you to read the Ultima VII usecode and change it to whatever ways you like. You can even create your own Ultima from this!

Save Game Fixer by Riener Wiener (33.8 KB)

Author's Description: "Very helpful when your current game becomes so corrupt that it cannot even be loaded. This utility manually extracts the contents of a saved game into the current game". If this is your case, then get it now! 

Save Game Editor by Aradindae Dragon (54.3 KB)

Allows you to change attributes of party members, including non-party members, names, and character attributes. However it doesn't state whether it is compatible with Serpent Isle, so be warned.)

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