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Serpent Isle Walkthrough by Glenn E. Brensinger

              Ultima VII Part Two - Serpent Isle/The Silver Seed
                                  Revision 2
                Walkthrough by Glenn E. Brensinger (Doc Shadow)

As with any walkthrough, this can completely ruin the game if you read the 
entire thing; I recommend not reading more than you have to.  

While the game is not entirely linear, there are some things that need to be 
done before you can do other things, so don't read too far past where you 
currently are in the game.  Also, the way the conversation parser is written, 
knowing the information is not enough to get you past certain points.  For 
example, just because you know what the password to Skullcrusher is, you still 
have to go get it from Yenani or you will not be able to get inside.

For completeness, I have included a few notes on Silver Seed.  Even though a 
walkthrough is included with the game, there are some spots that deserve 

Flashback - The Black Gate.  Elizabeth and Abraham, and their hitmen Hook and 
Forskis, lie dead at your feet.  Batlin turns to you and says, "This battle is 
not done, Avatar.  Dost thou imagine thyself an immortal?  The Guardian is far 
more.  Return to your precious Earth and rest.  Sleep, that he may visit your 
dreams with countless visions of death in the belly of the Great Sea Serpent. 
As for me, I shall be gone!  Thou shalt never find me!  Farewell, Avatar!"  
And with that, he disappears.  Using Rudyam's transmuter wand, you destroy the 
Black Gate, and with it any chance the Guardian had of entering Britannia. 

In the months that follow, Lord British orders all Fellowship Halls 
dismantled, and the members of the Fellowship are slowly converted back into 
society.  (Except maybe for Britain's Mayor Patterson, who turned traitor and 
was killed in Ultima Underworld II - Labyrinth of Worlds.)  However, by 
destroying the Black Gate to keep the Guardian out of Britannia, you also 
prevented yourself from returning to Earth, so you have been spending the time 
contemplating the Guardian's final threat: you can't leave Britannia, but he's 
free to attack other worlds at will.  And what of Batlin?  Where DID he go, 
anyway?  What's he up to? 

Eighteen months after the destruction of the Black Gate, a scroll is found in 
Batlin's belongings.  When Lord British attempts to read it, the Guardian 
appears, apparantly in a pre-scribed message to Batlin: 

"Batlin!  In the unlikely event that the Avatar stops me from coming through 
the Black Gate, I command you to follow the unwitting female human Gwenno to 
the Serpent Isle.  There I shall outline my plan to destroy Britannia!"

Lord British sends you, Iolo, Dupre, and Shamino to the Serpent Isle to find 
Gwenno, and stop whatever it is that Batlin and the Guardian are up to. 

Through the pillars
In a flurry of magic, you arrive at the Serpent Isle, and immediately realize 
that something is not right.  It feels colder than Britannia, which isn't all 
that bad, but there are colored lightning storms ravaging the island.  
Wherever the lightning hits, it either creates or destroys something.  To 
really help the situation, Arcadion is angry that you have brought him here, 
and refuses to offer his powers to you.

Walking southward, you suddenly realize the worst of the lightning's power - 
your friends have disappeared!  In addition, your belongings have been 
replaced with a bunch of strange objects!  There is nothing you can do at this 
point but keep walking, so southward you go, when all of a sudden a woman 
appears.  She introduces herself as Thoxa, a Xenkan Monk.  Thoxa asks you some 
questions from the manual to prove that you really are the Hero from Another 
World (and also prove that you really did buy this game.)  Passing the copy 
protection tests, you are given the Hourglass of Fate to summon her in case 
you or one of your party members dies.  She tells you of the Prophecies of 
Xenka, and the coming of the Hero from Another World.  (That apparantly is 
you.)  She continues, saying that you will have to find a Serpent Ring, 
Necklace, and Earrings to gain guidance from the Power that dwells in the 
Void.  Finally, she tells you to find a red bush to enter a secret cave for 
more answers.  Then, as she is leaving, her master Karnax shows up, angry that 
Thoxa is interfering.  In a battle of magic power, they both leave, and there 
you stand wondering what the zark is going on.  Of course, hey, you're the 
Avatar.  You've been in the dark plenty of times before. 

At this point, you now have four things to do:  Find your friends and 
equipment, figure out what's causing the lightning storms, find out more about 
this prophecy of the end of the world, and find Gwenno and Batlin and what, if 
anything, they have to do with all this. 

A word on organization
As you go through the game, you're gonna collect a lot of stuff.  The more 
stuff you collect, the more cluttered your packs are going to get.  So, you 
may want to organize stuff accordingly.  For example, you can put all your 
potions in one bag, all your reagents in one box, or all your eggs in one 
basket (regardless of the warnings against this.)  One nice thing about 
Serpent Isle is that you can have a belt-purse, for the heavily used stuff 
like lockpicks, money, and keys.  You also now have a spot on your back for 
secondary weapons, your bedroll, etc.  

If you have the Silver Seed add-in, you can also carry a magic keyring.  This 
makes keys tremendously easier to manage; instead of flipping through dozens 
of keys to find the right one, you just double-click on the keyring (or press 
K) and try a door.  If you have the right key, it opens, if not, you get a red 
X and, to add insult to injury, a party member says "You don't have that key." 

As you are probably aware by now, there are ways to cheat in this game through 
the debugging tools that Origin left in the game.  I will not refer to them in 
any way except to offer a warning: using the debugging menus can corrupt your 
save games, and prevent you from completing the game.  Consider that now, 
before getting close to the end of the game and having to start all over.  (I 
saw a lot of that in the message boards about The Black Gate.)  Also, using 
the debugging menus allows you to do things out of order, which can make 
things happen out of sequence, prevent things from happening at all, or crash 
your game entirely. 

The Silver Seed add-in disables the debugging menus, so if you have created a 
situation where your character is overloaded or stuck someplace that requires 
cheating to get out, you may have a problem after installing Silver Seed. 

Oh, get on with it already... 
Shamino runs up wondering what all the fire and noise was, and makes a list of 
all the new "equipment" you have.  You both walk south a ways, and Shamino 
spots his magic bow lying next to a large skeleton.  By chance, you happen to 
have the skull from this animal, which presents itself as a clue - if you can 
find where this stuff you're carrying comes from, you can find your missing 

The cave Thoxa spoke of is, as she said, near a red bush.  Walk through the 
side of the mountain - really, you can walk right through it - and you will 
find a bedroll and some lockpicks.  As Shamino explains, the Avatar is no 
common thief, but lockpicks will always come in handy.  There are some torches 
as well, and a scroll explaining Order, Chaos, and Balance, from someone 
called a Hierophant.  This gives you a little background on the residents and 
their beliefs - instead of the Eight Virtues that you hold near and dear to 
your heart, they believe in slightly different ideals.               

The first town you come to is Monitor.  The guard at the gate lets you into 
the city after telling you that an enchanter was captured and put in jail for 
disrupting a funeral.  It seems he just appeared out of nowhere... hmm.  The 
guard sends you to the Crematorium to talk to Lord Marsten to find out what's 
going on.  As you enter the Crematorium, the entrance to the Crypts is on the 
southwest corner of the building, behind a curtain. 

Lord Marsten is in the Crypts mourning the loss of Astrid, their Champion 
Knight, who was killed in a Goblin raid.  He will tell you about the problem 
between the Humans and the Goblins, and give you some information about the 
town and the three warrior groups - Wolves, Bears, and Leopards.  He will also 
tell you, as did the guard, that an enchanter appeared right in the middle of 
Astrid's funeral.  Shamino suggests that it may be the missing Iolo, so 
Marsten tells you to go look in the jail.  At that moment, Dupre comes running 
up as disoriented as the two of you, and adds to Shamino's list of strange 
equipment.  Exploring the Crypts further reveals a serpent gate.  What it's 
used for, who knows at this point. 

Going to the jail proves that yes, the enchanter is in fact your friend Iolo.  
Lord Marsten can't just let Iolo free to a stranger, but if you were a Knight, 
you could speak for him.  Brendann and Caladin will tell you about the Knights 
Test, which would make you a Knight if you pass.  Ask Lord Marsten about it, 
and he'll give you permission and the password to take the test.  Go to the 
Knights Test (north of the city) and give the password to Shmed. 

The Knights Test
Because you must take the test alone, and only with leather armor and a mace, 
Shamino and Dupre wait outside with your equipment.  (Dupre, of course, would 
have rather waited at the pub...)  The test is not difficult the way it is 
supposed to be laid out, but someone's set a few traps for you.  The first 
part, all you have to do is run past the fireballs.  Go to the room in the 
south, kill the little purple guys, and break open the chest in the corner 
with your mace.  The key to the first door is inside there.  The second part, 
you have to stack up enough rocks in a staircase fashion, so you can reach the 
key on the top of the pedestal.  There are snakes under some of the rocks, so 
watch out!  If you get poisoned, there is a bag with a yellow and red potion 
around the corner.  The key from the pedestal opens the door leading south, 
which leads to a cyclops.  There is a key in the corner, which opens the east 
door in the hallway.  Go through the door, and walk south and east.  The 
hallway heading east from there leads to four chests.  The chests are empty, 
and will explode if you open them.  There is an illusionary wall on the east 
end of the hallway, leading to another key.  This key opens the door at the 
end of the northern hallway.  Go south and find a key.  Go north and open the 
door, then go back south and look carefully at the west side of the hallway 
for a lever.  This lever opens a secret panel, leading to a room full of rats 
and a key.  This key opens the gate at the end of the upper hallway.  Past 
this door is a maze, with a fighter hired to kill you.  Find a table with a 
scroll and a claw on it.  You have to use the claw on yourself, to draw blood.  
Take the claw to the end of the hallway, where there are two torches right 
next to each other.  Between them is a secret door, leading to a room with the 
ashes of Gurnordir, the former Goblin King.  Use the bloody claw on the urn, 
and a wolf will appear.  Kill the wolf, and take it with you.  For one thing, 
you need it for the completion of the test, and for the second, the key to the 
next door is inside the wolf.  Go out the door, and down the last hallway, 
where Shmed will meet you to let you out.  He'll attack you, claiming that 
someone told him to.  You will have to kill him, unfortunately.  Leave the 
test, grab your equipment and ask Dupre and Shamino to join you.  

By the way, if you haven't died yet, (and you probably have,) dying will take 
you to Monk Isle, since you possess the Hourglass of Fate.  Karnax will have 
resurrected you (and your party if they were with you at the time,) but all 
you are able to do here is ask some questions about Thoxa and Xenka's 
prophecy, and then ask to leave Monk Isle.  The place you are returned to may 
not be the place you died, so it's best to save often. 

If anyone in your party has died, use the Hourglass to summon Thoxa, who will 
bring any dead party members back to life.  You must do this in a clear area - 
she will not appear in the midst of combat - and you have to be near the dead 
bodies to bring them back. 

Go back to Monitor, and tell Marsten, Brendann, or Caladin that you have 
completed the test.  He tells you to take the wolf meat to Lucilla to cook for 
the banquet (the meat is inside the wolf - you didn't eat it, did you?) and 
take the wolf's body to Cellia the Furrier who will make you a cloak from the 
fur.  Give her 24 hours to make it (don't bother her until she's done, she has 
a very large knife, and knows where to use it.)  While you're waiting for the 
cloak, go to Lydia, who will give you the Tattoo of the Knight.  When Cellia 
is done with the cloak, wear it and go back to Marsten.  He will tell you to 
meet everyone in the Banquet Hall, south of the Pub.  Go there, and the 
banquet will begin, with Lord Marsten proclaiming you a Knight of Monitor.  
They will ask you about the test, giving you a few options as to the hardest 
part.  Depending on how you answer here, they will either disbelieve you or 
taunt you for being a wimp, so it's better to just change the subject.  Harnna 
will run in crying that her daughter Cantra has been kidnapped, and the rest 
of the town will start arguing about a traitor in their midst.  It seems that 
someone is leaking military secrets to the Goblins, and Luther blames Simon.  
Shazanna and Luther will get into a fight, and Marsten will call an end to 
your banquet.  Everyone runs out, going back to their duties.  If you need 
food, here's a great place to stock up - the table is loaded with it.  Rejoin 
your party, and go talk to Lord Marsten.  Now that you are a Knight, you can 
ask to have Iolo freed.  (Don't ask Spektor about it, he'll want bail money.)  
Lord Marsten will give you the key to Iolo's cell so you can let him go.  Iolo 
will add to your inventory list, and off you go. 

By this time, you should have noticed that you've been poisoned by something.  
Talk to Harnna in the southwest of the city; she is usually in the fields 
during the day.  She will tell you that you have been poisoned by the tattoo 
on your face.  She can temporarily heal the poison (which will go away on its 
own if you let it go long enough and have enough hit points) but she needs 
Varo leaves to completely cure the poison.  She will send you to Delphynia in 
Fawn to get the leaves needed.  Go to Lydia and confront her with this 
information.  She will tell you that she has poisoned you for being the pawn 
of Lord British.  (In case you haven't noticed, the people of Serpent Isle are 
not too fond of Lord British.)  She will attack you, so you will be forced to 
kill her too.  Telling Lord Marsten about this will gain his congratulations, 
as she must have been part of Shmed's conspiracy.  (But she wasn't, she had 
different reasons - hmm...)  So, next thing to do is head north to Fawn to get 
the Varo leaves. 

Approaching Fawn, you will run into one of the guards in front of the city,  
who will draw your attention to another figure - Ruggs.  Ruggs asks you to 
deliver a note to Delphynia.  Well, you're going there anyway, so tell him Yes 
and he'll give you the note.  The guard issues a warning not to screw up in 
Fawn, and lets you pass.  He also gives you a rundown of the Fellowship people 
camped outside the city.  (Yeah, it looks like you'll have to deal with that 
rubbish again.)  Go to Delphynia, give her the note, and she will give you one 
to take back to Ruggs.  Ask her about the Varo leaves, and she will give them 
to you.  No time to explore the city now, since you're still poisoned, so back 
to Monitor you go.  Give Ruggs the note on the way out of the city, then take 
the leaves to Harnna, who will heal the poison.  She can also answer questions 
about some of the stuff you are carrying, to give you an idea of where to look 
for your missing equipment.  She will only answer three questions at a time, 
and then go back to her work, or back to sleep, depending on when you bother 
her.  Once you have asked Harnna about it, Caladin will pay you for the return 
of the missing urn, and then you can go get Iolo's crossbow from the Crypts if 
you haven't already. 

Talk to Lucilla, who takes a liking to you now that you are a Knight.  (Talk 
about a material girl...)  Ask her about her duties, and follow through until 
she mentions the List Field and the tournament.  She will mention a shield 
that Luther suddenly acquired which makes him unbeatable.  One of your party 
will speak up, saying that Luther must have Dupre's shield.  If you mention 
"courting," she will offer to meet you after the pub closes.  It's up to you 
if you wanna do the nasty with her; doing so only gains you a gwani cloak.  
(Which gets you in trouble later anyway.) 

Go to Luther, and ask about his new shield.  He will refuse to give it back, 
until you tell him Lucilla called him repulsive.  He will challenge you to a 
fight on the List Field.  Go to the List Field during business hours and ask 
for a fight.  Provided you win, Luther will accept you as a friend and give 
back Dupre's shield.

Next thing to do is follow up on this traitor stuff.  Talking to several 
people reveals that the majority of the town blames Krayg.  Talking to Krayg 
gains you nothing more than denials of the charges, but he talks about a place 
to the north of the Knights Test where he saw a bunch of Goblins meeting.  
Sounds like a good place to start, so head in that direction.  You will find a 
black monolith surrounded by garbage, and - Goblins!  Kill them off, and look 
around.  Dupre, always the good eye for alcohol, will draw your attention to a 
bottle.  Pick it up, and someone will call it a clue.  Take the bottle back to 
Monitor, and ask Lucilla about it.  She will tell you that it looks like 
Fawnish ale that she orders for Simon.  Go to Simon and confront him with 
this; he'll deny it, but keep after him with questions.  He'll finally admit 
to it, and change his appearance back to the Goblin that he is.  He'll attack, 
but before you kill him, he'll tell you where the Goblin camp is as revenge 
for being betrayed by his leader, Pomdirgun.  Take the keys from him; you'll 
need them to get into the camp.

The entrance to the camp is well hidden.  Go to the forest north of the 
Knight's test, and find a hollow tree with rocks around it.  Walk north until 
you get to a dead tree; it hides a staircase leading to an underground cavern.  
Follow the tunnel to the door, kill off the Goblins, and open the door with 
the key you took from Simon.  Follow the trail to the north, and to the 
stairs.  You will go up and down a few sets of stairs (one of them leads to a 
Knights Bridge game - the stone harpies will attack you, but there is a 
firedoom staff in the center.)  Pass the water, kill or avoid the sea 
tentacles, and go up the stairs to the NW.  Follow the stairs up and down 
until you find the cave leading out.  (You won't be able to open the door on 
the right side of the hallway just yet.)  Exit the cave, and you'll be at the 
Goblin camp.  No one you run into will talk to you, so you'll just have to 
kill anyone that attacks you.  Pomdirgun is in the center of the camp - he's 
the one wearing a crown.  When you attack him, he'll talk to you.  Asking him 
about the Helm of Courage doesn't stop him from attacking you, but make sure 
you do ask about it or it won't come up as an option when you talk to Caladin 
later.  Kill him off, as well as anyone else you run into.  Pomdirgun is 
carrying a key - be sure to take it.  There's also a Pikeman locked up in the 
camp - he won't actually join you, but you can let him free if you don't mind 
his heroic ramblings.  

Go back into the cave and, with Pomdirgun's key, open the door on the east 
side of the tunnel.  In there you will find gems, money, the Helm of Courage, 
and two scrolls from Lord Marsten and Spektor to Pomdirgun.  Be sure to take 
the scrolls. 

Go back to Monitor, and take the scrolls to Caladin.  He will order a Pikeman 
to arrest Lord Marsten and Spektor.  If you go back and talk to them in jail, 
Marsten will tell you about a secret explosive weapon he has hidden away, and 
Spektor will admit to taking gold from the treasury.  Talk to Lucilla, who 
will give you a key that Spektor had given to her for safe keeping.  (This 
time, if you meet her after hours, she promises to write a book about you.  
Lucky you... the poor girl obviously needs to get out more.)  If you haven't 
already found it, there is a cave behind a fake mountain wall, west of 
Harnna's house.  Walk through the mountain and unlock the door, and you'll 
find a passage leading to stolen gold from the treasury, a bunch of powder 
kegs, and a dead body.  Searching the body reveals a letter from Cantra to her 
father.  Go back to Harnna and tell her that you have found her husband's 
body.  Harnna will thank you, saying now she can rest easy, and then ask you 
if you believe in magic.  Answer yes, and she will tell you of a vision she 
has been getting, and asks you to look in her crystal ball.  You will see a 
vision of Cantra and Batlin dueling it out with magic.  Batlin is calling 
Cantra the Bane of Chaos, whatever that is.  True or not, Cantra is apparantly 
very powerful, since she's holding him off.  Harnna asks you to find Cantra.  
Cantra somehow must fall into the scheme of what's wrong on Serpent Isle, or 
Batlin wouldn't be so interested in her.  Harnna gives you a wooden practice 
sword that belonged to Cantra, and tells you to find the Hound of Doskar, who 
can track anyone anywhere by a personal belonging. 

There are a lot of people in Monitor who can train you, as by now you probably 
have quite a few training points amassed.  Take advantage of this before 
leaving Monitor.  

On your way to Fawn, you may want to stop by Fawn Tower and kill off the 
Goblins there.  The Pikemen will then retake their positions guarding the 

Now that you're done at Monitor, you can go back to Fawn and look around.  
There is a Fellowship camp outside the city.  Leon will spout the usual 
Fellowship drivel, and confirm that Batlin is in fact here and looking for 
some strange artifacts.  (Telling him that the Fellowship is no more in 
Britannia sends him into fits.)  Scots will give you a map of Serpent Isle if 
you helped Ruggs earlier.  

Inside Fawn, talk to Delin, the provisioner, who will refer you to his 
daughter Alyssand.  Delin is, unfortunately, a few cards short of a full deck 
since the loss of his wife, and won't be much help to you except for selling 
provisions.  Alyssand will recognize the silver ring you have, but won't want 
it back.  She will, however, return your magic gauntlets that were apparantly 
exchanged with the ring by the storm.  She also tells you of The Cause, which 
believes that the Great Captains of the town are up to no good.  You can buy 
provisions from her if you need them. 

If you asked Harnna and Standarr about the white armor you are wearing, you 
can go to Kylista and ask her about it.  She will give your armor back, or you 
can just find it in her room. 

As you are exploring the town, the storm will cause a lute to appear.  Iolo 
picks it up and someone asks him to play a tune.  He sings a sad song about 
Gwenno, which apparantly moves a few people.  Go to Chancellor Zulith, and ask 
for an audience with Lady Yelinda, ruler of Fawn.  He promises to try to 
squeeze you in as soon as possible, and sends you on your way.  He can also 
change money, since each town uses different forms of currency.  

Eventually, an assassin will attack you, claiming to be working for Batlin.  
Jorvin, Captain of the Guard, will promise to look into it, but that's about 
all he will do.  However, later he will tell you that because of Iolo's moving 
song, Yelinda wants to see you immediately.  Go to her palace and talk to her; 
she gives Iolo a necklace to give to Gwenno when he finds her, and offers a 
toast.  Dupre blows the moment by offering a toast to Lord British, the very 
person these people fled from hundreds of years ago.  Yelinda orders Dupre 
arrested, and you are knocked out. 

When you come to, you are in the Broken Oar Inn, with a note beside your bed 
saying you are wanted at the Temple of Beauty.  Go there, and Dupre's trial 
will begin. (Talk about a speedy trial.)  Voldin calls witnesses against 
Dupre, twisting everyone's testimony around so as to convict him.  (Typical 
prosecuting attorney.)  There's nothing you can say at this point, until you 
are given the option to continue or stop here.  You can do either, it won't 
really matter.  Lady Yelinda will end the trial when everyone is finished, and 
ask you to come back tomorrow for Dupre's testimony and judgement.  Leave the 
Temple, and go find Alyssand.  She gives you a key, and tells you to look 
around the Temple that night to see if you can find anything proving that 
Voldin and Kylista are conspiring against the town.  No one else will talk to 
you, so you have to kill a few hours until nightfall, then go back to the 
Tower.  The key opens the door on the left side of the room by the collection 
plate.  The door leads to a set of stairs which take you downstairs to Dupre's 
cell.  A lever on the wall opens the door to the north, which leads back 
upstairs to a hidden room next to the Oracle.  Voldin is there, and starts 
talking to you thinking that you are Kylista, then realizes that it's you.  He 
attacks, but is easy to kill.  (He's using a decorative sword against three 
guys with swords, arrows, and whatever else - sheesh!)  The following day. go 
to the trial, and tell them that you don't want to call any witnesses.  (You 
can if you want to, but it has no effect on the outcome.)  Yelinda will call a 
verdict from the Oracle, who will sentence Dupre - and you - to death.  Just 
then, Alyssand comes running in with Jorvin, claiming that the real criminals 
have been found.  She explains that the Oracle's "revelations" are in fact 
dictated by a control panel in a hidden room, and calls for another verdict to 
prove it.  Yelinda asks the Oracle for another verdict, but this time the 
Oracle proclaims you innocent and says that the real criminals are Priestess 
Kylista and Great Captain Voldin.  Alyssand changed the levers accordingly, to 
prove that the Oracle is false.  Dupre is freed, and Kylista is imprisoned.  
Yelinda gives Dupre the Crystal Rose of Love as a token of apology. 

The Sleeping Bull
If you haven't been there yet, The Sleeping Bull is an inn northeast of 
Monitor.  Devra is in charge, and can sell you food, give you a room for the 
night, or exchange money.  She has your swamp boots, so give her slippers 
back.  She tells you of the pirate Silverpate who built the Sleeping Bull, and 
exploring the basement you will find a fake door on the north wall, that 
leads to a large room with a dozen or so teleporter levers.  By opening the 
chests on the left side of the cavern, you will find a large gold key and a 
treasure map.  Hang on to those; you will need the map to find Silverpate's 
treasure later on, and the key lets you into the treasure cave.  The levers 
will let you pop in and out of the various rooms on the top floor of the inn. 

Talking to the people here shows that two of them - Kane and Flindo - were 
waiting for passage to Moonshade, until Captain Hawk was arrested and thrown 
into the Bull Tower.  If you go to the tower to have him freed, they tell you 
the bail is 100 monetari.  So, you go back to the Sleeping Bull, and run into 
Selina.  She offers to help you raise the bail money by looting a building she 
found.  However, you have to go alone with her - your companions must wait at 
the Inn.  When you get to the building, it may look familiar to you.  The 
storm has completely uprooted the Royal Mint from Britain and deposited it 
here.  (Get it?  Mint?  Deposited?  Never mind...)  However, there are magic 
traps, teleporting you all over the place, and sending strange combinations of 
enemies at you.  They will turn from gargoyles to ghosts to harpies to ogres 
to... when you leave the mint, Selina will call your attention to an ambush of 
soldiers, and then use a blink ring to escape.  You won't stand much of a 
chance against all of them, but on one of them you will find a note from 
Batlin, telling them to ambush you at the mint.  Selina apparantly was in on 
all this, and she will not be at the inn waiting for you as she said she would 
be.  Don't worry, you'll get another chance at her later.  Take the blue-white 
key from her pack, and make sure to take the gold bars. 

If you go back to the Bull Tower with the bail money, they will just increase 
the bail to 400 monetari, and they will keep increasing it no matter how much 
money you have.  If you offer them gold bars, however, they will give you the 
key.  Let Hawk go, and meet him back at the Sleeping Bull.  He will agree to 
take you to Moonshade with him, since you let him go.  Be at the ship waiting, 
and Hawk will come out, followed by Flindo, Kane, and Kane's bird ("Walla 
Walla!")  The trip won't be great because of the storms, and the ship will 
land with a crash on Moonshade. 

  *** Note ****************************************************************
  *                                                                       *
  *  Due to a bug in Serpent Isle, before you ask Hawk about leaving for  *
  *  Moonshade, make sure Flindo and Kane are nearby.  If one of them is  *
  *  sleeping when you try to leave, the game may get stuck.              *
  *                                                                       *

Moonshade is the city where all the mages from Moon settled.  However, the 
Mages are a bit stuck up, and won't talk to Mundanes (anyone without magic 
ability.)  The other Mundanes, affectionately known as artisans, will talk to 
you, and can tell you a bit about the town.  If you go back and talk to Flindo 
the provisioner, he says that he has contacts here, and will get you an 
audience with the MageLord, Filbercio.  Leave him and go talk to others in the 
town to learn about who is who, and then go back to Flindo.  He will tell you 
that the MageLord will be holding a banquet in your honor, and will summon you 
when the time is right.  Go back about the city, and soon you will be 
teleported to the MageLord's palace.  The MageLord will introduce you to his 
Council: Gustacio, Mortegro, and Rotoluncia.  His mistress, Frigidazzi, is 
also there.  Rotoluncia will attack you, however Gustacio stops her, and she 
leaves in a huff.  Pothos, the apothocary, will run in and further disrupt the 
banquet, saying that he has been unsuccessful in locating any bloodmoss.  
Filbercio will say a few choice words to him, dismiss him, then leave.  The 
banquet will break up and you are free to go.  There's not much to do here 
yet, but you are free to explore the manor. 

As you talk to various people, you will find that Batlin was here, and 
Rotoluncia was very interested in his friendship with a demon.  (Serpent Isle 
obviously isn't too familiar with Gargoyles.)  She assumes that you are a 
friend of Batlin's, and therefore possess knowledge of controlling demons.  
She wants this knowledge, and will stop at nothing to get it.  An automaton 
will come to you with a magic scroll that Rotoluncia uses to speak with you; 
she demands the secret of controlling demons.  Just Say No.  :) 

Fedabiblio the Magister tells you about his job, collecting young mages and 
training them in the ways of the arcane.  He tells you the difference between 
Mages and Mundanes, and can give you a spellbook, but you have to bring him 
some fresh mandrake from the swamps of Monk Isle.  Since you have no way to 
get to Monk Isle without dying, this will have to wait, as any you might have 
found lying around won't do - it must be fresh. 

Now that Pothos is back from his special mission, he can sell you reagents, 
but if you remember from the banquet, he hasn't found any bloodmoss.  If you 
ask him about it, he says that he will trade his most private secret for it.  
Go to Bucia and ask about Pothos' secret; she will say that he resembles 
Erstam, the Mad Mage who brought everyone to Serpent Isle.  Go back to Pothos 
with this information, and he'll send you looking for bloodmoss in exchange 
for his secret.  There is a bunch of bloodmoss to the south, in the middle of 
the swamp.  (Pothos obviously didn't look very carefully.)  When you take it 
to him, he will admit that he is Erstam's son.  He will help you talk to 
Erstam by telling how to summon a giant turtle to take you to Erstam's island.  
On your way out of the shop, however, Iolo disappears.  (It might be a random 
party member, but in my games, Iolo disappeared both times, so I'm using him 
for the walkthrough.)  Go to the MageLord's palace and tell him about Iolo's 
disappearance, and he will tell you to search Rotoluncia's place.  The 
automatons guarding the place will try to stop you, but will mention the 
kidnapping before they attack.  You'll have to kill them to get past them.  If 
you haven't already explored her house, make sure to take the serpent tooth 
from the bag on the table.  Go back to the MageLord and tell him that you 
suspect Rotoluncia.  He'll let you borrow his barge to get to her island 
hideaway in the center of the island lake.  Go upstairs first, and grab the 
key from the drawer, then go downstairs to her torture chamber.  (Filbercio 
called this place a love nest - eek!)  Rotoluncia and a small army of magic 
goblins will attack you.  The key to Iolo's cell is on her, as well as the key 
to the teleporter.  Ask Iolo to join you, and take the teleporter back to the 
MageLord's house.  

Go to the dock to the north of the island, ring the bell, and the turtle will 
appear.  Get on the turtle, which will take you to Erstam's island. 

"It's alive!  ALIVE!!!" 
Erstam, as you will find out, is experimenting with the secrets of life and 
death, a la Dr. Frankenstein.  He's got pieces of bodies lying around - some 
still moving - and a giant machine in his lab.  Talk to him, and he'll explain 
what he's doing.  If you mention teleportation, he'll deny it.  Go to his 
assistant, Vasal, and talk to him about teleportation when Erstam is not close 
by.  He'll tell you about a jawbone that Erstam used to travel about the 
islands.  Ask Erstam about it, and he will tell you that he will give it up if 
you can do something for him.  He needs a phoenix egg, and sends you after 
one.  This is a simple task; he teleports you to an island.  Follow the cave 
through the mountain, through the clearing, kill the scorpions, then go into 
the next cave.  You'll get to a fire pit with a dead bird on a pedestal.  Flip 
the switch and the phoenix will be reborn.  In gratitude, he'll give you a 
phoenix egg and point you towards a teleporter to the southwest which takes 
you back to Erstam's lab.  Go back to Erstam, who will tell you to gather up 
one of each body part and drop them and the phoenix egg into the machine.  
When you do this, Boydon will pop out.  Go back to Erstam, and he'll give you 
the key to his warehouse and a serpent tooth.  Go to the warehouse, get the 
jawbone, and put the tooth in it, along with the one from Rotoluncia's house.  
Go back to Erstam, who will give you another tooth.  Place every tooth you 
find or are given into the jawbone. 

You can ask Boydon to join you, since he is very strong he makes a good pack-
mule, but bear in mind that if he takes too much damage, especially from fire, 
(imagine that,) his body simply explodes.  There is no way to repair him 
either, so save often and keep him away from explosions.  The Monks cannot 
resurrect him.

Before leaving, take a last look around Erstam's place for any scrolls that 
may help you.  The serpent gate is in Erstam's warehouse, south of the room 
with the jawbone in it.  To use it, double click on the gate, and you will be 
teleported to a large floating area with many gates on it. 

 ***** NOTE!!!! **************************************************************
 *                                                                           *
 * There is a bug in Serpent Isle that comes up every so often if you are    *
 * using a Sound Blaster Pro.  When you double cick on the gate, you SHOULD  *
 * teleport to the floating gateway.  However, occasionally, you will end up *
 * back at Erstam's island, and your party will start complaining about how  *
 * cold it is.  To fix this, save and exit the game, and change your sound   *
 * setting to Sound Blaster.  Restore the game, and try the gate again.  It  *
 * should work from there.  (Thanks to Brian Watraus at Origin for finding   *
 * that answer!) :D                                                          *
 *                                                                           *

The Serpent Gates
The floating gateway is surrounded by several serpent gates.  The gates are 
blocked by iris doorways; depending on what serpent teeth you have in the 
jawbone, only certain doors will open for you.  

              Shrine of Chaos         Shrine of Order
                            |         |
                            | Temple  |
       Temple of Emotion----|   of    |----Temple of Discipline
                            | Balance |
                            |    |    |
 Teleporter   Furnace       |    |    |
to Sleeping      |          |    |    |    Monk Isle  Isle of the Dead
    Bull         |          |    |    |        |      |
       |         |                             |      |
       -------------------- Center gate ---------------
       |         |                             |      |
       |         |          |    |    |        |      |
Erstam's      Moonshade     |    |    |      Fawn     Ruins near the Castle
 Island                     |    |    |               of the White Dragon
                            |    |    |              
                            | Crypts  |
    Temple of Enthusiasm----|   of    |----Temple of Logic
                            | Monitor |
                            |         |
          Temple of Tolerance         Temple of Ethicality

Go to Monk Isle.  When you arrive at the gate, go south and take the stairs 
up, into the Abbey.  Talking to Karnax, Migghim and Thoxa will reveal a bit 
more about the prophecy, but many of the other monks either don't speak or 
have nothing important to tell you.  (If you talk to a monk, and they say they 
have no name, then they probably are not important.  Any monk that actually 
has a name is worth talking to.  At least in Serpent Isle, once you have 
spoken to someone, clicking on them gives their name instead of just "monk" or 
"mage.")  There are some parchments in the library that show some writings by 
Xenka, as well as some books and scrolls written in Ophidian.  You can use the 
translating lens to read them. 

The swamp to the north will have mandrake roots scattered about.  Gather up 
all you find - you only need one to get a spellbook, but you'll need them for 
spellcasting later.  There's a battered hut in the center, that leads down to 
the serpent gate and back up into the Abbey.  The key to the lower areas is in 
a hollow tree near the building. 

If you have the Silver Seed add-in, Karnax will mention the Amulet of Balance, 
and present it to you in hopes that you can use it to save the world.  Using 
it at a Serpent Gate will teleport you back in time to the age of the 
Ophidians.  More on this at the end of the walkthrough. 

When you want to leave the island, use the serpent gate to get back to 
Moonshade.  Take the mandrake root to Fedibiblio and he'll give you a 
spellbook.  He asks you some questions from the manual, then conjures a 
spellbook.  At this point, you can now go to Pothos and buy reagents for 
spells, and Transcribe all the scrolls you have found into your new spellbook.  
Now that you have a spellbook, the mages of the town will talk to you - viola, 
instant status symbol.  Go back to Frigidazzi's place, and ask her about 
spells.  (The key to her frozen lab is behind a vase on a table to the right 
of the lab door.)  She'll invite you back after midnight to show you a bit of 
her own magic.  Return after midnight alone, and she'll do her Dance of 
Passion for you.  

Next morning (what, you thought I was gonna give details? ;D ) Filbercio 
appears, and catches you with your pants down (quite literally.)  He calls a 
trial of the Council of Mages, who pronounce you guilty, and banish you to the 
Dungeon Freedom.  

A note to female Avatars - this is a required step in the game, so, as 
embarrassing as it may be, Frigidazzi goes both ways. 

You start out in a dungeon cell, with nothing but a staff - your equipment is 
in a chest back at Filbercio's palace.  The automaton watching the place tells 
you that if you can escape, you can go free.  He pops in and out of your cell 
on occasion; wait until he does, then run in to his room and grab a pick from 
the table.  Kill the automaton (or at least make him back off,) and grab 
anything you can such as food, bags, etc, and make sure to take the key from 
the chest.  (The automaton is also carrying a key if you can manage to kill 
him.)  Go north, through a false wall at the northwest side of the room, and 
follow the passage.  Find a passage leading south with a Naga at the end of it 
who will attack you with arrows.  Take that false wall passage, kill the Naga, 
and follow this new passage.  When you get to the mage protecting his 
reagents, beat him up enough to make him escape with the teleporter.  (The 
teleporter won't work until he uses it.)  Gather up the reagents and follow 
him.  (You will find a LOT of reagents down here, this is a great place to 
stock up.)  

You will eventually run into Stefano, who will offer to join you to help you 
out.  You will have to let him join - you can't finish without a second 
person.  Soon after finding him, you run into a fighter, who is wielding The 
Black Sword.  When you've killed the fighter, Arcadion immediately jumps to 
your hand, and begs you to release him from the gem.  Don't release him yet! 

Most of Freedom is just kill and run down the hallway.  You'll find a door 
leading to Lorthondo, who kills off that mage who ran away from you earlier.  
He summons a dracolich to deal with you and leaves.  Kill the dracolich, take 
the key from the south room, and use it to open the door leading to the east.  
You will enter a chamber with a lot of rooms and a series of levers in the 
center.  By pulling levers, you can open the doors.  The object is to let the 
woman out, and then open the nightmare's stall so she can get to it.  She will 
be killed, and leave behind a carrot and a key.  The key opens a chest with 
more carrots in it.  Open the room with the bunny in it, and feed the carrots 
to it.  It will turn into a woman, who will leave you a vase of flowers.  Give 
the flowers to the mourning ranger, who will repay you by fixing the stuck 
lever.  That lever will open the doors blocking the teleporter, so you can get 
to a blue lever in the middle of nowhere.  Pull the lever, walk away in any 
direction, and you'll be teleported back to Freedom.  The lower doors are now 
open, so you can get out.  You'll get to a room with another automaton in it, 
who will offer to sell you food or healing potions.  Don't bother buying 
anything, since you have to kill the automaton to get out of the room, and can 
just take what you need after it's dead.  You're almost home free, until you 
run into Lorthondo.  You are not strong enough to take him on in combat, but 
Arcadion will offer to take him for you.  He'll only do it if you let him out 
of the gem, though.  You really have no choice, since he won't offer any of 
his powers to you any more, so let him go.  He'll laugh, obliterate Lorthondo, 
and you are free to go.  You are teleported back to Filbercio's house, where 
Stefano takes his leave of you.  Now you have to go find your friends; Iolo is 
at Gustachio's, Dupre is in the tavern (natch) and Shamino is out in the 
woods.  If you let Boydon join you earlier, he's at the provisions shop. 

Now that Arcadion is free of the gem, the Black Sword isn't much use as a 
weapon anymore.  Hang on to it, though, as it does prove useful later. 

When you find Shamino, he gives you a note from Frigidazzi, apologizing for 
the whole mess.  She gives you a pair of Serpent Earrings (remember those?) 
and a Chill spell, which you should immediately Transcribe.  When you end your 
conversation with Shamino, you are contacted by the Great Earth Serpent: "A 
new hero has entered this world.  Am I dreaming, or is he real?"

When you find Iolo, he tells you to talk with Gilbercio, who has been doing 
some experiments with the magic lightning.  Gilbercio gives you a power globe 
to take to his tower north of the city.  Put the globe on the altar, close the 
gate, and start pulling levers,  When you have pulled all of them, open the 
gate.  The globe will explode, and you'll end up to the south near a pit.  Go 
back up to the tower and ask everyone to join you again.  Return to Gilbercio 
and he'll send you to Fedibiblio, who will tell you to look in the crystal 
ball.  You'll see Edrin, Kane's brother, getting hit by lightning and being 
changed into a parrot.  Go back to Fedibilio and he'll send you back to 
Gilbercio with this information.  Gilbercio will give you another power globe 
and a cage for the bird.  Put the bird in the cage and take it back to the 
tower.  Set up the globe again, put the cage on one of the platforms and pull 
the lever by that platform.  The bird will be changed back to Edrin.  
Gilbercio will reward you with the Mirror of Truth, and give you any spells 
you want for free. 

Ask Ducio about the Black Sword.  He won't quite believe the part about the 
Daemon, but he'll send you to Gilbercio.  Gilbercio says that the gem in your 
sword can be repaired, but in order to hold a spirit again, you would need his 
flux analyzer.  Unfortunately, it was stolen years ago.  

Go to Hawk and ask him about getting off the island.  He'll mention an 
underground passage leading to the mainland, and send you to Julia.  She will 
warn you about the blistering heat down there, and will sell you the key for 
40 gilders if you have scribed the Chill spell.  The entrance is in a ruined 
brick building, north of the southern mountain range. 

Before leaving the island, you will want to go into Columna's basement, and 
grab the key from the table.  (Watch that saw in the wall!)  That key opens a 
chest outside the house in the garden.  There is a secret door next to 
Melino's bed, that leads outside.  Inside the chest is the magic Comb of 
Beauty, which you'll need later. 

The Old City and the Test of Purity
After entering the underground caves, you will find a city guarded by a 
Gargoyle named Zhelkas.  He tells you that his race is being affected by 
strange dreams, and he has dreamed about a hero from another world coming to 
save his people.  To prove that you are in fact this hero, you have to take 
the Test of Purity.  He'll let you into the Lost City so you can find the 
Pillar of Fire.  

There is a large temple in here with a teleporter in it.  You will not be able 
to get to that teleporter now; you have to have an ice key and a fire key.  
The key of fire is on a dead body in the bath house, and the key of ice is on 
a skeleton in the mushroom garden.  Place both keys on the altar to get a 
blackrock key.  Open the door blocking the teleporter to access a serpent 
gate.  This way if you have to come back here later, you can use the serpent 
gate instead of walking. 

 ***  NOTE!! ****************************************************************
 *                                                                          *
 * If you have the magic keyring from the Silver Seed add-in, don't put the *
 * fire and ice keys in the keyring.  You cannot remove keys from the magic *
 * keyring, which means you cannot create the blackrock key.  Once you have *
 * created the blackrock key, you can place it in the magic keyring.        *
 *                                                                          *

The pillar is south of the temple; grabbing onto the pillar will teleport you 
to the three tests of Purity.  

The first part tests your Ethicality, by giving you the choice of taking 
advantage of others for your own pleasure or letting them escape.  Obviously 
you want to let the prisoners go free, so press the button on the top. 

The second one tests your Discipline, giving you a hammer to kill 10 worms.  
Dupre will keep running up and interrupting you about treasure he found - 
ignore him, and keep at it.  

The third tests your Logic, offering you the chance to return home and ignore 
the problems here on Serpent Isle.  Well, going home won't solve anything; all 
worlds are connected, so if imbalance rips time and space to shreds, it's 
going to affect the Earth as well.  Tell Iolo that you don't want to go home, 
and he will enter the moongate alone.  

After this last test, you are returned to the Old City.  Zhelkas congratulates 
you and gives you the Serpent Ring.  If you want to leave at this point, he'll 
open the drawbridge so you can exit to Monitor.  Before leaving, you should 
find the Everlasting Goblet, which acts as an unlimited food source.  It's in 
one of the large buildings on a table with a bunch of other goblets.  The 
Everlasting Goblet looks like it still has something in it. 

After leaving Furnace, you should go to Cellia at Monitor and stock up on fur 
hats, boots, and cloaks, since you'll be hitting the polar regions soon.  
You'll have to exchange money at the Sleeping Bull, since Spektor is in jail. 

Gorlab Swamp
Attempting to cross Gorlab Swamp knocks you out and sends you to a Dream 
World.  When you reach the Dream World, find Siranush the healer, who will 
explain to you what needs to be done here.  The city of Gorlab was taken over 
long ago by Rabindrinath, who now imprisons everyone in dreams.  You have to 
go to his castle and take the dream crystal from him so Siranush can destroy 
it.  Now that you have the Helm of Courage, the Crystal Rose of Love, and the 
Mirror of Truth, you can beat him.  (These are the only items you can carry 
with you into the dream world, and the only items you can take out with you.)  
There are weapons lying around in golden chests in case you have to fend off 
dream creatures.  (Woulda been nice to have been able to take one of those 
Infinity Bows back with you... oh well.)  You will also find the Temple of 
Emotion, and the Eye of the Moon.  Thoxa appears, telling you to find this 
temple back in the physical world. 

Go to Rabindranath's castle, and he'll attack you three times.  Each time he 
will fail, since you are carrying the three items of Truth, Love, and Courage.  
On the third attempt he'll be destroyed by his own magic.  Take the key from 
him and open the door to the east.  You can walk across the void, and grab the 
crystal.  Take the crystal back to Siranush, who will give you the Serpent 
Necklace as a reward.  You will be sent back to the entrance of Gorlab Swamp.  
Now it is safe to go through to the other side.  The Great Earth Serpent will 
appear. telling you to seek the Eye of the Moon. 

The Hound of Doskar
Northwest of the road's end, you'll come to a camp led by a crazy ex-
Monitorian named Draygan who claims to be immortal.  However, if you can talk 
to Beryl without Draygan listening in, she will tell you that she fears him, 
and asks for your help.  If you can find a plant called the King's Savior, you 
can put Draygan to sleep and then find out what the secret of his power is.  
She sends you to the Forest Master for help finding the King's Savior.  The 
Forest Master is to the southwest.  He'll tell you about his past, and that he 
is not from this world.  (He's from a world called Pagan, and was driven here 
when the Guardian took power.  Foreshadowing at its best.)  He lost the Heart 
of Elerion, a powerful gem, to Draygan.  Now you know what the secret of 
Draygan's power is.  In addition, he tells you that he often talks with the 
Hound of Doskar.  Aha, at last a lead on this pooch! 

Collect the King's Savior, which is to the northwest of the Forest Master's 
hut, and go back to Beryl with it.  She will tell you to treat some arrows 
with it, then use them on Draygan.  When he is defeated, the Forest Master 
will appear, demanding the Heart of Elerion.  Give it to him, and he will give 
you a whistle to summon the Hound of Doskar.  Before you call the Hound, place 
the object to track by on the ground, then use the whistle.  When he shows up, 
tell him to TRACK, then point to the object.  (In this case, Cantra's wooden 
practice sword.)  The Hound will indicate east, so follow in that direction.  

Lord Shamino??
The Hound will lead you to the Castle of Lord Shamino, which, as your 
companion will inform you, was once his home.  (An attempt to patch up a  
missing piece of history left over from Ultima I, no doubt.)  He'll give you a 
map of the place, which is pretty accurate.  Go west and find two dead tree 
stumps; the mountain wall between them is fake.  Follow the caverns to get 
inside the csstle.  Once you do get inside, the ghost of Beatrix will start 
attacking Shamino.  (Beatrix is his lost love, he will tell you.  After 
Exodus was defeated, Lord British brought the kingdoms together, and Shamino 
gave up his rule to serve Lord British.  Unfortunately, he left Beatrix alone 
to fight off the Goblins, who eventually destroyed the castle.)  There is a 
bunkhouse on the east side of the castle, where you will be attacked by 
undead.  On the north wall is a secret door, which will let you get to a room 
full of switches.  These switches control the locks for the rest of the doors 
in the castle.  Explore each room, grabbing any scrolls or reagents you find 
along the way, and BE CAREFUL in the kitchen!  The stoves will spit flames at 
you, which will destroy Boydon - as I said before, he cannot be repaired. 

The main building in the center is protected by an energy field unless you 
have used the practice sword to track Cantra.  If you just happened to stumble 
upon the castle, you cannot go any further until you have acquired the whistle 
so you can call the Hound.  Another case of "knowing where it is won't help 
you unless you did it for yourself."

When you make your way into the castle, you'll be attacked by guards.  Go to 
the throne room, where you will be attacked by more of Batlin's men.  Batlin 
will run in, gloating that you are too late, then he and his Gargoyle 
bodyguard Palos will teleport out.  Go upstairs, where you'll find Cantra's 
dead body.  Thoxa will appear and take Cantra back to Monk Isle.  Grab the 
Fellowship Medallion that Batlin left behind so the Hound can track him. 

If you haven't already done so, go back to Monitor and stock up on fur boots, 
hats, and cloaks.  I wouldn't recommend getting Gwani cloaks, since you have 
to deal with the Gwani later.  If you don't have a lot of money, you will be 
able to find furs up in the north, but hopefully you won't freeze before 
finding them. 

Check in with Harnna, and let her know that Cantra is alive on Monk Isle.  
She'll tell you to go back to Monk Isle to see the monks.  Thoxa and Karnax 
will tell you that Cantra's cheese was knocked off her cracker because of the 
Bane that possessed her.  Sure enough, Cantra is not herself, but there isn't 
any way you can save her.  (The back of the game box shows pictures of Cantra 
in your party.  This, along with the battle between you and a mage on a 
turtle, apparantly were removed from the game before it shipped.) 

The Frozen North
There is a cave to the north of the Forest Master's hut that leads to the 
northern areas.  Follow it, and put on your fur stuff.  (Inside these caves, 
you will find a key and a ghost who was killed by a pirate.  This pirate is in 
a house north of the Knights Test; it's not necessary to go back and find him, 
but it's good for a laugh.) 

When you reach the outside, you'll run into the Gwani.  (If you're wearing 
Gwani cloaks, they will not talk to you.)  Their leader, Yenani, tells you of 
her daughter Neyobi, who is sick.  The healer, Baiyanda, needs Ice Dragon 
blood to save her.  Take the bucket to the north, and take the ice raft to 
Sunrise Island.  As some of the other Gwani may tell you, the main entrance is 
more dangerous, but hey, you're the Avatar!  You live for danger!  Besides, 
the side entrance takes longer.  

Kill the ice dragon, and use the bucket to carry the blood back to Baiyanda.  
There are a couple of magic scrolls and other things in the dragon's cave if 
you care to explore it.  

You will have to use the Hound again, to track Batlin using the Fellowship 
Medallion he left behind in Shamino's Castle.  If you don't do this, Yenani 
will not give you the password to Skullcrusher.  (Again, to prevent you from 
getting too far ahead out of sequence.) 

Asking Yenani about Gwenno reveals that she is dead, killed by Hazard the 
Trapper.  Yenani will not tell you where the burial ground is, and without the 
Gwani horn, you won't be able to free her anyway.  The horn was stolen and 
taken to Skullcrusher.  Well, you're gonna need it, so ask Yenani about her 
secret.  Since you saved her daughter, she'll tell you the password to get 
inside the Skullcrusher Mountains. 

The entrance to Skullcrusher is to the south of the village.  There are five 
pedestals inside, with five runes.  Place each rune on its matching pedestal, 
then use each one in order of the password Yenani gave you.  (Each rune is the 
first letter of each word in the password.)  If the serpent says, "Thou hast 
forgotten something," then you haven't obtained the password from Yenani. 

Inside Skullcrusher you will find Vasculio, the undead vampire that everyone 
was all up in arms about in Moonshade.  In his house, you'll find several 
items that were stolen - Gilbercio's flux analyzer, a necklace from 
Frigidazzi, Mortegro's Spectral Orb, the Philanderer's Friend, and the living 
scalp.  You will need the wand later, so be sure to grab it.  Also, 
remembering what Gilbercio said about the Black Sword, use the flux analyzer 
on it.  (This repairs the gem, allowing it to contain spirits again.)  In the 
west room, there is a jail cell with a skeleton and a corpse.  Kill the 
skeleton, and grab the serpent teeth from the corpse.  Then go to the east 
room, where Vasculio will attack you.  Kill him and take the key from his 

To the northeast of Vasculio's place, there is a door that Vasculio's key 
opens.  (The hallway looks like it's blocked off by rocks, but you can get 
past it.)  This door leads out of the mountains to the Temple of Emotion.  If 
you look into the Eye of the Moon, you'll see Batlin running about, making 
preparations for your arrival.  You don't have to take the lodestones, but be 
sure to talk to the girl in the force wall.  She'll tell you to destroy the 
pillar in the center, thus freeing her and giving you a fourth lodestone.  

Spinebreaker and the Shrine of Order
To the east of the Temple of Emotion is the Spinebreaker Mountains, and 
Batlin.  There is a set of double doors in the mountains, which lead to an 
automaton that speaks in Batlin's voice.  Kill him, and grab the key from him 
or from one of the dead ones lying about.  You will get to a hallway that goes 
north and south, and a man says that he'll lead you through.  He runs off to 
the south, but don't follow him, since the south hallway is loaded with 
fireball traps.  Go north through a fake wall that leads to a passage 
southward.  Follow east, to a weapons room.  To the left of the weapons room 
is a hidden door that leads to the City of Order.  Earthquakes signal that 
Batlin is opening the Wall of Lights.  You know you are going the right way 
when you open a sliding door and Palos greets you.  You will get to an 
automaton that will not let you pass until you give him the name of the book 
his quote comes from.  You won't be able to answer this until you find the 
Library of the Hierophant of Order.  To gain access to this library, find the 
Temple of the Hierophant in the center of the city.  (See map.)  The pedestal 
in front of it asks for three symbols of order.  By reading scrolls lying 
around, you find that the symbols of order are a serpent dagger showing 
ethicality, a book of discipline, and an abacus of logic.  These items are in 
temples on the outskirts of the city.  Place these three objects on the 
pedestal in order, and the door will open.  You will need the serpent scepter 
to get to the library, so go downstairs in the Temple and talk to the 
automaton.  It mistakes you for the Hierophant, and gives you the serpent 
scepter.  Go back upstairs and put the scepter on the blue pedestal and you 
will be teleported to the library.  There is a key on a desk in the southwest 
room under a book.  This key opens the hallway to the northwest, which 
contains the book you have to read.  Grab the key from one of the tables and 
open one of the doors leading to a teleporter to get back to the Temple. 

With this knowledge, you can now answer the automaton's question and gain 
access to the Temple of Order.

When you enter the Shrine, you will be greeted by Selina (remember her?) 
Palos, and some other guards.  Kill them off, and be sure to scribe the Dispel 
Field scroll she is carrying.  (It might not be a bad idea to save here.)  Go 
into the next room, and you'll find Batlin opening the Wall of Lights.  You 
won't be able to move, and he will attempt to enter the Wall.  However, 
something goes wrong, and he is struck down by the Guardian.  ("See how I 
reward those who fail me!")  At this moment, the three Banes of Chaos that 
Batlin had imprisoned are set free, and they possess your friends.  Shamino is 
possessed by Anarchy, Dupre is possessed by Wantoness, and Iolo is possessed 
by Insanity.  They immediately disappear in an explosion (which is why I 
suggested saving - if Boydon keeps getting blown apart here, you may want to 
make him wait outside.)  Gather up anything important from your friends' 
belongings, as well as the Order Serpent from Batlin's body, and the serpent 
teeth he had collected.  The Great Earth Serpent will tell you to find the 
Gwani Horn from the Skullcrusher mountains.  You can walk back there, or use 
the jawbone now that you have the teeth. 

The Gwani Horn and Gwenno
Now that you have a Dispel Field spell, you can get the horn from Vasculio's 
place.  Take it, and the Earth Serpent will tell you to free Gwenno from the 
ice.  Go back to the Gwani camp, and ask about her.  Bwundai will tell you 
that her body is in their burial grounds, west of the Ice Dragon's island.  Go 
there with the ice raft, and use the horn to free her.  Use the hourglass to 
summon Thoxa, who will bring Gwenno back to life, however Gwenno is not quite 
herself.  The Earth Serpent will tell you that the pain of Chaos has twisted 
her soul.  

When you return to the Gwani village, you find that all the Gwani are gone 
except for Yenani.  She will tell you that the others were captured and killed 
by Hazard the Trapper.  Go to the north cave and kill Hazard, and take the 
amulet from the chest in his room.  Take the amulet back to Yenani, who will 
give you the serpent tooth from inside it. 

The Banes of Chaos
Go back to Monk Isle and ask Karnax about Gwenno, and the Bane of Chaos.  He 
will wonder where you heard such a term, and tell you to bring him the Serpent 
Scroll from Fedabiblio in Moonshade.  Go to Moonshade via the serpent gate, 
where you will find that there are dead bodies lying about, and Fedibiblio has 
been turned to stone.  The Philanderer's Friend that you found in Vasculio's 
house will restore him so you can ask him about the scroll.  He will give it 
to you, and tell you that Shamino the Anarch destroyed everyone in the town 
except for Ducio, Torissio, and his two students, and then turned him to 
stone.  He'll suggest that now that the mages are gone, it would be in your 
best interest to search everyone's house for scrolls or items that will help 
your quest.  There are a lot of scrolls lying around, but more importantly, 
there are serpent teeth in gold chests in the mages' houses.  (Strange, those 
chests weren't there before...) ;>

Take the scroll back to Karnax, who will interpret it and send you to find 
some Water of Discipline, since that is what Gwenno is missing - Discipline.  
Take the serpent gate to the Temple of Discipline. 

The Temple Altar will shoot sparks at you until you go upstairs and find the 
two keys for it.  Placing the two keys in the altar will stop the sparks, and 
open the bridge to the center serpent.  Take the stairs downstairs.  The 
hallway below leads to the fountain, but it's laden with acid pools, and you 
can't easily cross the acid without dying.  (You could keep on healing 
yourself, but there's another way.) 

Go back to Moonshade and talk to Petra, the automaton in the pub.  Ask her 
about acid, to which she will reply that it won't affect her.  If you looked 
around the Temple of Discipline, you ran into a Mind Transfer chamber.  Ask 
her to help you, and she will join you.  Go back to the Temple of Discipline 
and use the Mind Transfer chamber.  Now that you have Petra's body, you can 
survive the acid to get to the fountain.  Get two buckets of water so you 
don't have to come back again later. 

Take Petra back to Moonshade.  While you are there, talk to Stefano, who begs 
you for help.  Because he stole the silk stockings from Columna, she and 
Torissio have summoned a Death Knight to kill him.  He will give you a serpent 
tooth if you agree to kill the Death Knight for him.  The Death Knight will 
appear, so kill him, then talk to Stefano.  He will give you a key to his shed 
outside the city.  Inside that shed is the Blackrock Serpent of Order that you 
lost in the beginning of the game. 

Go back to Monk Isle, and give the Water of Discipline to Gwenno.  She will 
come back to her senses, and explain to you that in order to stop the Banes, 
you have to capture them in soul prisms.  She sends you back to Moonshade to 
find out the secret of creating soul prisms.  Ask Torissio about it; he will 
tell you that Batlin asked for the same secret, and will only give you the 
secret if you give him back his wand.  You're done with it, so give it to him, 
and he'll tell you that soul prisms are made from Worm Gems.  He gives you a 
Create Soul Prism scroll - scribe it.  Go to Ducio and ask him to make three 
Worm Gems.  You will have to have ice worm hearts, so if you don't have any, 
you can find them in the northern areas, either lying around on the ice or by 
killing ice worms and searching their dead bodies.  When Ducio gives them to 
you, make them into soul prisms with the Create Soul Prism spell.  Each one 
must now be bathed in the water of the principle of Chaos that each Bane 
opposes: Tolerance, Enthusiasm, and Emotion. 

Going to the Temple of Tolerance, you find out that Mortegro is trapped there.  
Remember that Gilbercio said Mortegro disappeared one day and was replaced 
with an altar?  Go downstairs in Gilbercio's basement and put a bucket on the 
altar, and the bucket will fill with water of Tolerance. 

Follow the maze inside the temple, and go into the northern courtyard.  Use 
the bucket at the well to collect the water. 

Place each lodestone on a stone block by the water, and you can collect the 

Each Temple has a portal-like viewing device, which will show you where the 
Banes are located.  (This is why the Eye of the Moon showed you Batlin earlier 
- he had the Banes.)  You will see your possessed friends at the Castle of the 
White Dragon.

The Castle of the White Dragon
Use each soul prism on a bucket of water, and the prisms will change color.  
Take them to the Castle of the White Dragon (north of the swamp), kill off the 
magic jesters that appear, and go inside.  The ultimate goal is to make it 
downstairs to the throne room, and kill the Banes.  

Go through the secret door on the east wall.  This leads to the lab; there is 
a key on the skeleton, which will open the door to the library.  From the 
library, take the balcony to the room with the desk in it.  Look in the desk 
drawer and grab the key.  That key opens the door to the room with the 
spinning wheel and wool in it.  Pull the lever behind the stacks of wool to 
get into the next room.  Go through the illusionary wall next to the stairs to 
get the green key.  Go into the music room, and grab the key under the whistle 
on the table.  Go upstairs, and then down into the ballroom.  Pick the lock on 
the door leading to the kitchen, and go through the secret door between the 
kitchen and dining room.  Find the big key under a plate on the table, which 
will let you into the hallway.  Go back into the room by the spinning wheel 
and use the key from the music room to get into the room with the ankh.  Use 
the lever in the corner of the room to get to the next room.  Use the key from 
the dining room to get to the hallway.  Pick the lock to the nursery and get 
the blue key from the dresser drawer.  Go downstairs, and use the blue key on 
the bedroom to your left.  There is a secret door that leads to the passage 
surrounding the other rooms.  Go into the next bedroom and pull the lever by 
the clock.  Go through the passageway and follow it to the eastern side of the 
area.  Pull the lever before passing through both bedrooms.  Find another key 
in the dresser to get to the hall and get to the lower hallway.  The torture 
chamber isn't locked, so you can just walk in and pull the lever.  Go back 
through the eastern passageway into the king's bedroom, which leads to the 
throne room and your friends.  They will attack you, so be prepared for a heck 
of a battle.

When you finally manage to kill off your possessed friends, the Banes' spirits 
will be trapped in the gem in the hilt of the Black Sword.  Use the sword on 
each of the soul prisms, and the Bane will be stored in that prism.  Use the 
Hourglass of Fate to bring your friends back to life, but you'll notice that 
they are crazed from their possession.  You will have to make them drink water 
of Order that opposes the Bane that possessed them.  Shamino needs Ethicality, 
Dupre needs Discipline, and Iolo needs Logic.  (Lack of Ethicality breeds 
Anarchy, lack of Discipline breeds Wantonness, and a lack of Logic is 

You have to take a test to prove your ethicality in order to start the 
fountain.  Go to the meditation mat and use it, and the Educator will ask you 
three questions.  The questions are pretty easy, but here they are: 

1.  If thou didst come upon one who was sure to die, would it be Ethical to 
risk death trying to save the doomed person? Or would it be more Ethical to 
flee before the same fate befell thee? 

The Ethical answer would be to Risk Death to save another.

2.  If thou didst come upon a room of untold wealth within a structure where 
thou didst not know if the owner lived, would it be Ethical to take the money 
if thou wert in sore need? Or wouldst thou leave the money to possibly be used 
for evil ends?

You should Leave the Money, since you should not take what is not yours.  You 
have no way of knowing what the money is there for, and have no right to pass 
judgement on it.

3.  If thou wert faced with the certainty of thy death at the hands of an 
unethical man, wouldst thou yield to him to save thy life? Or would Ethicality 
demand that thou shouldst continue the struggle unto death?

You should Continue onwards, since no matter how dangerous that evil is, you 
must make every attempt to defeat it. 

Answering all questions right will let you into the test, which is an 
enactment of the questions you just answered.  There is a chest with a 
translation scroll, gold, and a jewel.  Take everything from the chest and 
move onwards.  

The first test is a man engulfed in flames, begging you to enter the flames 
and press a button to save him.  You have to push that button to prove your 
Ethicality and save him.  (Risking death to save another from certain death.) 

The second test is a hallway with lightning traps that will hit you if you 
don't put all gold and jewels on a pedestal.  Once all gold coins, bars, and 
jewels are on the pedestal, you can safely cross the hall and press the button 
to escape.  

The final test is a battle with Batlin.  He almost kills you, and asks if you 
want to Yield to him or Continue the fight.  Continue the fight, and you will 
have completed the test.  You can now go outside the test area and fill a 
bucket from the fountain. 

This one was done earlier for Gwenno, which is why I said to grab two buckets 
right away. 

If you ever did those logic puzzles in school or in puzzle magazines, then you 
know what this test is about.  The first puzzle is a series of color coded 
teleporters.  You will find a book in the passage that was written by someone 
who attempted the Test of Logic. 

"Red directly precedes White: Blue follows Yellow: Yellow directly follows 
Red: Yellow and White do not immediately follow one another." 

The correct sequence is Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, White.

The book also mentions the second test:

"As heretofore, the access to the doors of the Temple is blocked by a lock. 
The combination to this lock caused much commotion.  Herein is mine experience 
revealed to thee as it unfolded. Mark my words, for they will save thee much 
time. I write the letters in our alphabet, but substitute the Serpent Runic 
letters to make thine understanding plain. I cannot write those cursed snake 

The runes must be placed left to right on the floor before the brass doors; 
any other placement will result in endless frustration. I tried W.O.B. and C., 
none of the runes were in the right position. I then tried C.B.W. and O.-- 
again, none of the runes were in the correct position. I then tried the O rune 
in the first position, which was not where it belonged, and knew I could 
discern the puzzle... "

Based on this, you should be able to figure it out.  The answer is to just 
place them in alphabetical order.

This will let you inside the temple, where you find out that Number 7, the 
automaton that was holding the key to the fountain, is gone.  One of the other 
6 automatons is guilty, and by talking to them and confirming alibis with each 
other, you have to determine which one is guilty.

Number 1 says he was with 2 and 6

Number 2 says he was with 1

Number 3 says he was with 5

Number 4 says he was with 2

Number 5 says he was with 3

Number 6 says he was with 1

By comparing stories, you can see that Number 4 is lying.  Accuse him, and 
he'll attack you.  Kill him and take the key from his body.  The key opens the 
west room with the field in it. 

The room has a series of blue stones in it, arranged like this:     O

You have to move one stone such that there are four stones      O O O O
in each row, and the lines cross in the exact center.  The 
solution is to place the stone on the far left on top of            O
the stone second from the right, and the field will disappear.  
Take the key, and use it to access the fountain of Logic. 

Silverpate's Treasure
While you are in this area, you should follow the treasure map you found in 
the basement of the Sleeping Bull.  The door is hidden behind a fake mountain 
wall, and can only be opened with the gold key you found next to the map.  The 
treasure consists of several potions, lots of gold (which isn't worth very 
much to you now, since there's no one left alive to sell you anything,) and 
the Blackrock Serpent of Balance.  You will need this Serpent of Balance to 
talk to the Hierophants later. 

Hello Xenka, Farewell Dupre
Take the water back to the Castle of the White Dragon, and use each on the 
appropriate person.  They will join you; as soon as they are in your party 
again, Karnax appears and says that Xenka has returned.  You will be 
teleported to the Abbey on Monk Isle, where Xenka appears and tells you of her 
visions of the end of the world.  She will give you a serpent tooth, and send 
you to the Isle of the Dead. 

Here you must speak with The Great Hierophant of Order.  However, you must 
have the Summon Shade spell to talk to the Hierophants, and you probably don't 
have that spell at this point.  The only one who would have spells dealing 
with the dead would be Mortegro, so go back to the Temple of Tolerance where 
he was trapped.  Talk to Sethys, who used to have the key to the drawbridge 
control.  He tells you that a rat took it.  You will have to use the "Serpent 
Bond" spell to change yourself to a snake, and crawl through the tunnels to 
retrieve the key.  Open the drawbridge, and go talk to Mortegro.  He will 
reward you with the Summon Shade scroll - transcribe it.  He'll also offer to 
sell spells at half price, so if you have any gilders left, you can grab a few 
spells.  He'll ask you to lead him back to Moonshade, but he gets zapped by 
lightning on the way to the serpent gate.  Go back to the Isle of Crypts, and 
follow the serpent path on the floor.  It leads to a room with a gold serpent 
on a pedestal.  You have to balance the gold (wealth) with wisdom.  Go into 
the next room and kill the mummy, who is carrying a scroll explaining what to 
do at the golden serpent.  Put the scroll on the other pedestal, and you will 
be teleported to a room with a dracolich.  Kill it and read the book in the 
center of the room.  You will be teleported to a room with the Serpent Eye of 
Chaos in it.  Dispel the field, and take the Eye.  There is a secret door in 
the north wall that leads to a teleporter.  That teleporter leads to the 
burial chamber of the Great Hierphant of Order.  

Cast Summon Shade, and he will tell you about the war between Chaos amd 
Order, and how it separated the Chaos Serpent.  You will have to reunite 
Chaos.  You also must arm yourself with his three symbols of power: the 
Serpent Crown, Staff, and Armor. 

Crown - Go back to the Sleeping Bull, where you will find a map in Captain 
        Hawk's room leading to a hollow tree.  There is some gilders, some 
        filari, and the Serpent Crown. 

Staff - The Serpent Staff is in Furnace.  Find the area with all the trolls in 
        it, and you'll find one guarding the staff.  Kill him, and take the 

Armor - Go back to Fawn.  Everyone is dead except Ruggs, who tells you that 
        Lady Yelinda ran off to Gorlab Swamp when Mad Iolo attacked.  She is 
        running around in shame, pining for her Comb of Beauty.  Iolo's 
        punishment to her was to make her ugly as sin, but the Comb can 
        restore her.  You found this Comb back in Moonshade, so give it back 
        to her, and she will give you the key to the treasury in Fawn.  The 
        Serpent Armor is inside the chest on the first table.  There are also 
        some fire swords in another chest.  Again, the money does you no good 
        at this point.

Reuniting Chaos
The Hierophant of Order sends you to the Hierophant of Chaos for information 
on restoring the Chaos Serpent.  If you remember talking to Sethys, he was 
entrusted with the key by the Hierophant, so go back to the Temple of 
Tolerance and talk to him.  Sethys will mention a key, and think that you were 
sent by the Hierophant to retrieve it.  He'll mention his failure, but offer 
to join you to go find the Hierophant.  As soon as he leaves the Temple 
however, he dies, telling you to take the Eye of Chaos from him.  (You have to 
be carrying something that belonged to the Hierophant in order to talk to him 
with Summon Shade.)  The body of the Hierophant is lying under a tree near the 
serpent gate.  Cast Summon Shade and he'll explain that the Serpent of Chaos 
has been separated, and needs to be reunited.  He'll give you a scroll with 
the instructions on restoring Chaos.  

  *** Note ****************************************************************
  *                                                                       *
  *  I dunno if this is a common thing, but both times I played the game, *
  *  I ran into the Hierophant of Chaos in a burned down lab near the     *
  *  Mint.  In fact, there were two of him in there, and I was able to    *
  *  talk to both and obtain two scrolls.  I wasn't able to read them at  *
  *  the time, since they were in Ophidian, but I ended the game with     *
  *  three scrolls.                                                       *
  *                                                                       *

Go back to Xenka, who will tell you that the imbalance is too great to be 
restored, so someone who is balanced must sacrifice themself.  The only people 
who qualify for that is your party, so you draw lots, and you lose.  She sends 
you to the Crematorium at Monitor. 

Go to Monitor, and climb up on top of the cremator.  Pull the lever, and Dupre 
will stop you, saying that you must live to ensure the safety of Britannia.  
He also feels guilty about all the deaths he caused while he was possessed by 
the Bane, and wants to make up for it.  He jumps into the fires, and his ashes 
come out the front of the cremator; take the urn and grab whatever of his 
equipment you need. 

Go back to Xenka once more, who will tell you that his ashes will be the glue 
that binds the torn lands.  She gives you an Ophidian Sword, and says she can 
offer you no further help.  The next thing to do is reunite Chaos. 

The Shrine of Chaos
The Hierophant mentioned a great explosion that blew the doors of the Shrine 
open, so that sounds like as good an idea as any.  Go to Monitor and grab two 
or three kegs of powder from Marsten's secret stash, and take them to the 
Shrine of Chaos in the Skullcrusher Mountains.  (The Shrine is the building 
with the serpent gate in it.)  Blow the doors off their hinges, and go in.  

(There is another building down there with large gold doors on it, but there's 
no way to get past them.  Origin intended this building to be part of the 
game, but changed their minds at the last minute.) 

The Shrine is a huge room with pools of water in it.  However, the Antechamber 
and the Wall of Lights is beyond a secret door on the north side of the room.  
Put the Blackrock Serpent of Chaos in the slot on the altar to open the Wall 
of Lights,  Place the soul prisms on the appropriate pedestal, and finally put 
Dupre's ashes on the fourth pedestal.  (The Hierophant of Chaos said that you 
need something to bind the Serpent of Chaos, and Xenka said that Dupre's ashes 
would be the glue that binds the torn lands.)  In a flash of fire, the ashes 
and soul prisms will disappear, and the Chaos Serpent will talk to you in 
Dupre's voice.  He is keeping it from attacking you so you can escape.  Xenka 
appears and sends you to Sunrise Isle.  Take the Blackrock Serpent and leave 
the Shrine. 

Restoring Balance
Take the serpent gate to the Temple of Balance.  (This is wierd, since on the 
map, Sunrise Isle is to the north, but as far as I could tell, the Temple of 
Balance is only accessable with the serpent gate.)  Place a red serpent and a 
blue serpent from the corners of the Temple on either side of the scale at 
each end of the temple, and six objects will appear on the pedestals.  Take 
these objects and go outside the Temple. 

There are three shrines on either side of the Temple.  Of the six objects that 
appeared, you have to place each one on the pedstal in the Shrine that the 
object opposes.  Remember, you're now trying to balance everything.

Tolerance opposes Ethicality, Enthusiasm opposes Discipline, and Emotion 
opposes Logic.  So, the proper placement would be:

                Tolerance  - torch
                Ethicality - chain
                Enthusiasm - dagger
                Discipline - rose
                Emotion    - abacus
                Logic      - heart

When the final object is placed on its proper pedestal, a book will appear.  
Read the book, and it will tell you that when you reach the pillars, read the 
book again.  Go to the pillars on the north side of the Temple and read the 
book.  It will tell you that you are worthy to proceed, and an ice bridge will 
appear.  Cross the bridge, and read the book at the next set of pillars.  A 
fire bridge will appear leading to the Shrine of Balance. 

Go to the west side of the Shrine and dispel the field over the chest, then 
use the green key in the bag to open it.  Read the book to get an idea of what 
you need to do here: ice balances fire and vice versa.  Go to the east side 
and open the chest with the same green key.  Take a serpent candle and place 
it on the pedestal on the west side.  The ice wall will shatter and you can 
grab the ice diamond.  Take one of the chunks of ice, and place it on the 
pedestal on the east side by the flames.  A bridge will appear, allowing you 
to grab the fire ruby.  Place the fire ruby and ice diamond on the pedestals 
in the center room to open the doors.  

In the next room, you have to make your way through the teleporters to get the 
ice and fire keys so you can grab the ice and fire cubes.  Stack an ice and 
then a fire cube on the pedestal, alternating between the two until an entire 
stairway and a teleporter appear.  Read the scroll on the teleporter - you 
must wear the Serpent Ring, Necklace, and Earrings, and don the Serpent Armor, 
Crown, and Staff to enter the altar room.  Do so, and then step onto the 

The Earth Serpent will tell you what to do from this point.  Place the Staff, 
Armor, and Crown on the altar, and the Eye of Order will appear.  You'll be 
teleported back to the Shrine, and the doors will open into the Wall of 
Lights.  Place the Blackrock Serpents of Balance, Chaos, and Order into the 
appropriate slots to open the Wall of Lights.  Place the Eyes of Chaos and 
Order on the altar to bring the statue of the Earth Serpent to life.  He will 
tell you to slay him with the serpent sword.  Use the Ophidian Sword that 
Xenka gave you, and strike the statue.  You will be teleported into the void, 
where you oversee the three serpents restoring Balance. 

Coming Christmas 1993 (snicker) - Ultima VIII - Pagan

Silver Seed
Once Karnax gives you the Amulet of Balance, you can teleport to Seriss at any 
time.  Go to any serpent gate and use the Amulet while wearing it.  You will 
end up at the Keep of Order, affectionately known to the inhabitants as 

Isstanar is in charge of the Keep, and does not believe you are the Champion 
of Balance.  Certis, you don't even know what it is you need to do yet, which 
only feeds his doubts.  However, he will tell of the Tree of Balance, which is 
supposed to restore balance.  To grow this tree, you must retrieve the Silver 
Seed, which is stored somewhere in the Keep - Isstanar isn't going to tell 
you where though.  You have to find four orbs to open the vault.  Before you 
leave him, he will give you a magic keyring to store any keys you find.  This 
saves you the panic of sorting through dozens of keys to open a door. 

The Keep
If you need healing, Surok can offer it.  He will also resurrect you if you 
die while in one of the quests.  Elissa can train you in magic.

Issik's Maze
You will run into Drusilla, one of three Dark Monks who will try to "help" 
you.  Of the three, she is the only one who does not lie to you.  You enter 
the maze alone and unarmed.  (Your inventory disappears.)  

The maze is made up of a block of rooms, with doors that open and close as 
you move around.  Entering a room will close the door behind you, and open 
another.  More often than not, you take the door that just opened, but in 
some cases, there will be two possible open doors, and there is some 
backtracking needed.  There's a map included with the game if you really get 
lost, and committing hari-kiri in one of the open flames scattered about the 
maze will return you to the beginning. 

You will find cheese on one of the dead bodies - be sure to grab it, but don't 
eat it!  You have no need for weapons in the maze.  You'll find a cat-person 
named Yurel inside the last section of the maze.  He mentions that he is 
hungry, so offer him cheese.  He'll give you the Purple Orb.  Right before 
leaving the maze, you will find Issik's body, with the Helm of Light.  As long 
as you are wearing this Helm, you will have a constant light source - no more 
torches or Light spells needed! 

Once you leave the maze, your inventory can be found in the hollow tree north 
of the entrance. 

The Abandoned Outpost
After entering the outpost, head south and look for a secret passage on the 
left side of the hallway.  Follow it to a lever, then go back north to find an 
open door.  Through the door, you will come to a room with magic barriers.  To 
get through the room, push the buttons on the wall in this order: NE, NW, SW.  
Continue on into the next room, and search the dead bodies.  Some of them may 
be carrying useful items, but what you really need is the lightning whip.  Put 
it on the pedestal in the room to the north and a stairway appears.  Take this 
stairway down, follow the next series of stairs, until you get to a hallway 
with three pressure plates.  Stepping on them changes their position; press 
them from left to right to clear the sleep fields blocking the hallway.  Past 
this hallway is the Red Orb.

Go back down to the torture chamber, south of the dead bodies.  Take the 
scroll from the body in the upper cell, then take the secret passage through 
the iron maiden.  This passage leads to several powder kegs, which the hint 
book says will help you with the rubble blocking the stairway.  I found that 
an explosion spell works better, and others said simply hacking at it with a 
sword works just as well.  Take the stairs past the rubble to a dead body with 
a rope.  (If you are following the hint book that came with the game, it says 
that the rope is on a dead body at the spot marked "10" - it's not, it's on 
the body at 11.)  You can use this rope to let you down the well near the 
entrance.  Go all the way to the bottom and read the scroll to dispel the 
force walls.  Kill the ice elementals and grab the Belt of Giant Strength.  

Note that you cannot have a belt pouch and wear the Belt of Giant Strength at 
the same time.

Aram-Dol's Lair
The hardest part of this is the lever puzzles.  

For the first set of levers, pull only the 2nd lever.

For the second set, pull the 1st, 2nd, and 5th levers.

For the last set, pull the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 6th levers.

In the next hallway, pull the lever in each room, then pull the brass lever at 
the north end of the hall to open the door.  This leads to Aram-Dol.  He will 
assault you with fireballs and other magic.  If you have the Magebane sword, 
the battle will be a LOT easier, as it will strip him of his magic.  Kill him, 
and take the keys from his body to get into his treasure room.  You will find 
Gauntlets of Quickness, a magic axe that increases your combat skill by 10, 
and the Blue Orb. 

The Fiend's Domain 
Following the map, this is simple.  The thing to remember is not to trust the 
Fiend.  He wants the Ring of Shal to "save the world."  Don't give it to him; 
he's lying.

The Golden Orb is on a dead body in the south end of the third level.  The 
Ring is on the second level past a fake wall.  Look under the rocks past the 
animated armor.

The Silver Seed
Now that you have all four orbs, go back to the Keep and go down to Elissa's 
lab.  To the right of her area, near the stairs, is a candlestick.  Move it 
and push the button behind it.  The keg in Elissa's lab will have moved, 
revealing a set of stairs leading down to the vault.  Put the orbs on their 
proper pedestals.  (If you have the correct pedestal, you will get a sparkle 
of magic and the orb will turn black; otherwise you will just get a puff of 
grey smoke.)  Once you have all four in place, the door will unlock, and you 
can grab the seed.  When you do, the three Dark Monks will appear, and attack 
you.  (You find our that the "Guide" they have been referring to is in fact 
the Guardian.)  Kill them off, and take the keys from them to open the three 
doors leading to the waterfall.  When you get to the waterfall, Karnax will 
appear and tell you where to plant the seed.  Although he says to plant it in 
front of the waterfall, he doesn't mean the dirt directly in front of it.  
There is a patch of dirt south of it, that has a small hole in it.  Place the 
seed on the hole, and double-click on it.  The Tree of Balance will appear, 
and Karnax will leave.  You are now free to return to the Keep.  Before 
leaving for the present day, you can ask Surok about some of the items you are 
carrying, and then ask Isstanar for an apology. 

Use the Amulet of Balance at the serpent gate to return to the quest.

By the way, does this look familiar to anyone at Origin? :D

Dick British's Castle, eighteen months after the destruction of the Black 
Gate and the dismantling of The Fellowship.

"Yo, homes.  All we found among Batlin's belongings was this enchanted scroll, 
and a map showing the way to a place called the Serpent Isle." 

"Slap it down there!"

"Jump back!"

"Batlin!  Know that my face is most muppet like!  In the event that the Avatar 
destroys the Black Gate, you must go to the Serpent Isle, there to learn the 
secret of Acne Medication!  Soon I and my horde of muppets will destroy 

"'Tis my worst fear! I must send the Avatar through the pillars to the Serpent 

'Tis my worst fear... the Origin programmers have been working too hard... :D


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