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Serpent Isle Walkthrough by Mike Vander Ploeg

Ultima VII Part Two: Serpent Isle



All prices in Monetari

Weapons - Standarr Armor – Standarr
Bow 120 Scale Mail 150
Crossbow 145 Chain Armor 200
Halberd 100 Plate Mail 350
Morning Star 40  
Spear 20 Chain Leggings 100
Sword 125 Plate Leggings 150
2-Handed Axe 150  
2-Handed Sword 200 Crested Helm 45
  Great Helm 75
Arrows (/20) 20  
Quarrels (/20) 18 Gauntlets 60
  Spiked Shield 90


Leather - Krayg Supplies – Krayg Furs – Cellia
Leather Armor 75 Backpack 75 Bear Pelt 80
Leather Boots 25 Bedroll 50 Beaver Pelt 60
Leather Gloves 15 Hard-tack (/2) 4 Muskrat Pelt 45
Leather Helm 20 Jerky (/2) 6 Show Leopard Pelt 90
Leather Leggings 45 Kidney Belt 12 Gwani Pelt 100
  Pick 60 Bear Cloak 120
  Shovel 40 Leopard Cloak 150
  Torch 8 Gwani Cloak 175
    Fur Cap 22
    Fur Boots 30



All prices in Filari

Supplies – Delin, Allysand
Bag 30   Fur Boots 100
Bedroll 150   Great Helm 300
Bolts (/20) 75   Mirror 120
Bucket 35   Sextant 100
Candle 4   Stockings 25
Crossbow 550   Torch 8
Fishing Pole 25    



All prices in Guilders

Magic Items – Pothos Potions – Pothos
Glass Sword 1500 Awakening 65
Magic Axe 600 Curing 75
Magic Bolts (/10) 200 Light 50
Magic Boots 100 Healing 100
Magic Leggings 550 Invisibility 240
  Protection 150
  Sleeping 85


Provisions - Bucia Provisions - Ducio
Abacus 120 Bucket 28
Backpack 120 Cloak 200
Bandages 50 Cloth 20
Bedroll 175 Lamp 12
Boots 50 Pick 140
Dagger 8 Pitcher 30
Fur Cloak 250 Shovel 100
Leather Leggings 110 Sword 350
Sleeping Powder 75 Torch 10
Torches (/3) 20  

Exchange Rate

400 Filari = 300 Guilders = 200 Gold Coins = 100 Monetary = 10 Gold Nuggets = 4 Gems = 1 Jewelry


Name Fawn Moon-shade Regenerative Source
Black Pearl 70 fil 50 guil Gremlins
Blood Moss     Swamp south of Moonshade
Blood Spawn      
Garlic 15 fil 8 guil  
Ginseng 20 fil    
Mandrake Root 65 fil 75 guil  
Nightshade 25 fil    
Serpent Scales      
Spider’s Silk   35 guil  
Sulfurous Ash   36 guil  
Worm’s Heart   100 guil Ice worms in far north


Name Bl Pr Bl Ms Bl Sp Gl Gn Mn Rt Nt Sh Ser Sc Spi Slk Sul As Wr Hr Col.  Ens. Gust. Mel. Mort. Tor.
First Circle
Create Food       x x x             30 0      
Cure       x x                   33    
Detect Trap             x   x         0     40
Great Douse       x         x       27        
Great Ignite                 x x   45          
Light                   x             35
Locate             x         52 39        
Telekinesis x x       x                 45 40  
Second Circle
Awaken       x x                       65
Destroy Trap   x               x   75          
False Coin             x     x     120        
Cold Blast x                 x x     0   150  
Great Light           x       x   90     90    
Heal       x x       x               75
Mass Cure       x x x               0 112    
Protection       x x         x   120          
Third Circle
Chill       x x           x Get it from Frigidazzi
Curse       x     x     x   112       120  
Enchant Mis. x         x               0 105   150
Col. Intuition x     x               180          
Mass Protect       x x x       x   150          
Paralyze             x   x       105     140  
Sleep x           x   x       90        
Translation x         x     x x             175
Fourth Circle
Blink   x       x                   200  
Deter       x         x       135        
Flash           x       x         135    
Soul Prism   x   x   x   x x x   Torrissio, exchange Philanderer’s Friend
Mass Curse       x   x x     x   165       175  
Reveal   x               x         150    
Transcribe x               x               220
Unlock Magic   x               x   180   0      
Fifth Circle
Conjure           x     x         0      
Dispel Field x     x         x x   Selina, Spinebreaker Mnts
Explosion x x       x       x         202    
Great Heal       x x x     x         0     250
Invisibility   x         x         232          
Mass Sleep         x   x   x       217        
Summon Shade   x       x x   x x   Mortegro
Surprise x     x   x       x     240     240  
Sixth Circle
Betray x           x   x           217    
Dispel Illusion       x   x x         247     240   285
Cause Fear       x   x x                 300 300
Fire Field x               x x x     0      
Fire Ring x         x     x x x   270        
Cold Strike x x               x x Frigidazzi’s house
Create Missile   x     x         x   262          
Create Auto.           x   x x x             750
Seventh Circle
Energy Field x         x     x x         345    
Energy Mist   x       x x     x   375          
Mass Awaken       x x                   375    
Mass Might x       x x                   350 400
Poison Mist   x         x     x   420          
Restoration       x x x     x         0      
Vibrate x x       x     x       330        
Lightning x         x       x             350
Eighth Circle
Create Ice                 x   x Frigidazzi’s house
Mind Blast x   x       x     x     450     400  
Delayed Blast x x       x     x x       0      
Fetch x x       x                 427    
Invoke Serpent   x   x       x x   x         425  
Serpent Bond x x   x       x x   x         450  
Firesnake       x   x       x              
Swordstrike x   x     x x           427        
Ninth Circle
Death Vortex   x       x x     x     525     500  
Mass Death   x x x x x x           600     600  
Invisibility All x x       x x                    
Spiral Missile x x x       x     x     637 0      
Stop Storm x     x   x     x x       0      
Summon   x   x   x     x     Gustacio’s basement
Time Stop   x   x   x           Melino’s basement
Imbalance             x x   x x         1200  

Citizens of Serpent Isle

Name Home Occupation Notes
Alyssand Fawn Weaver Daughter of Delin.  Sells provisions.
Andral Monitor Sculptor
Andrio Moonshade Student
Argus Sleeping Bull Innkeeper Son of Devra
Astrid Monitor Champion Killed by goblin raid
Baiyanda Gwani village Healer
Boryl Northern Forest Cook
Brendann Monitor Knight, trainer Command of Wolves.
Brunt None Bodyguard Accompanies Batlin.
Bucia Moonshade Provisioner
Bwundai Gwani village Hunter
Byrin Sleeping Bull Minstrel
Caladin Monitor Knight, trainer Command of Bears.
Cantra Monitor Child Daughter of Harnna
Cellia Monitor Furrier Sells furs
Columna Moonshade Mage Sells spells
Deadeye None Pirate Accompanies Batlin.
Delin Fawn Provisioner Father of Alyssand and Freli
Delphynia Fawn Healer
Devra Sleeping Bull Innkeeper Mother of Argus.  Exchanges currency.
Draxth Monk Isle Monk
Draygon Northern Forest Leader
Ducio Moonshade Master Artist
Edrin Outside Fawn Shepherd Turned into Ale the parrot in magic storm
Elissia Fawn None Wife of Delin.  Died in childbirth.
Ensorcio None Mage Exiled from Moonshade
Ernesto Moonshade Ranger
Erstam Isle of Mad Mage Mad Mage
Fedabiblio Moonshade Magister
Filbercio Moonshade Magelord
Flicken Monitor Knight
Flindo Moonshade Merchant
Freli Moonshade Student Son of Delin
Frigidazzi Moonshade Adept
Garth Fawn Great Captain
Gilwoyai Gwani village Hunter
Groat Monitor Knight Killed in Goblin ambush
Gustacio Moonshade Adept
Harnna Monitor Healer
Hazard Northern Forest Hunter Hunts the Gwani
Jendon Fawn Innkeeper
Johnson Monitor Knight Captured by goblins
Jorvin Fawn Captain of Guard
Joth Fawn Great Captain
Julia Moonshade Chief ranger
Name Home Occupation Notes
Kalem Camp by Fawn Sailor
Kane Sleeping Bull Shepherd
Kapyundi Gwani village Hunter Son of Myauri and Yenani
Karnax Monk Isle Monk
Keth Fawn Sailor Killed in storm.  Engaged to Alyssand.
Krayg Monitor Provisioner Sells leather armor and supplies.
Kylista Fawn Priestess
Lady Yelinda Fawn Ruler
Leon Camp by Fawn Fellowship leader
Lucilla Monitor Barmaid Sells food
Luther Monitor Knight, trainer
Marsten Monitor Lord
Melino Moonshade Adept Sells spells
Miggim Monk Isle Librarian
Morghrim Northern Forest Forest Master
Mortegro Moonshade Adept Sells spells
Mosh Moonshade Beggar
Mwaerno Gwani village Hunter  
Myauri Gwani village Hunting master Mate of Yenani
Neyobi Gwani village Child Daughter of Myauri and Yenani
Olon Fawn Fisherman
Petra Moonshade Barmaid Sells food and a room for the night
Pothos Moonshade Apothecarist Sells magic items, potions, and reagents
Renfry Monitor Undertaker Pays 100 mon. for every pikeman you cremate
Rocco Moonshade innkeeper
Rotoluncia Moonshade Sorceress
Ruggs Camp by Fawn Sailor
Scots Camp by Fawn Cartographer Will give you a map of Serpent Isle
Selina Moonshade Mage Staying at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull
Shazzana Monitor Trainer
Shmed Monitor Runs Knight tests
Simon Monitor Innkeeper Sells room for the night
Spektor Monitor Treasurer Exchanges currency
Standarr Monitor Armorer Sells weapons and armor, buys armor
Stefano Moonshade Thief Thrown into Mountains of Freedom.
Templar Monitor Knight
Topu Moonshade Artist
Torrissio Moonshade Mage Sells spells
Troxa Monk Isle Monk
Vasculio ????? Mage Killed by Council of mages.  Mentor of Ensorcio
Vasel Isle of Mad Mage Assistant
Voldin Fawn Great Captain
Wildrunner Northern Forest Wolf Friend of Morghrim
Wilfred Monitor Knight
Xenka Monk Isle Monk Made many prophecies and then disappeared.
Yenani Gwani village Chieftain Mate of Myauri
Zhelkas Furnace Gargoyle ruler Last gargoyle still awake
Zulith Fawn Chancellor

Missing Items

Item Character Replaced With Found
Black Sword Avatar A ruddy rock Paladin in Mountains of Freedom has it.
Glass Sword Avatar Pinecone Hazard the Trapper in far north.
Magic Armor Avatar Breastplate Kylista, priestess of Fawn (check drawers)
Magic Helm Avatar Woman’s fur hat Frigidazzi in Moonshade
Magic Gauntlets Avatar Ring Alyssand from Fawn’s engagement ring
Spell Book Avatar Pumice Destroyed in Furnace
Br. Serpent Avatar Stockings Steffano of Moonshade (after banes released)
Rudyom’s Wand Avatar Alchemist app. Vasculio the vampire in Skullcrusher Mnts.
Magebane Sword Dupre Blue egg From bird in far north
Dupre’s Shield Dupre Shield of Monitor Luther of Monitor
Magic Bow Shamino Bear skull Found along shores by Monitor
Burst Arrows Shamino Odd hairbrush
Dagger Shamino Severed limb Erstam the Mad Mage
Swamp Boots Shamino Slippers Devra at the Inn of the Sleeping Bull
Crossbow Iolo Urn with ashes Caladin of Monitor
Torches Iolo Pumpkin
Food All Filari

Quest Outline


Your ship will suddenly drop onto the coast near Monitor.

When you leave the ship, a teleport storm will appear and teleports your friends and belonging.

Further down the coast, Thoxa, a monk from Monk Isle, will appear.  Answer her questions correctly and she will give you the Hourglass of Fate and information about your quest.

Shamino will join your party shortly after.

Enter the hidden cave behind the red bush for useful supplies and information.

Switch the bear skull with Shamino’s Magic Bow.

Follow the coast until you reach the walled city of Monitor.

Monitor – Knights of Courage

Talk to the guard and he will let you in with an escort.  He will also tell you what is happening in Monitor.

Follow the road north to the Crematourian and enter the Crypts through the curtain in the bottom-left corner of the building.  Lord Marsten and his advisors can be found there.  They will give you information about the situation in Monitor.  Dupre will also join your party at this point.

Speak to Iolo in the prison (northeast corner of Monitor) and speak to Lord Marsten.  Either pay Spektor the 30 monitari or become a knight to free Iolo.

Return the Urn to Caladin and take Iolo’s bow from the Crypt.

To increase your strength and improve your equipment, fight the trolls in the abandoned building east of the North Gate.  You can sell the gems for 25 monitari apiece in the Inn of the Sleeping Bull to the north.

To become a knight of Monitor, get permission from Lord Marsten and then go north to the Test site.

Talk to Shmed to begin the Test of Courage.  See map for clues for the Test of Courage.

Get your equipment back from the treasure chest and ask your friends to rejoin you.

Return to Monitor and give the body of the wolf to Cellia.  You can pick up your cloak in 24 hours.

Give the wolf meat to Lucilla the barmaid so she can prepare the banquet

Go to Lydia to get a tattoo.  In a little while you will be poisoned.  Talk to Harnna the healer to find a cure.  Go to Delphynia, the healer in Fawn, to buy the vano leaves and return to Harnna to be healed.  Confront Lydia and kill her.

While you are waiting for your cloak, go to Fawn Tower and defeat the goblins.

Once you have picked up your cloak, attend the banquet held in your honor in the southeast corner of Monitor.  At the banquet Harnna will interrupt with bad new about her daughter.  A knight will also interrupt giving news of a traitor and a fight will break out.

Visit Harnna after the banquet for more information about her daughter’s disappearance.  Look into her crystal ball to witness the fight between Cantra and Batlin.  Apparently, something evil possesses her.  Harnna will give you Cantra’s practice sword and will tell you to find a Hound of Doskar.

Talk to Krayg the provisioner for information about the traitor.

Enter the forest north of the Test and find the rendezvous point by the black rock.  Pick up the bottle of Fawnian Ale there and return to Monitor.

Question Simon the Innkeeper about the bottle and he will change into a goblin and attack you.  In his dying breath he will tell you everything including the location of the secret camp.  Make sure you take the blue-red key off his dead body.

Go back to the forest north of the Knights’ Test, to the northwest corner by the ocean.  The stairs for the underground passage to the goblin camp can be found next to the tree surrounded by rocks.

Use the key you took off Simon’s body to open the locked door in the tunnel.

When you exit through the other end of the tunnel, you will be right above the goblin encampment.

Kill Pomdirgun, the king of the Goblins, and take the key from his body.

Use a lockpick to free Johnson from the prison.  Johnson will follow your party.

Pick up the bodies of the two slain guardsmen.  Renfry in Monitor will give you 100 monitari for every pikeman you cremate.

Return to the tunnel that led to the goblin’s camp.  Use the key you took from Pomdirgun to open the door to the goblin’s treasure room.  Inside you will find the Helm of Courage and some documents that implicate Lord Marten as a traitor.

While travelling back down the tunnel, Johnson will collapse and die.  Take his body along with you to receive 100 monitari.

Return to Monitor and speak with Brendann.  Show him the documents you found in the goblin camp.  Lord Marsten and Spektor will be arrested and thrown in jail.

Because you have returned with the Helm of Courage you will become the new Champion Knight.

Fawn – City of Beauty

As you enter Fawn, Ruggs will approach you and ask you to give a letter to Delphynia.  Give her the letter and then give her response to Muggs.  Talk to Scotts and he will give you a map of Serpent Isle.

A lute will appear in front of Iolo and he will be asked to play.

In the city you will be attacked by and assassin named Kalin, sent by Batlin.

After talking with most of the citizens of Fawn, Alyssand will ask you to help her rid the city from false traditions and evil schemes.

You will notice that Zulith is following you.

Sometime later, Jorvin will approach you and tell you that Lady Yelinda would like to hear one of Iolo’s songs.

Talk to Lady Yelinda at noon and Dupre will let slip you allegiance to Lord British.  Jorvin will use his Wand of Detainment on you and your part.  You will wake up in the inn but Dupre will not be with you.

Go to the temple and open the main doors.  Dupre will be put on trial for treason.  Voldin will lead the questioning and will twist the truth to his cause.  At the end you will be asked to come back in a day to bring your defense.

Alyssand will approach you and give you a key to the temple so you can search it at night.

Return to the temple at night and use the key to open the locked door on the left.  You will find Voldin tampering with some controls and he will attack you.

Flip the middle lever and the last one on the right and speak to the oracle.  Get it to change its revelation.

Attend the trial at noon and the oracle will reveal the truth.  Dupre will be set free and Lady Yelinda will give him the Crystal Rose of Love in return.  Kylista will be jailed.

Take the key from Lady Yelinda’s house east of the palace and use it to unlock the door in the southeast corner of the palace.  This leads to a serpent gate.

The Inn of the Sleeping Bull

At the Inn of the Sleeping Bull, Selina will join you to search for treasure in an abandoned building.

Follow the coast north, then east, then south to the tip of the land.  There you will find the Britainian Mint!  Along the way you will come across a burnt down building with the Shade of the Chaos Heirophant inside.  Ignore him since this seems to be a bug in the game.  Use Selina’s key to enter the mint.  Try to grab the treasure when you can and then leave again.  Bandits will attack you and Selina will flee using her blink ring.  Upon one of the bodies you will see a note from Batlin.

Go to the cellar of the inn and open the secret door next to the wine barrel.  Take the key from the first chest and pull the switch on the wall.  Go back to the cellar and descend the stairs in the southwest corner.  In the catacombs you can find a map to silverplate’s treasure.  You will also find his magic wardrobes that allowed him to spy on his mates in the inn.  Across from the wall with two torches side by side is a secret passage to a serpent gate.

Give the pikemen in Bull Tower the gold bars you got from the Royal Mint to release Captain Hawk.

Return to the Inn of the Sleeping Bull.  Talk to Captain Hawk and he will agree to sail you to Moonshade.  Go to the ship to start the voyage.

Moonshade – City of Magic

Go north from the crash cite to reach the city of Moonshade.

The servant of Rotoluncia will approach you and give you a scroll.  Use the scroll to talk to Rotoluncia.  She will ask for Batlin’s source of power.  Refuse to tell her.

Talk to Flindo to learn some things about Moonshade and to get some leads.  He will also promise to get you an audience with Magelord Filbercio.

Return to him later and remind him of his promise.  He will tell you that the Magelord will summon you at the appropriate moment.

You will suddenly be teleported to the Magelord’s banquet table.  Rotoluncia will be quite upset with you for your earlier rejection.  Pothos will arrive and Filbercio will cancel the rest of the dinner so he can discuss a problem with Pothos.

Visit Pothos the apothacarist in his shop and ask him about his errand.  Apparently the Magelord needs some Blood Moss and Pothos will get into serious trouble if he doesn’t get any.

Talk to Lucia about Pothos to gain some interesting information.

Gather Blood Moss from the centre of the swamp south of Moonshade and return to Pothos.  Ask him for his secret and he will tell you he is Erstam’s son.  He will also tell you how to contact him.

Dupre will suddenly disappear!

Talk to Lord Filbercio about his disappearance and he will suggest you search Rotoluncia quarters.

Go to her house and the automaton will attack you.

Return to Lord Filbercio and he will suggest you take his watercraft to search his love-palace for her.

Cross the bridge from the second floor of Lord Filbercio’s manor and take the craft to the cottage in the middle of the lake.

Use the key in the drawer on the second floor to open the basement door.

Kill Rotoluncia and use the key from her body to open Dupre’s cell.

Erstam the Mad Mage

Go to the coast north of the Mountains of Freedom and ring the bell.  A large turtle will take you to Erstam’s island.

Talk with Erstam and tell him the password.  Ask him about teleportation and he will claim to know nothing about it.

Ask Vasel his assistant about teleportation and he will tell you that Erstam has a Serpent Jawbone.

Ask Erstam about the Jawbone and he will give tell you to bring him the egg of a Phoenix.  He will teleport you to the island to the north.

When you find the body of the Phoenix, pull the switch on the pillar to bring it back to life.  It will give you a phoenix egg.  Use the teleport to return to the Mad Mage’s laboratory.

Give the egg to Erstam and he will ask you to help him with his experiment.  Put two arms, two legs, the torso from in the crate, and the head into the Assimilation Machine.  Talk to Erstam again.  Put the fiery egg into the Assimilation Machine and Boydun will walk out.  Erstam will give you the key to his storeroom and a serpent’s tooth.

Use the key to enter the storeroom and take the Jawbone.  Put the serpent’s tooth into the Jawbone.  You can use the Jawbone to teleport across Serpent Isle by double clicking on any Serpent Gate with the Jawbone in your possession.  Each tooth you add to the jawbone allows you to teleport to a new place.  The tooth Erstam gave you allows you to go to his island from any other Serpent Gate.

Return to Erstam and he will give you two more teeth, one to Moonshade and the other to Monk’s Isle

Monk Isle – The Prophesies of Xenka

Use the serpent gate to teleport to Monk Isle.

Talk to the monks to learn their purpose.  Some monks will not speak to you.

Talk to Karnax and he will give you the Amulet of Balance.  Use the Amulet of Balance on the Serpent Gate to be teleported into the past.  See the quest outline for the Silver Seed.

Ask Draxth about the mandrake roots.  You can only get them in the swamp on the island.  He will tell you when the tides are right to find the root.

Read the scrolls and books in the library to learn a lot of useful information about your quest.  Use the Lens of Translation to read the ones in Ophidian script.

When Draxth says the time is right, go to the swamp to the north and gather mandrakes from around the edge.

Return to Moonshade

Use the Serpent’s gate to return to Moonshade.  Give the mandrake roots to Fedabiblio and after asking you some questions, he will give you a spell book.  Use the transcribe spell to copy and magic scrolls you may have collected into the spellbook.  Now that you have a spellbook, the mages will treat you with more respect.

Talk to Frigidazzi in her house and she will invite you to come back after midnight to gain vast knowledge.

Go to Fridigazzi’s house after midnight and enter her chamber.  She will ask you companions to leave and will then try to seduce you.  Whether she succeeds or not, Filbercio will appear and put you on trial.  You will be found guilty and will be sent to the Mountains of Freedom.

When you leave the Mountains of Freedom, you will appear in Lord Filbercio’s manor right where you departed from.  Grab your equipment from the treasure chest.

Gather up your companions.  Dupre is in the Blue Boar Inn, Iolo is in Gustacio’s house, and Shamino is in the forest west of Moonshade.  Shamino bears three gifts from Frigidazzi: the Chill spell, the Serpent Earrings, and a note of apology.

Talk to Gustacio and agree to help him with his experiments.  He will give you an energy globe.

Go to the plains north of Moonshade to Gustacio’s experiment and climb the stairs.  Put the energy globe on the altar and turn the winch.  Pull the levers to see what the different colored lightning does to the objects.

Go to Fedabiblio and tell him the results of Gustacio’s experiment.  Look into his crystal ball and talk to him again.

Return to Gustacio and tell him Fedabiblio’s conclusions.  He will instruct you on how to change Ale the parrot back into Edrin.

Put the bird into the cage and return to the lightning experiment.

Put the cage by one of the levers and restart the experiment with the new energy globe.  Pull the lever and Ale will turn back into Edrin.

Go back to Gustacio and he will give you the Mirror of Truth for completing the experiment.  He will also give you many spells for free.

The Furnace

Ask Captain Hawk about leaving the island.  He will suggest you talk to Julia to get the key for the caves in the southern mountain.

Ask Julia the Ranger for the key.  She will give it to you for 40 guilders if you have transcribed Frigidazzi’s Chill spell.

Enter the old building southwest of Torrissio’s house and descend the stairs.

One you reach the drawbridge, talk to Zhelkas the Gargoyle on the other side.  He will lower the drawbridge and ask you to take the Test of Purity.

Push the button on the wall behind the pillar to open the gate to the south.

Read the book under the rubble on the right side of the library.  It tells of two keys that together make a key for the Serpent Gate.

The key of Fire can be found on a skeleton in the bathhouse south of the library.

Go to the area just right of the bathhouse.  Enter through the right side and use the winch to open the gates.  Enter the centre of the arena and four automata will attack you.  Destroy them and go to the top-right corner of the arena.  Through a get there you will find a key.  Use the key to open the locked doors to the right of the arena.

Continue east to the garden and take the Key of Ice from a body there.  A Serpent’s tooth to Monitor can also be found on the body.

Use the Unlock Magic spell to open the doors to the north.

Touch the pillar of Fire to begin the three Tests of Purity.

In the test to the north, Iolo will try to convince you to enter the moongate and return home.  You must refuse him every time he asks.

In the test to the left, Shamino will tempt you to push the left button to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh.  Push the right button to pass the test.

In the test to the right, Dupre will explain the rules of the Game.  Pick up the hammer and destroy the worms with it.  Don’t let Dupre distract you.  Once you have killed all the worms, you will pass the test.

Once you have finished the last test, Zhelkas will approach you and give you the serpent ring.

Put both keys of Fire and Ice on the gold altars in the building northeast of the Test.  It will combine to form a blackrock key.  Use this key to get to the Serpent Gate behind the building.

Find Zhelkas again and ask him to open the gate so you can leave the city.

Return to the entrance of the city and Zhelkas will open the gate to the south to allow you to leave.

Follow the tunnel south, cross the bridge to the west, and go northwest.  Fight the troll with the two-handed sword and use the keys to get the Serpent Staff.

Go to the southwest, then north to find the exit.  You will appear near Monitor.

The World of Dreams

Make sure you have the Helm of Courage, the Crystal Rose of Love, and the Mirror of Truth and then follow the road north from Monitor to the Swamp of Gorlab.

Once you enter the swamp, you and your party will fall asleep and you will enter the World of Dreams.

Talk to Lord British who is also dreaming.  He will tell you that storms and earthquakes are hurting Britainia as well.  The gargoyles and emps are dying and the magic ether is badly disturbed.

Behind Lord British’s throne are magic weapons and armor.

So south, west, north, then west to talk to Byrin in the Inn of the Sleeping Bull.  He will explain what the Land of Dreams is and will tell you about the current struggle between Siranush and Rabindrinath.

Go west from the inn to find Siranush.  She will ask you to get the Dream Crystal from Rabindrinath.  She will tell you to use your three artifacts to defeat him.

Go to the far east and then south.  In the building you will meet Thoxa who will tell you to seek out the Moon’s Eye in the Temple of the Ancients.

Go to the south end of the dream world, then west to Rabindrinath’s keep.  He will cast a spell on you but the Helm of Courage will protect you from it.

Go down the kitchen, right, then up to the torture chamber to confront Rabindrinath again.  This time the Crystal rose of Love will protect you from his attack.

Take the key from the body and use it to open the door at the north end of the main hall.

This third time, the Mirror of Truth will save you from his spell.  It will backfire and he will die.

Take the key from his body and use it to open the door to the right.  Behind the door is the Dream Crystal.

Give the Dream Crystal to Siranush and she will give you the Serpent Necklace.  The dream will end and you will awake in front of the swamp.  You may now continue through the swamp.

The Northern Forest

Follow the road to its end at a small mining encampment.  Talk to Draygon and he will boast of his power and anticipated wealth.

Speak to Boryl when Draygon is not near and she will tell you the truth about Draygon.  She will ask you to save her be going to Morghrim to get King’s Savior.

Go southwest through the forest to the southern tip of the forest and speak with Morghrim, forest master and refugee from Pagan.  He will tell you that Draygon had stolen his orb and will ask you to return it for him.  Ask him where King’s Savior grows and he will tell you where to find them.

Go west to the coast and pick up some King’s Savior from among the mushrooms.

Return to Boryl in the encampment.  Use the King’s Savior on an arrow to turn it into a sleep arrow.

Use the sleep arrow on Draygon and then kill him.  Boryl will thank you for what you did.  Take the Orb of Elerion form his body.

Mirghrim will appear asking for his orb.  In return he’ll give you a whistle to summon the Hounds of Doskar.

Shamino’s Castle

Summon a Hound of Doskar with the whistle and get it to smell Cantra’s wooden sword.  It will point you to the east.

Go east from the encampment to the reach Shamino’s Castle.  As you get close, Shamino will recognize it and will draw you a map.  He will also tell you of a secret entrance.

Follow the mountains to the west until you find two tree stumps.  Enter a secret passage in the mountains between the stumps.

Follow the passage to Shamino’s Keep.  The spirit of Beatrix will great you with hate.  Double-click on the wall to open a passage into the storeroom.

There is a hidden door in the north end of the garrison.  Behind it are switch that control the doors of the keep.  Up is locked, down unlocked.

Enter the keep and go to the room on the right.  Batlin’s thugs will attack you.  Batlin will arrive and then disappear with Palos.

The Passage to the North

Climb the stairs to the second floor where you will find Cantra’s body.  A monk from Monk’s Isle will appear and take the body with him to see if he can bring her back to life.

Pick up Batlin’s Medallion and when you leave the keep, summon a Hound of Deskar.  Let him smell the medallion and he will point north.

Before you go north, everyone in your party must have a cloak, a fur hat, and fur boots.  Otherwise you party will freeze.

Follow the mountains west from the miner encampment until you reach a cave.  The cave leads to the north.

Just as you leave the cave, you will come across the dying Fitch.  He will tell you about a sorceress that attacked and killed many of his group before he dies.

The Gwani

Head north for a while and you will be approached by a Gwani named Bwundai.  He will tell you about Gwenno.

Enter the caves of the Gwani and talk to them to learn the full story of Gwenno’s death.  They will also ask you to save the child Neyobi, who is ill.

Speak to Baiyanda, the healer, and she will ask you to get some Ice Dragon Blood to save Neyobi.  She will give you a bucket to collect the blood.

Head north again and you will come across Gilwayai.  He will tell you about a Dragon in a cave to the north.  He will warn you against using the front entrance.

Continue north and you will find a raft on your left.  Use it to get to Sunrise Isle to the north.

Go to the west side and kill a snow dragon.  Use the bucket on the body to collect its blood.  Inside the cave are piles of treasure.

Return to Baiyanda with the Ice Dragon’s Blood.  She will tell you to take it to Yenani.

Give the blood to Yenami and she will tell you a secret.  She will tell you how to enter the ancient city in the Skullcrusher Mountains.

The Ancient City of Chaos

Go south from the village and enter the cave with the body and runes.  Use the Ophidian Rune chart in the manual to help you put the runes on the pedestal with a plaque of the same letter.  Then double-click on the runes in this order: I (left), S (centre), C (top), G (bottom), and I (right).  The gate will open.

Inside the city you will find Vasculio’s laboratory.

Read Vasculio’s journal in the next room. He lists all the things he has stolen from the mages of Moonshade.  Use the Flux Analyzer on your Daemon Sword to restore its power.  Take Torrissio’s Philanderer’s Friend as well.

Open the cage in the room to the west and read Maleccio’s journal.  It contains valuable information about Vasculio.  His body also contains two Serpent’s teeth.  One to Fawn, the other to the Northern Forest.

Go east the read the scroll on the pedestal.  Vasculio will leave his coffin and attack you.  Kill him and take the key from his body.

In a building to the southeast, you will find a journal of Vasculio’s experiments.  You will also find Rudyom’s Wand back.

Continue east, then north and use the key from Vasculio to unlock the door leading to the exit

Temple of Emotions

Go east from the cave exit to the Temple of Emotion.

Talk to the spirit of the girl trapped in the wall.  Destroy the column of Love with your sword to set her free.

Double-click on the Moon’s Eye to see Batlin making preparations for your arrival.

Spinebreaker – Ancient City of Order

Enter the temple in the Spinebreaker mountains from the southwestern side.

As you enter an automaton will approach you and through it Batlin will tell you you are too late.  Take the key from its body after it attacks you.

At the gate above, the guard will not let you in without a password.  Cast Telekinesis on the button on the left to open the gate anyway.

When you reach the two gates, use the top button to go through the top gate.  Keep walking up into a secret passage, then go right and then down parallel to the south passage.  This way you are avoiding the traps in the other corridor.  Go back left to leave the secret passage.

In the next room open the secret door in the north wall and continue north through the secret passage to the City of Order.

In the northwest corner of the city, pick up the serpent dagger in the Chapel of Discipline.

Go south to the Chapel of Ethicality and pick up one of the scrolls.

Go east to the Chapel of Logic and pick up the abacus.

Put the items on the pedestal in front of the Temple of the Hierophant in this order to gain access: scroll, dagger, abacus.

Enter the temple and descend to the Hierophant’s chamber.  Tell the automaton you are the Heirophant and he will give you the Serpent Scepter.

Put the Serpent Scepter on the blue pedestal to teleport to the library.

Use the yellow key to enter the hall in the northwest corner of the library and read the book on the counter.  Use the gray key to open the door to a teleport to return to the city.

Go to the southeast corner of the city and Palos will confront you.  He will run away and lead you into a trap.  Cast Destroy Trap on the statues to pass through unharmed.

To pass the next gate, you must answer the automaton’s question.  Answer “The Structures of Order” to continue.

Press the button on the wall and Brunt will confront you.  He too will lead you into a trap.  Cast Detect Trap to find the traps and Destroy Trap to destroy them.

Take the key off the body and return to the city.  Use the key to open the Vault of the Dead.

Press the button on the green rug to continue.

Continue on and you will be attacked by Selina, Palos, and Brunt just before the Grand Shrine.  Kill them and transcribe the Dispel Field Spell on Selina’s Body.

Enter the grand shrine to witness Batlin’s attempt to enter the Wall of Lights.  He will fail and will be destroyed by the Guardian.  The Chaos Banes will be released and will enter your companions who will disappear and leave their possessions behind.  Take the key, the blackrock Chaos Serpent, and the Jawbone from Batlin’s body.  Add his Serpent’s Teeth to your Jawbone.

Return to the Gwani

Use the Serpent Gate to return to the Ancient City of Chaos in the Skullcrusher Mountains.

Use the Dispel Field spell to get the Gwani Horn

Return to the Gwani village and talk to Yenani to find out what happened to the other Gwani.

Go north from the village to Hazard the Trapper’s cave near the coast.

Kill Hazard and use the key from his body to open the treasure chest to get the Gwani amulet inside.  You lost Glass Sword are also here.

Return the amulet to Yenani and she will give you a Serpent’s Tooth to the Temple of Balance.

Free Gwenno

Use the Gwani’s Ice Raft to get to the island in the northwest corner of the sea.

Enter the cave from the east side and go to the west end of the cave.

Blow the Gwani’s Horn to destroy the ice barrier.  Blow it again in front of the center ice barrier to free Gwenno’s body.

Bring Gwenno to Karnax and he will resurrect her.  He will ask for the Scroll of the Serpent from Fedabiblio to restore her mind.

Go to Moonshade.  You will discover that nearly everyone was killed by Shamino the Anarch.  Talk to either Andrio or Freli to learn that Fedabiblio was turned to stone.

Go to the Seminarian and use Torrissio’s Philanderer’s Friend which you found in the Ancient Chaos City in the Skullcrusher Mountains on the statue to restore Fedabiblio.  He will give you Captain Hawk’s key and the Scroll of the Serpent.

Open Captain Hawk’s treasure chest in the Blue Boar Inn with the key.  Inside you will find a map to Hawk’s treasure.

Search the manors for magic spells.  Serpent’s Teeth can be found in Gustacio’s basement, Torrissio’s manor, Filbercio’s house, and Frigidazzi’s vault (use the key behind red rose).

Talk to Stefano and he will ask for your protection.  When you are done talking, a knight will attack you.  Defeat the knight and Stefano will give you a key.  He will also give you a Serpent’s tooth.

Stefano’s vault it west of Moonshade, just outside the wall.  Use the key to get the Blackrock Order Serpent.

Return to Karnax with the Serpent Scroll.  He will explain to you the philosophy of Balance and will instruct you to get water from the temple of Discipline to cure Gwenno.

Temple of Ethicality

Use a Serpent Gate to reach the Temple of Ethicality.

Among the bodies in the temple, you will find clues to the Test ahead.

At the east end you will find a rug.  Double-click on it to begin the Tests.

Before the Test, the Educator will ask you three questions.  Answer “Risk Death”, “Leave the Money”, and “Continue” to proceed.

To pass the first test, walk through the fire and push the button.

For the second test, put all your wealth on the pedestal and the traps in the corridor will be disarmed.  Continue to the end and press the button to continue.

Refuse to yield to Batlin to pass the third test.

Go to the surface and pick up the bucket.  Use it on the fountain to fill the bucket with its water.

Temple of Discipline

Use a Serpent Gate to reach the Temple of Discipline.

Push the buttons on the wall in the Serpent Gate room and in the room across the hall to unlock the doors.

Read the book about mind transference in the library upstairs.

Descend to the west basement and go south.  Double-click on the wall to open a secret door.  Take the key from the invisible treasure chest.

Go up to the second floor on the east side and use the key to open the door to the north.  In the next room you will find the quartz y-shape.

Go back south and double-click on the wall to open another secret door.  Inside you will find the obsidian y-shape and another key.

Put the quartz Y-shape in the slot in the right side of the altar to stop the Lightning attacks.  Put the obsidian Y-shape in the left-hand slot to create a bridge to the stairs behind the statue.

Descend the stairs and use the second key to open the south door.

Use the key in the next room to open the north door.  The floor of the next room is covered with deadly acid.

Go to Moonshade and ask Petra to join you.

Return to the Temple of Discipline and enter the Mind Transference Chamber.  Talk to Petra and she will go onto one of the platforms.  Press the switch to change bodies.

Return to the basement and walk over the acid unharmed in Petra’s body.

Pick up the bucket and fill it with water from the Pool of Discipline.

Walk over the acid again to leave the temple.  As you leave you and Petre will exchange bodies again.

Temple of Logic

Use a Serpent Gate to enter the Temple of Logic in the Glacial Mountains.

Continue to the back of the cave and use the Gwani Horn to destroy the ice blocks.  The book from one of the bodies contains clues for entering the temple.

Step on the platforms in this order to enter the temple: red, yellow, blue, red, yellow.

Place the runes along the ground in front of the door from left to right as follows: B, C, O, W.

Talk to the automatons and then leave the temple.  Walk through a hidden passage in the northwest corner of the cave.  Cast Create Automaton to restore number 7.  He will accuse number 4 of stealing the key.

Return to the temple and accuse number 4.  Kill him and take the key.

Use the key to open the door at the west end of the temple.

Cast Dispel Field to get the yellow key.  Use it to open the doors to the basin.  Fill a bucket with the Water of Logic.

Restore Gwenno

Use the Water of Discipline on Gwenno to cure her.  She will urge you to fix the imbalance soon.

Return to the Temple of Discipline and fill another bucket (you will need to use it again).

The Soul Prisms

Go to Moonshade and give Torrissio his Philanderer’s Friend.  Talk to him again and he will give you the Create Soul Prism spell.

Ask Ducio for three worn gems and cast Create Soul Prism on them.

Return to Gwenno o Monk’s Isle.  She will tell you that you must bathe the Gems in the waters from the temples.

The Temple of Emotion

Use the Serpent Gates to get to the Temple of Emotion.

Gather the four gems from around the temple and place them on the pillars in front of the water.

Fill a bucket with the Waters of Emotion and use it on any Soul Prism to create the Prism of Emotion.

Look into the Moon’s Eye to see the three Banes.

The Temple of Tolerance

Use the Serpent Gates to get to the Temple of Tolerance in the far north.

Inside you will see Mortegro trapped on a small island.  He will ask you for help.

Get the yellow key from the east end of the building.

If you don’t yet have Serpent Bond, transcribe it from the scroll in the southwest end of the building.

Descend the stairs and use the key to open the door to the prison.

Talk to Sethys in the southern-most cell.  He will tell you that a rat stole his key.

Cast Serpent Bond to turn into a snake and enter the rat hole from the prison cell.  On the other end is a key.

Return to the main floor and use the key to enter the room in the top-right corner.

Use the winch to lower the drawbridge.

Talk to Mortegro and he will give you a scroll with the Shade Summoning Spell.  He will also sell you spells for half price.  He will ask you to lead him home.

When you leave the temple, he will be killed by lightning (how ironic).

Go to Moonshade and descend to Gustacio’s basement.

Place an empty bucket on the stone altar to receive the Water of Tolerance.  Use the water on an Empty Soul Prism to create the Prism of Tolerance.

The Temple of Enthusiasm

Use the Serpent Gates to reach the Temple of Enthusiasm in the far northeast.

Make your way through the maze to the red and black checkered room.  Cast Destroy Trap on the Treasure Chest to top the lightning attacks.  Use the key in the chest to open the next door.

Enter the courtyard and use a bucket on the well to receive the Water of Enthusiasm.  Use the water on your last empty Soul Prism to create the Prism of Enthusiasm.

The Castle of the White Dragon

Use the Serpent Gates to get to the Northern Forest and go south to the Castle of the White Dragon.

Enter the castle from the south and you will be attacked by the King of the White Dragon (as an ice dragon).

Go east where you will be met by Insanity.  Several wildmen disguised as Avatars will attack you.

In the southeast corner of the room is a secret door to the laboratory.

Take the yellow key from the body and use it to unlock the door to the room to the north.

Enter the room and Anarchy will appear.  Several of the books will explode when you read them.

Climb the stairs and go west.  Wantonness will appear and you will be attacked by a nightmare.  Take the key from the desk.  Go to the north hall and defeat the headlesses.  Use a lockpick to enter the kitchen and then open the secret door to the banquet room to the north.  Take the golden key from the table.

Return to the entrance of the castle and climb the stairs.  Descend the stairs just to the left to the music room.  Defeat the ghost and take the key on the table.

Return to the main hallway and use the shiny key on the door to the west.  Cast Destroy Trap on the traps.  Move the bales of wool to reveal a switch to the next room.  Use the key from the Music room to enter the next room.

Cast Destroy Trap in the next room to pass safely.  Pull the lever to open a passage to the north.

Defeat the harpy and use the golden key to open the door.

Use a lockpick to open the door to the nursery in the northwest corner of the castle.  Destroy the zombies and take the blue key from the drawers.

Descend the stairs to the basement.

Use the blue key to open the first door on the left.  Open a secret door in the bottom-left corner of the room and enter the secret passage.  Open a secret door in the bottom-left of the chamber below.  Pull the switch next to the clock and take the outer hallway all the way around to the east side.  Pull the lever there and enter the second room.  Go through the door to the top chamber and take the purple key from the drawers.  Return to the central hall and use the key on the south door.

Enter the torture room to the left and pull the lever.  Enter the outer hallway again and go to the bedroom on the east side.  Open the south door to enter the throne room.

Walk forward slowly and destroy the traps ahead of you.  Beware the explosion of fire in front of the throne.

Approach the banes and use powerful magic to defeat them (sleep spell may help).  They will be trapped in the Black Sword.  Use the Soul Prisms on your sword to transfer the Banes to the Prisms.

Xenka Returns

Bring your companions back to Monk Isle to have them resurrected.  Use the Water of Logic on Iolo, the Water of Ethicality on Shamino, and the Water of Discipline on Dupre to restore them.  Get them to join your party again.

Xenka will appear and will tell you to go to the Isle of Crypts.  She will give you the Serpent’s Tooth to get there.

Dupre’s Sacrifice

Go to the crematorium in Monitor and pull the lever on the machine.  Dupre will take your place and will be cremated.  Pick up the ashes and take them with you.

Blackrock Balance Serpent

There is an invisible entrance into the Glacial Mountains northwest of the Temple of Logic.  Use Silverplate’s map to help find it if you have the map.  Make your way through the cave to his treasures (pick up the caltrops before you step on them).  Take the Blackrock Balance Serpent.

The Isle of Crypts

Use the Serpent Gates to go to the Isle of Crypts.  Descend to the southern tip of the mountain and enter the temple.

First go south, then west to the far end.  Press the button on the wall and enter the closet above to teleport to a new area.

Go to the far west again and defeat the wraith.  Take the scroll and put in on the pedestal where it says Balance is Wisdom.  You will teleport to the library.

Read the book on the pedestal.  You will be teleported again.

Cast Dispel Field to get the Chaos Serpent Eye.  Open the secret door in the wall above and step on the teleporter to teleport to the Great Hierophant’s grave.

Cast Shade Summoning to speak to the Great Heirophant.  He will tell you to gather the Staff, the armor, and the Crown of the Great Earth Serpent.  He will also tell you to reunite the Chaos Serpent.

The Serpent Artifacts

Get the Serpent staff from the Furnace if you have not already done so (see Furnace section above).

Go to Fawn and talk to Ruggs.  He will tell you that only he and Lady Yelinda survived and that Yelinda ran into the Swamp of Gorlab.

Find Lady Yelinda in the Swamp of Gorlab and give her the Comb of Beauty you took from Columna the Mage.  She will give you the key to her treasure room.

Return to Fawn and go to the southeast corner of the throne room.  Walk behind the stairs to descend to the treasure room.  Use the key to open the gate and a lockpick to open the treasure chests.  Inside one of them you will find the Serpent Armor.

Go to the forest west of Fawn and use Hawk’s map to find the hollow tree with his treasure.  Take the Serpent Crown.

Restore the Chaos Serpent

Go to the Temple of Tolerance and speak with Sethys in the prison.  He will join you.

As you leave the temple, Sethys will grow old and die.  He will give you instructions about how to summon the Chaos Heirophant before he expires.  Take the Eye of the Serpent with you.

Go to the temple of Enthusiasm and cast Shade Summoning by the skeleton next to the Serpent Gate.  The shade of the Heirophant of Chaos will appear and tell you what you must do to restore the Chaos Serpent.

Go to the ancient Chaos City in the Skullcrusher Mountains.

Use a powder keg to blow open a hole in the large brass doors above the Serpent Gate.

Make your way through the cave until you reach a large room with a pool in the centre behind large brass doors.  Open the secret door at the back of the chamber to arrive before the Wall of Lights.

Place the Blackrock Chaos Serpent in the slot on the altar to activate the Wall of Lights.  Place the prisms with the banes on the pedestals: Wantonness on the Enthusiasm pedestal, Madness on the Emotion pedestal, and Anarch on the Tolerance pedestal.  Place Dupre’s ashes on the remaining pedestal to reform the Chaos Serpent.  Dupre will speak to you telling you to go to Sunrise Isle to restore balance.  Take the Blackrock Chaos Serpent before you leave.

The Temple of Balance

Use the top-centre Serpent Gate to go to the Temple of Balance in Sunrise Isle.

Gather the four glass serpents from the corners of the room and put each on scale matching red with blue.  The three artifacts of Order and the three artifacts of Chaos will appear on the pedestals.  Take them with you before you leave.

Place the six artifacts on the pedestals of the appropriate shrine: the Chain with Ethicality, the Torch with Tolerance, the dagger with Enthusiasm, the Rose with Discipline, the Abacus with Emotion, and the Heart with Logic.  When you have placed the last item on the pedestal, a book will appear.  Take it and return to the temple.

Stand between the two pillars and read the book.  A bridge of fire will appear.  Repeat this again between the next two pillars and another bridge of fire will appear.  Cross the bridge and enter the Shrine of Balance.

Go to the left and take the key from the bag.  Go all the way to the right and open the chest with the key.  Take a serpent candle and put it on the blue pedestal on the far west side.  Take the Ice Diamond and a chunk of ice.  Put the block of ice on the red pedestal on the far east side.  Take the Fire Ruby and put the two diamonds on the pedestals before the big brass door to continue.

Climb the stairs to the left and push both buttons.  Walk through the illusionary wall under the stairs and push the button on the wall.  Step on the right teleport.  Press the button in the room with the abacus and then go on the left teleport.  Climb the stairs and take the key from the chest.  Cast Telekinesis on the button in the room with the torch.  Descend the stairs and press the button in the room with the heart.  Take the teleport back to the abacus room and open the door with the key.  Descend the stairs and take the Key of Fire from the brass treasure chest.  Return to the room with the Heart and open the door with the Key of Fire.  Take the Key of Ice from the chest and two cubes of ice.  Return to the room with the dagger and use the Key of Ice to open the door.  Take two cubes of fire.  Put the four cubes on the black pedestal in front of the big brass doors.  Climb up the steps and read the scroll.  Equip the Serpent Earrings, Armor, Crown, and Staff and make sure you have all three blackrock serpents.  Step on the teleport.

Ascend the stairs and place the Serpent Staff, Armor, and Crown on the table to become the Great Heirophant.

Walk through the doors and defeat the Order Serpent’s minions who are trying to stop you from restoring balance.

Place the three blackrock serpents in their proper slots to open the Wall of Lights.

Place the two serpent eyes on the altar in front of the serpent.

Destroy the serpent with the Ophidian Sword to restore balance to Serpent Isle.

The Silver Seed: Quest Outline


Use the Amulet of Balance any Serpent Gate to travel back in time.  You will appear in a garrison of the forces of Order, called Serpent Fang.

Go to the north chamber and speak with Isstanar, Commander of the Garrison.  He will give you a magic keyring upon which you can put all your keys without taking up extra space.  He will also tell you where you are and what is happening.

Talk to the other people in the garrison to learn more information.

Go to the south end of the garrison and use the winch to open the gates.

Around the castle are four areas, each containing an orb and a magic treasure.  In front of three of the areas a monk will appear to give you some clues about the area behind them.  These areas can be done in any order.

The Silver Seed

After you have collected all four orbs, return to the garrison.

Go to the north end of the first basement, just before the stairs to the library and push the button behind the lantern.

Go west and descend the stairs behind the cask.

Put the four orbs on the four pedestals at the end of the tunnel.  You know the orb is on the right pedestal if it turns black.

Go up and grab the Silver Seed.  The three monks will appear and attack you.  Take the keys off their bodies.

Use the keys to open the doors ahead to reach the end of the cave.

Karnax will appear and talk to you when you leave the cave.

Put the seed into the black hole in the middle of the glade and watch the Tree of Balance grow.

Use the Amulet of Balance on the serpent gate in the middle of the garrison to return to your own time.

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