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Serpent Isle Walkthrough by Fallible Dragon

Walk through and Help File

by William Herrin
aka Fallible Dragon

This is version 4.01(see note)of the walkthrough. Several corrections and clarifications have been made from the 3.01 version. Also, two new sections have been added by Neutronium Dragon, dealing with potions and spells.


If you've noticed the 0.01 difference above, I, Ganesh, webmaster of Bootstrike.Com(http://bootstrike.com) have made some minor changes, specifically, broken anchors and links. That is all! Nothing else has been changed.

Table of Contents:

  1. Problems?
  2. Helpful Stuff
    1. Serpent Gate Map
    2. Generic Hints
    3. A word about the previous Ultima games
    4. Money Conversions
    5. Reagents: Where to obtain
  3. Walkthrough
    1. Start Game
    2. Monitor
    3. Sleeping Bull
    4. Fawn
    5. Moonshade
    6. Gorlab Swamp
    7. North Forest
    8. Gwani Territory
    9. Northern Wastes
    10. Batlin
    11. After Batlin
  4. After you're done
    1. Interesting Places
    2. Main Menu options (Broken Link - Ganesh)
    3. Potion Guide
  5. Copyright Notice


If you encounter incorrect information in here, or have information you think should be added, send it to me at the internet address: Fallible_Dragon@udic.org

Helpful stuff:

Serpent Gate Map:

Here's a map of the serpent gates, courtesy of Lord DCD (with a couple of changes by me.)

                 4                     6
                 |                     |
                 |          5          |
         3-------+          |          +------7
                  \         |         /
                   \        |        /
1       2           +-------+-------+            8        9
|       |           |               |            |        |
|       |           |               |            |        |
|       |           |               |            |        |
+-------------------+       +       +------------+--------+
|       |           |               |            |        |
|       |           |               |            |        |
|       |           |               |            |        |
18      17          +-------+-------+            11       10
                   /        |        \
                  /         |         \
        16-------+          |          +-------12
                 |          14         |
                 |                     |
                 15                    13

  1. Sleeping Bull (Silverpate's Cellar)
  2. Furnace (Somewhere underground between Monitor and Moonshade)
  3. Temple of Emotion (21N 50E)
  4. Skullcrusher
  5. Temple of Balance (Sunrise Isle -- accessible only by gate)
  6. Spinebreaker (Near 39N 96E)
  7. Temple of Discipline (Near 43N 86E)
  8. Monk Isle (Beneath the main building)
  9. Isle of Crypts (West of the Gwani, accessible only by gate)
  10. Great Northern Forest (4S 77E)
  11. Fawn (Beneath the palace)
  12. Temple of Logic (Near 23N 64E)
  13. Temple of Ethicality (30N 133E)
  14. Monitor (In the Crypts, Near 148S 9W)
  15. Temple of Tolerance (61N 63E)
  16. Temple of Enthusiasm (82N 141E)
  17. Moonshade (95S 152E)
  18. Erstam's House (22S 110E)


  • Find a convenient place to drop stuff you don't think you need anymore. (Near a serpent gate is good, on the Dark Path is better) This way if you're wrong you can find it again.
  • Don't use the cheat mode until after you've won. With this walk-through you shouldn't need to. The game is more fun if you don't use it, and its awfully easy to mess your game up by using it.
  • Hollow Trees: A lot of hollow trees have useful stuff in them. You should make it a point to check every hollow tree you pass.

Previous Ultimas:

While its not necessary to play the previous Ultimas before playing this game, its highly reccomended. This game borrows a great deal from those plots, and in fact has references to every previous Ultima of the mainstream series, as well as Ultima Underword II. For instance, if you havn't played Ultima III, you'll miss the connection about the Great Earth Serpent. If you havn't played Ultima VI and Ultima VII, you'll miss the ah-ha experience about Daemons. If you havn't played Ultima VII, you won't understand whats so important about this Batlin character. And if you haven't played Ultima IV , you won't understand what it means to be the Avatar. You can play Serpent Isle without having played these games, but if you do, a lot of things about the plot are going to be confusing that are dead obvious to the rest of us.


There are several different types of money. I'll use Monetari as the standard currency. 1 Monetari = 3 Guilders = 4 Filari = 2 gold coins. Topo (77S 141E) will give you 100 Guilders for gems. Gold nuggets are worth 10 Monetari. Jewelry is worth 100 Monetari. Gold bars are worth 200 Monetari. You can also sell many metal armor pieces at the smithy in Monitor, and all leather armor pieces at the supply shop there. If you have any Stoneheart to spare, you can get 120 Guilders per piece at the apothecary shop in Moonshade. Finally, you will be paid 100 Monetari for every pikeman's body you cremate.


You can buy Reagents from three people: Pothos of Moonshade, Harnna of Monitor (160S 4W), and Delphynia of Fawn (69S 17E).

Black Pearl -- Pothos wants 50 Guilders. Delphynia wants 70 Filari. Magic Gremlins are a convenient source of black pearls. You can find some in the Temple of Chaos, as well as other places.
Blood Moss -- An unlimited supply of blood moss can be found in the swamp at 122S 147E. Just get what's there, go away, and come back. There's also a plentiful supply in Gorlab Swamp, once you've bested the Dream Realm, but it doesn't reappear if you take it and come back later.
Blood Spawn -- Blood spawn is made by using a ritual blooding device on yourself and then using it on some stoneheart. Finding stoneheart is the difficult part. It is also possible to find some premade Bloodspawn.
Garlic -- Pothos wants 8 Guilders. Harnna wants 8 Monetari for 3 cloves. Delphynia wants 15 Filari.
Ginseng -- Harnna wants 9 Monetari for 2 bunches. Delphynia wants 20 Filari.
Mandrake Root -- Pothos wants 75 Guilders. Delphynia wants 65 Filari.
Nightshade -- Delphynia wants 25 Filari.
Serpent Scales -- There are a few of these at various places throughout the game. There seems to be a very limited supply.
Spider's Silk -- Pothos wants 35 Guilders.
Sulfurous Ash -- Pothos wants 36 Guilders.
Worm's Heart -- Pothos wants 100 Guilders. Worm's heart can also be found in the Gwani area -- just find some ice worms and kill them.
Additionally, you can find all of these reagents scattered about in various places, and there is a plentiful supply of them in the Conjury of Furnace.

Copy Protection:

Serpent Isle Walkthrough:

Head south a bit from the ship. (Its the only way you can go.) After a few steps, lightning will strike you and your companions, making them and most of your stuff disappear. Continue south a little further, and you will be confronted by a monk named Thoxa.


Thoxa will give you the Hourglass of Fate, which will allow you to be resurrected if you die, or allow you to call a monk to resurrect a party member if they have died. When she gets ready to leave, another monk will appear, angry that Thoxa has contacted you. The two will battle and then leave.

Continue south. You will find Shamino, who will rejoin you. You will also find Shamino's magic bow. Just north of Shamino's bow is a secret cave, near a red bush. Go inside and get the two chests, the bedroll, and the bag behind the barrel, and anything else you want. There is an illusory wall that leads to the second chamber where the second chest is. Be sure to get the sextant as you will need it to find some of the locations I will give you. Also read the scroll on the ground, and grab the Serpent Scales on the corpse.

Continue southeast again, until you reach the gate to Monitor. Talk to the guard and have him raise the gate.

There are essentially two periods in the game -- before killing Batlin and after killing Batlin. What you can do in each town before and after this varies. First, what you can do before: (Note: Many of these things can be done in whatever order you desire, but some of the require you to do them in sequence. The sequence below will work, but it is not necessary that you follow it strictly.)


Follow the road north. The Crematory is the first building on the left. (147 south, 10 west) Cantra will have caught up with you by now... Talk to her and listen to what she says about the Knight's Test. Go inside the Crematory. Renfry will tell you that there is a funeral in progress and that Lord Marsten can be found in the Crypts. The crypts are through the curtain in the southwest part of the building. Follow them south until you get to Lord Marsten. Ask him for permission to take the Test of Knighthood. After you break off conversation, Dupre will be escorted in and rejoin you.

Things to do at Monitor: Take the Test of Knighthood, Get Iolo out of jail, recover the Helm of Courage (and reveal the traitors), Training at List Field, Re-acquiring Dupre's Shield.

Knight's Test:

Go north, and turn east. RUN until the explosions stop. The door to the east is locked, so take the south passage. If you approach the chest, you'll be attacked by magic gremlins, which are powerful when you only have a mace and leather armor. Go south until you can just see the chest, and move it as far as you can north. Bash it with the mace and get the key. Open the door to the east and then the double doors to the north. Get the key on top of the monolith by stacking some rocks until they form stairs. You may want to stay in combat mode while you do this as snakes will attack you when you move certain stones. Use the key to unlock the door to the south. Run quickly past the cyclops and the fireballs and get the key. You can try to kill the cyclops if you want to, but remember what weapons and armor you're using. Use the key to unlock the door to the east. Run past the lightning and fireballs until you get to the room with the four chests. Don't mess with those chests, or you'll be sorry. Go through the illusory wall to the east and get the key.

Run northwest to the next door and unlock it. Get the key to the south and unlock the next door. Return south and pull the lever. Enter the room and get the next key, while avoiding the rats. (Or kill them, they're not really that tough.) Unlock the door to the west of the door you just unlocked. Go north and then east, following the passageway until you see a table with a scroll and claws on it. Get the claws and read the scroll.

Return to the door. Head south until you are attacked by the invisible pikeman. Kill him and get the note off his body. There are two torches near each other on the west wall near where the pikeman attacked you. Open the secret door that is between the two torches and go west and then south to the next hallway. Proceed northwest until you get to the goblin king's ashes. Use the claws on yourself to draw blood and then use the claw on the ashes to mix your blood with them. An animal will appear.

Slay the animal and take it with you southeast to the door. Use the key inside it to open the door. Proceed southwest, and Shmed will let you out. He'll be most disappointed that you're still alive, and will try to remedy the situation. Kill him, and read the note on his body. (You may wish to run past him and retrieve your stuff from the chest in his house and your companions first.) Return to Monitor. at 133 south, 19 east. There is a rumor that cremating Shmed's body will get you 100 Monetari. Cremating the invisible pikeman's body will get you paid. Give the wolf's meat to Lucilla at the pub so that she can make the banquet stew. (152 south, 13 east). Give the wolf to Cellia the Furrier so that she can make a Wolf Cloak for you. (139 south, 1 west). Return in 24 hours and collect the cloak. Visit Lydia and get your tattoo. (147 south, 12 east) Find Lord Marsten and let him know you've completed the test. Go to the banquet hall and listen to everyone talk. (157 south, 12 east) Harnna will come in and exclaim that Cantra is gone. The knights will argue about goblins and traitors and the dinner will break up. Talk to Harnna about Cantra and go look in her Crystal Ball. (157 south, 9 west). Talk to Harnna again, and ask her to heal your recurring poisoning. She'll tell you to bring her Varo Leaves from Fawn, and she'll also tell you that the source of the poison is the tattoo you just got (i.e. Lydia poisoned you.)

Go to Fawn. (85 south, 9 east) (You may wish to avoid the road since there are goblins at Fawn Tower) A fellow named Ruggs will ask you to carry a letter to Delphynia, who also happens to have the Varo Leaves, so take it to her. Go to the Fellowship camp and give Ruggs the letter she gives you and also get a map of the Serpent Isle from Scots. Return to Monitor and have Harnna heal you. You should also talk to Harnna about some of the strange objects you picked up as she will give you some leads. Confront Lydia about the poisoning and kill her.

Rescue Iolo from Jail:

Go talk to Iolo in jail. (139 south, 14 east) Now that you're a knight, ask Lord Marsten for the key. Release Iolo from jail. (Lord Marsten can generally be found at the Hall of Monitor around noon. 144 south, 5 east.)

Training at List Field:

Whenever you have three or more Training points, you can go to List Field and train. (155 South, 8 East) Training costs 50 Monetari. Caladin (who is there from 9 am to noon) improves your strength by 2 and your combat by 1. Shazzana (who is there from noon to 3) improves your dexterity by 2, and your combat by 3. Brendan (who is there from 3 pm to 6 pm) improves your dexterity by 1 and your combat by 3. Luther (who is there from 9 am to noon) improves your strength by 3. Note: The first time you train a character, if that training involves their Combat skill, it will be improved more than normal. But this only works for the first training, even if that first training session doesn't involve your Combat skill. Be warned: After Batlin's death, you will no longer be able to train at list field, so plan on doing all the training there that you are going to do before killing him. You will be able to train with Wilfred at the Sleeping Bull Inn after Batlin dies. He will improve your Strength and Combat by one point each, and you only need 2 Training points to train with him. He charges 30 Monetari, but will train you for free if you let him join your party. Footnote: It appears that if you defeat Caladin, you will be teleported to the Realm of the Dead, where all deceased characters are stored by the game. The problem, however, is that unless it's the Avatar who was training at the time, your game will be stuck, and you'll have to exit.

Retrieving the Helm of Courage and exposing the Traitors:

Once you have completed the Knight's Test and been to the banquet, talk to Krayg the provisioner about his long walks in the woods. (Some times of the day he can be found at 140 south, 1 east.) Get the bottle of Fawnish ale from the monolith in the forest. (82 south, 18 west). While you're at it, get the serpent crown from a hollow tree at 86 south, 23 west, and the destroy trap scroll from the hollow tree at 77 south, 16 west. Only one person in Monitor drinks Fawnish ale: Simon the Innkeeper. Go have a talk with him. (144 south, 14 east) (Note that you must have previously accepted a drink of his ale when he offered it to you.) Kill the vile goblin, and head for the hollow tree he talks about. (69 south, 32 west) Descend the stairs, and head north killing the goblins. Open the door with the key Simon had. Head north down the stairs, killing goblins and headlesses. Go north until you reach another set of stairs. Go down the stairs to the west instead. Go around the pool and up the other stairs. Continue north and west (going up two flights of stairs). Go north until you have to go east out of the mountains. Note: the pool with the fountain in the middle of it is beneficial. Drinking from the fountain acts as a potion of healing, so heal up all of your party here.

Head southeast to the goblin encampment. (get the scroll of protection out of the hollow tree at 19 south, 26 west.) Shortly after dawn is the best time to do this, as all the goblins will be asleep. (Check the bodies too, one of them will have a magic axe.) The goblin king's hut is the biggest one in the southern part of the encampment. Be careful! If you're still low level, he's tough! The king has another magic axe, and a key to the locked room you passed on the way through the mountain.

Return and unlock that door. Collect the loot, and read both the scroll and the document. Get both, and return to Monitor. On your way back would be a good time to kill the Jester at 87 south, 28 west.

Return to Monitor and talk to the head of the Bear or Wolf commands (Caladin or Brendan.) Tell him about the two traitors. He'll call the pikemen, and they'll be thrown in jail. Talk to Lucilla the barmaid. She'll give you a key she was keeping for one of the traitors. The key opens a door just inside a cave hidden by an illusory mountainside south of the Crematorium. (154 south, 13 west) Open the door and go in. You'll find a bunch of powder kegs (a couple of which you'll need later, but you probably don't want to carry them around until then) and Harnna's husband. Get the note off the body, read it, and return to her.

Sleeping Bull: (109 S, 29 E)

Money exchangers: The lady who runs the place will change money, gold nuggets, and jewelry for you. ***** Things to Do: Find Silverpate's Treasure, Gain passage to Moonshade, Buy spells from Enscorcio, Get your Swamp Boots back.

Gain Passage to Moonshade:

Talk to Flindo about Captain Hawk. Go to Bull Tower and ask about Hawk. (100S 28E) These pikemen are real butt heads: They'll keep raising the ransom. Go talk to Selina at the Sleeping Bull. She'll offer to help you get money at a building that appeared where the lighthouse used to be. (Keep your friends with you though -- you'll need their help.)

On your way northeast to the treasure, there is a ruined building with two ghosts inside. This is a bug. You can search the building and kill the ghosts, but DO NOT talk to them. You will get a conversation and knowledge you should not yet have, and while this might sound good, there is a chance it screws up your game near the end. The coordinates are 71 south, 52 east.

Proceed to the haunted treasure room at 76 south, 82 east. Note that the key to use is the key Selina gave you, not the one in her pack. Grab as much gold as you can carry (you may want to go to inventory mode, as you'll be teleported chaotically around the building.) Then leave. You'll be attacked by some of Batlin's minions and Selina will depart (Yes, that is why she wanted you to go alone. See, aren't you glad you kept your companions with you?)

Kill them. You may want to take the Sword of Defense that one of them is carrying. With a gold bar, return to the Bull Tower. (Drop all but one -- they only require one, but they'll take all you've got.) Give them a gold bar for the key to Hawk's cell. Go beneath the tower and let him out. Meet him back at the inn and ask him for passage to Moonshade. Go to his ship and get on board.

Find Silverpate's Treasure:

Go downstairs. Open the secret door in the north wall behind the casks. Go north and flip the switch. Also get the key. Go south into the main room of the cellar. The sliding door that was at the south end is now open. Do through and down the stairs. Read the scroll on the bones in the cell. Go north and then west to the treasure room. Get the scrolls and money out of the invisible chest on the north wall. Get the treasure map and key out of the second chest from the bottom. The key operates the door immediately east, where you can flip the master switch which allows you to teleport into each of the rooms at the bull.

Return to where you turned west from going north. Go east now. When there are two torches immediately to you west, go east through the illusory wall. Turn north and you will arrive at the serpent gate #1, and a teleporter that takes you back to the sleeping bull.

Recover your Swamp Boots:

Devra has your Swamp boots, and will freely exchange them for her slippers, which the storm brought you.

Fawn: (85 South, 9 East)

Moneychanger: Zulith (The chancellor) will change coins for you. First thing to do is to get your magic armor out of Kylista's chambers (just to the west of the temple 54W 6E). Don't talk to her about it, or you'll have to give back the armor you've got.

Things to Do: Retake Fawn Tower, Dupre's Trial

Retake Fawn Tower:

Just go there and kill the goblins. The next time you pass by, it will be manned by knights.

Dupre's Trial:

Find the barkeep and ask him about the ring. (64S 3E) Find Alyssand. She's probably at the provisioners. You will need the silver ring that the lightning gave you. If you managed to lose it (like I did) you are SOL and will have to restore the game to a point where you still had it. (72S 14E) (I nearly had to start over at this point -- Fortunately when I did so and went to take the knights test, I noticed that the silver ring was in the chest, and wondered, "Gee, I wonder if I left it there, thinking that I wouldn't need it?")

Note: You must bring Iolo with you to complete the Fawn quest. The first time you enter with him, a magical storm will bring his lute there. (Which is a bit strange, since he never lost his in the first place, and may well still be carrying it.) He will play a song for a group of people. This sets the stage for later events.

If you can't find Alyssand, it seems that eventually, she'll find you. (After you've talked to the barkeep) She'll give you your magic gauntlets. Join the cause she speaks about. Zulith will be following you. Ask him for an audience with Lady Yelinda. Keep going around town talking to people. Eventually Jorvin will approach you, telling you that Iolo's masterful song has earned him an audience with Lady Yelinda. Go to the palace (61S 9E) around noon. She'll give Iolo a diamond necklace. She and your companions go into a series of toasts. Can you guess what faux pas Dupre makes?

Anyway, Dupre gets tossed in jail. Go to the temple for the trial. Listen to your accusers and leave when the trial goes into recess. Find Alyssand and get a key to get into the basement of the temple where Dupre is being held. You won't be able to release Dupre, but you will find controls(!?) for the oracle! Voldin is also there, instructing the oracle how to rule on Dupre's trial. Pull the center lever and then the right lever.

Tell the oracle to tell the truth. (That the trial is corrupted.) Return to the trial, and Dupre will be declared innocent. Lady Yelinda will apologize and give you the Crystal Rose of Love.


Head southeast from where the ship lands, and pick up the bloodmoss in the swamp. (123 South, 147 East) Now, head north to Moonshade (you may want to hit the basement of the shack to the southeast of the swamp first.) Money exchangers: Topo (at the Artisans guild, 77S 141E) will give you Guilders. Bucia (at the provisioners, 73S, 134E) will trade in money, nuggets, jewelry and gold bars.

Things to do an Moonshade: Get a spell book, talk to the magelords, get seduced by Frigidazzi (and thrown into the Mountains of Freedom.), Visit Erstam the mad mage, Buy Spells, Buy Reagents, Get the Comb of Beauty, Help Gustacio with his weather experiments, and get back to the mainland.

Audience with the Adepts:

Talk to Flindo (probably at the inn, 67S 133E). Ask him about his connections, and ask him to get you an audience with the Magelord. Wander around, you'll soon be approached by an automaton who gives you a scroll. Use it and talk to Rotoluncia. Go talk to Flindo again. A couple hours later you'll be teleported to Filbercio's dining room. Watch the mages quarrel until Pothos comes in and informs Filbercio that he couldn't find any bloodmoss. Now, ask Bucia about Pothos. Visit Pothos at the apothecary (78S 136E). Talk to Pothos and ask him about his secret. Now, put down most of the bloodmoss you picked up: You only need to give him a little of it. Talk to him again, and he will tell you how to get to the Mad Mage.

One of your companions will be teleported away. Go talk to Filbercio (where you had dinner) about it. He'll tell you to search Rotoluncia's house. (74S 155E) Kill the automaton there, and be sure to get the serpent tooth. Also, pick up the burner that's sitting on the table -- it serves the purpose of a torch or light spell, and never goes out. Return to Filbercio and report your findings. He'll give you the key to his boat and tell you to go to his cottage in the middle of the lake.

Go to the cottage and go upstairs. (88S 129E) Get the key out of the dresser. Go all the way downstairs and open the door. Kill Rotoluncia and her gremlins. (Footnote: Magic Gremlins are an excellent source of black pearls, but you must look closely to see them.) Free whoever was taken, and leave. The other key operates the door at the other side of the teleporter. (In Filbercio's mansion.) (Try using the varoius torture devices EXCEPT the Iron Maiden while you have all three of your companions in the party. You'll get some humorous results. Don't mess with the Iron Maiden though, that is a trap.)

Get the comb of Beauty:

Visit Columna's house at 85S, 150E. Open the locked door with the key in the chest. Go down the stairs SLOWLY! (Immediately go into inventory mode or see your friends chopped to bits.) Get the stuff you see, and go back upstairs. Open the secret door in the north wall of the house. Go around inside the fence to the south side of the house. Use the green key you just picked up to open the chest hidden behind a tree. Get the comb of Beauty.

Visit Erstam (The Mad Mage):

After getting instructions from Pothos, go Northeast and then west around the Mountains of Freedom until you get to the dock Pothos describes. (15S 128E) Ring the bell and get on the turtle. He'll take you to the dock at Erstam's house (after which you'll never see him again, so don't leave anything on his back.) Talk to Erstam and Vasel until Erstam agrees to let you help him. (Home in on anything they say about Teleportation until Vasel mentions the Jawbone, then ask Erstam about it.) You'll be teleported to a cave. Follow it to its exit, and find the entrance to another cave. Follow this to a ruined area with a switch. Hit the switch. Skyrise, the phoenix will come back to life. Talk to him and get the phoenix egg. Continue through the cave to the teleporter back to Erstam's house.

Gather various body parts and put them in the machine, along with the egg. Boydon -- a Frankenstien if I've ever seen one -- will walk out. As a reward, Erstam will give you the key to his storeroom and a tooth. Go get the jawbone. Return to Erstam and he'll give you two more teeth. If you've been following my instructions, you should now have four teeth. Put them in the jawbone. Leave by using the serpent gate in Erstam's storeroom. (Use, that's a double click on the gate -- merely walking on it will do you little good.)

If you want to, you can talk to Boydon and Erstam until Erstam allows Boydon to join your party -- one of your party members will complain, but no one else in the game will have a problem, and Boydon is a level 1 character who already has a 30 strength.

Get a spell book:

Talk to Fedabiblio in the Seminarium. (93S 149E) Ask him for a spell book. He'll want some mandrake root from Monk Isle. Use the serpent gate to go to Monk Isle. Go to the swamp on the northern part of the island. Circle it, picking up mandrake roots as you go. (Eyes sharp, they're hard to see.) Return to Moonshade and collect the spell book. Copy Protection AGAIN! Same questions as before. Now would be a good time to transcribe any scrolls you have into your spell book.

Get seduced by Frigidazzi:

Go talk to Frigidazzi, and ask about spells. (77S 150E) If you have to get in to her cold room, the key is under the vase. She'll tell you to return after midnight alone. Ask you party members to leave and return just after midnight. Do the naked pretzel (or not) and get sentenced to the Mountains of Freedom.

Kill the automaton at the entrance, and use his key to get out into the rest of the dungeon. Go through the illusory wall to the north. Make sure you take some torches. Wander around, looking for illusory walls. Eventually you'll find a teleporter inside a locked area. Pick the lock and teleport. Wander again, teleport again.

This time you'll meet Stefano. Have him join you. Head northeast. Get a key out of the bag on the table. When you get your black sword back, do not let the demon out. Continue north and teleport. Unlock the door to the west with the key you just picked up. Kill the dracolich. Get another key from the room to the south. Unlock the door back to the east.

Pull the levers (you may want to get the stuff in the chests too, but watch out: They're trapped.) Teleport again and kill the guy who attacks you. Go north and get the scrolls. Return south, and telekinesis the drawbridge. Proceed east and kill the old man. Go north into the room with the levers. There are 8 levers in the center, numbered top to bottom, left to right. Pull levers 1, 2, 4, 5, 7. Go into the room with the woman. Now go to the room with the Nightmare. Get the carrot from the girl and put it on the plate in front of the rabbit. Get the flowers and put them beside the ranger. Now pull lever 8. Go to the teleporter. Pull the glowing lever, and then try to go somewhere. Pull the bottom left lever. Head south.

Walk around the fire until it goes out, then walk in it. Go south for a while. You are in a repeating passage. Turn north again, and find the illusory wall to the east. Go through it. Stack the crates to reach the bell. You will have one too few: put a rock on top of highest stack. Now, go to the west teleporter. Talk to the automaton and kill him. Go south. Talk to the demon sword and release him when Lorthondo attacks you. Head south and teleport. That's it, you're out!

Collect your companions. Dupre is at the pub. (Where else?) (67S 133E) Boydon (if he's in your party) is just south of there. Iolo is at Gustacio's house. (92S 151E) Shamino is in the forest to the west of Moonshade. (79S 111E) Shamino also has a present for you: The serpent earrings (so that the balance serpent can talk to you) and the chill spell.

Help Gustacio with his weather experiments:

Go to Gustacio's house and talk to him about his experiments. (92S 151E) Take the energy globe to his testing area, put it on the table, crank the winch and flip the levers like he wants. Return to Gustacio with the results. Consult Fedabiblio in the Seminarium and then look at his crystal ball. Consult Fedabiblio again and then tell Gustacio that Ale is Edrin. He'll give you a new globe and a cage.

Capture Ale in the cage, and return to the platform, put the new globe on the alter, put the cage with the bird in it where lightning can strike it and call the lightning. Restore Edrin. Return to Gustacio. He'll now teach you every spell he knows, free of charge, as well as giving you the mirror of truth.

(Note from Rock Dragon: You must receive from Gustacio, a mage in Moonshade, a crucial artifact to proceed with the game. He asks you to perform an experiment for him in his tower north of town before he will give you this artifact. BUT, in my version of the game I had visited this tower before meeting Gustacio, and I had moved items on the tower. It turns out that one crucial item, a pumpkin, must be in its original position when you perform the experiment. If it is not, Gustacio will never acknowledge that you have completed the experiment, and never give you the crucial artifact. To fix this bug, find or create a pumpkin and place it on the second platform starting from the south on the left, before starting the experiment.)

Return to the mainland:

Ask captain Hawk about leaving. He'll tell you to ask Julia, the Ranger for a key to Furnace. Go and ask her, and if you have the chill spell (from Frigidazzi, when you returned from the mountains of freedom) she'll give you the key you need. The entrance to Furnace is at 96S, 133E. Follow the dungeon around past the ratmen. Go west from the ruins by the lake and up the stairs. When you get to the gargoyle, convince him to lower the drawbridge. (Yes, you are the Hero, and you WILL take the test.)

Press the button on the wall, and proceed southeast through the city. Stop briefly at the library and go to the door to the west. get the key off the skeleton in the room to the north and go down the stairs to the northeast. Take the scrolls. Go back upstairs and take 3 books. (Two are obscured by rubble). Immediately south of the library is a big pool. A skeleton to the northwest has the key of fire. Get it.

Continue southeast around the arena and enter it from the east side. Kill all the automatons. Walk around in the arena until the northeast gate opens. Get the key and unlock the doors to the east of the arena. Proceed southeast and search all the skeletons until you find the one with the key of Ice and the serpent tooth. Magically unlock the door and go north. A red pillar will be beside a broken blue pillar. Double-click the red pillar.

The test: Push the button the people tell you to (the right button). Refuse to follow Iolo through the gate. Hack all the worms (there is no treasure.) When you return, the gargoyle will give you the serpent ring. Go north and put the keys of fire and ice on the altar within the temple to get the blackrock key. Use the blackrock key to open the door upstairs which leads to the Furnace Serpent Gate. (One interesting note: If you enter Furnace through the Serpent Gate, you will not be affected by the heat which normally causes such a problem.)

Explore furnace: There are magic items and reagents to be found. When you're ready to leave, find the gargoyle and tell him so. Go to where you first met him, and proceed west. (Do not exit via the serpent gate as you still need to get the serpent staff.)

In the troll area, find two things: 1) the serpent staff (there will be a bunch of trolls nearby. Kill them. The one with the two-handed sword has the key). 2) there's a magic axe around somewhere, under some junk.

Gorlab Swamp:

Once you have the Rose of Love, the Mirror of Truth, and the Helm of Courage, its time to brave the Gorlab Swamp to the north. Its entrance is at 47S 53E. Enter and you will fall asleep. You will enter the dreamland... You may want to wander around before solving it -- there's a lot of interesting stuff here, including Lord British. Anyway, you need to find Siranush. Then go and kill Rabindrinath. Return to Siranush with the dream crystal, and she'll give you the serpent necklace, as well as break the spell on the swamp, so that you can pass through it to the North Forest. (I just wish I could have kept the Infinity bow I found here.)

To get through the swamp, follow the path, taking these directions at the intersections: EENEEENNNWNN. You are now at a building. Follow the path around the building and go north, and you will be out of the swamp.

North Forest:

There are two things to be done in the north forest at this stage: First, find Cantra, and second, work your way north into the Skullcrusher Mountains.

Find Cantra:

Go to the gold miners' camp at 0S 67E. Talk to the lady there -- agree to help her. The King's Savior is a plant that will turn arrows into sleep arrows. Some King's Savior can be found at 34S, 40W. Go get some and treat an arrow with it. the fellow you're supposed to kill will no longer be invincible after he's been shot with one of them. (If you need a bow and arrows, they're in the woman's cabin, but Shamino's magic bow will work much better. The Forest Master will pop in shortly and ask for the orb of Elerion, which Draygan (the guy you just killed) had stolen from him. Give it to him and he'll give you the whistle to call the Hound of Doskar.

Call the hound and have him sniff Cantra's wooden sword. The hound will point east. Head for Shamino's castle, taking the secret entrance at 2N 78E. Once inside, go to the northeast most room (via a secret door in the east most room) and flip all the levers down. Grab the treasure in the outer rooms (particularly the magic stuff) and then head into the center building. (If you're blocked by an energy barrier its because you didn't get the hound to sniff Cantra's sword.) (Note: be VERY careful in the kitchen! If you do not stay pressed against the east wall, some steamer traps in the stove will blast you, and they kill VERY quickly.) Go east and kill Batlin's minions. Batlin will come downstairs, taunt you, and teleport away. Go upstairs. A monk will teleport in and take Cantra's body back to Monk Isle for resurrection. Take Batlin's Medallion with you and have the Hound of Doskar sniff it after you leave.

Head to Skullcrusher Mountains:

First, you need to outfit all of your party with fur boots, fur hats, and cloaks. Use the north woods serpent gate to return to Monitor and procure these things from the furrier. (If you haven't already got them. You can get one less hat and boots than you need as you will find a pair before it gets cold. Pick up two powder kegs from the stash in Monitor as well. You'll have to head north through the swamps again, since you don't yet have the tooth that will allow you to go to the north woods serpent gate. (Note: Get rid of all Gwani cloaks at this point, and don't take any from this point on. They will cause trouble with the Gwani you need to befriend.)

On your way north, drop by the trappers' cabin and get the key. (17S 29E) The key is on a table on the first floor. Head SW to the dungeon entrance (28S 3E). Wander through it (killing goblins and worse) until you come out on the other side of the mountain. You're now in Gwani territory.

Gwani Territory:

Things to do: Save the Gwani Child, retrieve the Magebane, Kill the trappers, find Gwenno, and visit Skullcrusher.

Save the Gwani Child:

Talk to Bailanda about Ice Dragon blood. (23N 14E) You will find an Ice Raft at 50N 3E. Take it north, stopping at 61N 1E to grab some loot. (You can also find a key of ice here.) Head north again to 85N 27W and then head due east on foot. Kill an ice dragon, and fill the bucket with its blood. (Go north and collect some treasure too, but you'll have to kill the rest of the ice-dragon family.) Return to Bailanda and give her the Ice Dragon Blood. After you give the blood to Yenani, one of the Gwani will have a secret for you. (If Yenani stubbornly refuses to tell you the "valuable secret", try calling in the hound of Doskar and having it track Batlin's medallion.)

Retrieve the Magebane:

Take the Ice Raft to 53N 33W. The Magebane is there.

Kill the Trappers:

This objective should not be carried out until after Batlin is dead. It is possible to do so before, but results in some illogical occurences later. The entrance to the trappers' cave is at 60N 25E. Use the key you found in the trappers' building in the north forest, or blow the door down with a powder keg. Kill the trapper and collect his treasure. Return the Gwani Amulet to the Gwani and receive the serpent tooth that takes you to the Temple of Balance.

Find Gwenno:

This objective should not be carried out until after Batlin's death. While doing it before is possible, many out-of-order conversations will occur, and you may find yourself misled by them. Once you have the Gwani horn, use the Ice Raft to go to 102N 55W. Free Gwenno using the horn, and call in the monks for a resurrection. You'll need to visit the monks after acquiring the three waters of order (two each is a good idea) for instructions on what to do. Talk to Karnax about Gwenno and the Bane of Chaos. You'll be able to do nothing more for now.

Skullcrusher: (2N 2E)

This sequence cannot be carried out until you have retrieved the bucket of Ice Dragon blood for the Gwani, and received the SKullcrusher Password. Go inside and double-click the runestones (after placing them each on the proper alters) in this order: ISCGI. Proceed east to the main building. To the north is Vasculio's crypt. Grab the stuff inside, and use the flux analyzer on the Black Sword. Unlock the cell to the west and get the Fawn and North Woods serpent teeth. Save your game and have someone ready the Magebane. Go east and read the scroll in the room with the coffin. When you go to leave, Vasculio will appear and attack. Kill him. The Magebane is supposed to help, but it did me little good. Vasculio will be willing to swap a mass death spell for the Magebane before entering combat, but you can buy the mass death spell from Enscorcio while the Magebane is irreplaceable.

Note that the Gwani horn is here, but without a dispel field spell, you can't get to it. Be patient, you'll get it soon enough.

The key on Vasculio's body will let you out a door to the east (not the gold doors to the east.) Before you leave, blast the northern brass doors open with a powder keg. Head on out to the east, and off to destiny. There are also a set of brass doors leading east, but you cannot open them, and there is nothing of interest there in any event.

Northern wastes:

You cannot reach the wastes until you have completed the Skullcrusher events. Before proceeding, it is a good idea to go back to Monitor and train, cash in the loot you found and bring some Guilders with you, and get some buckets (try the monk's isle -- there's a lot of em there.)

There's a bunch of stuff to do in the northern wastes: You can visit the temples of emotion, ethicality, discipline, tolerance, enthusiasm, and logic. You can confront Batlin at Spinebreaker. You can also retrieve Silverpate's treasure.

Temple of Emotion: (21N 50E)

Grab the three lodestones. Talk to the green spot on the wall. The girl imprisoned there will tell you to smash the broken column in the room she is in. Do so, and get the fourth lodestone. Go around to where the moon's eye is, and place the lodestones (one each) on the four pedestals near the door. The water will now be the water of emotion -- you should get some with a bucket. (You will need one bucketful) Look into the Moon's Eye to see the trap Batlin has set for you.

Temple of Ethicality: (30N 133E)

Descend the east stairs. Go all the way east and double-click the meditation mat. Press the button, saving the fellow surrounded by fire. Drop all your gold and valuables on the pedestal and then proceed all the way east and press the button. Do not yield to Batlin. When you're done, the water of ethicality will flow upstairs. Get a bucket, and use it on the water to get some. (You will need one bucketful.)

Temple of Discipline: (43N 86E)

Go inside and press the two buttons. Go downstairs to the west. Go south, open the secret door, and get the key out of the invisible chest. Go back upstairs and take the west stairs up. Read all the books to the south (cast translation if you haven't already.) If you need some buckets, get them from the north. Go back down and go up the east stairs. Open the secret door to the south and read all the books. get the key and the obsidian y-shape out of the desk. Go north and unlock the door with the key you got downstairs. Get the quartz y-shape out of the chest. Go downstairs to the altar. Place the obsidian y-shape on the left and the quartz on the right. Open the south door with the key you got upstairs, and open the north door with the key you find to the south.

If you really want to, you can go through the acid corridor, healing yourself every couple of steps. What is much easier, though, is to return to Moonshade and talk to Petra about the acid. She'll happily join your party, and you can go do the mind transference thing... And use her body to reach the waters! (You will need two bucketful's.) (BTW, if you're willing to take the time to raise her from level 1, she makes an excellent companion... Requiring no food, impervious to cold and acid and poison, etc. Oh, and did I mention that her natural armor class is quite high? Note: A good way to get her experience is to drop everyone else from your party, give her a magic axe, and go to the swamp where you find the bloodmoss. Put yourself in choose target mode, and let her do all the fighting against the slimes. Be prepared with enough heal spells, though: She may not need them, but you will.)

Temple of Tolerance: (61N 63E)

Mortegro is stuck here... he needs your help. If you don't have 2000+ Guilders, come back when you do. Get the key out of the far west room, and head downstairs. Go to the southernmost cell and talk with Sethys. Cast serpent bond to go through the hole, and flip the lever when you get to the other side. Get the key and treat yourself to some treasure. Go back upstairs, unlock the winch, and lower the drawbridge. Learn some spells from Mortegro and then let him join your party. (have a friend wait there if need be). As soon as you get outside, Mortegro will get zapped away, so you can go back and get him then. The waters of tolerance can be obtained by returning to Moonshade and setting a bucket on the altar in Gustacio's basement. (You will need one bucketful.)

Note: Sethys has the Eye of the Serpent. This is used in conjunction with a summon shade spell to talk to the Chaos Hierophant. Sethys will not mention it to you until after Batlin is dead. Additionally, you should avoid spekaing to him about it until you have talked the the Shade of the Heirophant of Balance

Temple of Enthusiasm: (82N 141E)

Get the lightning rod outside, and make your way through the maze. The wand you find in the chest lifts things up off the ground. The hammer seems to serve no purpose, and the Hammer is very weak compared to other hammers. Use a bucket on the well to get the water. (You will need one bucketful.)

With the Eye of the Serpent in the Avatar's inventory, cast Summon Shade near the skeleton in the northeast portion of the garden. Talk to the Chaos Hierophant.

Temple of Logic: (23N 64E)

This mission cannot be completed until you have acquired the Gwani Horn. From the serpent gate go: WWNNENWN. Use the Gwani Horn on the Ice Blocks in front of you. Walk over the teleporters in this order: Red, Yellow, Blue, Red, White. Place the runes on the floor in front of the door in this order: BCOW. Enter the temple, and accuse automaton number 4. Use the key to unlock the west door. Place the leftmost stone on top of the center stone and get the key that the energy field was protecting. Unlock the door to the fountain, and get some water. (You will need one bucketful.)

Silverpate's Treasure: (50N 40E)

Enter the dungeon via an illusory wall at 50N 40E. Follow the map you found in Silverpate's Cellar. Among other things, this is where you find the balance blackrock serpent.

Spinebreaker: (39N 96E)

Get a key off one of the automaton's bodies, and kill the automaton that attacks you. Walk north and telekinesis the button on the other side of the gate. Go through, and kill the automaton. Go east. open both gates... A pirate will arrive from the south and tell you to follow him. What, are you stupid? Go north and through the illusory passage around to the south. go east until you can see the bows There is a secret door in the north wall, leading through an invisible passage. Check the bow room, in the back are containers filled with various types of enchanted arrows: serpent, lucky, magic, and burst. Head east and around the other side of the library. There is a book, a pedestal, and a plaque there.

The order symbol that speaks of principles and wisdom requires a scroll on ethicality that can be found to the southwest. Order symbol for the strength of the mind and willpower is the serpent dagger that can be found to the northwest. Order symbol for a straight path of truth is the abacus that can be found to the southeast.

The library will open. Enter and wander downstairs. Lie to the automaton: Tell him that you are the Hierophant. Go back upstairs and put the scepter he gives you on the altar. You'll be teleported to the library. Read ALL the books and pick up the key on one of the desks, unlock the western door, and proceed down the hall and read the book under the light. Also get the key on the table. Teleport back to the temple. Have your companions wait by the serpent gate, and head east. Press the button by the gate, and Batlin's pet gargoyle will come up and threaten you. Follow him, and run as fast as you can to get past the fireballs. Go east and talk to the automaton. The right book is listed last. Head north (fireballs!) and get the key off the pirate's body. The door to the north can't be unlocked with that key, but the blue glowing key you got from Selina earlier in the game should do the trick. If not, return south and collect your companions

Head northwest from the serpent gate and unlock the door with the key you got off of the pirate. Continue north and press the button on the carpet. Follow the passage around, and you'll be attacked by all four of Batlin's companions. Kill them, and get the scroll off of Selina's body (its a dispel field. You'll need it to get the Gwani Horn. Transcribe it into your spell book.)

Walk north and open the doors, but before proceeding north and confronting Batlin, read the next section carefully.

Batlin's Death:

Are you ready to confront Batlin right now? Be forewarned that once the banes escape him, most everybody in the land will be dead, including the folks who will train you, sell you reagents, and sell you spells. If you want anything more out of these people, turn around and come back later on.

Before heading north, make sure that Iolo, Shamino, and Dupre are the only others in your party. Anyone else will be killed, so ask them to wait for you outside instead. (If any of these folks is missing, the monks will kindly pop in and rejoin them to your party. Note: You can get more than five people in your party by having one or more of your original three missing when you approach the doors.) Also, leave all of their stuff at the nearest serpent gate.

Okay, so Batlin's dead and the three banes have taken over Shamino, Iolo, and Dupre. 90% of the human population of the Serpent Isle is dead too. Way to go bub.

Get the key off his body, the blackrock chaos serpent, and the jawbone of his. The jawbone has a bunch of the teeth you're missing, so transfer them over.

After Batlin's Death:

You need to do the following, after the banes are released: Hit Moonshade, visit the Castle of the White Dragon, finish helping Gwenno, the Temple of Chaos, the Isle of the Dead, Fawn, and Sunrise Isle.


Upon returning, do not speak with Torissio until after restoring Fedabilio. Visit Fedabiblio first... He's the statue at the entrance to the Seminarium. Use the philanderer's friend to restore him from stone. Fedabiblio will reward you by giving you the Scroll of the Serpent (whether or not you're actually looking for it). He'll also give you the key to Hawk's chest.

You will find that some brass boxes have appeared in most of the mages' houses. There are serpent teeth in them. The houses with chests include: Gustacio's, Frigidazzi's, Filbercio's, and Torrisio's.

Note: The teeth in Frigidazzi's and Filbercio's manors are identical to the two you can retrieve in Skullcrusher. If you already have those two, you don't need the ones here as well. Visit the inn. Use the key Fedabilio gave you or the one off of Hawk's body to open his chest. If you didn't get the serpent crown out of the hollow tree earlier on, get it now.

Talk to Stefano. Allow him to join, and he'll give you a serpent tooth. Kill the knight that attacks. He'll give you the key to the treasure room behind his shack. (83S 97E) It contains the blackrock order serpent.

Finnish Helping Gwenno:

Go to monk Isle and give the serpent scroll to Karnax. He'll give you a scroll describing the virtues and anti-virtues. Use the water of discipline on Gwenno. Talk to Gwenno for information concerning the banes. Return to Moonshade and visit Torrisio (he's now in Filbercio's mansion). Get the create soul prism spell from him, and have Ducio make you 3 gems, and cast create soul prism on them. Treat one with the water of tolerance, one with enthusiasm, and one with emotion. You will now have soul prisms in Technicolor, and its time to visit the Castle of the White Dragon.

Castle of the White Dragon:

First, get the waters of Discipline, Logic, and Ethicality. The castle is at 33S 86E (take the north woods gate) Go upstairs and then back down in the room to the west. Get the key off the table. Supposedly there's another key in here, but I couldn't find it. Return to the main hall. In the northern branch, pick the lock on the eastern door, enter, and climb up the stairs. (If you read any of the books, stand well away from them when you do.) Go downstairs into the western room, and get the key out of the desk. Go downstairs in the main north chamber. Pick the lock on the door to the southeast and open the secret door to the north. Get the key from under the plate. Go back upstairs and down the stairs you made. Open up the west door with the glowing key. Flip the lever under the bales of wool, go through the secret door, and open the door to the north with the key you found on the table. Blow up the door to the east with a powder keg. (There is also a lever in the northwestern part of the room, which is similar in appearance to the floor. It opens a secret door to the room just to the north.) Pick the lock on the door at the northwest end of the hall. Get the blue key out of the dresser.

Go downstairs. Use the blue key to open the door to the northwest. Open the secret door. Go through and open the secret door in the room to the south. Pull the lever, and go back in the secret passage. Follow the passage around north then east then south. Pull the lever and then go through the secret door. Go north through the secret door and get the key out of the dresser. Unlock the door to the west with it, and go back out into the main hall. Also unlock the door to the south with it. Go west into the torture chamber. Pull the lever. Go back around through the secret passage again, and through the newly opened secret door. Head south then west and meet up with the banes. (Approach from behind the statues to the north, it'll save you from getting hurt.)

To kill the banes, you'll have to use the black sword. The trick is to let your companions do the damage with their other weapons, and then go in and kill them with the black sword. Once they're dead, use the sword on each of the soul prisms. Call in the monks and have Iolo, Shamino, and Dupre resurrected. Use the water of Discipline on Dupre, Logic on Iolo, and ethicality on Shamino. You will then be teleported to Monk Isle, and Xenka will appear. She'll give you the serpent tooth to get to the Isle of the Dead.

Isle of the Dead:

You must have the Blackrock Balance Serpent before you can complete this quest. Go to the Isle of the Dead via serpent gate. Follow the shore around to the cave entrance. Head south from the first room, and follow the serpent emblems on the ground. Go: SNN. Push the button on the west wall and go north. Go north until you're teleported. Follow the passage past the pedestal with the gold serpent. Continue following the passage, open the secret door, kill the mummy, and take the scroll. (BTW, you should be pressing every button you come across.) Go back and put the scroll on the empty pedestal in the room with the gold serpent.

Read the book in the center of the room you're teleported to. You'll be teleported again. Head west. Cast dispel field and get the chaos eye. Open the secret door in the north wall and teleport. Cast summon shade to talk to the Great Hierophant. Go east until you're teleported back to the entry chamber, and return to the serpent gate.


Visit Lady Yelinda in Gorlab Swamp. (Use the north woods gate and approach the swamp from the north.) Give her the comb of beauty that you got in Moonshade. She'll give you a key to the treasure room in Fawn. Go through the illusory wall in the southeast of the palace, and down the stairs. This is where you get the serpent armor and an infinity bow.

Monk Isle:

You must have completed all earlier quests before doing this part, and have with you the three trapped banes, the three blackrock serpents, all of the Serpent Artifacts (staff, crown, armor, ring, earring, and necklace), and the Chaos Serpent Eye. Return to Monk Isle after going to the Isle of the Dead, and talk to Xenka again. Go to Monitor to sacrifice yourself. (Again, if your 3 companions aren't with you, the monks will intercede and fix the problem.) Dupre will take issue with your decision to cremate yourself, and he'll kill himself instead. (Talk about devoted companions.) Take his ashes, the three trapped banes, and the blackrock chaos serpent to the Temple of Chaos.

Temple of Chaos:

Pop back in via the serpent gate, and if you haven't blown up the door to the north yet, blow it up with a powder keg now.

To get to the Chaos Wall of Lights, go north, and at the intersections, do the following: NEEWE Go down the stairs and go south. Go south through the main chamber. SSEESWS You're now at a chamber with a bunch of mushrooms. Watch out, this area is gremlins galore. (side note: magic gremlins are an excellent source of black pearls. You may wish to lure them north and kill them in ones and twos. There is no limit to this chamber's gremlins.)

Run west through the gremlin chamber, and head south. Follow the passage east to the dining chamber and take the southeast exit. Go: ES Down Head west, and go: WWWNWN and up twice. Magic unlock the door and follow the passage. Go: WW, leave the room to the southwest, and go south and then west. Open the double golden doors to the north. Go through the secret door on the north wall.

Place the Blackrock Chaos Serpent in the slot. Put each prism on the proper altar, and put Dupre's ashes on the fourth altar. The Chaos serpent will be restored. Xenka will soon appear and give you the Ophidian sword.

Sunrise Isle:

Note: It is possible to get here and accomplish several parts of this quest before restoring the Chaos Serpent. This is not recommended, since you can become stuck, and while dying will get you out, you may find yourself unable to get back into the main shrine later, which will ruin your game. Before you begin, you will need the three blackrock serpents, the Eye of Chaos, all of the Serpent Artifacts (staff, crown, armor, ring, earring, and necklace), and the Ophidian Sword which Xenka gave you.

Take the serpent gate to Sunrise Isle (The Temple of Balance.) Put a red serpent on one side of each scale, and a blue serpent on the other. Collect the six items that appear. Wander around finding the six shrines. At Ethicality (ocean shore) place the chain. At emotion (stream and crucifix) place the abacus. At Discipline (well trimmed garden) place the Rose. At Enthusiasm (Desert) place the dagger. At tolerance (the swamp) place the torch. At Logic (The Void) place the heart. You'll get a book.

Return to the area north of the serpent gate. Stand between the pillars and read the book again. Cross the bridge, and do it between the new set of pillars. Save your game before crossing -- you can't go back. Footnote: This is not strictly true -- if you die, you'll be dropped somewhere else in the Serpent Isle. However, this will cause your game to crash, so its not a good idea to die at this point.

Go north through the wooden doors. Go west and get the green key out of the bag. Go east and unlock the brass box. Get a serpent candle. Return west and put the candle on the pedestal. Get a block of ice, and the Ice Diamond. On your way back east, put the ice diamond on the blue pedestal near the golden doors. Go all the way east and put the block of ice on the pedestal. Get the fire gem, and put it on the red pedestal near the golden doors. They will now be unlocked. Go through them.

Go up the stairs to the west and press both buttons. Go underneath the stairs, press the button, and cross a pad. Do not press the button. Go north, and press that button. Return to the pads. Return across the pads and get the key out of the chest up the stairs. Go back across the pads and unlock the door to the north. Past this, you will need to teleport back and forth between sides, pushing buttons each time. Remember that some buttons will CLOSE doors that you've already opened, so do them one at a time and find out what each one does. Then, go beneath the stairs and press the button in the room with the heart. Cross the teleporters, go downstairs, and get the key of fire. Cross again and get two cubes of ice and the key of ice. Cross again and get two cubes of fire. Return to the pedestal in the center.

Alternate putting cubes of fire and a cube of ice on the pedestal. Stairs will appear. Wear all of the Serpent Artifacts, and wield the Serpent Staff. Read the scroll, and step on the the teleporter.

Proceed north and place the serpent armor, crown, and staff on the table. You will be declared the Great Hierophant of Balance (Gee, another nifty title to add to your list). You will also receive the Order Serpent Eye. You'll be teleported back to your companions and the doors will open.

Proceed north. The Serpent of Order will be most displeased, and send eight ice elementals at you. Kill them and proceed north to the altar. Place the blackrock serpents in their appropriate slots to activate the wall of lights. Place the two serpent eyes on the gold altar. Equip the Ophidian Sword that Xenka gave you and chop the statue. Game over. Sit back and enjoy the ending sequence.

Now that you're done:

You've finished the game. Congratulations. Nows a good time to go back and check out some of the neat stuff you may have missed.

Interesting places:

House of the Dead: It seems that if you can defeat Caladin, you'll be teleported to the House of the Dead. This is a storage place for characters that aren't in the game yet, or that have been removed from the game. You can also use the teleporter to get there... Record Cantra's NPC number, wait until she is taken, and teleport to her. (Theres a plaque on one of the walls that says, "If thou canst read this, thou art dead.") Note: If you've already talked to Smith the Horse in the Dream Realm, don't go here. You'll get stuck in a loop of endless conversation with him.

Cat Isle: The island east of the Sleeping Bull has a couple of caves, one of which has cat statues standing guard. There are duplicates of many of the major quest items inside as well as magic armour and infinity bows. Like most of the other sections you can only get to by cheating, theres a sign here that says, "Cheaters never win."

Mad Mage Mountains: Inside the mountains behind Erstam's house there are a bunch of naked women and some cheerleader statues. There are also the rest of the quest items that aren't on Cat Isle.

House of wares: To gain entrance to the house of wares, get the key from the ghost in the dungeon that connects the area with the Gwani to the north woods. (Or use hack mover and remove the door.) There is an honest-to-gosh pirate therein, as well as some unusual equipment. (He's a "software pirate".) The house of wares is in the goblin woods southwest of Fawn.)

Under the bridge just east of the Spinebreaker magic carpet chamber, the one crossing over all the lava, there's a plaque hidden below it. You can only get to it by hackmoving parts of the bridge away until you find it. Read the plaque.

Potion Guide:

This section covers the effects of all ptions of the game, as well as some tactical uses for them.

Red - Cure poison
This is only really useful near the beginning of the game. Once you've got spells, Cure, Mass Cure, or Restoration is proably more use. Also, poison will wear off if you sleep for several hours, so this potion really isn't very necessary except at the beginning.
Orange - Awakening
Very little use for awakening in the game, and like the red potion, spells are far easier to use. Not particularly worth much.
Yellow - Healing
Lots of use here. While spells are more effective for healing overall, They are very useful during combat. See below.
Green - Poison
They poison whoever drinks them. But hold onto them, they do have a use. See below.
Blue - Sleep
Puts the drinker to sleep. They are useful during combat though, see below.
Purple - Protection
Same effect as a Protection spell. Handy enough to keep around for the really tough fights, when you want to conserve Mana for casting offensive spells, rather than using it on defensive magic.
Black - Invisibility
Same effect as the Invisibility spell. Useful for really tough fights, just like the Purple potion is.
White - Illumination
Provides bright light for a short time. If you have any other source of light, don't bother with them. They only last a few moments, and just aren't worth it.
Orange Glowing - Mana Restoration
Restores a few Mana points. Mostly useful in large numbers, during big battles where you're using a lot of magic.
Blue-Black - Cold Resistance
This protects you from cold damage in the northlands for a short time. They last only a VERY short time, and you need large numbers of them to protect your whole party for even a few minutes. Don't bother with them. Just outfit yourself properly (fur cloak, fur boots, fur hat).
Blue-White Glittering - Cursing
These curse the drinker, as per the spell Curse. They're still useful in combat, however.

While not actually potions, bandages and sleeping powder mimic their effects rather well. Sleeping powder has the same effect as a Blue potion, and bandages act like weak yellow potions. Thus, they may be substitued for one another as far as descriptions here are concerned.

Combat uses:

One distinct advantage of potions over spells during combat is the fact that spellcasting takes time, but potions don't actually take any time to use at all. The reason is that upon opening your inventory, the game pauses, allowing you to use as many of them as you want on anyone you want before closing inventory so the game continues.

If somone is badly hurt in combat, open the window (pausing) and use Yellow potions and bandages on the person to heal them, and Purple potions if you think they need extra protection. Then close the window (resuming the fight). Against oppenents, especially the tough ones, the harmful potions are quite useful. The strange thing about potions is that you can use them on anyone at all, even if they're not members of your group, or are even attacking you! Using poison, sleep and curse potions on you enemies is very effective at crippling their combat abilities, and since the game is paused while you're doing it, you can affect all of them before they even get a chance to attack if you're quick. For exapmle, killing the Banes is MUCH easier if you keep them asleep during the whole fight by using Blue potions.

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