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Ultima Tips and Easter Eggs by Steven Source: http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Dungeon/1366/ (link broken)

Ultima VII Part II - The Serpent Isle

Easter Eggs

I am very interested in collecting more Easter Eggs from Serpent Isle (and/or Silver Seed) If you have anything please mail it to me.

  • House of The Dead: Coords 109N 80W Hex 085, 02a. Read the plaque on the wall. Dont go here if you have already talked to Smith The Horse in the Dream Realm
  • Cat Isle: Coords 108S 73E Hex 644, 8b4. Has some major quest items
  • Mad Mage Mountains: Coords 25S 102E Hex 7d7, 551. More major quest items and some interesting statues and women. This can be reached by stepping onto a stump outside Stephano's old house at 81S 101E (near Moonshade) which takes you to an island with some treasure and a teleporter (back to Stephano's) move north along an invisible walkway to a hidden enterance into the cave.
  • House of Wares: See a real pirate :) at Coords 77S 28W Hex 286, 778 in the woods southwest of Fawn
  • The main stairs leading to Pothos' place has a secret wall. Behind it, another stairway leads you to a small room with a lightning whip on a pedestal. There is another secret wall on the north wall; a passage leads to a door. Unlock the door with the key to Pothos' Vault (found under his chair). The teleporter there takes you to an interesting place but you will need to cheat to get out. Coords 79S 139E Hex 918, 786
  • Under the bridge east of the Spinebreaker magic carpet chamber there is a plaque. You must hack-move sections of the bridge to get to it. Read the message. Hex 884, 207
  • If you have finished Ultima V then read the books in the monastery's library.
  • To view the endgame and the quotes create zero-byte files called ENDGAME.FLG and QUOTES.FLG in the STATIC directory.
  • One of the funniest easter eggs in SI is in the intro. Use the install program to select NO SOUND CARD then from the DOS prompt type "intro hisss jive"

Most of this info comes from a Walkthrough by Fallible Dragon and another by Adrian Yau.


  • Cheating is accomplished by starting the game with the command serpent pass or serpent manimal if you have the Silver Seed add-on.
  • Create the files "quotes.flg" and "endgame.flg" in the "static" directory, this will allow you to see the endgame.


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