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Ultima VII Cheat Mode Guide by Adam

In this game you are on an Island called SERPENT ISLE in search of Batlin, he may of got away in the Black Gate, but this time you have to track him down with your party and stop his evil doings. The graphics are slightly better than the Black Gate but still the same movement and combat.

I don't have much info on this game but I have lots of hints and cheats, here is one:

In the cave that connects the northern woods to the frozen ice lands, search around until you discover a room with a moon gate in the centre. Enter the moon gate and you'll be teleported to a crypt like place. A ghost be there and eventually drop a scroll for you to read. Read it and get the key. Take the key to the House of Wears near Monitor and unlock the door. Walk inside for a surprising discovery on the table to the north.

Now for a nice and very helpful cheat:

With Silver Seed Add On: When loading the game at the DOS prompt type


And in the game the following keys are active:

F2 Cheat Menu

F3 Teleport Map

Instead of typing just serpent pass type


the ps will include the 'eggs' in the game.


SERPENT PASS - For normal cheat mode

SERPENT PASS S - For programmer Debug mode


SERPENT MANIMAL For normal cheat mode

SERPENT MANIMAL S For Programmer Debug mode

When travelling around The Serpent Isle, anywhere infact, it is best to wear some kind armour, even if it's just a leather breast plate. I have written a small peice about the arms and armour.

Arms and Armour

Though I have no need for such provisions, many are the common journeymen who find use in weapons and armour, and longer-lived is the adventurer who chooses such items wisely. My disregard for arms and such leaves me inexperienced, but I have overheard enough loose tongues spewing tales of heroic bravado that I can relate what others claim.

Armour and Shields

Armour’s main use lies not in its ability to prevent another’s blow from landing, but from its ability to prevent, or at least decrease, damage caused by the opponent’s strike. Most armour is pieced together to cover six main regions of the body. The three most vital are the torso, neck and head. While most defenders naturally pro-tect these three areas more than their extremities, limbs are also integral to survival.

Thus, it is important to provide armour for all parts of the body, including the remaining three regions — the arms, legs and feet. While these latter three are easier to live without, the appendages are directly in the line of fire, if thou wilt permit the turn of phrase, and therefore struck more often. Armour is crafted from four types of material: leather, metal scales, chain mail (or chain links) and metal plates.

For the most part, the thicker the material, the higher the level of protection. In addition, the thicker the material, the heavier and more expensive it is. Leather, being light and inex-pensive, is useful for those less likely to face powerful foes. But were one to enter a war-torn bat-tlefield without metal armour of some sort, I would assume the warrior poor, weak, or fatally foolish!

Although a shield serves the same function as armour, its form is entirely differ-ent. A shield does little to reduce the effects of a blow; its main purpose is to deflect attacks away from the fighter. Personally, I see little difference, but many warriors have sworn to the distinction. I do, however, know that the experienced combatant wears the best armour and carries the sturdiest shield that money can buy and endurance will permit.


According to sources, the simplest definition of a weapon is anything that extends the range and enhances the wounding capability of the wielder. I cannot argue, for that sounds logical to me. Weapon selection seems to be as important a decision as armour selection, as each type leads to a variety of effects. There are four main types of weapons: blud-geoning, cutting, piercing and projectile.

Apparently, some weapons blur the dis-tinction, their versatility making them exceptionally valuable. Swords are very useful, as blades slice through skin quite easily. The main drawback, it appears, is that armour is very effective protection against them. In contrast, blunt weapons such as maces and clubs deliver their punch, limited though it might be, based on the brute strength of the wielder, nearly ignoring the protection of the target. The third weapon type, piercing, performs much like cutting weapons.

Piercing weapons require less force to penetrate armour but leave more devastating wounds upon the flesh. And projectile weapons, often referred to as missile weapons, include any tool that permits the attacker to strike at a distance. As far as I can see, many of these weapon types do overlap. Most swords can cut and pierce; a two-handed sword can bludgeon and cut; an arrow is a piercing missile weapon; and a slung rock is a bludgeoning projectile. Presumably, it is up to the individual warrior to chose a preferred form of attack based on his or her per-sonal strengths and weaknesses. To be candid, I find the Vas Corp Hur spell much more effective.

Now, here is a list of useful items that you can create during the game, using the cheat mode. In the game just press F2 then C to create an item and type in the following. NOTE if there is a dash "-" then a number this is the FRAME NUMBER, for all other items with no dash & number enter the frame number as "0"

Ultima 7 - create item list, orignal file TEXT.FLX - found in the STATIC directory.

160: Serpent gate

178: Cloth map

231: Magebane sword

241: Staff

249: Oracle

258: Keg

262: Blackrock serpent

330: Serpent rune

340: Potions

377: Food items

383: Magic helm

404: Food

417: Magic bolts

419: Breast plate

450: Orb

452: Wand

456: Flux analyzer

467: Magic plants

474: Magic sling

486: Usecode Container

489: Rod

490: Dupre's shield

519: Moon's Eye

527: Death bolt

535: Dragonslayer sword

547: Magic sword

548: Sceptre

549: Lightning whip

551: Fire sword

552: Magic axe

553: Firedoom staff

554: Burst arrows

555: Serpent jawbone

556: Magic arrows

557: Juggernaut hammer

558: Lucky arrows

559: Serpent tooth

563: Blowgun

564: Poison dagger

567: Sword of defense

568: Sleep arrows

573: Plate armour

576: Plate leggings

580: Gauntlets

583: Bed roll

587: Boots - 1 for magic boots

591: Serpent arrows

592: Spears

595: Torch

596: Morning star

604: Glass sword

606: Magic bow

608: Decorative sword

609: Kite shield

614: Magic music player

627: Lockpicks

629: Lightning wand

630: Fire wand

635: Serpent Earrings

636: Serpent daggers

637: Serpent sword

638: Serpent Armour

640: Serpent Staff

641: Keys

644: Gold coins

645: Gold nuggets

646: Gold bars

648: Sleeping powder

650: Sextant

663: Magic shield

666: Magic armour

686: Magic leggings

710: Ophidian sword

711: Infinity bow

715: Magic scroll - 1,2,3,4 etc. for different spells

722: Arrows

723: Bolts

726: Pulsating object

727: Dream Crystal

728: Force_Wall

760: Gem

761: Spellbook

771: Rudyom's Wand

784: Web of Fate

792: Magicians wand

794: Severed limb

799: Body part

802: Bag

803: Basket

806: The Black Sword

835: Magic gauntlets

836: Antique armor

842: Reagents - 1,2,3,4 etc. to chang reagent

926: Serpent sceptre

927: Serpent slot

929: Philanderer's Friend

934: Magic telescope

942: Hammer of dedication

948: Filari

951: Monetari

952: Guilders

955: Amulet

965: Glowing sphere

988: Magic compass

990: Erinons Axe

996: Belt of Strength

1001:Gauntlets of Speed

1013:Helm of Light

If you know any more items that could be useful please let me know

I have written a list of very useful Magic Items

Key Ring.

Every key you add to your inventory while you have this key ring automatically attaches itself to the key ring. (You can also Use a key on the key ring to add it to the ring.) The key disappears, and there is no more searching for the appropriate key in your inventory. Don’t lose it; it will be gone forever, along with any keys that are on it. See Hot Keys (below) for how to Use the key ring.

Helm of Light.

This helm serves as a permanent light source — you don’t have to carry a lit torch while wearing it. Your hands will be free to carry weapons and shields. It has a Defense Value of 4, and keeps you warm like a fur helm. Wear it as you would wear a normal helm.

Belt of Strength.

This belt increases your strength by ten points. Wear it as your regular belt. (Make sure that the belt slot is open before you try to put it on.)

Ring of Shal.

This ring supplies you with unlimited reagents to cast spells. Slip it on your finger like a normal ring, and you no longer need to collect reagents. It cannot help anyone else.

Gloves of Karas the Quick.

These gloves increase your dexterity by ten points. They have the same Defense Value as magic gauntlets (3). Make sure that you aren’t wearing any other gloves or gauntlets before you try to put them on.

Erinon’s Axe.

This powerful weapon increases your combat ability by ten points. Its Damage is 20 and it has a Reach of 4. (It can not be thrown.) The axe automatically equips to your right hand if you are not holding anything else in that hand.


The orbs have no use beyond the Silver Seed quest.

Silver Seed.

You must plant the Silver Seed at a hallowed site. It is the seed for the magic Tree of Balance. This tree can save Serpent Isle from destruction.

Hot Keys

The Silver Seed provides you with several new hot keys, usable both in this module and while playing the rest of Serpent Isle. Several recurring procedures needed to play your game are now a matter of a single keystroke.

Note that Serpent Isle keystrokes and all other functions remain the same.

Checking the Time. If you have a pocket watch, you can always find out what time it is by pressing W on your keyboard.

Feeding Yourself and Your Party. To feed yourself and/or your party members, press F and click on the hungry person with your mouse. This function will feed that party member until he or she is full. (This assumes that someone in your party is currently carrying food. F doesn’t create food, it just quickly distributes any food that is available.)

Using Keys. If you have the magic key ring, you don’t have to search through your keys any more. Press K and cross-hairs appear. Click the cross-hairs on a locked item and — if you have the right key — the item opens. (Once you add a key to this ring, you can not remove it again, but don’t worry; there will be no reason to.) Magically locked doors still require a spell.

Picking Locks. If you have a set of lock picks in your inventory, press P anytime you want to attempt to pick a lock.

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