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Silver Seed Walkthrough By Gary Thompson

By Gary Thompson

You can solve the Silver Seed add-on at any time.  Easiest way is to get
yourself killed so you get transported to the Monks Island. When you get
there, you will be talking to Karnax.  Ask him about his "discovery".  He
will tell you about the Amulet of Balance.  He will give it to you and tell
you to talk to Miggin about it. You can't do that just yet.  Talk to him some
more and eventually say "Leave". He will send you back.  Return to Monitor.
Go into the crematorium and southwest into the crypts.  Go west and north and
you will find a door the the serpent gate.  Wear the Amulet of Balance. Stand
on the picture of the serpent and double-click on the amulet. You will be
transported back in time.

Here you will have to find the Silver Seed and Plant it.  Supposedly this
helps to balance the forces.  (But really has nothing to do with the rest of
your quests on SI) Along the way you will find several extremely useful items
to help you with the rest of the game.  You will get the Magical Gloves of
Quickness (dexterity+10), the Helm of Light which makes it perpetual daytime
(no need for torches!  The helm also acts like a fur cap for traveling in the
frozen north), the Ring of Shal (also known as the Ring of Reagents) which
allows you to cast unlimited spells without the need for reagents, and also
the Axe of Elerion, a VERY good weapon, The Belt of Strength (+10).

From the serpent gate, travel straight north and talk to the Automaton
Isstanar.  He will call you the "Champion of Balance".  He will also tell you
a great many things.  He will talk about the Silver Seed and will give you
the magical keyring.  The way the keyring works, is anytime you find a key,
just drop it on yourself and it will attach itself to the keyring.  When you
want to try unlocking a door, hit the 'K' key and click on the door.  If it's
on the ring, it will unlock.

After talking to him, go straight south out the front doors.  Go west along
the south wall and follow it north.  You will come to a gate. A witch will
appear.  She will tell you things.  Don't listen to her.  Just enter the test.

TEST #1 - Belt of Strength and Orb#1

Follow the passage to a small room.  Go downstairs.  Follow the passage and
you will find only a well.  Go back into the hallway and search the west
wall.  One section of the wall is an illusion.  Walk through it and you will
find a small hallway with a body which has a scroll on it.  It's of no use.
Flip the switch on the floor.  Go back out into the hallway.  Search the east
wall now, you will find a secret door open.  Go through it into the next
room.  Before you can go out the south hallway, force fields will seal the
room. The room is heavily trapped BTW.  You will find three buttons on the
walls.  Despite what the witch told you, flip them in this order: NE-NW-SW.
The fields will dissappear.  Go out the south hallway.

The next room has a lot of dead bodies.  Search them all.  Make sure you take
the lightning whip.  Others have reagents.  One has a key.  Unlock the gate
to the east with it.  Go through the gate and you will come to another gate.
This one is an illusion. Just walk thru it and the next one as well.  Go
south and take the NW passage.  You will find chests that can be picked.
One has an unlock magic spell.  Take it.  Go down the southwest passage to
the torture room.  Pick the NE cell and search the body.  Take the scroll.
You will find two Iron Maidens  Open the one that's closed.  It's a passage
down.  Take some kegs of gunpowder.  Go back out.

Go back to the illusion gate.  Use the unlock magic spell to exit.  Go up the
north passage.  The next room has some spells and under a rock is another
key.  Take it.  Go west into the library and unlock the doors.  Take the
passage and you will find the passage is blocked.  You can either blow up the
rocks to clear it or hack your way through in combat mode.  Go downstairs and
get the rope off the body.  Go back out to the gold platform.  Place the
lightning whip on the platform.  It will vanish and dispel the fields around
the stairs down.  Go down and down the west hallway you will find three
alcoves with switches on the floor.  Hit them all only once going from west
to east. This will dispel the sleep fields later.  (If you never find any
sleep fields you did it right...)  Follow the passage to a room with more
automatons.  Take the northwest passage and take the orb off the altar.  Go
all the way back out to the well.

Double-click on the rope and click on the well.  You'll go down one floor.
Double click on the well again and go down again.  Follow passage and you'll
come to another field. Read the scroll you got off the body in the cell to
dispel the field.  Follow the passage and downstairs.  Go straight west all
the way and then south.  You'll find the Belt of Strength on the table.  Pick
the chests for some arrows and bolts.  That's it for this test.  Go back out.

TEST #2 - Helm of Light and Orb#2

Just after exiting the cave, continue to follow the west wall north until
you come to another cave with a tree next to it.  Talk to the second witch,
like the first, listen to her but do not pay any attention.  Enter the test.
Follow the cave until you come to a room.  This is the start of the maze, it
has four levels.  Along the way you will get the second ORB and the helm of
light.  Walk into the very first room.  SAVE YOUR GAME!  If you make a wrong
turn, your only option is to re-load, don't bother to try and find your way
back, the maze CHANGES! Just re-load.  After you enter the room with the
teleporter, all other doors will open and you'll have free reign of that

}From the first room, follow these directions:


And step on the teleporter. SAVE GAME.  This is level 2.  From here...


DO NOT step on the teleporter! Instead go W-S-S and search the body.  Make
SURE you take the cheese.  Go back N-N-E and step on the teleporter. SAVE
GAME.  You're now on level 3, from here...


Again, don't step on the teleporter!  Go all the way north and west and
search the bodies in that room and the one below it.  You'll find weapons,
armour, and more cheese (in case you forgot to get the other cheese... you'll
only need one)  Go back and step on the teleporter. SAVE GAME.  This is level


You'll be in a room with Yurel, the mouse monster.  He's the product of a
magical experiment gone wrong, and very hungry. (see why you needed cheese?)
Talk with him and offer him your cheese, he'll give you the third ORB in
gratitude. From here go...


The body in this room has the helm of light.  GRAB IT.  You now appear to be
trapped in a room, but the east wall is only an illusion.  Walk thru it and
step on the teleporter. You're DONE.  You will appear at the start of the
first maze.  Walk back out the cave and ask your friends to join you.  Now,
drop everything you're now carrying on the ground and double-click on the
hole in the tree.  All your previous goods are in there.  Put them all back
on and sort through the stuff on the ground.  Make sure you don't forget the
second orb and the helm!

Test #3 - Gauntlets of Karas the Quick, Axe of Elerion and ORB#3

Follow the west wall north and east until you come to another witch.  Like
the others, listen but don't pay attention.  (She will be attracted to you,
no matter what sex) Open the gate north.  You will find a series of hallways.
Go north and take the second passage east.  Go east and take the second
passage north.  Take the next passage west and go downstairs.

Follow the passages (there's only one way) until you come to a dragon.  He's
harmless (and fairly useless) but he tells decent riddles.  He also tells a
bit about the situation.  Head back out when you've had enough.

Go back east, south, west, south and east and go downstairs.  Go north and
east, take the second passage north into a large room with spider men (if you
can kill them, do so... they all carry lots of arrows) In the center of the
room will be a ruin, enter it and go downstairs.  Go west-north-east-north
and step on the teleporter. Go south-east-north and take the key behind the
pedestal. There will be two passages north. Take the east one and unlock the
door. Go downstairs and flip the switch, go back up.  go back and take the
west passage north. There will be a large rock in the north-west corner, walk
behind it and north through the illusion wall.  Get the key and go back
through the illusion wall. On the east side go downstairs. Unlock the door
and go down.  Follow the passage until you come to a scroll... it will tell
you how to solve the next test... (but then so will I)

Enter the first room and read the plaques.  Throw down switch #2.  The door
will open and go south.  The next room, throw down #4, #3, & #1. go south.
The next room, throw down #6, #3, #2, & #1... go south.

Go upstairs and through the open door.  Do NOT go through the gate.  The east
wall before the gate is illusion.  Go east and enter the catacombs.  The
north wall just east of the first alcove has a key next to it... grab it. Go
north into the center alcove and through the illusion wall north.  There is a
body in the north-west alcove that has a scroll.  Go down the stairs on the
east side.  Don't worry about the fire, it's an illusion.  Walk right through
it and grab the key.  Go back up and back down the center alcove.  Unlock the
gate on the east side and go downstairs.  Follow the passage until you come
to a skeletal dragon.  Kill it and go east.  Kill the second dragon.  The
north wall on the west side is illusion, go north and down.  You will now
enter a room with lots of shut doors.  Walk next to one of them and all of
them will open.  Kill all the automatons.  Flip every switch inside each room
first.  After you flipped them all, throw the switch on the pedestal in the
center and the door north will open.  Go north and down.  You are now in Aram
Dol's throne room.  He's very tough to beat. He likes to vanish.  When you've
finally killed him, search his body and take the keys.  Unlock the door north
and go north and east into his treasure room.  In here you take the Gauntlets
of Quickness, Axe of Elerion, and the third ORB.  Go west and step on the
teleporter. Go south, east, and up.  Head back out.

FIEND'S LAIR - Ring of Reagents and ORB#4

Follow the north wall east and south until you come to yet another gate.
This is the Fiend's Lair.  Go east.  Take the second passage north and the
first passage east. Follow the passages and go down.  Go east and north
through the illusion wall.  Then south and downstairs.  Go South-east-south-
south-east-south and get the fourth orb off the dead body.  From here go
north-east-north-west-north-east and north through the wall by the sword.  Go
north-west-north-west and upstairs.  Go south all the way and east and north
through another wall.  Under a pile of rocks to the north is the ring of
reagents.  Go south thru the wall, west-north-and down.  East-south-east-
south-south-west-south-west-north-north-east through traps and downstairs
east then upstairs.  Now go east-south-east-south-east-north.  The maze to
the west is heavily trapped.  Thankfully the wall to the north is an
illusion.  Walk through it and pick the door to the north.  Enter the fiend's
lair.  He will try to make an agreement with you to give him the ring...
don't do it.  Just kill him.  Head back out and all the way back into the

Planting the SILVER SEED

}From the fortress, head north into the dining hall.  Go west, south, west,
north and downstairs.  Go south, here you will meet Elissa... she will teach
spells.  Go east.  To the north you will find a set of stairs down.  Don't go
down them though.  On the west side of the stairs is a lantern... push the
button behind it.  Go back west and down the stairs behind the keg.  Go north
and downstairs.  Follow the passage until you come to a set of doors, go thru
them and you will find four pedestals...  place the orbs on the pedestals in
this order...

  |---| |---| |---|
  | R | | P | | B |   R=Red
  |---| |---| |---|   P=Purple
        |---|         G=Gold
        | G |

After you place each, each will turn black.  After the fourth one, the door
will unlock. Go through the door and grab the seed.  The three witches will
appear and declare their alliance with the Guardian.  Kill them all.  Each
will have a key to take.  Unlock the door to the east, go upstairs.  Unlock
the next two doors and follow the passages until you enter a glade.  Karnax
will appear now and tell you to plant the seed.

Now, there has been some confusion as to how and where to plant it.  What I
tell you will work.  Notice the waterfall... the water is gathering below it
and there is a patch of brown ground right around the water.  You do NOT
plant it there.  Just south of the brown sand will be more grass and another
patch of brown sand.  This patch of sand will have a hole already in the
ground.  Open your pack, grab the seed and simply place it on top of the
hole.  Close your packs.  Now just double-click on the seed and the Silver
Seed will grow very quickly into a tree.  You've done it!

Go back north and follow the passages back into the fortress.  If you wish a
little gratification, Isstanar will apologize for bieng rude to you.  Go back
to the serpent gate and double-click on your amulet of balance.  You will be
teleported back to Monitor.

That's it for the Silver Seed add-on.


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