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Silver Seed Walkthrough By Michael Sonntag

Walkthrough: Silver Seed

Add-On to Ultima VII Part 2: Serpents Isle (Origin Systems Inc.)

Walkthrough by Michael Sonntag (sonntag@fim.uni-linz.ac.at)


Getting There:

Once you have talked to Karnax (either if you got killed or you reached Monk-Isle), you received the serpent medaillon. Use it on a serpents gate and reach "Deathwatch". Once you are there, you can't leave it for ten days, for the medallion has to recharge. After you planted the silver seed, you can travel anytime you want.

The Castle and the Inhabitants:

In the castle is Isstanar, which has a VERY useful item for you: a magic keyring. You can put any number of keys on it without increase in weight. If you try to open a door with it, the door will be unlocked if the key is on the ring, otherwise nothing will happen. The healer Surok will heal you for free and tell you about items you find. Subcommander Tsandar will train your fighting skill for 200 gp. Elissa will sell you some spells and train you in magic for 150 gp.

The maze is the easiest one, then the outpost. Try Aram-Dols lair last, for you have to fight often there. But you can take all 4 areas in any order you want.

The Maze:

The Maze is at the west wall of the cavern surrounding the castle. A dead tree stands at the entrance. Talk to Drusilla to learn about the maze. You can enter it only alone and naked. When you enter, all your posessions will be laid into the hollow tree. In there is a globe and the helm of light. You must pass through 4 mazes of each 6x6 rooms. Dont enter a room to plunder a dead body. Do this after you finished the level and before stepping onto the teleporter. Be sure to spare at least one cheese from the bodies. The rest of the food you can eat. Follow these directions:

Go west into the first room from there go W S W W S E E S W W W W N E N W N N N E E E E E S W W and S. All doors on this level will open. Step onto the teleporter to enter the next level. Level 2: N N N W S S S W W E N N N E N W S W S S W S W N N N E N E. Level3: E S S S W W N N E E E N N W W W W S S S E E E E. Level 4: S S S E E E N N. Talk to Purel and give him the cheese. He will give you the orb. Leave this room S E E S W N N N E N W W N E. The body in this room is the architect of the maze. He has the helm of light. If this helm isn't in a container (e.g. worn or in a hand), you will never need any torches or light-spells any more. Leave this room through the permeable wall to the east. The maze is solved.

The Outpost:

The outpost is to the SW of the castle. Go down the stairs and across the bridge into the NS-corridor. In the west wall is an invisible corridor with an illusionary wall. Pull the lever, read the note and go back to the main corridor. To the south is a well, a few spiders and a magic scroll (Translation: You might need it for the note mentioned above). In the corridor a wall-door to the east opened. Follow it east and south.

When you enter the room, the exits will be blocked by energy fields and poison fields will appear. Push the buttons in the following order: NE, NW and SW. The fields will disappear. Search all bodies in the next room and take the key and the lightning whip. A map can also be found there (The black spots are burned bodies; search them too). Unlock the door with the key. The next two doors are illusions. Be careful now, for the doors to N and S will magically lock if you step onto the pressure plates (Unlock magic scrolls can be found although). Go south and take the lockpicks from the crate. Meet now one of the chaos soldiers: the lizard-men. The chests contain 5 red potions (anti-poison) and lots of gold nuggets.

Continue to the 4 locked bronze chests, where shields, sowrds, 60 arrows, 2 Unlock Magic and a Translation scroll can be found. In the torture chamber pick the norther cell after finishing with the automatons. Open the upper right tortury device (Eiserne Jungfrau) to get into a secret room with 9 powder kegs. Search the body for the scroll and take it with you. Retrace your way to the illusionary doors and continue north this time. Enter the library and go north (key is on stone in room with pulsating objects - hard to spot) till the debris blocks your way. Attack it with your sword (I heard, powder kegs won't work) to remove them.

Go down and get the rope. Go back to the force-fields and the fire. Sacrifice the lightning whip in the fire and go down two times and up two times. Kill the skeletons. The switch operates the door at the stairs, ignore it. in the three alcoves are pressure plates. Press the lower right and leave the other two up. Continue and kill the automatons. If you haven't set the plates, your way will be blocked by sleep fields. Go on and take the orb. Make your way back to the well, use the rope and go down two times. Go to he force field and read the scroll from the corpse in the torture chamber. Go down to find some ice-golems, the belt of strength, many magic bolts and serpent arrows and a lot of gold coins (All on two tables in the SW corner of the cave).

The Fiends Lair:

The Fiends lair is east of the castle. Go west, east north and north at the intersections. In the hallway leading east, just south of the stairs, there are explosions, so run through as fast as you can. Go down one level.

Visiting the Fiend is not necessary, but he tells you the story about the ring of regeneration, that can be found here (with it you won't need any reagents for casting spells). If you just want the ring and the orb, skip this paragraph. Go east from the stairs, till you can see stairs leading down. In front of the stairs there are some buzz-saws in the floor. Go down and follow the corridor. Shortly after it bends south, there is a flame-thrower in the wall.

At the southern end is a statue, which will change to a harpy if you go near it (just like all other statues in the fiends lair). Just east of there you can see the ring of reagents in another cavern, which is not accessible from here. Go east and north till you reach the serpentine walls. Don' go through the maze, ....explosions. Head north through the illusionary cavern wall. Pick the door and talk to the fiend. He will tell you his story and about the ring. Answer yes and you may leave; say no if you want to fight him, but take care, he is a good mage. Returning to him will always cause him to attack. Afterwards go back to the stairs leading to the castle-level.

At the south-east of this cavern is a small east-west cavern wall with a skeleton behind (north) of it. Go through and read the book, that will tell you about some traps. Follow this hallway and go down. There are some lizardmen and some goodies around (There's a fire wand in a chest behind a pile of debris with a bucket beside it). Go to the eastern part, where gold coins lie on the floor. Follow he coind east and south into a large room.

Be careful, LOTS of fire fields will suddenly appear. Search the skeleton to the south, it has the orb, a magic helm and a magic bow. Leave and follow the coins in the other directio, to the north. At the end, there is an alcove to the north-east with bolts and swordstrike-spells flying around. The northern wall is illusionary. The stairs are to the north-west. You'll end in a set of small caverns with many automatons. Got to the south-eastern-most cavern, the north wall is an illusion again. Behind there is the ring of reagents hidden in a pile of debris. Look carefully, you can see just a single green pixel.

Aram-Dols Lair:

Go to the northernmost stairs and decend. Walk to the ruins, but beware of the arachnians (Good source for magic arrows!). Inside the ruins there are stairs down. You're in the antechamber of Aram Dol, but you have to got the long way to get to him, so step onto the teleporter. Behind the pedestal is a key, take it. Take the north-eastern corridor and go down. Flip the glowing lever and go back to the pedestal, there take the north-western exit. Be careful, flames. Behind the stone outcropping in the next room is an invisible passage.

Take the key and go down twice. Read the scrolls and flip the following levers to get through the rooms: Room 1: lever 2; Room 2: levers 1, 2, 5; Room 3: levers 1, 2, 3, 6. Go up. You are now in an endless passage (both sides). Exit through the illusionary wall on the east side between the gates. Fight the mummys and get the green key hidden in the wall between the two north-western beds. Behind the northern middle bed is another illusionary wall, which leads to a similar chamber. If you need them, behind the NW bed are 2 healing potions and a scroll of Great Heal. Go down. The fire fields are illusions, walk through and get the key. Go back to the first chamber with the mummys.

Now you can go up the stairs. Kill the dragon, go east and kill another one. Behind the skeleton on the floor (has some bandages) is yet another illusionary passage to the north with stairs down. Pull the lever at the northern end of the room and the doors will open. All 10 automatons will attack you (Walk south carefully, so you can fight them one after another). Flip all 10 switches in the cells and pull the lever again. The gate will open and you can go down. Where the corridor bends west, many fire fields will appear when you get there.

Your now in the throne room of Aram-Dol, the liche. Kill him (tough enemy!) and take his two keys. One will fit the door to the second teleporter where you started, the other one the door to his treasure chamber. In his treasury you'll find: Gauntlets of Quickness (Dexterity to 30), Erinons axe (good weapon) and the last orb. There is also some magic equipment, reagents, a scroll of Swordstrike, gold and gems.

Obtaining and Planting the Silver Seed:

The gain access to the silver seed you have to push a button behind the left lantern at the stairs to the library. This will move the big cask in the laboratory to the west, so that stairs appear. Go down and follow the corridor. You will enter a room with 4 pedestals and the silver seed behind a locked door. Put the 4 globes on the pedestals. They will be destroyed and a key will appear. Unlock the door with the key and take the seed.

The three women will appear and fith you. Each of them has a key you will need. Go up the stairs in the NE corner and unlock the three doors with the keys from the witches. When you come out into the open, Karnax will appear and tell you to plant the seed. Put the seed into the brown patch of earth and watch the tree grow (The patch is NOT the one at the waterfall, but the one south of it, approximately in the center of the glade). You've completed the silver seed.

The Answers to Draxinars Riddles:

  • 1 of the monks lies
  • 4 earrings are necessary (Worst case: 3 different + 1 to make a pair)
  • He stumped nobody with his riddles!
  • The answers is 14, but thats wrong. In the worst case, he takes 12, which makes 4 of each of the 3 designs. The 13-th has to be the fifth to one of the designs, so 13 would be correct!

Cheats and Amusing Things:

  • On the lowest room in the southernmost cellar is a secret door to the north, which leads through a black corridor to a locked metal door. The key to the door is behind the two flower-vases in the kitchen. The door leads to Aram-Dols lair, just northwest from the ruin, where you have to go down.
  • If you kill Surok the healer, none of your party will ever die in the Add-On, because they couldn't be resurrected then!
  • If you double-click on one of the pillars in the banquet hall, you'll be teleported into the test of virtue in the city of the gargoyles (dungeon Furnace). I don't know if this is a feature or a bug.

Open questions:

  • Whats special about Erinons axe? Or is it just a good weapon?
  • Is there a way to kill Isstanar? After killing Surok I fought him for half an hour, but he just wouldn't die.
  • Why does Karnax appear and tell you to plant the seed? Silver seed should be in the past, as I beliefe, where not even Xenka has yet lived!
  • Why does the forest master tell you, that there is no tree of live, even after you planted the seed (or did Origin just forget about this)?
  • What's planting the seed good for? What does it or prevents it?

Any suggestions, errors or missing things are highly welcome.

(c) 1997 Michael V. Sonntag

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