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Silver Seed Walkthrough


Karnax will give you the Amulet of Balance. Use the amulet near a Serpent Gate by Double-clicking on it. You'll be transported back in time to Serpent's Fang. Talk to Isstanar, the Commander of Serpent's Fang informs you that you need The Silver Seed, an acorn from the Tree of Balance, to restore Balance to the world.

The Seed is hidden somewhere in the keep. However, you will need the four magical Orbs which have been lost and scattered in the areas surrounding the keep. Isstanar also gives you a magical Key Ring.

Use all the keys in inventory on the Key Ring to add to it. Any new keys added to the Avatar's inventory will be added automatically to the Key Ring. Also talk to the other Ophidians in the Keep for information on the location of the Orbs and the areas surrounding the keep. To exit the keep, use the winch to raise the portcullis at the entrance.



Southeast of Serpent's Fang, a metal gate is the entrance to the Fiend's Domain. Head East and go down the stairs (only one on this level). From the stairs, head North as far as you can and move East. You'll come to a passage trapped with saws on the ground. This leads to another set of stairs going below.

The following passages lead to The Fiend. Look for an area with man-made walls forming a narrow twisting path. The path is heavily laid with deadly explosion traps. Use the illusionary wall on the northern wall adjacent to the path instead.

Open the double brass doors to enter The Fiend's lair. The Fiend tells you about the Ring of Shal and that the Golden Orb was in the possession of a Chaos soldier who fell to one of the Fiend's traps. The Fiend asks you to recover the Ring for him. It is inconsequential if you agree to do this or not.

The Fiend will invariably attack you if you talk to him again. Head back to the level with the saws. Go South as far as you can and you'll find an area with some golden chests. North of the chests, there is a stair within a passage with no apparent entrance. Walk along the cavern wall surrounding the passage to find the illusionary wall (walk through it). The corpse at the passage entrance has a diary detailing traps on various levels.

Go down the stairs and head Southeast, entering a large cavern littered with corpses. Follow the passage leading South and it'll fork to the North and South (coins scattered in a trail) Take the South fork and enter a large cavern with fire fields which ignite as you enter. The corpse at the Southern end has the Golden Orb. Turn back and take the North fork. Search the walls immediately North of the corpse with the brass shield.

An illusionary wall leads you to another passage. Head North, then West. Take the stairs up and go South. You'll enter a cave with scorh marks on the ground and some corpses. Look for an illusionary wall to the North. You'll notice a green glint among the rubble which identifies as 'ring of reagents'. Move the small rocks aside to pick up the Ring of Shal.



North of Serpent's Fang, a metal gate is the entrance to Aram Dol's Lair. Outside the entrance, Solaria, a Dark Monk appears and gives you some 'hints'. Do not believe her. The third set of stairs leads down to Draxinar's cavern. Draxinar, a dragon, provides some information on Aram Dol and other things.

You can choose to try some of his riddles (no penalty for failing). Go back up to the first level and go down the fourth set of stairs from the entrance. Follow the passage to a East-West fork. Take the East fork and the next turning to the North.

Follow the passage North as far as you can; opens up to a large cavern with a ruined building in the center. Enter the ruins and go down the stairs. The following passages lead to a cavern with two teleporters (red and blue) and a locked door to the North. Take the red teleporter. It'll take you to a cavern with a golden pedestal and two passages on the northern end. The key behind the golden pedestal unlocks the door at the end of the Northeast passage. Throw the blue lever down the stairs.

It opens up a secret Wall further on. Go back up the stairs and take the Northwest passage. Fire fields flare up in your path. Search for a secret passage on the Northern wall behind the rock outcropping. Get the brass key at the end of the passage and return back to the cavern. Down the stairs, the key unlocks the metal gate to another set of stairs leading up to the lever puzzle.

The lever puzzle

Read the scroll on the pedestal. It gives you the necessary information to pass the puzzle. Note: Death is swift for failing any part of the puzzle.

"Throw two down"

The first room has 3 levers with plaques indicating the number of the lever. Throw lever 2 only and flick the switch. The door should open to the next puzzle.

"Throw three to get eight"

Of the five levers, you need to throw three such that the sum of the lever numbers equal eight. The solution: There is only one solution. Fortunately, the number of possibilities has been narrowed down. Throw levers 1, 2, 5 and flick the switch.

"Throw four to get twelve"

Of the seven levers, throw four such that the sum of the lever numbers equal twelve. The solution: There is only one solution. Throw levers 1, 2, 3, 6 and flick the switch. The final metal door unlocks leading to a set of stairs. Up the stairs you'll find the secret Wall opened by the blue lever earlier. The metal gate leads to another set of stairs, which leads on to an infinite loop. The real way out is through a secret passage on the East wall between the Wall and the metal gate. You'll enter a cavern with several stone beds.

Pick up the bright green key partly hidden next a North wall. This unlocks the gate to the stairs. Before going up, search the North walls for a secret passage. It'll lead to a similar cavern. This stair leads down to a passage with illusionary fire fields. Pick up the green key at the end of the passage and head back up to the first cavern with the stone beds. Up the stairs, the last green key unlocks the gate.

Kill the skeletal dragons in the next two caverns. Check the North wall in the second cavern for another secret passage with stairs leading down. Flick the switch in each of the ten cells in the hallway. Then pull the golden lever to unlock the door at the end of the hallway. This stair takes you to Aram Dol's lair. Defeat Aram-Dol and grab his keys on the corpse. Unlock the door to the treasury and grab the Blue Orb, the Gloves of Karas the Quick and Erinon's Axe.



The entrance to the maze is West of Serpent's Fang. Outside the entrance, Drusilla the Dark Monk appears. She gives you some hints about the maze. Unbelievably, they are true. You must complete the maze without your companions. Upon entering the maze your companions will leave the party and wait outside the gate. All your possessions also disappear. The maze is made up of several rooms. Upon entering a room an exit may appear or dissappear.

You may find yourself trapped in a room without any exit. The only way to find the correct path to the maze's exit is through trial and error. There are several levels to the maze and the exit of each level is a teleporter to the next level. Note: Pick up any food you come across, especially cheese. You'll need it later. There is plenty on the bodies scattered within the maze. From the first room of the maze (with the blue carpet) follow the following sequence: W S E W S E E S W W W W N E N N W N N E E E E E S W W S

Step on the teleporter to enter the first room of the second level. It has a teleporter to return back to the first. Follow the following sequence: N N N W S S W N N E W W S S W S W N N N E W E

Step on the teleporter to enter the first room of the third level. It has a teleporter to return to the previous. Follow the following sequence: E S S S W W N N E E E N N S S W S E

Step on the teleporter to enter the first room of the fourth level. It has a teleporter to return to the previous. Follow the following sequence: S S S E E E N N

You'll meet a cat-like creature called Yurel. Talk to him and give the cheese you picked up earlier. He gives you the Purple Orb in return. From Yurel's room, follow the following sequence: N W N S W S S E E E S W N N N E N W W N W S E E S W N N N E N W W N E

Grab the Helm of Light off the body. Walk through the illusionary wall to the East and step on the teleporter. Your possessions are in the hollow tree next to the entrance of the maze.



The entrance to the abandoned outpost lies Southwest of Serpent's Fang. Outside the entrance you meet Rieya, one of the three Dark Monks. She gives some false hints. Enter the gates, go down the stairwell. A long passage leads to a golden well. Search the West walls of the passage for a secret passage; leads you to a body and a golden lever. Read the scroll on the body, and pull the lever.

The lever will open another secret passage in the long passage. The passage leads to a large room with 3 buttons on the walls. A force wall appears when you try to enter the opposite passage. The three buttons must be pushed in the correct sequence to remove the force wall. Each time a correct button is pushed, a magical twinkle appears around the Avatar. The correct sequence:

Northeast button, Northwest button, Southwest button.

The passage leads to a room with some bodies. Search the bodies and grab the lightning whip and the key. The key unlocks the first metal gate. Just walk through the next two gates; illusions. Here the passage forks to the North and South. Walk through the gate to the North. The gate closes and magically locks itself when the pressure plate at the gate is depressed. Search for a key, well hidden under a log.

The next room with a golden dais, has a plaque which reads "Sacrifice by Fulmination". Force fields surround the stairwell. Place the lightning whip on the dais to remove the force fields. Note: The fields can also be removed using 'Dispel Field'.

Down the stairs, there is another stairwell northwest corner of the room, hidden by walls. Go down the stairs and back up the next. Take the stairs up. The following passage has three pressure plates, in niches along the passage. With the plates in the original positions, step on them in sequence from West to East.

This dispels the sleep fields further up the passage. Take the Red Orb at the end of the passage and head back to the golden dais. The key under the logs (previously picked up) unlocks the door in the library (room next to golden dais). The passage behind the door is blocked by debris. The debris can be removed by attacking it (even with bare hands, though it takes longer). Down the stairwell at the end of the passage, take the rope on the dead body.

Go back and take the South fork; leads to a torture chamber. Take the scroll on one of the bodies in the cell. Note: Using one of the iron maidens takes you to a room with some powder kegs. With the rope, go down the golden well to the bottom. The scroll is the key to removing the force walls. Read the scroll while in front of the force wall to remove it. Go down the stairwell at the end of the passage to enter the catacombs. Loriel's Gift, the Belt of Strength, is located Southwest of the stairs. Once you've got the belt, head back to Serpent's Fang.



Surok can provide some information about the various magical items you've collected. Take the stairs down from Suroks level. Follow the passage heading West. Search for a button on the wall next to the first stairwell you come across. It is behind a lamp. Push the button and go to Elissa's laboratory. The wine barrel has moved revealing a stairwell. Follow the passage down the stairwell to a room with four pedestals. Place the correct orbs on the pedestals; the door to the Silver Seed unlocks.



R= Red Orb

P= Purple Orb

B= Blue Orb

G= Golden Orb

Take the Silver Seed; the three Dark Monks (Rieya, Solaria and Drusilla) appear and attack. Defeat them and get their keys. The big brass key unlocks the door in the Silver Seed chamber. Take the stairs up, the other two keys unlock the next two doors. The passage leads to a glade, where Karnax appears. He instructs you to plant the Silver Seed. Put the Silver Seed on the hole in the ground. Double-click the Seed and the Tree of Balance will grow.

Note: Although directly opposite the waterfall, the patch of ground Karnax is referring to is not at the water's edge. Note: The Dark Monk's big brass key also unlocks the door in the secret passage from the keep to the Fiend's Domain. This secret passage is through a secret Wall in a cellar (one with barrels).

To return to Serpent Isle, go to the Serpent Gate in the keep and use the Amulet of Balance.

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