Ultima VII: Serpent Isle

Serpent Isle FAQ Source: Here (http://www.geocities.com/Athens/Oracle/1371/ultima.html - Site Gone) (Formatted by Ganesh)

Serpent Isle FAQ

Welcome to Feeble-minded Dragon's U7.5 FAQ. I hope this answers some of your questions.


  1. No one is talking to me! You need to take the knight's test (speak with Lord Marsten) before most people will speak with you.
  2. Who's the traitor? Where is the goblin camp? Talk to everyone. Krayg will tell you he's seen someone else when he takes long walks in the wilderness.

Sleeping Bull

  1. My game froze when I got on the ship. You need reload your game and wait until all the other passengers are awake.


  1. How do I get things started here? Find out who's ring you own. When she speaks with you about it, join the Cause.


  1. How do I meet the adepts? You need to talk with Flindo and get him to make an appointment with them.
  2. How do I get to Monk Isle to get the reagents I need? Talk to Bucia about Pothos. Talk to Pothos.
  3. I need the wand, but I already gave it back. How do I get it? Use Vibrate.

Mountains of Freedom

  1. How do I get out of my cell? When the automaton comes out, kill him and take the keys.
  2. I entered some sort of repeating cavern. What do I do? You can cast Columna's Intuition or just search on you right for an illusionary wall.


  1. How do I pass the test? *rolls eyes* Dou you really need help with this? Basically, just do the opposite of what your companions tell you.
  2. I failed the test! What do I do? *Feeble-minded grabs the foolish player* SMACK! Find the everlasting goblet.
  3. Can I put the keys of Fire and Ice on my keychain? Can I get them back off? Don't worry. They will not join the chain until fused together to form the black key.

Gorlab Swamp and the Realm of Dreams

  1. Is there anything I need before entering? Yes. The crystal rose of love (Dupre has it), the mirror of truth, and the helm of courage.
  2. Why can't I take things with me? I found all this gold... It's a dream!

Northern Forest

  1. I can't get in Shamino's castle! There's some sort of field... Let the Hound of Doskar smell Cantra's sword.

Frozen North

  1. There's this gate that I figured out how to open, but the serpent keeps saying I forgot something. Have the hound smell Batlin's fellowship medalion.

Temples of Chaos

  1. What do I do in the temple of Emotion? Talk to the green wall.
  2. I can't seem to enlarge that hole that the rat went into. How do I get the key? Cast Serpent Bond.

Temples of Order

  1. Do I need both serpent jaws? No. Take the teeth off Batlin's and put them on yours. Also check Selina's body for a dispel field scroll.

Monk Isle

  1. Can I cure Cantra? No.
  2. Nothing ever seems to be happening here. You visit Monk Isle the most near the end.

Isle of the Mad Mage

  1. How do I leave here? Talk to Vasal about teleportation.
  2. Do I want Boydon in my party? Yes! He's strong and a good fighter. Just be careful, he cannot be resurrected.

Goblin Camp

  1. Has anyone ever been able to save that poor guard? He will always die. Tote his sorry butt back to Monitor and collect gold for his body.

Silver Seed

  1. How do I dispel the force fields? What do I place on the alter? Lightning whip.
  2. I'm in the liche's domain near a bunch of gates but I can't find the key! See that big rock to the left? Illusion wall behind it.

Sunrise Isle

  1. What do I need before entering? Bring the serpent staff, armor, and crown, the three blackrock serpents, and the serpent sword.

Still have questions? Did I miss anything? E-mail me.

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