Ultima VII: The Black Gate

Black Gate Walkthroughs

Playthrough Walkthrough by Nakar (External Link)

Lots of screen shots detailing the method Nakar used to play Ultima VII.

Walkthrough By Karl Jan Clinckspoor (DOC) (262 KB / 593 KB)

Karl's seen many walkthroughs, and many aren't good. They didn't even tell the most important parts. This walkthrough archive covers the game with images provided separately in the DOC.

Walkthrough By G.Ganesh (74 KB)

A very useful walkthrough to download. Includes lots of tips on cheating/stealing/gambling and training Always being updated so check often! In case you don't know, this site  is the official site.

Walkthrough By Lord DCD (23 KB)

First walkthrough that appeared for this game. Scounge style.

Walkthrough By Andrew Simpkins (116 KB)

Provides detailed descriptions of what magical weapons do, like Magebane and Fire Swords. Also comments on useful spells, items and of course, a detailed walkthrough.

Walkthrough By Courtney McMillan (43.8 KB)

This was put up on Origin's Website, so it has to be the best one around there. Tells you how to solve town mysteries too. This is the Official Walkthrough by Origin.

Walkthrough By the Electronic Gamer (32.8 KB)

Another walkthrough, this time by the Electronic Gamer. An alternative walkthrough if you can't find what you are looking for in other walkthroughs.

Walkthrough By Tim Wilton (40 KB)

This is also an okay walkthrough. Uses the style of the Scounge.

Walkthrough By Dan Simpson (155 KB)

Lots of stuff here. You will also read information that you may not know! TEXT file.

Cube Generator Walkthrough by Paulon Dragon (17.6 KB)

How to get through the Cube Generator Maze explained in detail.

Cube Generator Walkthrough by EarthShaker (16 KB)

Another cube generator guide contained in one image. Well explained with numbered steps.

Walkthrough By the Scourge (23.8 KB)

Another walkthrough, this time by the Scounge. This was the first walkthrough made for Ultima VII. Includes Spell Lists and Trainer Costs.

Walkthrough By Mike Vander Ploeg (DOC) (180KB / 33KB)

Walkthrough with Trainers, Citizens, Potions, Armor, Weapons with locations and more!

Walkthrough By Sage Dragon (78 KB)

A modified walkthrough from the Scourge. A touch of life has been added to the walkthrough, this walkthrough appears more lively.

Forge of Virtue Walkthroughs

Walkthrough By Origin (7.9 KB)

Should be the best walkthrough around. All side-plots, easter eggs and stuffs provided. Detailed steps are provided. 

Walkthrough By Kurse Dragon (7.9 KB)

Tells you how to solve the Forge of Virtue walkthrough. Detailed steps are provided. 

Walkthrough By Michael Sonntag (12.3 KB)

Many walkthroughs simply tell you to solve the Test of Truth by a shortcut method, however, this walkthrough explains the long cut.

Walkthrough By Tim Wilton (22 KB)

This walkthrough uses the style of Scounge to help you solve. It's quite good.

Walkthrough By Michael Fleming (22 KB)

Tells you how to solve the Forge of Virtue walkthrough in a special way: the Avatar tells you what he did to solve it.

Walkthrough By Kline (7.9 KB)

Tells you how to solve the Forge of Virtue walkthrough. Detailed steps are provided in this walkthrough too.

Walkthrough By Sage Dragon (31 KB)

Uses the style of Scounge.

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