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Old News Archive and Poll Results - Started Oct 23 2001

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Previous Poll Results

Question Asked: Which game do you prefer? [49 votes total]

  • Planescape: Torment (24) 49%
  • Ultima VII: The Black Gate (6) 12%
  • Ultima VII: Serpent Isle (8) 16%
  • Ultima VIII: Pagan (3) 6%
  • Ultima IX: Ascension (4) 8%
  • None/Other (Use Comments) (4) 8%

Comments Entered:

  1. None ds

Conclusion: Torment emerges the winner though there are fewer votes.

Question Asked: Should Ultima VII become freeware? [687 votes total]

  • Yes - 614 votes - 89%
  • No - 73 votes - 11%

Comments Entered:

  1. Something that I really respect in a software producer is when they release they're older stuff as freeware. So I think it should be freeware.
  2. It is too old
  3. ULTIMA8 too
  4. and also Ultima8:Pagan
  5. why shouldn't it? It doesn't run on windows w/o U7run
  6. Every one should be able to experience U7 (The best of the series)...
  7. it's about time...
  8. I used to have what I believe Ultima 6 or 7 and it was free and full version too but very very good and very very fun.
  9. Every one should be able to play this awesome game! freeware it!
  10. I believe after 4 or 5 years any game should be freeware.

Conclusion: Based on the results above, many voters lean towards getting Ultima VII and (if possible) the other games to freeware. There were some opposition primarily one comment that said "it's too old". We just got to hope Electronic Arts will do something about it. Check out this site at Wired where Electronic Arts didn't approve of a fan-work of Ultima I and the fan against it.

Question Asked: If you're stuck in a game, how long will you try to attempt to figure it out before resorting to cheats? [54 votes total]

  • 1-30 Minutes(8) 15%
  • 30-60 Minutes(10) 19%
  • 1-2 Hours(3) 6%
  • 2-4 Hours(5) 9%
  • 4-12 Hours(2) 4%
  • 12-24 Hours(2) 4%
  • 1-7 Days(12) 22%
  • 2 Weeks(3) 6%
  • Forever!(9) 17%

Conclusion: The phrase "Patience is Gold" holds very true for many, however, 83% will still cheat. This month, a poll was suggested.

Old News Archive

15th October 2005 1700 GMT+8

Lots of additions in the background (so don't keep checking this section for detailed updates, just check the page), mostly to the Pioneer DVD HDD Recorder DVR-530H-S review, the Windows XP FAQ and the N-Gage FAQ.

  • (31st October 2005 1530) Happy Deepavali to all our visitors. Here are some cards from us Card 1, Card 2, Card 3, Card 4 (Courtesy of Bootstrike.Com Greeting Cards)
  • (23rd October 2005 2130) New Greeting Card creation website launched. Currently contains only Deepavali/Diwali cards. The highlight? No login or registration required. Only 7 simple steps. Check out the site now - Greeting Cards.
  • (23rd October 2005 2130) Removed MANY external broken links. Look out for "Site Gone".
  • Added 2 Feature jokes - The Sperm Bank and Belting Up.
  • Added images to computer section and miscellaneous section
  • Hollywood Lessons added to Misc section, and Health Questions to Smart People section.

Speaking of jokes, here's something to try: While sitting at your desk, lift your right foot off the floor and make Clockwise circles. Now, while doing this, draw the number "6" in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction and there's nothing you can do about it. Number '0' too.

13th Aug 2005 2100 GMT+8

More jokes and fixes. Philip's hosting is down so the site is being hosted on an alternate location for now. I'm also considering getting some paid hosting for the site. Keep watching!

UPDATE 16th Aug 2005: We got a new paid host. The whole website has been transferred to the new host. Enjoy!

  • Added 1 Kids funny picture
  • Added 3 Miscellaneous funny pictures
  • Added 2 Miscellaneous funny jokes
  • Added 2 Smart funny stories
  • Added 1 Feature joke and couple of Little jokes
  • Fixed all Featured Jokes videos to play properly using Windows Media Player

30th May 2005 2130 GMT+8

I've got a whole collection of jokes that I'm going through. Watch out for more content soon!

22nd Feb 2005 2230 GMT+8

The new design for the Web Design subsidiary is launched! Now for Bootstrike.Com..

3rd Jan 2005 2130 GMT+8

Happy New Year! Two new featured jokes added. In the labs, a new design of Bootstrike.Com. Also in the works, a new design for Bootstrike's design subsidiary. Complete with spankin' new logos! We also welcome Marc onboard Bootstrike.Com!

I am sure that you have heard of the Tsunami tragedy that befell people in Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Malaysia. More than 140,000 people have lost their lives to the killer waves. If you have not done so, please donate to Red Cross or other charity organisations. More news at ChannelNewsAsia.

7th Nov 2004 2330 GMT+8

The jokes of Laughter Hell have been very popular - especially among forums and e-mails. Keep coming!

  • Concert Rock Behind the Scenes movie added to Laughter HELL!
  • Torment Wallpapers links changed to Bootstrike.Com. The trailer and preview are gone for now. Interplay now has gone down along with all the links to it. Planescape-Torment.Com included in the list too.
  • Handling Wrong Calls added to Smart People of Laughter HELL!
  • Added a guide on running Ultima Underworld I/II under Windows 2000/XP to the Ultima Underworld I / Ultima Underworld II sections.

18th Aug 2004 2235 GMT+8

Been a long time since I've updated this site as only few updates were received and were done behind the scenes

16th May 2004 1115 GMT+8


2nd April 2004 2240 GMT+8

Windows XP Updates mostly

17th March 2004 1500 GMT+8

Web site is back thanks to Philip!

  • Forums and Guestbook are up!
  • Counter reset to zero

1st January 2004 0915 GMT+8

Happy new year! Few updates:

16th November 2003 2255 GMT+8

My webhost has suddenly decided to move his website to another host. Unfortunately Bootstrike.Com can not join him in the new location because of cost and law issues. If Bootstrike.Com can't find a new host - I'm afraid it will have to close down. Sorry guys - it has been a good learning experience with this website.

  • No deals have been achieved. Remember, you can always contact me at .
  • [26th October 2003] Some queries have been received - but nothing solid has been achieved for a new host.

14th September 2003 1300 GMT+8

New design! New Accessibility features! New Print and View features(check top right)! New... what - you expecting more?

  • Testing of the new design and its affected areas - please inform me if you encounter any problems

4th September 2003 1300 GMT+8

More jokes, more changes and perhaps a new design to the website soon. Now I am free - waiting to serve National Service soon.

10th August 2003 1955 GMT+8

The website sections are not getting that updated frequently due to loss of time. For now, the Articles, Laughter HELL! and the Windows XP sections are being updated.

6th April 2003 2030 GMT+8

Been receiving some odd entries in the guestbook. What's next?

30th March 2003 2030 GMT+8

The server went through some upgrading and problems hence some parts of the website went down for the past week. Now it should be all working fine.

9th February 2003 2215 GMT+8

Site update frequency is reduced due to holidays being over.

  • New MIDI's added in the Good Ol' Midis Final Fantasy section. Thanks to Brandon.
  • One Smart People joke, two Love joke, one Featured Joke added
  • Added Platter's downloads to the Planescape: Torment sections. Thanks to Platter!
  • Link to a Ultima VII MUD added to Ultima Links Section.
  • Link added to Sir Cabirus's Ultima Underworld Walkthrough at Ultima Underworld I section.
  • Upgraded Bootstrike.Com Forum software to 1.1 (spent a hefty five hours on this as it required many adjustments)

4th January 2003 0145 GMT+8

Happy New 2003 to everyone! Been plunking time down in Need For Speed: High Stakes. Not the game (which is addictive enough) but EA Racing Online. It is a cool feeling of winning, and boy was I proven wrong thinking my racing skills are the best ever before online racing.

16 December 2002 2250 GMT+8

Just attended a wireless competition and lost . However, since I have put a lot of work in it, I have dedicated a section of the site to it - Java Mobile Shopping (Under Construction). Anyway back to website business. There were some entries in the guestbook, asking for assistance, please ask for assistance in the Forums. As for the suggestions, I'll see what I can do.

21st November 2002 2250 GMT+8

Welcome back! Because of growing sections, the Ultima sections and Windows XP sections have been put into another tree like to access the windows XP section. Also, Bootstrike.Com supports Fairplay, which is a protest against the expensive prices of games.

3rd November 2002 1600 GMT+8

Been a busy month, so few updates with the site.

  • Happy Deepavali (or Diwali for short) to those Indian visitors to my site.
  • STATUS UPDATE: I am available for web design.
  • Addition of a new jokes section - Smart People, including one new additions.
  • Added 2 Ah Beng/Smart jokes, 1 Little joke, 2 Love jokes, 1 Misc joke
  • Renaming of Laughter HELL! Sex section to Love.
  • Removing of all main.html and making it such that Laughter Hell can simply be accessed by This also applies for the other sections.
  • Reformatting of Laughter HELL Little Jokes.
  • [6th October 2002 2215 GMT+8] Home page introductory text made smaller (above)
  • [6th October 2002 2215 GMT+8] Fixed incorrect Ultima VII: Forge Of Virtue Review page. Thanks to Hawk for pointing it out.

22nd September 2002 1700 GMT+8


  • Checks put in place in the server to disable other websites leeching files and Laughter HELL! images.
  • Added a link to TeamBG Custom IE Game File Library ( - Link Broken as of 23/10/2005) in Planescape: Torment section.
  • Added Creative's PNP Initialisations drivers for older sound cards in Ultima Utilities sections.
  • Added a scan of the Ultima Underworld II: Cloth Map image. Thanks to James Lewis!
  • Three new walkthroughs added: 2 to Ultima VII: The Black gate section by Andrew Simpkins and by Lord DCD and the final one to Ultima Underworld Tips by Lord DCD
  • Forum images and layout have been updated. Do visit the forums when you can!
  • Old news seperated to two pages
  • Forums have been updated. Some minor quirks still exist, please report them if you notice them.
  • Added jokes to Misc, Ah Beng, Sex
  • Updated Torment Internet Tips and Hints with new tips. Thanks to the Forums and personal feedbacks!

28th August 2002 1630 GMT+8


9th August 2002 1415 GMT+8

Mainly Laughter HELL! updates.

  • Addition of another hilarious prank call - You Stole My Newspaper! CHECK IT OUT!!
  • Addition of 2 Misc jokes, 1 Little joke, 1 Ah Beng joke!
  • Made normal text colours brighter as it seems to be too dark.
  • Added advertising to the top. Please do visit them if they interest you.

More old news . .

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