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Hints & Cheats

Planescape: Torment isn't a game that's easy to get stuck. You can get stuck if you try to bypass things which must happen, for example, before killing Trias in Curst, try sending Annah to pickpocket away the sword and scroll. Now, this will make you stuck as the game will not give any dialogue after he dies. Anyway, here are the hint and cheat files I gathered from the 'net.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Official Pre-Release FAQ (31.3 KB)

Got a question about the game? This FAQ could just answer 'em. Only questions like "What's Planescape: Torment" or "What engine does it use" appears here. No gameplay related.

Official Stability FAQ (26.2 KB)

Facing error messages? Game is crashing too much? See graphical glitches? Head over here and read the FAQ by Interplay itself.

Gameplay FAQ by Orion79 (69 KB)

Provides essential hints for the best game experience, starting a new game in the best way without spoiling the fun of exploring the game. Gives the best starting hints, and may be used together with other walkthrough made by other players.

Gameplay FAQ by Kraal (52.1 KB)

All right all right! You having problems with the Game now? Questions like: Can I multiclass? How do I join this faction? Go here, and your questions may be put to a stop. Excellent FAQ.

PlanetBg's General Tips (Ext. Link)

This is another website which collects lots of tips from its visitors and boasts very good design. External Link.

Hints & Tips

Internet's Hints and Tips (41.5 KB)

The Internet, as you know, is a world of endless information possibilities. Little small tips get scattered here and there, unnoticed. And so, here are tips I gathered from the 'net.

Solving the Maze by Jonathan Chang (14.7 KB)

Shows how to solve the Player's Maze.

Note: I tried to obtain permission but his e-mail kept bouncing. Hopefully he doesn't mind us hosting it here.

Creature List by Jonathan Chang (46.7 KB)

Details about every single creature you can (and cannot) encounter in Planescape: Torment, also lists details about every single resistance of every single creature in the game

Note: I tried to obtain permission but his e-mail kept bouncing. Hopefully he doesn't mind us hosting it here.

Store List by Jonathan Chang (60.1 KB)

List of all the items that can be purchased at which stores, as well as what can be sold to which stores.

Note: I tried to obtain permission but his e-mail kept bouncing. Hopefully he doesn't mind us hosting it here.

List of Mage Spells by Camille van den Berg (15.1 KB)

Some spells cannot be memorised by Ignus or Dak'kon. This document also lists the spells available in the game.

Speed Run Guide by Steven de Rooij (28.4 KB)

For people who have completed Planescape: Torment at least once and have basic knowledge of the game, and who are interested in learning how the game can be completed as quickly as possible.

List of Special Abilities (21.2 KB)

Finally, one of the developers posted all this information. Tells you the special ability and what is does. Go view it!

List of Factions and Description by The Pit (Ext. Link)

List of factions, description, whether you can join and how to join is all stated. Check it out!  External Link.

Companions and Where/How to get Them by The Pit (Ext. Link)

Most players miss the two companions Nordam and Vhailor. This site tells you how to get those companions, a pic of them (extracted from core files) and their professions.  External Link.

JPG Picture Maps by Soulbox (Ext. Link)

This site has maps to all the areas of the game. You can print them out for your reference. Hosted at as the original site has gone down.

Torment RPG Shrine by Xachariah (Ext. Link)

A good site for a lot of tips, detailed walkthroughs and many other information about the game!

Party Members and other NPCs by Xachariah (Ext. Link)

A list of party members you can have and where to find them. Complete with biographies and stats.

Locations of Armor by Xachariah (Ext. Link)

A list of armors that exists in the game and where to find them and who can wear them. Complete with biographies and stats.

List of Factions by Xachariah (Ext. Link)

A list of factions in the game and how to join them. With biographies and the image symbols.

List of Useful Items by Xachariah (Ext. Link)

A list of important usable items, such as items that enhance a stat, with who can wear them and where to find them.

List of Priest and Mage Magic Spells and Abilities by Xachariah (Ext. Link)

A list of spells with the name, who can wield it, how to learn it and how ofte it can be used. Some items even come with an image.

List of Stores / Services / Resting Places by Xachariah (Ext. Link)

What you can buy for each merchant, store and the location where the place can be found.

Cheat Files and Trainers

Max Hit Points by Platter (1.3 KB)

This mod insures all your party members will get the maximum amount of hit points available on each level up, so you will not have to reload when leveling up if you want to get as many hit points as possible. Hosted with permission.

Cities Explored Mod by Platter (5.7 KB)

This mod removes the black Fog of War from the main outdoor city areas, like in Baldur's Gate 2. Hosted with permission.

Tome o' Cheats Mod by Platter (18.2 KB)

This is a book that you can 'talk' to. It has several options, like changing your character's stats, alignment, class, money, experience, health status, location and available party members. It can give you many useful items including some items that were not included in the game, and all of the game's spell scrolls from levels 5-9. Hosted with permission.

No Battle Music Mod by Platter (1 KB)

This gets rid of the battle music, except for in the final part of the game. No music will play during battle. Peace! Hosted with permission.

Lost Party Members Fix by Platter (2 KB)

If you can't find or talk to some of your party members ** SPOILERS ** (a) When you get out of your tomb in the "Drowned Nations." (b) When you finish using the Dream Machine in the Foundry. (c) When you get back to Sigil from being Mazed, if you were Mazed while you were leaving the "Alley of Dangerous Angles", this fix is for you! Hosted with permission.

Armor Mod by Platter (421 KB)

This adds five armors to Torment that Nameless One, Dak'kon, Annah and Ignus can wear. They are items that you can buy. Equipping them changes your appearance to the appropriate armored figure and alters mentioned stats. This mod needs a FULL INSTALL of Torment to work! Hosted with permission.

Infinity Engine Savegame Editor by Guillaume (1 MB)

All in one savegame editor / character editor tool with multi game support. Complete character sheet edition supported. Extra savegame information editable: diary and game variables. Allow to edit non party characters (NPC) and to switch NPC to PC and conversely.

Trainer for Unlimited $$$ and Skill Points (23.4 KB)

Unable to beat that monster? This trainer (a program that runs in a background and modifies the game in memory) will give you unlimited skill points, $$$ and more!

Savegame Editor by Mariusz S. Jurgielewicz (1.40 MB)

Unable to beat that monster? This editor can modify your SAVE games to more gold, powerful stats and much more! Uses Graphical interface. Check it out!

Savegame Editor by Anders Kronquist & Karl Stroh (569 KB)

A simpler, smaller and command-line used editor by Anders Kronquist that includes a GUI by Karl Stroh. Comes with the lists of numbers to use to generate that item with this proggy.

UHS Cheat Module (36.8 KB)

This cheat is to be used with the Universal Hint System.

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