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I wasn't able to collect the whole collection of MIDIs, only found one bit here, another bit there . .you get the idea. All in all, I managed to get 8 midis total.

(Update 2020s: You need to use Internet Explorer for this page as modern browsers don't support in-browser native midi file playback)

Download playing MIDI

Click 'n' play any music you want:

Battle Type One Introduction
Battle Type Two Mood
Battle Type Three Options
Hades Torment
Planescape: Torment Theme - Thanks to Quill Dragon

Download the whole collection.

MP3/WAV Sounds & Music

The mp3s provided below are basically converted from ACM to WAV. Most of the sites have disappeared, thus the small list. Extract the wavs from your games using the ACM Converter below, and convert them to MP3 using a software like MusicMatch JukeBox.

ACM / WAVC Converter to WAV by TeamX.Ru and TeamBG (313 KB)

Contains utilities with a GUI program to convert multiple ACM/WAVC files (which you can extract using Infinity Engines Explorer) to WAV. You can further use CDex to convert WAV to MP3.

Mp3 Soundtrack Download (Ext. Link)

Platter provides his own mirror for the files hosted by Outshine.

How to convert Torment ACM Music files to WAV (17 KB)

Jason's guide to the conversion process provides links to which how to extract the music from the game data files.

GAP - Game Audio Player (Ext. Link)

This is a universal software which extracts audio from various major game including Planescape: Torment. And it is free too. Thanks to Jason for the link.

Jason's Note - This will let you get at some of the songs you can't with NearInfinity (at least I never could!). Just put whatever CD you want in, run GAP and have it browse your cd drive. It will find all audio files. You can then convert and save them as you see fit. Just as a note, the quality doesn't seem to be as good (at least for Torment) as when you use NearInfinity and an acm2wav converter. This is just a way to get at some music you maybe couldn't before.

Planescape: Torment Mp3 Music @ Gamespy (Ext. Link)

Gamespy's archives of the mp3 collection of Torment! Need to be a FilePlanet member to download.

FilePlanet Planescape: Torment MP3 Downloads (Ext. Link)

FilePlanet's hosted mp3 files. They only have a few of them.

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