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Patches / MODs

Starting off with Planescape: torment? Thanks to the user community, various patches have been released to fix incompatibility problems.

N.B. The patches below require that you have a physical copy of the game - you can download the GOG version if you don't have the game yet. Or you can buy a DVD version at or Amazon UK. The DVD version is similar to the 4 CD version, hence it will require the official 1.1 patch as well but the GOG version doesn't. There is a specific guide for the GOG version here.

Update: 29 Sept 2010: Please let us know in the comments here if the steps below work with the GOG downloadable version. It will help many others who have that version and are trying to get it run.

Install the patches in this order (source):

  1. Uninstall the game if it is already installed. If you uninstalled a previous version, delete the folder altogether. Your old saves probably won't work.
  2. Install the game. For Windows Vista and Windows 7 users, install the game to a separate folder outside the Program Files folder.
  3. Fully install the game by following this guide.
  4. If you are using the 4CD version, Install official 1.1 patch (where?) Not required for GOG version.
  5. If you are installing a no-cd crack, do so at this time. (where?) Not required for GOG version.
  6. Install The Bigg's widescreen mod, if desired. (I recommend it if you have a decent size monitor... if it's a small screen, eh) (where?)
  7. Install Ghostdog's UI (if you installed the widescreen mod, I highly recommend it. If you didn't install it, skip this step.) (where?)
  8. Install All Inclusive Fixpack by Qwinn (where?)
  9. Install Unfinished Business by Qwinn (where?)
  10. Install Tweaks by Qwinn (where?)
  11. Problems running the game? Some common fixes.

The actual file downloads follow. Screen shots of the game in action using the widescreen MODs can be found here.

Planescape: Torment Official Patch 1.1 (README) (3.29 MB / 13 KB )

Fixes one helluva bugs. Be sure to run this if you want to run the game with maximum efficiency and fun! This is NOT required for the 2CD version - as it is already patched.

All Inclusive Fixpack, Unfinished Business & Tweaks By Qwinn (Ext. Link)

A comprehensive WeiDU Fixpack, finished almost-but-not-quite-finished conent and a few ease-of-use tweaks to your Planescape: Torment install, as well as one or two must-have components. You can find an active forum here for any help you need.

Widescreen MOD v2.60 By The BIGG (662 KB)

Allows play at previously unsupported resolutions, like those of widescreen monitors and works in Windows XP and Windows Vista. Note that only the resolution is changed - the font size remains the same (becomes smaller in higher resolution). WARNING: Do not change the resolution once it has been set. Doing so will corrupt all your past save games. More details here. Updated Sept 2010.

Planescape: Torment User Interface By GhostDog v2.1 (17.4 MB)

Requires The BIGG's widescreen mod above. Optimizes screens/spells for ALL resolutions above 800 x 480 and centers all elements of the game properly. Increases the font size as well. More details here. Updated Feb 2010.

1024x768 UI pack BETA by "the vanished one" (Ext. Link)

The mod only enlarges the main game view; the screens (load, save, statistics, inventory etc.) are put on a black background, because editing the whole interface for every possible resolution would be a long and tedious work. Edited most of the interface, to improve how it looks, for a single resolution (1024x768). Updated 29th November 2008. NOTE: Not required with GhostDog's mod above.

All Inclusive Patch Pack v20080606 by SKARDAVNELNATE (2.53 MB)

(Already included in qwinn's mods above) This is a set of fixes for Planescape Torment intended to supplement Platter's 1.37 Fix Pack and/or the Restoration. As well as make them compatible with the other mods that are out. Original Thread. Original Thread #2.

Patch (aka Fix Pack) v1.37 by Platter (243 KB)

(Already included in qwinn's mods above) Also known as Fix Pack, this fixes several bugs in Torment that were not fixed by the official patch. They are listed in the included readme file. More info can be found here (site mirror). Hosted with permission.

Restoration Pack (4.65 MB)

(Already included in qwinn's mods above) An unofficial pack to restore features that were removed from the final version of the game.

Torment Tweak Pack MOD v1 By Andyr, CamDawg, Idobek (461 KB)

A WeiDU compilation of fixes, cosmetic changes, and tweaks. Some of these were fan requests, others are needed fixes, and others simply make dealing with the more irritating aspects of the game engine easier. Each component can be installed separately. More details here. N.B Installing the HP fix has reported to cause problems with other patches.

nVidia DirectDraw Patch by jlanger and vbigiani (703 KB)

Black boxes around sprites? These problems can usually be prevented by disabling the DirectDraw hardware acceleration altogether. This often even yields a better performance, however this doesn't work on all games. Planescape: Torment for example produces a very annoying mouse trail when played without DDraw HW acceleration. This patch fixes the bug by providing a fake DirectDraw dll.

Unreleased Patch (aka Fix Pack) v1.38 by Platter (4 KB)

(For advanced users only) Unreleased unofficial patch, as Platter has stopped working on them. KT Chong assures us that it works properly though. Use this patch in combination with the above 1.37 fix pack. Some parts by Ash McGowen. Fixes description enclosed. Hosted with permission.

Useful Misc. Files

Planescape: Torment MODS (Ext. Link)

Check out this site for Planescape: Torment Modifications! Animation Changes, Items, Cheats.. Totally Cool. The webmaster has kindly requested that I just add a link to his site when I asked to host the files in Bootstrike.Com. Thanks to Quill Dragon for telling me this fantastic site. Link broken :( Linked to mirror

Convert Torment to English by Platter (1.86 MB)

If you have a non-English version of Planescape: Torment installing this mod will allow you to play Torment in the original English it was written in. This does not change any sounds, only text. Hosted with permission.

Dustman Robe by Platter (9.5 KB)

This mod changes the Nameless One's appearance to the Dustman robe (the one that you can wear in the Mortuary). This will not affect whether or not characters in the game think you are a Dustman. It only changes the way the Nameless One looks to the player. Hosted with permission.

Infinity Engine Explorer by Dmitry Jemerov v0.8pre (817 KB)

This really useful file will let you extract the Pictures, and almost anything that is inside the core files in games using the Bioware engine. Use it in conjunction with the below 3 converters to manipulate audio/video files!

ACM / WAVC to WAV Converter by TeamX.Ru and TeamBG (313 KB)

Contains utilities with a GUI program to convert multiple ACM/WAVC files (which you can extract using Infinity Explorer) to WAV. You can further use CDex to convert WAV to MP3.

MVE to EXE Converter by Perceptron TeamX.Ru (100 KB)

Converts Torment video .mve movie files into self-running movies. Basically the player is embedded with the video. Instructions included.

MVE to AVI Converter by TeamX.Ru (68.6 KB)

Converts video files form MVE to AVI format. MVEs (or Interplay Movies) are used in Interplay's games such as Descent 2 and 3, MDK, Fallout 1 and 2, Icewind Dale, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate, Klingon Academy and many others.

Planescape: Torment 2 CD Version No-CD Crack (MAY BE MALWARE) by Platter (15.7 KB)

This will stop the message of asking you to insert Disc 2 whenever you play the games. Use it legally! Works only for TWO CD version (as stated). Hosted with permission.

FAQ: Why does it still ask for CD 2? Please follow the full installation guide here.

Update August 2007 - Some anti-virus programs such as Symantec give a Downloader Low Risk trojan horse virus warning. The file was downloaded from Platter's site and has been tested working for many users. But we don't know so we're putting this on an external site.

Planescape: Torment 1.1 4 CD Version No-CD Crack by Platter (8.29 KB)

This will stop the message of asking you to insert Disc 2 whenever you play the games. Use it legally! Works only for FOUR CD US versions (as stated). Hosted with permission.

Planescape: Torment 1.1 4 CD Version No-CD Crack by Mofo (8.29 KB)

If the above one doesn't work out, you can try this one. Includes instructions for full install or you can read the guide. This may not be compatible with the custom MODs.

Planescape: Torment Generic No-CD Unverified Crack (N.A)

Requires verification. This crack has NOT been tested by us.

Exocet Font (and other similar fonts) (113 KB)

Use this font to make your designs appear with the Torment ascent. This file has the true-type font used in Diablo and Planescape: Torment.

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