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Cool Documents

Interview with Developers: Tales of Torment (Ext. Link)

RPGWatch's guest interviewer Brother None takes us on a retrospective trip with Lead Designer Chris Avellone and "second designer" Chris McComb in this two-part series, which includes some original documentation.

Last Rites Game Development Vision Plans PDF DOC (2.6 MB)

Planescape: Torment was originally named Last Rites. Here is a PDF file titled "Last Rites Product Review Packet" that contains the game's vision, characters, management and how they planned to develop the game. Includes Ravel development DOC files. Source: RPGWatch

The Unraveling of Ravel Puzzlewell (15 KB)

Secrets of Ravel that can only be revealed by the developers of the game. Information on Ravel's daughter.

Behind the Scenes: The Making of Torment Audio (25 KB)

How Planescape: Torment's audio team did the sounds and music you hear in the game

IRC Planescape: Torment chat (168 KB)

A record of the IRC chat held. During that time, people can ask any question about the game. It hasn't been released then. Check it out, contains humor too.

Planescape: Torment Quotes (Ext. Link)

A list of some of our favourite quotes from the game.

Interviews with Torment Staff by The Pit (Ext. Link)

Interviews done with sound developer, writers and programmers by Calis and Seamus. Check it out!

Fan-Created Fiction Stories @ The Pit (Ext. Link)

Lots of user submitted stories, plays and comedies here. Time to have some relaxation.

Planescape Torment Easter Egg Area (70 KB)

The Nameless one with Morte stumbles upon an area with a "special" statue of Annah.

Fan-Created Fiction Comedy Interviews by Becker @ The Pit (Ext. Link)

A true website. Here, Becker creates funny interviews with humor in them.

Planescape: Torment Story by Rhys Hess

An excellent work by Rhys Hess of converting the whole game to a story, complete with dialogues and smooth flowing story line. There are 4 versions to download:

Desktop Enhancements

Windows XP Screensaver by Lucian Wischik (Ext. Link)

7.6Mb Screensaver for Windows XP systems only. The descriptions says that it contains animations and quotes, check out the site for more information.

Winamp Skin from Winamp.Com (257 KB)

A 3-star skin of Planescape Torment. Surprisingly, this is the only Planescape: Torment skin at Winamp.Com. Download + Install.

FilePlanet's Torment Downloads (Ext. Link)

FilePlanet has some very cool stuff to download including mp3s and desktop themes. This link brings you to the Torment category there.

Planescape: Torment Videos

Torment Trailer (12.6 MB)

An incredible trailer for this game with extracts from the cut scenes, cool spell effects .. check it out.

E3 Fancified MPEG Movie (19.5 MB)

Lots of the scenes you saw from the original trailer in addition to cool shots of gameplay. I'm telling you -- you see where every one of those extra megs gets put in.

Torment Trailer (26.4 MB)

The Planescape: Torment Teaser with scenes that never appeared in the final game. EXE version. Thanks to Lacordian

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