Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds


Playthrough Walkthrough by fixelbrumpf (External Link)

Lots of screen shots detailing the method fixelbrumpf used to play Ultima Underworld II.

Gems of Enlightenment Cluebook by Austin Grossman & Glen Johnson (8.92 MB)

As you venture into other realms and dimensions, who knows what lurks around the next corner, or at the foot of the next stair? Only those who have walked the realms before you! Scanned PDF guide.

Walkthrough By Mitch Aigner (66.8 KB)

Real perfect. Original Version. Has all you need to complete the game

Walkthrough By Master Game Solver Pharoa (29.4 KB)

Each section consists of one world. Covers from start to finish.

Nitpicks by Hacki Dragon (24.9 KB)

Some holes in the story pointed out here. Interesting reading.

Super Character SaveGame (303 KB)

A super character savegame. Self-extracting archive.

Spell List by Gamma Dragon (9 KB)

All the spells that can be casted in Ultima Underworld II in one complete document. 

Spell Differences from UW1 (9 KB)

New spells and old spells that are gone from Ultima Underworld I: The Stygian Abyss.

Maps by Laurens M. Fridael (632 KB)

All of the Ultima Underworld II Maps have been captured for your travelling needs. Grab it now.

SaveGame Editor by Robi (9.43 KB)

As the title says, this will allow you to edit your character in the savegame.

SaveGame Editor by Terry Orr (18 KB)

Allows you to edit the stats and items of your character.

SaveGame Item Editor by Dewi (28 KB)

A semi working item editor that allows modification of quantity, quality and location. Don't forget to read the included readme file.

Keyboard Commands by Dan Simpson (5.58 KB)

Unable to find any online keyboard reference of any kind, Dan Simpson created this own reference of Keyboard commands for UW2.

Castle Cloth Map Scan (327 KB)

This is the scan of the cloth map that comes with the game. Contributed by James Lewis.

Spell List by Extreme A.I. (4.51 KB)

All the spells that can be casted in Ultima Underworld II in one complete document. 

Spell List by Dan Simpson (8.34 KB)

Another spell list by Dan Simpson, listing all the hidden with descriptions of them.

Tips and Easter Eggs by Steven (26 KB)

Another Easter Eggs of the Ultima games.

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