Ultima Underworld II: Labyrinth of Worlds


ULTIMA UNDERWORLD II: LABYRINTH OF WORLDS substantially repairs most of its predecessor's weak points while improving on its strengths. It's not perfect, but it is very, very good. UW2 adds to the best first-person interface in current computer role-playing games one of the best-executed storylines as well.

Publisher :

Origin Systems & Electronic Arts


Looking Glass Technologies

Type of Game:

First Person Perspective

System Requirements:

- 386SX, 386, 486 PC or 100% compatible PC
- 2 Megs RAM
- 14 megs hard drive
- DOS Version 3.3 or higher
- Expanded memory manager
- 256 color VGA graphics

- Microsoft (R) 100% compatible mouse
- 386/20Mhz or better processor
- Sound board

Music Support:
- Ad Lib (R), Sound Blaster (R), Roland (R) MT-32/LAPC-1 or 100% compatible sound board

Digitized Speech Support:
- Sound Blaster (R) or 100% compatible sound board

Media in Package Reviewed:
- Four 3.5" 1.44M & one 3.5" 720K diskettes

UW2 begins with a feast at Castle Britannia, where the player, as the Avatar (Britannia's destined savior in times of danger), and the other notables of the kingdom are celebrating the defeat of the Guardian a year ago, as chronicled in Ultima VII.

Suddenly, a huge gem of impregnable blackrock springs up around the castle -- the Guardian has unleashed a new attack on the kingdom, trapping its leadership within the castle while his invading forces conquer the realm outside.

The Avatar is called upon to investigate the castle, and the ancient tunnels below, for a way to break free of the mystic prison -- a quest that will in turn lead to other, stranger worlds with the secrets to the Guardian's undoing. [full reviews]

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