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Walkthrough By Master Game Solver Pharoah

                  Master Game Solver Pharoah Presents:
                      Ultima Underworld II Solution

Let me just start off by making some comments on the game. While the game
was reasonably easy, there were some parts which required some thought.
Thus, by reading this solve, it is assumed that you are a fairly good
adventurer, since this is more of an overview designed to help you rather
than coach you step by step. I am not responsible for ruining the storyline
for you, so be warned before you read on. I was going to include the end
game save but the file was a little huge so I didn't bother. Besides, I find
people who just look at intros and endgames before deleting a game are
severely retarded loosers. Anyway, enough chatter, now let's journey into
the Labyrinth of Worlds:

                         Castle Britannia

This is where you start off. There's a hidden door in your room, which if
you haven't found that yet then do yourself a favour and do a del *.*. This
secret door leads to the surrounding circumference of the castle which can
be used as a shortcut, and the sewers are located at the NW corner. However,
before venturing into the sewers, you should talk with everyone in the castle
for clues. Dupre will hand you the key to enter the sewers. You will be
coming back to the castle over and over to train and this is where major plot
events occur.


Some items of interest: On level 3 in the Eastern region, are 2 gazers.
Defeat them, and you'll find a moonstone, which will be very helpful once
you acquire the gatespell runes VAS,REL and POR. On level 4 is a reaper.
Kill it and you'll find the key to the armory on level 2. Level 5 is where
the big blackrock gem is located. This is your portal to other worlds. You
will need to find 8 blackrock gem keys, let Nystul treat them, and then
use them on the big gem. Each time you use one, a face on the gem lights
up, allowing you access to a different world. There are 8 worlds in all.


The ideal order in which to visit the worlds are:

1)  The Prison Tower (8 small levels)
2)  Killorn Keep     (2 medium levels)
3)  Ice Caverns      (2 huge levels)
4)  Talorus          (2 large levels)
5)  Pits of Carnage  (3 huge levels)
6)  Mage Academy     (8 medium levels)
7)  Ethereal Void    (we're talking 4 dimensions!)
8)  Loth's Tomb      (4 large levels)

You will be visiting and revisiting many of these worlds several times. It's
not just a one shot affair.

                             Prison Tower

This world is very simple. Make your way to the top and find Bishop. On level
6 is the main goblin villain. Defeat him and earn a pair of franzium gloves
used to pass through the forcefield on level 8. Another pair which you'll
need to give to Bishop can be acquired by talking to the smithy on level 5.
A troll on level 6 becomes your friend if you release him. Ask him to go
to the lower levels and beat up all the goblins. The blackrock gem is found
with the goblin villain on level 6. Bishop will tell you to see a lady
sorceress in a castle in the sky. This castle is Killorn Keep.

                             Killorn Keep

Before talking to the mage Altara in the NW corner of level 1, you'll need
to gather information from everyone and talk to Mystell. Mystell will then
lead you to try to spy on Altara. However prove your virtue to Altara and
she will help you till the end. First she will give you a jeweled dagger
to kill the listener who resides in the lava in the castle sewers in the
SE corner of level 4. Then she will ask you for a dread spider egg and an
amethyst rod to create a powerful staff. The egg can be found in the NE
corner of the 4th level of the castle sewers. The rod is found in a glowing
room on the first level of Talorus. After you give her these items, including
the black pearl she gives you, you will get a staff which must be used at a
certain place in each world to destroy the guardian's power there. For the
prison tower, use the rod in the place where you found Bishop. On level 2
of this keep, you'll find the blackrock gem guarded by some headlesses. You
will need to come back when you get the runes VAS,EX, and YLEM for the
spell Portal. This will let you pass through to the blank space on your map
on the SW corner of level 1. Use the Map Area spell Wis Ex to see your
surroundings. By going to the second level, from the stairway you will find
come upon a guard. Kill him and enter the room where you'll find some
brain creatures. Use the pearl-tipped rod here, to rid the guardian's power
of this realm.

                           Ice Caverns

Just slide your way to level two, the stairs are in the SW corner. On level
2 you'll find the blackrock gem in the southern region. It's on a brown
patch surrounded by ice. Be careful not to slip into the river when you try
to get it. You will also want to make your way to the dam control to access
the lost city of Anonondus (sp?). You can talk to Beatrice the ghost here to
learn more about this place. This is where you use the rod. She will tell
you about filanium deposits in the SE region. You will need this later. If
you're having trouble getting to the dam control lever, then just remember
that you'll need to change the maze twice, once to get the key, and once
to get to the door. By only using the oppositely facing controls  you can
do this. It's not difficult to figure out the note that you'll find. If
you want to make high jumps then cast UUS POR, which is leap.
A side note: I don't have the manual. I found these spells out by trial
and error. There's a doc file out somewhere which gives the meanings to
each rune. There is also a trainer for the game which includes some spells
and rune definitions. Unfortunately the lamer who put those in there simply
took it directly from the Underworld I doc file which came out a year ago.
Needless to say, the list is far from complete and many don't even work for
this game.


This particular adventure reminds me of a classic Star Trek episode. What
you'll need to do is help the Taloroids, by making some modifications in
the Bliy Skup Chamber. To do this you will need the Information crystal
on level 2 (the levels can be accessed by either purple pad on the E and W
sides) with the signature E0Y2. You will also need the controller crystal
found in the sub room with Futurian. There's also a note there which tells
you which one to pick up. Lastly, you'll need the delgnizator on level 2
in the room with the Vorz Skup Ductsonore. With these three items go and kill
Bliy Skup Ductsonore and the doors will open. Enter them and use the rod
here. Now put the Information Crystal on the purple pad, the controller
crystal on the yellow pad, and then put the delginizator on the center blue
circle. Activate the machinery by pulling on the pullchain. Now go to
Historian and collect your reward (the blackrock gem).

                         Pits of Carnage

This is a barbaric realm, where your might is what determines your status.
You can fight some battles in the arena to improve your reputation amongst
the people. However the major item of interest on level 1 is the blackrock
gem held by Dorstag, the ruler of the realm. He is the undefeated champion
and has a damn good aim with a crossbow. Be sure you're ready for the
fight before you challenge him to an arena match. After attaining the gem,
go to the Northernmost room, where you'll find a trapdoor above you. This
is where you use the rod. There are also some plants on the ground. Eating
these before sleeping will allow you to see your dreams in the Ethereal
Void. More on that later. On level 2 in the SE corner is the mage Zoranthus.
He will ask you to trade a sceptre of deadly seeker for a djinn air bottle.
The Sceptre belongs to a daemon in Red Hell accessed by the red moongate
in the Ethereal Void (in the Dreamworld).

                           Mage Academy

This whole world is just one big fat test. There are eight sections to the
test, one for each level. I honestly found it pretty straightforward, and
so I don't think it warrants any major hints. On the 5th level is another
moonstone. You should have  2 by now. By placing one anywhere then you
can go there instantaneosly by placing the gate spell on the other stone.
This will save you alot of time and trouble. On the eight level near the
locked door to the secure vault, is a pentagram. You'll find many runes here
including Hur and Wis. Use the rod here. Open the secure vault with the
key found under a bed in a room on that level. You'll find a grey moongate
which will let you enter a certain area of the Ethereal Void. Make your
way through the water till you until you find the other end. However before
passing teleporting go back and continue the path you were on even though
there is no floor there. You will not fall since the floor is hidden. It's
a good idea to cast Night Vision here. Anyway, you'll find a chest with
basilisk oil and if you continue along the corner across the void and through
the force field you'll come upon another room which looks empty. However
there's a hidden panel on the center of floor which holds the VAS and TYM
runes. With these you can cast the best spells such as Fly (VAS HUR POR),
Freeze Time (AN TYM), Gate (VAS REL POR), and more. Do not drink the basilisk
oil, you'll need to drop it in the muddy filanium deposits in the Ice Caverns.
So go back there and do that and take a mud bath. When you leave, it should
say you're skin is oily. Now is a good time to go to the dreamworld on the
Ethereal void.

                            Ethereal Void

If you arrive here by eating a plant then you will not be able to interact
with anything since you will be asleep. Therefore you must either go through
the blackrock portal or use a trick I figured out, which I will discuss
later. Anyway what you have to do here is ultimately get to the shrine of
spirituality. The way to do this is to pass through realms of 4 colors. Then
you will be able to get to the shrine which holds the blackrock gem. Use the
rod at the shrine to destroy the guardian's power in this realm. The red
realm or the Red Hell as it is called is where you'll find the Sceptre of
Deadly Seeker. You must cast Iron Flesh (IN VAS SANCT) when you immerse
yourself in the lava there to bake and seal the oily mud on your skin.
Trade the sceptre with Zoranthus (see pits of carnage above) and take the
bottle you get to the Sigil of Binding which is accessed by the white
moongate. You'll know you're there when you see a big skull above a
pentagram. Smash the bottle on the pentagram and the air daemon will enter
you. If you want to finish this part fast which is not recommended since
there is alot of fun stuff to see in this world, then you can use the trick
of the moonstones. After eating a plant from the pits of carnage and sleeping
you will often end up directly in the shrine of spirituality. But
since you can't access your inventory, you won't be able to take the gem.
However, if you have both moonstones then keep one on the ground before
sleeping, so you can get back. Now keep the other item active and ready to
throw (it will take the place of the mouse cursor). Press F10 to sleep and
in the shrine you can release the stone. When you wake up from the dream into
the real world, then you can cast gate on the moonstone in front of you to
get back to the dream world fully conscious and take care of business. Just
remember to use F10 to sleep rather than using the bedroll or you will not
be able to throw the moonstone. I did this both ways, and it is worth it to
do it the long way since you'll see things that I guarantee will amaze you.
There's one cool maze using ancient wizardry graphics and stick figure
monsters where you have to make your way to the guardian's head.

                        Tomb of Praecor Loth

The first level is where you'll find the blackrock gem. Use a pickaxe to
make your way through the boulders till you get to it. It is also here
where you must use Altara's rod. You might also want to pick up the bones
that are lying there to give to the ghost Tryestro on the second floor.
However, the hints he gives you are pretty much worthless. Anyway also
on the first level are several map pieces of level 3. Collect them to
make your life alot easier on that level. In the southernmost section of
level 2 is Helena, Loth's wife who will ask you to go to level 4 and
talk to Praecor Loth. Level 3 is a large labyrinth. However, if you
got all the map pieces from level one there should be no problem figuring
out what to do and where to go. Level 4 is the domain of Praecor Loth.
To get to him you will need to pass three Liches. The first isn't too
difficult to kill. Open the door with the key you found in the secret room
on level 3 (near the water to the NE). The Second liche can fly so watch out.
After defeating him make your way to the orb on the eastern side of the room
by casting Portal (VAS EX YLEM) to get to bypass all the teleportation areas.
When you reach the orb on the pentagram, remove the candles and the way
will be clear for you to go to the 3rd liche. After defeating it, go east
and through the water fall and swamp and pull the chain you'll find.
Now you can go to Praecor Loth. He will give you a horn which you'll need
to blow to shatter the gem. However if you don't have the air daemon inside
you then you will not have enough power to blow the horn.

                                What next?

Go back to Killorn Keep and you'll find now that it is under the rule of
Mors Gotha, one of the Guardian's main agents. She has a spellbook which
you'll need to give to Nystul so he can cast the proper spell. You can
either take the Spellbook and run away or kill Mors Gotha. It doesn't
really make a difference though since she won't die, (the guardian will
come to her rescue). After giving Nystul the spell book he will ask you
a couple of questions. If you don't know what the answers are then this
would be a good time to talk to Nell. When everything is all set and ready,
then make your way to the throne room where everyone will be waiting. The
finale will occur at this point.

                               THE END

Note: I purposely left out the parts when you revisit the castle since this
      is where the major plot events occur, and so the fun would really
      be ruined. Besides there's no thinking to be done just talk to everyone
      every now and then, especially Miranda. For example everytime you finish
      a new world,it would be a good idea to go back and talk to everyone in
      the castle. Otherwise certain events will not occur until you do so,
      thereby preventing you from making progress. Good luck.

                                                     -The Pharoah-

Trouble Shootings:

1) How do I help the dire ghost in the third world?

You need to assemble the magic staff made from the gem rod, black pearl,
and spider egg at the magician in the second world.  She will explain it's
usage.  Once you have it, you use it on the fountain (or the mud, I
haven't figured it out) to remove the guardians grasp from the world.

2) Am I missing something!?!  Where is the rod for the magic staff?

The spider egg is in the sewers, it shouldn't be too hard to find (in an
alcove on either the 4th or 5th level)...

The pearl is given to you...

The rod is found in the 4th world lying in a room filled with odd stuff.

3) Where are the black stones!?!

First world... it's at the top of the tower...
Second world... it's in a pit filled with Headlesses past a magical trap...
Third world... It's lying on a plateau past a river in the ice world.  If
you don't have the patience to go around when you first see it (I didn't)
cast water walk and jump to jump up to it.
Fourth world... It's in the center of the lava pit where they dispose of
Fifth world... It's somewhere past the final test (there are eight) (in one of
the rooms that has pentagram on the floor.
Sixth world... The top arena duelist has it.
Seventh... It's within the altar at the Shrine
Eighth... It's in the room behind Lord Loth.

4) I have the stone but am stuck as far as the puzzle for a world is
concerned.  Can I just take the stone and run?

No such luck.  You need to locate the item or place that the Guardian has
power or drains power from a world using the magical staff/sceptre that
you assemble.  At this point, it seems the stones only keep the passage open
for you so you don't have to stand there waiting for the portal to open.  (and
makes the final solution possible).

5) How do I REALLY destroy the black rock cage?

It seems that you need to remove the sources of power supporting it (ie:
alternate worlds)

6) Where do the cats from the second world come from?

Ask the wisps floating around in the 7th workd (alternate dimension)

7) What "secret spells" are there?

Turn Undead     AKC
Flame Reduction IAF
Time Trap       ITJ
Locate          BWE

Others that I haven't found yet...

8) Where are there Flam, Hur, Vas, and Tym stones?

The mages tower (5th world) has a few stones at the end.  Flam, and Vas...
and Hur and Tym... and... (You get the idea).

9) Where are those stupid stones!?!  I finished the final exam for the
mages tower and I still can't find them...

You need to enter the void and at some point, you can walk straight into
the "darkness" the are your "walls".  Save your game alot and run straight
into "darkness" and make sure you have  some franzium!  There are force
fields.  The Flam is easy to find, it's in a chest.  There is another wall
to walk through in the secret room and past the force field in the second
passageway is a empty room.  Try search the ground for some nice magic
items as well as the Vas stone.

10) Did I miss anything blowing out those candles in the second world?

Try it once if you think you're missing something... just save first...

11) The mages puzzles are driving me crazy, how do I get through them?

Most of them a straightforward.  Be sure to read any inscriptions on the
walls.  For the test where you jump from block to block, try not to touch
any arrows, if you don't touch them, the block it points at doesn't vanish.

12) How do I get the gem to let me into a new world!?!  I'm tired of the
ones I'm on...

I think there is a time delay on them or something.  Haven't figured it
out yet myself, but it lets me into the all... eventually.

13) What is the best way to kill people in the arenas in world 6?

There is no good arena of the fire/water/earth/air arenas.  Fire has
annoying fireballs that hit you (and your enemy).  Water has ice and
water.  Earth is nice (basically a normal arena) and air has little
floater things like on world 4 that send you flying upwards.
The guy with the blackrock stone is easiest killed with a missile
protection spell and a good weapon or a shockwave spell and frost wand
(they don't miss!).  Also, if you take the second approach, you can
alternate back and fourth and blow away his comrades too (I killed all of
his friends and him this way :). )

Oh well, enough spoilers for now...  (and by the way, I don't play UW2 all
the time, only about 4 hours a day (still alot) )
-Howard Chen


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