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Ultima Underworld II Spell List by Gamma Dragon

1st Circle:
UDP	Bounce					(Uus Des Por)
IMY	Create Food				(In Mani Ylem)
WJ	Detect Trap				(Wis Jux)
IL	Light					(In Lor)
BWE	Locate					(Bet Wis Ex)
BOI	Luck					(Bet Ort In)
OJ	Magic Arrow				(Ort Jux)
BIS	Resist Blows			(Bet In Sanct)
SH	Stealth					(Sanct Hur)

2nd Circle:
QC	Cause Fear				(Quas Corp)
OWJ	Deadly Seeker			(Ort Wis Jux)
WM	Detect Monster			(Wis Mani)
QMY	Dispel Hunger			(Quas Mani Ylem)
UP	Jump					(Uus Por)
IBM	Lesser Heal				(In Bet Mani)
IFJ	Rune of Flame			(In Flam Jux)
RDP	Slow Fall				(Rel Des Por)
QAC	Valour					(Quas An Corp)

3rd Circle:
JM	Bleeding				(Jux Mani)
AN	Cure Poison				(An Nox)
AJO	Dispel Rune				(An Jux Ort)
OG	Lightning				(Ort Grav)
QL	Night Vision			(Quas Lor)
AKC	Repel Undead			(An Kal Corp)
RTP	Speed					(Rel Tym Por)
YP	Water Walk				(Ylem Por)

4th Circle:
SF	Flameproof				(Sanct Flam)
IAF	Frost					(In An Flam)
IM	Heal					(In Mani)
GSP	Missile Protection			(Grav Sanct Por)
NJY	Poison Weapon			(Nox Jux Ylem)
AJ	Remove Trap				(An Jux)
WM	Study Monster			(Wis Mani)

5th Circle:
PF	Fireball				(Por Flam)
UHP	Levitate				(Uus Hur Por)
OWY	Name Enchantment		(Ort Wis Ylem)
EY	Open					(Ex Ylem)
RSY	Mending					(Rel Sanct Ylem)
ITJ	Rune of Stasis			(In Tym Jux)
ACM	Smite Undead			(An Corp Mani)
OPY	Telekinesis				(Ort Por Ylem)

6th Circle:
QRW	Charm					(Quas Rel Wis)
VIL	Daylight				(Vas In Lor)
VRP	Gate Travel				(Vas Rel Por)
VIM	Greater Heal			(Vas In Mani)
VSL	Invisibility			(Vas Sanct Lor)
AEP	Paralyze				(An Ex Por)
VOG	Sheet Lightning			(Vas Ort Grav)

7th Circle:
VOY	Enchant Item			(Vas Ort Ylem)
OPG	Magic Satellite			(Ort Por Grav)
WE	Map Area				(Wis Ex)
VAW	Mass Confusion			(Vas An Wis)
VEY	Portal					(Vas Ex Ylem)
OAQ	Reveal					(Ort An Quas)
JH	Shockwave				(Jux Hur)
KAM	Summon Demon			(Kal An Mani)

8th Circle:
FH	Flame Wind				(Flam Hur)
VHP	Fly						(Vas Hur Por)
AT	Freeze Time				(An Tym)
IVS	Iron Flesh				(In Vas Sanct)
VM	Restoration				(Vas Mani)
OPW	Roaming Sight			(Ort Por Wis)
VJM	Smite Foe				(Vas Jux Mani)
VPY	Tremor					(Vas Por Ylem)

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