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Spell Differences from UW1 in UW2

For those of you who are playing Ultima Underworld II and don't
have the docs (shame on you) the following list identifies the
new spells and the old spells that are no longer supported:

First Circle
new   Detect Trap    -    WIS JUX
new   Luck           -    BET ORT IN
old   Stealth        -    gone

Second Circle
new  Deadly Seeker   -   ORT WIS JUX
new  Jump            -   UUS POR
new  Rune of Flame   -   IN FLAM JUX
old  Detect Monster  -   gone
old  Rune of Warding -   gone

Third Circle
new  Bleeding        -   JUX MANI
new  Dispel Rune     -   AN JUX ORT
new  Water Walk      -   YLEM POR
old  Conceal         -   gone
old  Strengthen Door -   gone

Fourth Circle
new  Poison Weapon   -   NOX JUX YLEM
new  Study Monster   -   WIS MANI
old  Levitate        -   UUS HUR POR    *now 5th circle
old  Poison          -   gone

Fifth Circle    
new  Smite Undead    -   AN CORP MANI

Sixth Circle
new  Charm           -   QUAS REL WIS
new  Sheet Lightning -   VAS ORT GRAV

Seventh Circle
new  Magic Satellite -   ORT POR GRAV
new  Portal          -   VAS EX YLEM
new  Shockwave       -   JUX HUR
old  Ally            -   gone

Eighth Circle
new  Restoration     -   VAS MANI
old  Tremor          -   gone

Note that some spells have changed Circles and that there are other new
spells that you discover during game play.

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